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Points from the Press meet conducted by the .@INCKarnataka Muslim MLA .@utkhader (#Mangalore) on recent #Hijab issue took place in #Mangalore University
"The students who are hell bent on wearing #Hijab who dare to speak against the law must know the below facts" ~. @utkhader
1. Those who want #Hijab let them once go to countries like #Pakistan and #SaudiArabia
There they will know the value of our country.

2. Here, they can speak as they want, can meet District Collector, Can hold press meets. But, Let them try it in those foreign countries.

3. The people who live like tigers here will become Cats there.

4. Then they will know the value of the opportunity given by our law of land.

5. They will come to know about the Liberty which they get here.

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Thread 🧵

In the prospectus of University college #Mangalore it is clearly mentioned that "Students who wish to wear #Hijab with uniform are allowed to wear, as matching to colour of uniform". Which is followed by students from several decades. 1/n ImageImage
On March 15, Karnataka High Court ordered to follow uniformity as per govt orders and CDC rules. #Hijab wearing Students of University College Mangalore were allowed to write their degree semester exams till May 7, as they were allowed earlier. 2/n
Suddenly, Principal Anasuya Shetty on May-16 drops a message in the Whatsapp group that from 17-05-2022 offline classes will be started and no #Hijab will be allowed inside the classroom. The next day officially a circular is passed banning #Hijab inside the classroom. 3/n ImageImage
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1. All of the Political Parties, Leaders, Student-Unions in the State are totally supporting this demand of students #OnlineExamForAllMaharashtraUniversities. So far a number of statements have been made to the Universities by MLAs, Various Organizations and Political Parties.
2. There've been several agitations in every university. Thousands of students of various universities have participated in every movement possible, after doing all this they got nothing but only pseudo-assurance and then utter disregard in return during the agitation.
3. Everyone knows that the demands of the students are justified and also acceptable. But the University and the Education Minister of Maharashtra has ignored these demands. Innocent students are suffering and are being punished for the mistakes done by these people in authority.
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let's identify their agenda by their clothes
#HijabRow #Hijab #KarnatakaHijabRow #ABVPTerrorismInKarnataka
Distributing Saffron Shawls !
Provoking Students !
#ABVP manipulates students to terrorize the educational institutions!!

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ప్రపంచంలోనే అతిపెద్ద విద్యార్థి సంస్థ "అఖిల భారతీయ విద్యార్థి పరిషత్" ఆవిర్భావ దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు. #NationalStudentsDay

ఏబీవీపీ అనే నాలుగు అక్షరాలు తెలియని విద్యార్థి కళాశాల క్యాంప స్‌లో ఉండడు.
@ABVPVoice @Abvp_Andhra @ABVPTelangana #StudentsDay
#NationalStudentDay #youth Image
73 ఏళ్ళుగా విద్యార్థి లోకంతో మమేకమై వారి సమస్యల పరిష్కారంలో ముందుండటమే దీనికి కారణం. 1949 జూలై 9న ఢిల్లీ యూనివర్సిటీలో ప్రారంభమై, నేడు దేశంలో 33 లక్షల సభ్యత్వం గల అతి పెద్ద విద్యార్థి సంఘం ఇది. Image
ఎక్కడ అఖిల భారతీయ విద్యార్థి పరిషత్ ఉందో… అక్కడ దేశభక్తి ఉంటుంది. ఈనాడు విద్యార్థి పరిషత్ (#ABVP) పని దేశంలోని మారుమూల ప్రాంతాలలో సహితం వ్యాపించింది. విద్యార్థి పరిషత్ కార్యకర్తలు “భారత్ మాతా కీ జై”, “వందేమాతరం” అంటూ నినదిస్తూనే ఉంటారు. ఇవి వారికి నినాదాలే కాదు జీవన నిష్ఠ కూడా.
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Thread on #ABVP !
Three years after the shocking murder of Ujjain professor H.S. Sabharwal, all six accused Belonging to #ABVP were acquitted : {July 13, 2009 }…
Professor Touched The Feet of ABVP Activists & Apologized !

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Chronology of what happened in JNU. #LeftAttacksJNU

1. It started on November 24th When Call by JNUSU to boycott exams

2. Students who wanted to give exams were mishandled and forcefully schools were shut and classes were suspended
3. Online exams took place and large number of students participated

4. Registration for new semester starts from 1 to 5th January without late fees

5. Students wanted to register but leftists wanted to boycott registration altogether
6. On 3rd January mask covered leftist (around 12 to 1 PM ) goons entered CIS in school of biotechnology and broke the server for registration and wifi of JNU was shut by them

7. It was led by geeta kumari , former JNU president during 2017-2018 and mask covered communists
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#JNUUnderAttack by few men who came fully prepared & equipped with lathis/ canes & iron rods. It is also learnt that #DelhiPolice was present outside the campus & they didn't intervene! Students & Teachers injured & vandalism was done by these masked men. #JNUViolence #JNUattack
Credibility of #DelhiPolice is in question & as they come directly under centre so #Indian #HomeMinister must take a firm action against these masked men & also give truthful clarity on this. @AmitShah Ji, this matter is of grave concern. Too much violence & rampage is going on..
It is clear from the footages that presence of #ABVP members can't be ruled out. I wonder whether these masked men & women, in doubt were carrying there mobile phones! Mobile CDRs of all must be carried out by #DelhiPolice & come out with fact & remember honesty is best policy..
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Here are a few examples of the constructive work orchestrated by youthful, dynamic and talented teams of #ABVP since their formation in 1949

Lifted from the internet so you'd feel at home @PandaJay
11 July 2003: 12 policemen were injured when 300 members of the ABVP committed vandalism and assault during a protest concerning college admissions following the Common Entrance Test, in Karnataka
1 September 2005: Members of the ABVP attempted to enter the Secretariat of the Andhra Pradesh State Government in Hyderabad by force, resulting in police action against them. Several ABVP members were injured.
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Victory of #ABVP in #DUSUElection2019 shows that the BJP hate machine has planted its seeds firmly in campuses.

Incumbency helps - ppl *feel* that their ABVP campus leader may help them personally by seeking favors from their own BJP govt.

This vicious cycle must end (1/8)
And it’ll only end when ppl feel that the alternative party is powerful enough to lobby on their behalf & get things done.

Often, ppl throw in their lot with the oppressor because they feel that the alternative party might not have the clout to get things done for them.

For that, mere ideological lip service won’t work.

What ppl need to see is that the alternative - @nsui - can hit the streets, lobby the media, pressure the govt., & even hold the system hostage for students.

Projection of power (real or imagined) is the key (3/8)
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Ingenious Trickery – Draft National Education Policy 2019…
Excuse me for the Self Retweet...
The reverse counting has begun to pass this dangerous law. #Nep2019
नई शिक्षा नीति 2019 लागू की जाती है तो यह सरे आम होगा...

डॉ कस्तुरीरंगन समिति की स्पष्ट सिफारिश है कि शिक्षण संस्थानों को पूर्ण स्वायत्तता दी जाए.
और शिक्षा को फिलान्थ्रोफी के माध्यम से निजी संस्थानों को सौंप दिया जाए.
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