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The plan to invade the Riyasat of #JammuAndKashmir wasn't born in #Lahore but in the residence of #Jinnah at #Aurangzeb road #NewDelhi . Here in the spring of 1947 Col. Akbar Khan & some #Muslim officers of the #British #Indian #Army hatched this plot .
It was only in October 1947 that Maj. Onkar Singh Kalkat of the Bannu Brigade #PakistanArmy who had not yet been repatriated to #India found files marked Operation Gulmarg Secret while looking for some other documents in the office of Brigadier Murray at NWFP.
Even though he was nearly arrested & sent to #Lahore , Maj.Onkar somehow made it out to #NewDelhi & told the #IndianArmy top brass about the file he had sern which detailed an invasion of #JammuKashmir by tribesmen. He wasn't taken seriously by the Brass .
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Tomorrow, the US House Subcommittee on Asia, will be hosting a historic hearing on Human Rights in South Asia. One witness will be @AartiTikoo, a war-monger, Islamophobe, rabid Indian nationalist, and denier of human rights violations in #Kashmir. IMP THREAD (1/23)
This past March, @AartiTikoo was cheering military violence against Kashmiris on both sides of the border, and for pushing a policy that could lead to nuclear war. (2/23)
@AartiTikoo will be there to cheer on India's brutal clampdown on #Kashmir. She has recently praised PM @narendramodi, and thanked him for "strengthening Indian democracy." (3/23)
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As #Indian Airforce gets its 1st of 36 Rafale jets delivered, Let us have a look at the specs of this amazing 4.5 generation aircraft.

Rafale is a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft. A 4.5 generation fighter is basically a fourth-generation fighter that has been upgraded with AESA radar, high-capacity data-link, enhanced avionics, and the ability to deploy current and reasonably foreseeable advanced armaments.
The Rafale is 15.27 metre long and a wingspan of 10.80 metre. The empty weight of Rafale ranges from 9900 kg to 10600 kg depending on the variant and maximum take-off weight of 24500 kg.
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Will be part of the panel on 10th talking about #FitIndiaMovement

Any movement gets success only when public become part of it& take it as its own responsibility.

Isn't #fitness about our own health?

Give your points,how to make #FitIndiaMovement a success?

In series of tweets I'll share my journey of #fitness.
From death in #KargilWar
1stAmputee marathon runner
1stBlade runner
1stSolo disabled Skydiver

&how thru @majdpsingh_TCO amputees are being enabled to be #fit using #sports

I have 50 bomb particles in my body(1 in liver)

Rt leg is amputated& lt underwent open knee surgery and its thigh&calf muscle are sliced by bomb.

Knee&ribs pain 24x7

Intestines partly removed leading to indigestion troubles

Phantom pain


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From Tejas to 5th gen jets, #Indian Air Force pitches for desi fighters - Home grown fifth-generation fighter aircraft (AMCA) and has shown its readiness to go in for 200 Tejas Mark-II light combat aircraft after inducting the first 123 Mark-I jets 👍🇮🇳👍…
“We have no plans for importing a FGFA. The indigenous AMCA (advanced medium combat aircraft) has already been initiated…We are putting all our energy into it. IAF remains committed to indigenous development in consonance with the PM’s 'Make in India’ initiative,”
India had last year formally junked the proposed multi-billion dollar joint development and production of the FGFA called Sukhoi T-50 or PAK-FA with Russia on the grounds of economic and technical viability despite having completed the $295 million preliminary design contract.
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First Rafale jets to be seen in #Indian skies in May 2020 - Responding to a query by IANS, Bhadauria said that #India will receive the first four of the 36 Rafale fighter jets by May 2020…
"By May 2020, we will be receiving four Rafale fighter jets. It will be only then that we will see the aircraft in the Indian skies. The advantage of getting the Rafale in May next year will be that our pilots will be substantially trained by then," said Bhadauria.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be receiving the first Rafale fighter aircraft in France on October 8 when he is also scheduled to fly a sortie on a two-seater trainer version.

"A pre-delivery inspection team was in France last month to complete the handover formalities.
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#Indian Air Force: “No plans” for importing a 5th generation fighter, AMCA has full IAF support", says new chief of air staff, Rakesh Bhadauria.

Sorry F-35 fans
Sorry SU-57 fans
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I am #resident of #JammuAndKashmir .
I myself, my family, my ancestors & other citizens of #JammuAndKashmir had to #Tolerate the #Article370 & #Article35A !

Since constitutional bench of Supreme Court will take up #Article370 tomorrow , here is #VideoThread on
#HorrorsOf370 !
Video 2
How could we TOLERATE strange provision like #Article370 for about 70 long years ?
How #bizarre was the decision to introduce provision like #Article370 in the Indian Constitution that compromised the SUPREMACY of #IndianParliament & #IndianConstitution !
Video 3
I explained to @dograjournalist how #Article370 and #Article35A DISCRIMINATED against #FEMALE PERMANENT RESIDENTS of #JammuAndKashmir for 70 long years that was done away on August 5, 2019 by their abrogation.
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In #Pakistan, Govt & pundits shouldn't make too much of #Trump appearance at #HowdyModi. It's a circus for #Indian PM, endorsing @realDonaldTrump for a 2nd term while the pro-#India lobby in DC works with anti-#Trump base, & hoping to keep him away from #Kashmir if possible @AQpk
PM #Modi has this in mind while trying to appease #Trump at #HowdyModi: #American restrictions on I.T. visa abuse by #Indian immigrants (aka 'Skilled Immig'), ending #India oil imports from #Iran, jeopardizing #Indian interests in #Afghanistan, & Trump rehabilitating #Pakistan
#Trump turning the screws on #India on trade tariffs, forcing end to oil import from #Iran & forcing India to buy from #USA/#KSA/#GCC, talking to #Pakistan on #Afghanistan, & restricting immigration from India, are things that worry #NewDelhi deeply. Watching #ImranKhan in....
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#CorporationTax #AltSarkar's view and commentary.
First the good news: FM @nsitharaman’s corporate tax cut is a clear sign that #ModiSarkar is worried about the state of the #Indian #Economy. That’s good because it means she acknowledges the scale of the #budget2019 cock-up.
Now the bad news: a day earlier, @RBI Governor, @DasShaktikanta, said that the Government’s fiscal space is limited. This means: don't cut taxes, don't spend more than budgeted. He also said, spend resources 'fruitfully' i.e. to get the 'most bang for your buck'.
And now the even worse news: this 1.5 Lakh Crore tax giveaway is neither necessary nor sufficient, in and of itself, to solve the problem that spurred it - the slump in economic growth. Like antibiotics that neither help a common cold, nor make the body stronger. Here's why
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A classic case of how influence operatives such as Mohsin Dawar are allowed to gain a voice in #Pakistan.

How our media regulators such as @reportpemra & @pid_gov’s weak vetting processes allow such elements to gain a public voice.

I present to you Veengas Yasmeen:

She’s been peddling seditious propaganda for a long time, with sinister links to #Indian media establishment, recently she was laying low to begin a Sindhi/English News Service

Now, her ‘NONPROFIT’ network is being built to recruit local journalists (operatives) in #Pakistan
Her timeline was cleared of many tweets, when she applied for a news outlet license.
However there are ways to find those posts.
How much more obvious do you have to be in your anti-#Pakistan propaganda for the media regulators to take notice?

Read till the end:

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Thread: #Indian Army to debut its Mountain Strike Corps next month at HimVijay exercise in Arunachal - The exercise will be held at over 10,000 ft next month & will see for the first time Army's integrated battle groups that are self-sufficient agile units…
Over 15,000 soldiers backed by tanks, medium artillery, helicopters and transport aircraft will be part of the Mountain Strike Corps’ maiden exercise, ‘HimVijay’, at over 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh next month.
The exercise will be held away from the Line of Actual Control with China. It will coincide with the visit of President Xi Jinping next month. The exercise assumes greater significance because the Army will for the first time see in action its integrated battle groups (IBGs).
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Thread: Face-off between #Indian Army & #Chinese troops in Ladakh, tensions defused after delegation-level talks - However, the face-off was over after the delegation-level talks between two sides took place in Ladakh. Via @saptak__mondal…
The border tensions between India & China escalated when there was a face-off between soldiers of the Indian Army & Chinese Army in Ladakh. The incident took place at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) near the northern bank of the Pangong Tso Lake on Wednesday, ANI agency said.
"There was a face-off between the two armies but it got over after the delegation-level talks between two sides. The face-off is over now and it had de-escalated and disengaged fully after delegation-level talks yesterday," ANI reported quoting the Indian Army on Thursday.
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They attack Hinduism. You attack Pakistan.

They fight for Islamic cause. You fight for nationalist cause.

They want Sharia state. You want truly secular state.

They fight religious wars. You fight political wars.

(Copied from @__R_a_j_ )
In simpler terms if Hindu cause is +X and Muslim cause is -X then they fight for -X and you fight for 0.

(Copied from @__R_a_j_ )
Some Hindu nationalists say that they hate Muslims because they aren't loyal to the country. Well even if they were loyal, what good would that do for us ? The country is certainly highly biased towards them so it's their advantage only.

(Copied from @__R_a_j_ )
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#Thread for #liberals who are fond of using term #IndianOccupiedKashmir.
Dear ill informed liberals,
There is no entity called #IndianOccupiedKashmir where as there is an entity called #PakistanOccupiedJammuKashmir also known as #POJK !
Its #Pakistan not #India that has occupied
#JammuAndKashmir was one of the princely states that had only 2 options like other princely states
Either accede to #India or accede to #Pakistan
Maharaja Hari Singh,a #Hindu ruler of #JammuAndKashmir didn't want to take #hasty decision for his sate that had #muslim majority 1/n
Maharaja Hari Singh could have easily acceded to India immediately as all powers of taking decision for accession was with him only but being a #secular Dogra ruler under whose rule not a single instance of forced #religious conversion can be found decided to take some time ! 2/n
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Thread: #Indian Air Force pilots test fly MiG 35 at Russian air show - An IAF delegation visited #Russia for the International Aviation & Space Salon MAKS 2019 air show that was held at the Zukhovski International Airport near Moscow between August 27-29…
The delegation was led by Air Marshal Amit Dev, Director General Air Operations. The delegation was also shown the Sukhoi 57E, the export version of the fifth-generation Russian supersonic stealth jet fighter at the air exhibition.
"The Indian delegation were shown MiG-35 and Su-57 aircraft. Indian Air Force test pilots G/C BS Reddy and W/C FL Roy got an opportunity to fly two sorties on MiG-35 aircraft during the visit," the IAF tweeted.
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Thread: #Indian Air Force plans to buy 21 MiG-29s & 12 Sukhoi 30 fighter jets - A proposal in this regard by the IAF is likely to be taken up before a high-level meeting of the Defence Ministry in the next few weeks…
In a move likely to boost its dwindling fighter squadron strength, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is pushing a proposal for acquiring 33 new combat aircraft including 21 MiG-29s and 12 Sukhoi 30s.
The 12 Su-30 MKIs are being planned to be inducted for replacing the number of aircraft lost by the Air Force in different accidents, they said. The 12 additional Sukhois will help the Indian Air Force to maintain its fleet of 272 Su-30MKI fighters.
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Thread: #Indian Air Force to get 'building blaster' Spice-2000 bombs by mid-September…
In a major boost for India's aerial firepower, the Indian Air Force is set to receive the 'building blaster' version of the Balakot air strike-fame Spice-2000 bombs by mid-September.
Top IAF sources told ANI that the Spice-2000 bombs are scheduled to be delivered to the Indian Air Force (IAF) from Israel around mid-September along with the Mark 84 warhead and bombs which can destroy buildings completely.
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Throughout the last 70 years #Pakistan has had a very telling uphill battle with perception building, & this is something the nation has severely lacked almost since its inception.

The 30 minute stand-in today might not influence an immediate result but it does successfully ~
build a narrative & in the real world where people have low attention spans, narratives are the drivers of change along with being the pillars of how social pivoting is done for a marginalized cause.

When you record a protest, no matter how minute or minuscule, it almost always~
leaves a digital foot print (this is at least applicable post the turn of the millennium) so when that happens, you generate a foot hole into digital history and consequently forward a position with an alternate perspective.

In the current political sphere Pakistan does not~
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There is a saying in Bengali which means the house owner starts taking precautions once the robbery is over. For last three weeks @RahulGandhi became a poster boy of #Pakistan by his immature acts on #Kashmir issue. The realization now dawns that he must change track. 1/n
It is not known what prompted #RahulGandhi 2 try visiting #Kashmir last week, knowing fully well that the #Modi government got moral/legal sanction from the Supreme Court 2 take all preventive measures 2 stop blood spill and, that Gandhi would be returned like other leaders. 2/n
One may see the shadow of #Wayanad in #RahulGandhi's desperation but, to me his acts only helped the politically irrelevant #Left to stay in news. Left has a history of opposing Congress in States while joining hands hands in d Centre. #Congress's gains were short term. 3/n
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24. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1-20. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
21. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
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The #UAE diplomacy with #NewDelhi is a step forward in helping end #India-#Iran strategic partnership. If successful, this will help #Pakistan interests that suffered due to Indian-Iranian partnership in #Afghanistan & #Balochistan. /1

The #UAE is likely hoping to permanently end #India's reliance on #Iran oil imports, and shift its oil contracts to Arab Gulf suppliers. #AbuDhabi is likely also interested in seeing India end its role in #Chabahar port, which has also created problems for #Pakistan and #China.
While helping #Pakistan economically & diplomatically (quiet diplomacy to bring the #US & #Islamabad closer), the #UAE has walked a fine balance to court #India in the hope of encouraging an #Indian shift away from #Iran.
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Dear Abhijit since u asked, let me break it to you:

A referendum was infact held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (erstwhile NWFP) b/w 6-17 July1947, to let the people of the region decide b/w #India or #Pakistan.

292,118 votes polled,
#India got 2,874
#Pakistan got 289,244

Since I am a Baloch myself, you may consider it a lesson in history & learn why #Indian sponsored separatism in #Balochistan is a non starter:

There was no #Balochistan state in 1947.

There was no princely state or parliament representing present day #Balochistan in 1947.

#Balochistan’s area at the time of partition in 1947 consisted of

Gwadar ruled by Oman &
5 units of Balochistan Agency:

1-British Chief Commissioner’s Balochistan
2-Princely State Of Kharan
3-Princely State Of Lasbela
4-Princely State Of Makran
5-Princely State Of Kalat

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#India: JeM terrorist group to launch attacks in Jammu & Kashmir on Eid: Top sources - Sources said #Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has given a go ahead toJaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) to cause as many casualties as they can in J&K Via @Aryanaura…
A seven-member Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) suicide squad has infiltrated into Jammu & Kashmir to perpetrate a massive terror attack on Eid or ahead of the Independence Day. Security officials suspect the terror group may attack a mosque so that Pakistan is able to blame on India.
Masood Azhar Resurfaces With Message Invoking Ghazwa-E-Hind, Kashmir Jihad Against ‘Modi And Rich Polytheists’…
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