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Thread on Women #ACHIEVERS and #TRAITORS
Prosperity in #Kashmir can be achieved by #concerted efforts of personalities like #NadiaBeg #ArifaJan and #SabbahHaji who have stood by the people of valley and have been working tirelessly and not like… ImageImageImage
..#Inshajan,#Asiyaandrabi and #SofiFehmeeda who have #tarnished the image of #femininity by their nefarious actions which have led to #bloodshed and #mayhem in valley. ImageImage
#Insha Jan facilitated the #Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorists who carried out the #ghastly #suicide attack in #Pulwama last year. Image
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On this day, Lashkars armed with axes, swords & guns backed by #Pakistan Army attacked Jammu & Kashmir. Unleashed atrocities on men, women and children. (2/n)

#PakAtrocities #JammuKashmir1947
#ThisDayThatYear ImageImageImageImage
24 Oct 1947
Sub Ram Saran Dass despite being wounded continued to provide effective fire support & saved his comrades during operations against #Pakinvaders in #Uri. Displayed #courage & #valour. Awarded #VirChakra. (3/n)

#SavioursofKashmir1947… Image
The parks and the public open space of #Srinagar were filled with #women, who took military training & learned how to fire rifles. These were members of Kashmir’s Women Militia, raised in the face of #PakInvaders.(4/n)

#SavioursofJammuKashmir1947 ImageImage
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#TRF (The Resistance Front)

🔶Newly formed ‘The Resistance Front’ (#TRF) is like old wine in new bottle.
🔶This seems to have been created to give #Pakistan deniability from action under #FATF & is an amalgamation of existing terror groups operating in #Kashmir.

why new name ??
I.S.I and #Pakistan Gamechanger plan

🔶#TRF creation is due to the #FATF sword hanging over #Pakistan to cut terror groups funding .

🔶#Terrorism & the #terror outfits are increasingly becoming more institutionalized & #TRF is another move towards it

🔶#TRF, which is owning up #terror attacks in #Kashmir these days, is an offshoot of the #terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba & also associated with other terror outfits such as Hizbul Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammed.
🔶Various reports claim after abrogation of article370 in J&K..
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#Terror Funding: Cutting the Pipelines that Flames #Terrorism. #Thread

To destroy the terror nexus in #Kashmir it is imperative to dismantle the terror funding networks which have become the biggest money-spinning industry in Kashmir that's on Govt radar.
To carry out an attack or continue operating, #terrorists requires resilient financial and material support base – to buy weapons, to train and execute attacks.
#Kashmir #terrorism
There has been an increasing clampdown on these establishment to put the conflict entrepreneurs out of business. NIA raids on the money laundering & #terror finance networks heralded the new approach of the government.
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In #Pakistan #Terrorists are VVIP's

🔶 I'm sure you all know ,who the man on your screen is ,he is Sayad Saladin the chief of Hizbul Mujahideen ,he has been designated a global #terrorist by the #US state department but he still roams free in #Pakistan. ImageImage
🔶Now a document is accessed by #Indian #Intelligence agencies revealing something interesting ,it says this #terrorist is a quote-unquote bona fide official of its rogue spy agency I.S.I.
#Pakistani #GlobalTerrorist. Image
🔶It states that Sayad Saladin works for the agency & hence should not be stopped unnecessarily at security checkpoints ,the details of his vehicle have also been mentioned and the clearance it has been provided is valid till the 31st of december 2020. ImageImage
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#Pakistan has decided to file its opposition in the EU regarding the Geographical Indication (GI) tag to #India's Basmati Rice. Pak believes it is a major grower and producer of Basmati and #India’s claim for exclusivity is unjustified.
The #BJP govt has made a swift move to protect the exclusivity of #basmati rice grown in the country in global export market. #India has applied for the recognition at #EU’s official registry, the Council on Quality Schemes for Agricultural Products and Food Stuffs, for the tag.
A #GI tag for basmati would mean it is exclusively grown in #India or parts of the country. A pertinent point here is that #Indian basmati has enjoyed a premium position in the global rice market with its prices quoting at least $200 a tonne, higher than #Pakistan’s.
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Security forces responsible for guarding borders and also the inner parts of #JammuAandKashmir have revealed that terrorists, who are infiltrating without arms, are adopting innovative ways to hide themselves.
Sources in the security forces, including the #BSF and #CRPF, said with the support of terrorists already staying in #JammuAndKashmir, infiltrators hide themselves in structures built in seasonal open drains and septic tanks of the #Indian-style toilets.
Of late, their stay in J&K with the support of local civilians has become very difficult owing to the fact that the trend dwindled after the erstwhile state was re-organised into two #UTs.
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#Indian police imposed emergency laws on Thursday in a village where a Dalit woman was raped and killed by upper cast men, barring gatherings of more than 5 people after clashes erupted following her cremation.…
The 19yo victim’s brother told Reuters the cremation was carried out against the wishes of her family, who had wanted to perform their own funeral rites.

Police also destined opposition leaders on the way to meet the victim’s family.
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Another weekend of low testing numbers. Yesterday, #India did only 710,000 tests(down from 987k on 26Sept and 1.34 Million the day before that. Officially, there were 82k new cases and 1039 deaths y/day. The total #Cornoavirus infections has crossed the 6 Million mark.
In a World league table, #India is fast catching up on current Number 1 USA.
There are those who argue that for its size of population India has had far fewer infections compared to some countries. But in a global context 18% of the world's cases occurred in India.
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Thread on #AlJazeera Media Network
Initially launched as an #Arabic news and #currentaffairs #satellite TV channel,but now has expanded its network with several outlets, including the internet and specialty #television channels in multiple languages. Image
It is a #news channel for public benefit under #Qatari #law and receives funding from the government of #Qatar Image
It has been often criticized for its involvement in #controversies ranging from #slanted #journalism to #antisemitism. Image
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" #India Has Doubled or Tripled Its Troops Near the #LAC; Can Easily Cross Into #China In A Few Hours": Retired #Chinese General Warns the #PLA

He said China should be on alert for surprise attacks from the #Indian Army.…
In an article published on Li Jian, retired Chinese lieutenant-general Wang Hongguang said India only needs 50,000 soldiers to “maintain” the LAC but it has “added 100,000 more soldiers in Ladakh” instead of withdrawing troops.
“India has doubled or tripled its troops near the Line of Actual Control; they are mostly stationed within 50km of Chinese territory, and they could easily cross into China in a few hours,” he said, saying China should be on alert for surprise attacks from the Indian Army.
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🔴Breaking news 🔴

👉Advocate Babar Qadri in #Srinagar district shot dead by suspected #Terrorists

👉Advocate, Panelist, debater & also a writer.

Meanwhile area has been condoned off to nab the attackers.

Is this the price you pay for writing against #Pakistan ??
#Kashmir Image

3 days ago #BabarQadri tweeted to @ZPHQJammu for a probable threat to his life because someone falsely claimed that he worked for the agencies. Is it a coincidence? Days ago he made a statement and today it becomes true.

#BabarQadri #KashmiriLivesMatter Image

Is this the price you pay for speaking out ? Is this the price you pay of being an intellectual in #Kashmir.
Qadri ardently took on the J&K HC Bar Association, its President Mian Qayoom & the Jamaat-e-Islami for their separatist ideologue. Image
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Our invited expert review on #Ayurvedic #herbals and #liver #toxicity. #herbal #medicine is NOT safe. Review on #herbs used in #Indian #traditional #medicine & adverse events is lacking in #published #Literature
We deep searched, compiled
Full paper:
1/4 Image
This #review is important for #ayush practitioners and those interested in opting for #alternative #therapies as #knowledge regarding potential #toxic components is the #right of every #patient and #moral #duty of the physician. This 👇 list show names of imp toxic herbs.
2/4 Image
We give #real #life #patient data supporting our review: such as this example which shows that #Ayurveda #drugs cause severe #chronic #liver #damage that can lead to #cirrhosis in the short term.
The implicated agent here is Holarrhena antidysenterica (Tellichery bark)
3/4 Image
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#Indian Army has occupied six new major heights on #LAC with #China between August 29 and the second week of September

They are Magar hill, Gurung Hill, Recehen La, Rezang La, Mokhpari and the dominating height over #Chinese positions near Finger 4…
The new hill features being occupied by our troops include the Magar hill, Gurung Hill, Recehen La, Rezang La, Mokhpari and the dominating height over Chinese positions near Finger 4," top government sources told ANI.
The sources clarified that the Black Top and the Helmet Top hill features are on the Chinese side of the LAC while the heights occupied by the Indian side are on the LAC in Indian territory.
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Since #NCB is conducting raids & #IPL has also started, let me share a fact about this pow(d)er couple. Apart from indulging in consumption & peddling of #narcotic substances, these 2 were known for supplying female models to #IPL after parties. #ArjunRampal #MehrJesia Image
Initially the girls used to be paid per night or per week for being a ‘companion’ for certain players during tours, later on the players moved to a ‘lifestyle’ payment method for the girls - buying luxury items, paying for expensive dinners & hotels. #MIvsCSK #FleshTrade
Sm girls were taken abroad to party destinations & vacations by players like #ChrisGayle. While this is #fleshtrade & #prostitution, in the high circles they think it isn’t so, since the girls are willing participants. Ppl consume drugs willingly, does that mean it’s not a crime?
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Azadi is not an option
A #Thread
What does a misguided #Kashmiri mean by “Azaadi”? Is it the right to #equality, right to #freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural & educational rights, right to property & right to constitutional remedies
If that is the meaning of “Azaadi” then it is already entrusted to them through the #constitution then who are these people and why are they asking for Azadi?
The people of #kashim for long have been disassociated with the #progress in mainland due to provisions of #Article_370 which restricted the investment and #development in the state.
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A million applause for this work.
Thank you @RapperPandit.
Every #Indian and #European should read this and acknowledge.
Indians have been looted by not just material wealth, but knowledge.
#Bharat #pride #science #Mathematics #Vedas #culture
Special thanks to @NileshOak
#Bharat #India has been lied, looted, abused for centuries.
While west believed #Earth was flat and center of #UNIVERSE, India had advanced #Mathematics, #cosmology, metallurgy and #Engineering.
#Europe takes it, refurbishes, labels it their own.
@RajivMessage - U turn theory
How was this possible?
Explained systematically by @RajivMessage U turn theory.
#Indian historians were suppressed or corrupted for money. Libraries were burnt by Islamic invaders.
Europeans wrote #History to suit their agenda. Brainwashed the entire world.
No more ignorance.
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Winter arrives in #Ladakh, stretchers pile up at standoff zone

In the last 4 days, #Indian positions have witnessed a daily stream of #Chinese combat medics evacuate small numbers of #PLA troops from high altitude posts in the Fingers area on stretchers…
While the standoff along the LAC in eastern Ladakh is not showing signs of simmering down, the unforgiving winter weather has started to take its toll on the troops.

These conditions will get significantly worse with each passing day.
In the Pangong sector, where the situation has been particularly tense since August 29, the edges of the Pangong lake have begun to freeze this week. Temperatures at the heights held by Indian and Chinese troops at Finger 4, for instance, dip to minus 4 degrees.
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#India: $400m tunnel in Himachal Pradesh: India digs deep to boost defences on #China's border

A nearly completed tunnel in the #Indian Himalayas will slash by hours the time it takes troops to reach the #Chinese border.…
The showpiece is a US$400 million (S$542.7 million) tunnel in Himachal Pradesh state, providing an all-weather route for military convoys to avoid a 50km trudge through mountain passes that are snow-bound in winter and subject to frequent landslides.
From late this month, what used to be a four-hour, winding, high-altitude crossing will be cut to a 10-minute dash through the mountains in the state-of-the-art tunnel.
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The #Indian Army says it is ready to fight full-fledged war with #China even in winter

"if China created conditions for war, they will face a better trained, better prepared, fully rested & psychologically hardened Indian troops"…
In a statement, the army said that compared to physically and psychologically battle-hardened Indian troops, the Chinese troops are mostly from urban areas and are not used to hardships or prolonged deployment under field conditions.
The Army's Northern Command headquarters made these assertions reacting to China’s state media Global Times reporting that India's operational logistics is not geared up adequately and it will not be able to fight through winter effectively.
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#IndiaChinaFaceOff - #Indian Navy tracks #Chinese research vessel in #IndianOcean

#IndianNavy warships constantly tracked a Chinese research vessel which entered the Indian Ocean Region last month amid land border tension in Ladakh between the 2 nations.…
The Yuan Wang class research vessel had entered the Indian Ocean Region from Malacca straits last month. It was constantly tracked by Indian Navy warships deployed there in the region, Government Sources told ANI.
Such vessels could have also been used by the Chinese to spy on the Indian activities in the Island territory from where India can keep a close eye on the maritime movements in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and South-East Asian region.
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#Chinese army build up seen opposite Arunachal border, #Indian troops on high alert

After a setback near Rezang La-Rechen La heights in #Ladakh, the Chinese Army is building up its troop deployments in at least 4 locations on the Arunachal Pradesh border.…
Troops build-up has been noticed in the Chinese territory opposite Arunachal Pradesh's Asaphila, Tuting axis, Chang Tze and Fishtail-2 sectors, nearly 20 km from the Indian territory, top government sources told India Today TV.
The sources said it is possible that China may try to carry out more incursions in these areas and capture some dormant locations or height. They said the Indian troops are fully prepared to thwart such attempts and the forces have beefed up their strength accordingly.
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#Alibaba Servers in #India Stealing Data of #Indian Users, Probe Soon: Intelligence Sources

Top intelligence officials said that Alibaba's servers are trapping Indian organisations by promoting freebies while heavily engaged in stealing data subsequently.…
At least 72 Alibaba servers based in India are allegedly sending data of Indian users to China, and at the centre of this are cloud data servers of Chinese technology group, Alibaba, top intelligence sources told News18 earlier today.
Alibaba’s cloud data servers are widely popular among businesses because they offer services at a far cheaper rate than European servers. However, they are seemingly responsible for “data stealing” from India & have been found to be sending data to their home nation, China.
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The #Indian Army says it is ready to fight full-fledged war with #China even in winter

"if China created conditions for war, they will face a better trained, better prepared, fully rested and psychologically hardened Indian troops."…
Asserting that it is fully prepared to fight a full-fledged war even in winters in eastern Ladakh, the Indian Army on Wednesday said if China created conditions for war, they will face a better trained, better prepared, fully rested and psychologically hardened Indian troops.
In a statement, it said compared to physically and psychologically battle-hardened Indian troops, Chinese troops mostly are from urban areas and not used to hardships or prolonged deployment under field conditions.
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