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Ingenious Trickery – Draft National Education Policy 2019…
Excuse me for the Self Retweet...
The reverse counting has begun to pass this dangerous law. #Nep2019
नई शिक्षा नीति 2019 लागू की जाती है तो यह सरे आम होगा...

डॉ कस्तुरीरंगन समिति की स्पष्ट सिफारिश है कि शिक्षण संस्थानों को पूर्ण स्वायत्तता दी जाए.
और शिक्षा को फिलान्थ्रोफी के माध्यम से निजी संस्थानों को सौंप दिया जाए.
Shallow reporting @IndiaToday
Policy recommends full Autonomy to private institutions purportedly to be #Philanthropists.
It completely disregards Constitutional provisions for #reservations and #scholarships.…
#nep2019 introduces extremely vague concept of #URGs on the basis of #Socio_Economic backwardness rather than constitutionally mandated #Socio_Educational backwardness.

Why such a radical policy on #Education shouldn't speak about educational under_representation?
#nep2019 takes away role of States to distribute #Scholarships by proposing centralized single window under National Scholarship Fund.

Whatever that means. Because there is no detailing beyond just once mentioning about it.
The very backbone of equitable education and diversity in #Education sector i.e. #Reservations is dismissed by mentioning just once in a 500 page #nep2019 draft.

That too in denial of it.
If you wish to revisit your report, pl take a look at this. This is written by me. You can reach to me via DM should you need further details.…
Chief Minister #YogiAdityanath of largest state of our country has what kind of views on women?

No wonder #nep2019 of #BJP is evasive on #Education of women.
When this govt can apply a concept of non-viability to #schools and proposes to shut them in #nep2019, what of #BPCL, #BSNL or #MTNL?
"Exit" option is one of the major #Revamp initiative in #nep2019. That is offered right from the 9th standard (after 14 years of age!)

#IITs propose to give 3 years BSc degree to 'under_performers'. These
#under_performers are going to be all #URGs as defined in NEP2019.
"A cluster of self-financed schools and those getting grants included these two questions for internal assessment exams held on Saturday."
"These questions are highly objectionable, and we have initiated an inquiry. Action will be taken after the report comes in," Gandhinagar's district education officer Bharat Vadher told PTI."
@PMOIndia @narendramodi_in @HRDMinistry
If this happens with present little autonomy to the school managements, what will be the scenario with #CompleteAutonomy as proposed in the #nep2019? @PMOIndia
#AbhijitBanerjee नोबेल विजेता के रिसर्च के आधार पर भारत मे 50 लाख से जादा स्कूली बच्चों को रेमेडियल ट्यूटरिंग प्रोग्राम से फायदा पहुंचा, जैसा कि नोबेल समिति का कहना है.
लेकिन क्या बात है कि #nep2019 के मसौदे मे इसका कोई जिक्र नहीं है.

ना ही डॉ कस्तूरीरंगन समिति ने #AbhijitBanerjee से कोई सलाह ली.

हाँ, समिति ने #ABVP से जरूर सलाह ली, और #संस्कार_भारती जैसे मॉडेल समिती को आदर्श दिखते है.
Words in this article do not match the image.
Image looks like a #Ghetto of the kids from disadvantaged families.
#nep2019 defines them as #URG and proposes to create Ghetto like #SEZ for them.…
But, speakers dismiss it as a #Safron_Ideology, falling straight in the BJP_RSS trap.

Criticise the policy on its merits and demerits not the ideology.
#nep2019 "The almost 50-page final education policy document is a crisper version of the 400-page draft and is aimed at drawing a broad vision for education. It is said to have stayed off specifics that were in the draft."…
A proposal to create a single higher education regulator, the National Higher Education Regulatory Authority, has been dropped.
Idea of Rashtriya Shiksha Ayog #RSA to be headed by the PM has been modified. Now, RSA will be headed by the HRD minister.
#nep2019 However, it is not clear what approach has been adopted for SEZ & #URGs, Abolition of #Reservations, Single window concept for #Scholarships, #Liberal #Arts as #curriculum subjects from 9th Standard, etc.?
These issues are crucial for #Equality in education.
For the government, ‘autonomy’ primarily means self-financing. Institutions have to raise the money they need on their own and this will naturally be done by charging very high fees from students and also through ‘public-private partnerships’.…
Any policy initiative should be based on comprehensive review of the existing system.

Centre provides for future reviews under #Nep2019. But, what if nep2019 itself is a castle in air? Where is the critical analysis of what ails the system?…
By teaching liberal arts like music, yoga, pottery-making, etc as curricular subjects from higher secondary stages and facilitating students exit from 9th Standard itself?
@HRDMinistry @HRDMinistry posted this #revised draft. But it has the same contents. You can't make out what is Revised in this draft. Why govt is so callous? Why is it creating so much of confusion about d policy which would affect lives of several future generations?…
#अस्थाई_शिक्षकों की फौज से #भारत करेगा #ज्ञानी_समाज का निर्माण ... 🤔🤔☹️

"..a major concern stems from the belief that appears from the tone of the drafters’ language throughout the chapter on URGs and everywhere else in the policy where URGs are mentioned. The Hindi word ‘ehsaan’ comes to mind, which means ‘a favour’."…
#NEP2019 Final draft says -
"11.1. India has a long tradition of holistic and multidisciplinary learning in the so-called ‘liberal arts’, from universities such as Takshashila and Nalanda to extensive literatures combining subjects across fields."

Why "so-called liberal arts"?
#Reservations in #Education.

The draft policy had used the word Reservation only once. It was in negative.
Now, Final Education Policy 2019 clearly spells out that even autonomous #HEIs will abide by Constitutional provisions about reservations.
Similarly, the #Scholarships will be strengthened and "Single Window" concept for its disbursement as proposed in the draft is withdrawn.
But, the major concerns remain in the final policy document.
These are about unethical and unconstitutional term #URGs, ghetto-type education structure for them and undue focus on teaching #Liberal_Arts.
The final Education Policy 2019 seems to be getting confused about #Liberal_Arts and the concept of #Liberal_Education.
The policy makers failed to understand the difference between the two. #Nalanda and #Takshashila is invoked erroneously to justify teaching of Liberal arts.
#JaiBhim folks. The #FinalNEP2019 continues to be treacherous. It does not mention anything about Reservations for students but only in recruitment!
"प्राचीन परंपरा और नीति मूल्य आधारित" राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा नीति 2029 #Nep2019 की पूरी सोच यही है कि शिक्षण व्यवस्था निजी हाथों में सौंपकर उन्हें फ़ी निर्धारण से लेकर हर बात की छूट दे दी जाए.
In a two-pronged approach, the state is providing financial assistance to mothers of school-going children and changing the language of instruction in government schools to English.
Central govt should scrap #Nep2019
"The #NEP2019 emphasizes on language and plans to make #Sanskrit the mode of instruction at least until class five."
किसी ज़माने मे #संस्कृत सुनने से आपके कान मे खौलता शीशा डाला जाता था. तब वह सत्ता की भाषा थी.
अब जब वह मर गई, तो उसे पढ़ाने की ज़िद.…
अब जब सत्ता की भाषा अंग्रेजी है तो आप को भारतीय संस्कृति का हवाला देकर आपको उस भाषा से ही दूर करने की साजिश.

शासन की भाषा भारत मे इंग्लिश है, तो पढ़ाई का माध्यम भी वही भाषा क्यों नही?
Our detailed representation to the @HRDMinistry on #NEP2029. The letter is signed by about 300 activists.
Copies of it are also sent to all the MPs of #Loksabha.

Round Table India - Draft National Education Policy 2019 deserves to be rejected outright…
राष्ट्रीय राजधानी के विभिन्न विश्वविद्यालयों के अध्यापकों ने गुरुवार को नयी शिक्षा नीति और अन्य मुद्दों के खिलाफ मंडी हाउस से जंतर मंतर तक विरोध प्रदर्शन किया.…
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