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MPs committed to enact a law that will compel @CBKKenya to regulate monthly interest rates charged by digital mobile lenders and borrowers’ non-performing loans in honour of fallen Bonchari MP Oroo Oyioka. - @BD_Africa
MPs eulogised Mr Oyioka and the late Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji as devoted legislators who passionately articulated issues of concern without fear. Both Mr Oyioka and Senator Haji died on Monday. Mr Haji chaired the #BBINonsense prior to his death.
Mr Oyioka had sponsored the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 that is before Parliament for debate.
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A few weeks ago, I asked this question: since Muigai doesn't respect the 2010 constitution, why is he invested in #BBInonsense, and in getting Kenyans to accept? He can just run for another term, send cops to kill people, the US will support him and he will remain in office.
The great #KOT explained this to me: #BBINonsense isn't about destroying the constitution. It's about destroying the story. Unfortunately, the only story which we use to challenge Muigai is the constitution.
We don't know our history, we have no theology, our arts are commercialized, our cultures are corrupted, and our education is destroyed. The last pillar standing between us and full scale uthamaki fascism is the Constitution 2010.
#BBINonsense #UhuruinSagana
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Corruption doesn't start at the public purse. It starts at the basic idea that people can be stupidly rich from no work of their own, but of others.

So until we deal with the monstrosity of the title deed, we will not fundamentally address corruption in Kenya.
That system of stealing people's work starts with the title deed.

What is a title deed? It is not the land. It is the legitimacy of her majesty the queen to own and decide what happens with land.
When someone has a title deed, they are saying that the queen has allowed them to use that land mentioned in the deed, and that the queen is committed to using force to validate that deed.

The problem is, who gave the queen the authority to guarantee use of the land?
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.@JerotichSeii this is a history of the politicians using public participation to sneek in their personal agenda.

The Universities Act was amended by Matiangi by having a party in a hotel. Image
For #hudumanamba, the government performed a joke of public participation where even the members of the public called them out.

And they convened the meeting away from CBD to limit the people who could attend.
The other way in which politicians have bulldozed #bbireport is through intellectual and emotional abuse. They tell us that we don't read, we should not discuss documents before they're released, they limit us to the text and refuse to discuss context, etc…
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WaKenya: Senators Fatuma Dullo & Moses Wetangula - who refuse to engage us - are now hot on the heels of Joseph Ogachi of the single-sourced SPA Infosuv for having misled MAfya House.…

Obviously, Ogachi has a lot he could tell us but. . .

2. Senators Dullo, Weta & Co. didn't raise a louder alarm about MES even when they saw that most of the equipment was not even in use!…

Counties are still forced to pay Sh200M/yr for maintenance of almost-no-value-for-money MES.

Safeguarding Devolution?
3. no way SPA Infosuv did not already have a brief from akina Macharia & Muraguri. These are the guys who should be questioned by the Senate Health Comm.

The Sh63B (an auspicious numbers, it seems - as this is the same figure for Arror & Kimwarer) was never meant for Wanjiku.
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We need a movement to change Kenya. Not a party, not an institution, but a movement of people choosing to do life differently from what the state, the church and the media demand and manipulate us to do.

Because autocracy has now captured our institutions.
Kenya is an autocratic state. Idi Amin of the 70s is Muigai of the 21st century.

The only difference is that Muigai doesn't always need the cops to destroy us. He just keeps pushing our buttons, that we destroy ourselves on his behalf.
Muigai has penetrated our minds and souls with a junk curriculum, a tyrannical business sector, #hudumanamba and #BBIreport, so that we do the work for him of destroying ourselves so that there is nobody or nobody strong enough to resist him. #BBINonsense
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Let me remind Kenyans that the separation between politics and development is a colonial divide.

The colonial administration divided the two to make African nationalists appear like people who just make noise and dont care for the people at all.

The devil is in the details.
The colonial administration believed that the purpose of colonialism was to "develop" Kenya and rescue us natives from backwardness by bringing us into global capitalism as wage laborers or resource harvestors and producers.
So colonialists divided Kenya into the urban & settler areas on one hand, and tribal reserves on the other.

They allowed wage labor on settler farms and in the cities, but used the provincial administration to prevent any political activity in the reserves.
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#BBIInMombasa #BBINonsense
There are 3 arms of government in Kenya: Muthamaki (a Kikuyu king), surrounding tribal princes, and the civil service. They are all puppets whose stings are controlled by the US and the UK (embassies).

This is how this feudal system works.
The foundation to understanding how the system works is understanding that "uthamaki ti witu." Uthamakistan was created by the British colonial government.
#BBIInMombasa #BBINonsense
To understand why political parties or ideologies don't work in Kenya, again we have the colonialists to thank.

Colonialism was run on the ideology that it's Britain's job is to bring maendeleo to us savages, and so politics must be discouraged. #BBIInMombasa #BBINonsense
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Port Health counters at International arrivals point at JKIA will need total overhaul in that case. Understaffed and sleepy- looking staff only asked for yellow fever certificates this morning. Hold this presser from Kenya Point of Entries, not boardrooms.
The media must insist on getting allowed to film @MOH_Kenya Port Health at JKIA in light of the #CoronavirusOutbreak . Flight CZ 6043 into NBO from CSX is the most practical and ideal situation to gauge GoK's claims of disease surveillance and screening of passengers.
Kenya’s ministry of health news to hold a press conference and clear the air on this #coronavirus scare.
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#BBINonsense. I have read + reread the BBI report. This is the most cruel joke I have heard in recent times. The report is bankrupt of ideas & provides NO SOLUTION TO ANY OF KENYA'S STRUCTURAL, ELECTORAL OR ECONOMIC CHALLENGES. This was a total waste of tax payers money.
I wish I could support BBI; there is NOTHING TO SUPPORT! I even wish I could disagree with the report; again there is NOTHING TO DISAGREE WITH. The document has NO SOUL, no passion for Kenya, regurgitated cliches +plain mediocre! Chapter by chapter POSTMORTEM next [if I get time]
1. Chapter 1: Notable Issues: Gives well known very generic information on: family, values, the youth, lack of cohesion & trust, poor rule of law, no recognition of talent & disability, need for "bigger cake", poor leadership, public service, injustices, insecurity, etc.
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