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We walked out of Supreme Court @Kenyajudiciary #BBI appeal after the court made a decision to exclude our clients the 74th,75th &76th respondents from highlighting their submissions
The Supreme Court @Kenyajudiciary reasoned that because our clients joined the case in the High court as amici curiae (friends of the court) they remain so before the Supreme Court yet the appellants are named our clients as respondents #BBI
Our position is that we were named as respondents the Court of appeal and now in the Supreme Court @Kenyajudiciary and we participated as respondents in the Supreme Court in December 2021 when we successfully made an application to consolidate the appeals #BBI
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2. Basic Structure Doctrine is applicable in Kenya.


3. The Constitution of Kenya is inoculated from the mischief of those (eg. The Handshake Bros) who would "design" a "popular" initiative - using state resources - in the form of an amendment bill that alters fundamental underpinnings of the COK.

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BBI is the biggest political hoodwink ever. With horrific constitutional ramifications. Only one family will benefit. Bigly.

2. The #BBI hoodwink says the WaKenya have overwhelmingly cheered in support of the mutilation of the COK. That Legislators are humbly heeding the call of their electorate.

Not true 👇🏾

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UK micro > small cap 🔬 snap shot

Sales - £277m
Cash - £92m
COVID prods on sale - 10+
Market Cap - £565m

#Abingdon, #BBI, #Omega, #Avacta, #GeneDrive (#GDR) & #Yourgene

Sales - £28m > £30m (Yourgene £18>£20m)
Cash - 🤔
COVID prods on sale - 3🤔
Market Cap - £761m Image
There's a margin of error to account for BBI accounts which aren't public, awaiting GeneDrive which reports 31/03, Avacta account were published 23/01 last yr.

Say £5m tops. Small fry when you consider imbalance of collective market capitalisations.
AIM 2020 Top % Risers (cash / Mcap)
#NCYT - £91.8m / £553m
#AAA - £10.2m / £204m
#SNG - £10.9m / £305m
#GGP - £6m / £983m
#EQT - €1.7m / £156m
#SVE - £118k / £13m
#EUA - £50.8k / £759m
#MNO - £1.43m / £25m
#PHE - £5m / £306m
#OMI - £7.6m / £51m

*info as per latest relevant RNS Image
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2020 exits. A year of global losses and distress. Of America Trumpism, of Kenya #BBI - both blindly amok, owners refusing their fault and flop. COVID funds thefts put Kenyan in new gluttony league. Yet thank God for HIS gifts & blessings amidst pains, trials and tribulations.
Those of us who initially supported #Handshake but turned against clearly deceptive #BBI were trolled, attacked. I was particularly accused, sadly, of being a Ruto agent or being bitter on ‘missing’ cabinet slot or being envious of another “rival” honcho. Lies. WE LET GOD JUDGE.
Truth is that I last talked to Ruto 2015 on aftermath of my stand #NYSHeist, though sustained efforts to reconcile lasted all yr2020. Contrarily, Fact: I’ve talked with Raila consistently to-date. He knows my honest, firm opposition on BBI faults. My published views UNAPOLOGETIC.
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Anyang's Nyongo's flippancy about health workers is interesting considering he is public about his battle with cancer, which he has gotten treatment for abroad.

Back in 2012,Kenya's two health ministers-Nyong'o and Beth Mugo both went public about their cancer diagnosis....
In 2010, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, Minister for Medical Services was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Beth Mugo, Minister for Public Health and Sanitation was diagnosed with breast cancer.
They both received their diagnosis upon going for ‘regular check-ups, which most Kenyans can't afford these

They both sought treatment in the US.

Two health ministers, in charge of Kenyan healthcare, preferred treatment abroad
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On Kenya BBI & the gender quota. Am I missing something or does it fail to *guarantee* that no more than two-thirds of Parliament will be of the same gender? I have read the proposals & it is not clear to me that it does 1/5 @MitullahWinnie @karutikk @gathara @Nanjala1 #BBIReport
BBI mandates parties to have 30% women on their candidate lists. But this doesn’t ensure they win - if they contest against other male candidates many may lose. Only 27 women in the current parliament did not come through the reserved county seats. 2/5 @kopalo #BBIReport
That means that securing the threshold will likely depend on the 70 seats to be appointed by the parties on the basis of their vote share. But reports suggest only 35 of these have to go to women. That’s a *loss* of 12 compared to the 47 county women’s representatives. #bbi 3/5
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Raila, Kalonzo, Wetangula, Mudavadi: “riots” engulfed country 2016 as Cord peacefully protested for Electoral reforms. Our bipartisan parliamentary caucus met to conversed w/ each of you. We also talked to President Uhuru & Ruto. We successfully achieved dialogue, Select Comte.
All of you - except Ruto - received us so well, approved our effort. Ruto viciously protested initiative. They’re now eating him ravenously, as did you 2016/17/18. As a citizen privileged to know ‘101‘, asking you defend Ruto’s constitutional rights, Jubilee implosions aside.
1992 Moi regime blocked Matiba, Jaramogi and Kibaki not to enter Embu/Meru, North Eastern, Eldoret/Baringo respectively. 2002 system collapsed. 2007 we called each other MaDoaDoa & NyamuCiaRuguru. 2013/17 we branded rivals Muguruki/Kimundu, Mlevi/Wezi; manifestos NOT. Not again!
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#BBI is perpetuating Kenyata Hegemony. #BBI is a product of Deep-state operatives and elite writing new laws and reinterpreting old ones in a way that renders future elections largely noncompetitive 1/7
#BBI legal or constitutional amendments is a kind of corrupt legalism quite common among ruling parties in democracies that have fallen into autocracy. It's Slowly excavating our legal system 2/7
The deep state and elite have coopted opposition to manufacture its own false legitimacy in future. This will fool electorate and western donors that Kenya is still a democracy after a predetermined sham election 3/7
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Interesting arguments in Henry Bienen's, "Kenya: The Politics of Participation and Control."

1. scholarly interest in Kenya is dominated by colonial era more than for other African countries, where people are interested in party politics and personalities.
For me, that explains whey few people outside Kenya know Kenyan political figures. We may talk about them so much here, but Kenyan politicians are uninspiring and relatively unknown outside Kenya.
Besides Jomo, who was a fraudulently propped up as a hero by the British, few Kenyan leaders are known the way we Lumumba, Nyerere, Senghor, Nkrumah or Sankara.
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Day 15th, Jan. 2020
Been listening keenly for voices that talk about YOU and ME. Strangely, none..., not even YOU and ME have been talking about OURSELVES! We’ve been hypnotized into believing that our INTERESTS and LIVES come second to that of politicians.
SAD! Political speak around is all about @WilliamsRuto, @RailaOdinga, #UK, #TangaTanga, #Kieleweke, a Senator, an MCA, some greedy #MPIG. Where is WANJIKU? Who’s speaking for HER? There's no FAINTEST of VOICES SPEAKING for my interests in this POLITICAL NOISE
Let's not sell OUR SOVEREIGNTY at the alter of political convenience! #BBI, #TangaTanga, #Kieleweke are POLITICAL MOBILIZATION TOOLS. Unless we begin a conversation by OURSELVES & for OURSELVES & set POLITICAL AGENDA on our TERMS, we gonna lose big on this!
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For almost three years now, I've been struggling to answer this question: what is the relationship between race and ethnicity in Kenya?

Reason: I've found two things puzzling:

1. Uthamakistan often sounds like white supremacy

2. Public issues, especially tourism, education, police brutality and marginalization, are talked about with the same racist narratives as in the West.
One direct answer to my question is in Amy Chua's "World on fire," in which she argues that capitalism uses markets to appoint and favor a "market dominant minority" ethnic group, and then demands "democratic" elections to manage the inevitable resentment of the rest.
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