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Our products flow....

a) Harvest rain water using damliners..
Compared to buying tanks, damliners can hold large amount of watwr compared to tanks..


#KOTLoyals #SundayMotivation #SundownerKBC #ZeroHunger #FACup
b) Consider Drip Irrigation Systems

To effectively utilise the water harvested..
You can irrigate horticultural crops, fruits or trees via drip irrigation systems..
Check our website for more info

#MaishaConcert #sundayvibes #KOTLoyals
c) Mulching technology

Mulching controls weed growth and plays a major role in retaining water on the ground by preventing evaporation

#ZeroHunger #KOT
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1. Choose Your Poultry Sector

Poultry farming is a vast and fast growing industry. As stated yesterday we have types of chicken that you can choose from. .

The chicken farming business operates in multiple sectors.

#KOT #wednesdaymorning
Following are the niches you can choose from...

Meat production (Broilers breeding)
Egg production (Layers breeding)
Poultry feed production
Chicken breeding (Hatchery)
Egg and meat processing

#COVIDー19 #lockdownextension
Choose The Type Of Bird

Poultry farmers own a variety of birds. Your small poultry farm may start by focusing on two to three birds and then include more birds later as the business grows.
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Today, I've seen an article in @StandardKenya that says that @MatiangiFred will have powers to snoop on Kenyans' phones if he suspects them to "work for foreign powers" without a warrant if the #StatuteLaw2020 pass.

I'm reading the bill myself & found interesting things
To read the #StatuteLaw2020 effectively, I have @kenyalaw open so that I can read the laws that are being amended. I highly recommend that you take time and do this also. NOTE: I'm not a lawyer, so I likely have gaps in my knowledge but I hope #KOT lawyers like @Olez will help.
What #StatuteLaw2020 actually says is here. It gives CS @FredMatiangi the power to order you to give him access your phone/ laptop & ALSO your email and DMs. He only needs to decide that it is in public interest and he does not need to justify what that means. No checks kabisa.
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When I was young, I always wished I would get to, atleast, the bottom of the mountain, the magnificent Mt. KENYA
🗻🇰🇪 #DreamsAreValid #ValidDreams #Believe #Thread Image
At age 25, I had already set foot on the base of the mountain. Image
Oh my!! The view is out of this world .... This was indeed a dream come true. I had to challenge myself to go beyond my dreams and get to the peak. #DreamBig #NoHumanIsLimited Image
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.@MutemiWaKiama's arrest has taught me not to look at just the tribe of presidential appointments, but at the relatives. Each top government appointment is related to a colonial chief. It's no longer just tribe. It's family.

We have now graduated to the rigid class system of UK.
If defense and foreign CS Omamo is an in-law, it's not enough to look at the tribe any more. These homeguard chiefs were in all ethnic groups. It's about class first. Then tribe next.

Kumirans were the first group of fools. They were dumped for a guy they were taught to hate.
Now the education reforms have sealed this deal. And Kenyan parents won't understand until their kids are in form 6. And then they will be trying to remember -what was that activist saying in 2018?

It will be so sad.
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I started this journey into the heart of Kenya's colonial darkness 12 years ago as a naive mindukras kid who wanted to help build the nation. I was excited about what I had learned: Fanon, Lumumba, Sankara, Ousmane Sembene...and I was looking forward to sharing it with students.
I could not imagine what I ran into. Obstacle after obstacle. People saying they wanted knowledge but not allowing people to learn it. I was still naive. I thought I was the problem.

So I started doing research to understand.
That was how I learned about neoliberalism that began with the structural adjustment progams. I learned that as early as the 1980s, the US and UK decided to create an Anglo-Saxon monopoly of university education by gutting down universities worldwide through "quality assurance."
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Common mistakes which onion farmers will always repeat each growing season and hitting that tonnage become an issue..


#ZeroHunger #ShameMKU #UsikuSacco #KOT
Origin of problems. Many farmers are reluctant when it come to pest and diseases management and you'll always find a seedling when being transplanted has thrips and some fungus already like downy mildew ...this is multiplication of fungus if transplanted in that state
Feeding program
40% of that fertilizer is usually lost to the environment.For "young onions" it is always advisable to cover the fertilizer with the soil. rem onions have shallow roots...but when they are at vegetative stage you can expose the fertilizer because of canopy formed
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Something had not been sitting right with my spirit from #KOT and other Africans on the protests in America. Somehow folks have forgotten that less that 60 years ago we were in the same position on the African continent and Civil Rights leaders joined us in war.
It was on the basis that; you are a Black person in the US as much as you are a Black person in Africa. Here our oppression was colonialism. To the world then and now, it was racism. You were considered incapable then as you are now.
The fatigue you see in America today is the fatigue your forefathers felt deeply 60 years ago. What little political, economic and social freedom we have scrapped together today is the result of a global movement against Black oppression.
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1. I was curious to understand why the GOK PAYBILL has backfired. No one is moved by their appeal but on the other hand we have active citizens like @TeamPankaj, @JerotichSeii, @WanjeriNderu and others, getting support from Kenyans all over the world.
2. Reason one: The people we have entrusted with running this country are ALL THIEVES. We know without a doubt that if we contribute to their PAYBILL they will steal that money just the way they have robbed this nation since they took power after independence.
3. Reason two: They are unable to use #Covid_19 to emotionally blackmail us into contributing because they cannot bombard us with adverts and pictures of suffering patients. A tactic used very well by @KenyaRedCross during the KENYA FOR KENYANS fundraiser.
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The Estate WhatsApp did it again.

Ebu songa karibu.

Back story...

Last year around August, a newly wed couple move into number 157. But it had lots of issues and the tenant was actually kicked out.

Luckily, the guys at Number 178 moved out in September so Mr. & Mrs took 178.
Man this couple is a real couple.

Hii dunia hakuna mapenzi moto kama ya Mluhya na Mjaluo. Wewewe... Hawa watu wawili wamependana kupendana. From the first day they checked in...

Wanatoka pamoja, wanarudi pamoja, wanangojeana kwa gate, wanasindikizana, as in for real for real.
Imagine they even walk in the estate hand in hand, wakienda kununua mayai kwa kiosk. There's a day they were even a topic on WhatsApp ati 'Can you relax, we have children in the Estate.'

Ata some lady even confronted them, akawashow 'Hiyo mchezo yenu mtairudisha huko Innercore.'
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Kenya's Secret Service

The women and men of Kenya's NIS (National Intelligence Service), DMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence), @DCI_Kenya @NPSOfficial_KE @PoliceKE @CTNSIS @APSKenya @kdfinfo do their best to keep Kenya safe. We must envision a new Secret Service for Kenya.
Corruption in Kenya is more profitable than gold, diamonds, coffee, flowers and tea all put together. Corruption has destroyed Kenya and Kenyan lives. Kenya must establish a new Secret Service whose work will be to detect corruption long before it occurs. @NAssemblyKE @Senate_KE
In 1865, USA had a national crisis. About 30% of all their currency was fake. They founded the United States Secret Service (USSS) to fight counterfeit mafia. Later, USSS was tasked with protecting their president too. Kenya's eternal national crisis number 1 to 10 is corruption.
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In 1919, flu killed 40 million people. A doctor visited the many farmers who had the attack to see if he could help them combat the flu.Many of the farmers & their family had contracted the flu and many died. #KOTLoyals2020 #KOT #SundayThoughts
However, the doctor came upon one farmer whose family was healthy and nobody in the house contracted the flu.The doctor asked the farmer what he was doing that was different from the others. The farmer's wife replied that she put an unpeeled onion in a dish and placed them...
All around the rooms.The doctor thought that could have been the cure so he asked for one of those onions. As he placed it under the microscope, he found the flu virus in the onion. The onions obviously absorbed all the bacteria and thereby kept the family healthy.
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ONIONS | 1 Acre Breakdown

To attain the highest ROI, ensure to use the right variety, correct seedrate, proper irrigation, nutrition and spraying.

✔️Ref: Onions Traders Panel fb

#KOTLoyals #VijanaTunaumia #DoMoreWithMPESA #Raila #Ruto #ZeroHunger
Investment Period: 4-5 months
Seedrate: 1kg
Variety: Neptune, Bombay red, red creole, Bejo
Expected tonnes : 15
Average price per kg: 55Ksh
Invested: 150K - 200K

✔️ These above figures differ from farm to farm
✔️ ROI is left blank intentionally


Land Acquisition


Soil Test

Seeds Acquisition

Nursery Establishment


Nursery Management

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#AmKenyan 1. Good morning #KOT. Last week, I did a post pleading not to be added to any more wassup groups to help fundraise for needy children who couldn't join high school as I was stretched and unable to help all. That plea brought my way what I call a MIRACLE.
#AmKenyan 2. In 2010, I lost my sister Wanjiru. She suddenly fell ill and upon hospitalisation, was wrongly diagnosed, given antibiotics and discharged. She past away in her sleep a day after leaving hospital. Pneumonia killed her. A treatable illness took Shiro from us.
#AmKenyan 3. From when we were kids, Shiro had a strong passion for kids. Especially those who were from a slum near where we lived. I remember her taking food from our house to go feed them and wanted to be a pre-school teacher when she grew up. She did become a teacher.
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The cost of State capture

In 2019 alone, it was reported that the government could not account for approximately Sh731 billion. #StateCaptureKE @IBP_Kenya
@TISAKenya @TIKenya…
By Luis Franceschi @dailynation

The crippling state capture scandals we have discussed in the previous weeks do not happen only in Kenya. #StateCaptureKE…
Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing were locally assembled, but external interests are also at play as we learnt from our study of the Standard Gauge Railway. #StateCaptureKE #SGR #Angloleasing #Goldenberg
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BREAKING NEWS: #AlShabaab fighters have attacked a US military base in Lamu county, #Kenya.

Reports say a suicide bomber involved in the attack on Camp Simba in Manda Bay.
UPDATE: According to the al-Qaeda group, #AlShabaab fighters "have now taken effective control of a part of the base" following the Sunday morning attack.

#Kenya #Lamu
UPDATE: #AlShabaab spokesman tells @AJEnglish Sunday morning attack on Camp Simba, a US military base in #Kenya's Lamu county, is not connected to current events in the Middle East.
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So #KoT are happy that they forced the authorities to install a proper symbol of Heathendom at the airport? Do folks really know what it stands for? 🤣🤣🤣

#Thread: Christmas Tree
The modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. But the Germans got it from the Romans, who got it from the Babylonians and the Egyptians.
An old Babylonish fable told of an evergreen tree which sprang out of a dead tree stump. The old stump symbolized the dead Nimrod, the new evergreen tree symbolized that Nimrod had come to life again in Tammuz! Chrismas at JKIA does just that!
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1) Thread

let's have a discussion about rogue government officials now robbing our businesses...

Hey Jackson, Please don't share or reveal my identity. I have been robbed my source of living by Government officials.

cc: @DCI_Kenya , @ODPP_KE @KenyaPolice3 #KOTLoyals #KOT
2) i am a 25 yr old single Mum and i run a Clothes shop in a Mall. This week, some People raided our shops and they claimed to be from Anti Counterfeit Agency ( @ACAKenya ) and Kenya Police (Uniformed). ( @KenyaPolice3 )
3) They ransacked my Shop and told me that i was selling fakes brand name Bags, shoes, clothes and Perfumes and they were going to arrest me and Present me to court the following day and Court cash bail range from 500k to 1M
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#AmKenyan 1. #KOT Yesterday, at 6pm, a head-on collision almost happened because of cars overlapping and using the wrong side of the road to avoid traffic. This brought us to a 20 minute long standstill.
I decided to take photos of the cars.
Here is car One: KBZ 602N
#AmKenyan 2. This is the point they were making the illegal turn. There was no policeman present. When they couldn't join the traffic from here, they drove straight on and forced their way back to the right lane.
Car two: KBY 025A
#AmKenyan 3: Most of them were using the illegal right turn from the NAIROBI hospital direction opposite CITAM. They then had to force their way back into the right lane causing a back-up all the way to hurlingham.

Car three: KCP 544X
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#AmKenyan 1. We have systems in Kenya. Though weak and easily compromised, as law abiding citizens we must test them and demand for improvements. Our leadership continues to abuse power and ignore our constitution. This is what we have been dealing with this week.
#AmKenyan 2. Last Saturday, while attending a family event in Muranga, I received a frantic call from @atty_kim asking where I was because she had received a threatening phone call from @MikeSonko about a post she had copy-pasted on our FB page Buyer Beware.
#AmKenyan 3. The post alleged there was corruption happening at City Hall. Atty declined to bring the post down. What followed were more threatening calls to the other admin @JacksonNjeru254 and a sustained online campaign to troll us using several pseudo accounts
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Kenya is ground zero for 'fintech', with dozens of apps mining customer data and pushing debt to Kenyans in need of short-term liquidity.

In a recent @BostonReview piece, @EmmaFlemingPark and I analyze the issue:…
Much of this is valorized as financial inclusion, but whatever merits may exist in digital lending, it's clear to many that the situation in Kenya has become a crisis.
At the center of things is Safaricom, whose dominant market position and political influence gives it outsized access to personal data and limited regulatory oversight.
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#AmKenyan 1. #KOT, @DCI_Kenya, @ODPP_KE, @PoliceKE, @NPSOfficial_KE. I have cases where several young business people need your urgent intervention to get their money back from Hon Mututho's sons, who conned them using FAKE CHEQUES
#AmKenyan 2. Last week I received a call from a young contractor who was conned by the Mututhos over 1 million. He has reported to @NPSOfficial_KE @PoliceKE
They asked for a huge % upfront in bribes. His small biashara has since collapsed
#AmKenyan 3. @DCI_Kenya @ODPP_KE @PoliceKE @NPSOfficial_KE. This is how the Mututhos do it. They use their connections to get construction contracts from @KenolKobil. They then advertise for sub-contractors to apply to do the work.
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My Name is Pastor Wa. I'm passionate about people. I dream about African cities and the typical 25-45 year old urbanite. My passion has led me to start, lead and serve in local churches around African cities (Thread)
I never really wanted to be a Pastor, and my journey to becoming one is a story worth telling (some day). But when i finally answered the call, i determined to be as real & accessible to people that came under my pastoral care, and also do a great job as someone in a holy calling
I first started a tiny church when i was 23, in a poor part of the city. My congregants were mainly builders and casual workers. Men with calloused hands that worked hard and simple women that loved to sing and serve. Generous people who lived in quite difficult circumstances
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