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🇰🇪🚉Aight #KOT, listen up! It's time for some train lessons. I'm sick and tired of people like @johnnjenga regurgitating bad/false information about Chinese made railways/locomotives/rolling stock in Africa as part of their debate over whether #Kenya got a bad deal on the #SGR.
@johnnjenga I'm not here to argue that Kenya got value for $ with the SGR or if it's being run properly or not. I'm here to say - stop using invalid points in this debate when you haven't researched. Ya'll look foolish otherwise. Comparing photos of bullet trains with rail yard shunters.🤦🏼‍♂️
@johnnjenga But, but.. high-speed rail in China! The four biggest networks in the world are USA 250,000 km, China 121,000 km, Russia 85,500 km, India 65,000 km. Of these 4, only China (29,000 km) & Russia (1,326 km) have HS railways. HS rail is for passenger service. SGR is freight focused.
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Do you own a house around south c or south b or imara daima? Do you have an SQ or extra room that is empty I’m willing to work & do house chores just to get a place to sleep so I can make it to school at The Management University of Africa and achieve a dream #KOT please retweet
#kot please retweet to get a shade over my head
When you think you have found help😔😔sad fact he only wanted me to go alone here is a thread
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Hey @OneAcreFund,
Last December, you asked me for feedback on your recruitment process.
Here's my public response to your unethical, biased, and racist recruitment process.
#SomeoneTellOneAcreFund #KOT
So @OneAcreFund,
I'm deeply disturbed.
So deeply disturbed.
Last year in August, I applied for a Communications Associate (Writer/Editor) position at One Acre Fund.
The interview process took almost 3 months!!!
#SomeoneTellOneAcreFund #KOT
And @OneAcreFund I was confident about my work and my interviews, considering I'd been coached by a top head hunter for global firms in Kenya.
I didn't get the job, and after the long interview process you chose to send me a very vague regret email.
#SomeoneTellOneAcreFund #KOT
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Following the pictures by the New York Times on the #RiversideAttack in Kenya, questions have been raised on the representation of black bodies in death. More importantly, how the Western media covers the death of Africans during crisis like the #DusitAttack in Kenya
The New York Times published gory pictures of dead Kenyans who were victims of a terrorist attack. It was less than 24 hours after the attack that the pictures were published as the feature image of the New York Times article. Kenyans were still in mourning and shock from the
attack. Kenyans on Twitter raised ethical, moral and philosophical questions on the publishing and protection of the dignity and sanctity of those who had just died. Their singular demand to the @nytimes was to pull down the pictures. A demand the New York Times is yet to heed.
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I feel like a lot of foreign correspondents in Kenya are missing the point of the critique of the @nytimes over the #RiversideAttack photos. /1
The majority of the tweets I’ve seen about this from #KOT have essentially said “please take down the photo of brutally murdered black people, esp since you wouldn’t show an equivalent photo if they were white.” /2
They asked the NYT reporter to take down the photo. She said she doesn’t pick the photos. Neither she nor some other foreign correspondents discussing this have acknowledged that showing dead bodies of some races but not others raises real questions of journalistic ethics. /3
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1. As foreign correspondents and media houses define their version of Kenya & #Riversideattack in a race to the bottom,lifting their heroes(@thesun @dailymirror)and denying dignity to our dead (@nytimes) I will tell my story,my Kenyan story of the same day.
2. It started with a Whatsapp message - Gunshots and explosion at 14 Riverside avoid the area. Within 20 minutes almost everybody in Nairobi had warned someone else via WhatsApp to be safe - because we use our tech to care.
3. Roll call began in our Whatsapp groups - ppl report in is everyone ok? We checked on each other cos for many Nyumba Kumi is my Whatsapp group.
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THREAD: Why @NYTimes should learn from when @CNN got Kenyans on Twitter mad. After #SomeoneTellCNN, they had to fly Exec. Vice President & MD for @CNNi (@Tony_MaddoxCNN) in to @StateHouseKenya to personally apologise to Pres. @UKenyatta. CNN also lost $1,000,000 in advertising.
ACTION: This thread is long so if you want to take action first, please:

Tweet/Email NYT International Editor Michael Slackman - (@meslackman) referencing issues listed below. I believe we're escalating to the right person, given the circumstances.
ACTION: What do we want?

a. An explanation, @meslackman has done this on Yemen before here -….
b. A caveat e.g. "this article contains graphic images" to warn readers.
c . A formal apology and strong editorial consideration to withdraw the image.
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Dear Kenya. Listen, exam cheating has never been the key problem with our education system... A thread...
Consider the #KCSE pass rates before and after the #Matiang'i rules in 2016 @DrCarrieM @kenyanpundit

2012 - 28% |2013 -27% | 2014 - 30% | 2015 - 31% | 2016 - 15% | 2017 - 11.5%|
A normal pass rate for a normally distributed population should be 60%. Even with max cheating, only 30% of students passed the K.C.S.E on average (someone with access to data please share the pass rate since 1984)...
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#AmKenyan 1. I will attempt to simplify the #SwitchOffKPLC petitions that are being withdrawn. Look at the ASKS and question if the withdrawals will achieve what the campaign intended to from the onset, which was JUSTICE for ALL WaKenya
Will withdrawals #STOPTheseThieves?
A) Consumers ILLEGALLY billed for a 10.1B @KenyaPower loss incurred from their corrupt paka panya games during 2017 election period.
EXPECTED RESULT: End to illegal billing and refunds to all affected customers.
B) Consumers forced to use 3rd party vendors as @KenyaPower sabotages official and cheaper 888880 number. Vendit(501200), Dynamo(800904) numbers are owned by #PowerCartels
EXPECTED RESULT: End of 3rd party vendors
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#AmKenyan 1. Dear #KOT. I want to remind you it took 2yrs 8months for you to campaign for #FreeSSudan4. It is because of you that they are now with their families. Your consistent support saved their lives.
With this in mind let us look at the #SwitchOffKPLC
#AmKenyan 2. Are we cowards, ignorant for insisting #SwitchOffKPLC campaign, which is about ALL Kenyans, cannot be pushed under the rug because of a VAGUE 'Out of court settlement' that doesn't STOP the CRIMINAL outfit that is @KenyaPower from exploiting us?
#AmKenyan 3. During #FreeSSudan4 campaign, there was a core team of activists and family members that were strategising, holding meetings, planning for action to take. The ENTIRE #KOT could not be a part of that team. That does not mean you were not IMPORTANT
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#AmKenyan 1. Let me start by saying I am extremely pissed off by mainstream media reporting the story of a woman who was asked to go breastfeed in the TOILET without naming the restaurant! SHAME ON YOU! #BreastFeedingIsARight and that is why #WeMustProtest #KOT

#AmKenyan 2. Breastfeeding is a partnership between the child and mother. It has different phases that can be JOYFUL, PAINFUL, FRUSTRATING or DEPRESSING. When it is really bad, a mother SCREAMS or nurses NIPPLE WOUNDS and MASTITIS. #WeMustProtest
#BreastFeedingIsARight #KOT
#AmKenyan 3. MASTITIS: For those who grew up MASHAMBANI, and had to wake up at 4.30 a.m to milk cows like I did. We most likely know this infection as something that happens to COWS. Women get it too when they do not breastfeed. #BreastFeedingIsARight #WeMustProtest #KOT
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Dear Kenyans,
I know we are oblivious to what goes on in our region and how this affects our economy. I know our TV stations (@KBCChannel1 @KTNNews @NTVnewsroom @K24Tv @citizentvkenya ) would rather report what Chiloba had for breakfast than tell us what's going on in our.. #KoT
Neighborhood. So kindly allow me to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on something that potentially has serious ramifications for our region.
Earlier this month, Somalia Government confiscated $9million in cash at Aden Abdulle airport in Mogadishu. The cash was #KOT
From the UAE and was meant to pay a specialist infantry unit of the Somalia National Army that were being trained by the UAE. This unit has been involved in a couple of unsanctioned operations inside Somalia that has sometimes led to assassination of Somalian leaders.
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