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This past weekend, Tech Twitter in Kenya #KOT once again experienced a somewhat necessary or unnecessary incident, depending on which side you choose. From misinformation, to disinformation, to sense of entitlement (which I've been asked to explain/define), to sarcasm etc.

Without an iota of doubt, there are 2 things that should be pointed out

1. There is a problem/issue/discontent within the community

2. The people involved in this, as well as related issues, are very smart people. I would make bold to say, some of the continent's brightest

In my opinion, the 2nd point in the previous tweet is the bigger of the 2 issues. It would be quite difficult to explain this with a tweet or a thread of tweets, so I'll skip trying to do so right now.

However, what can be done to solve for the discontent in the 1st point?

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Just another day in @elonmusk ‘s citizen journalist site ImageImage
>tfw tempted to give 8 extortion dollars to just get that perma lock removed and amplify my tweets

>tfw feel wrong paying for something whose basic features suffice save for being restricted by the sites staff

WTF ?!

this Elon Twitter settings ransomware is off the hook Image
For those who want to check their citizen journalist standing in Elon Musks website Image
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The story of British media and Jeremy Corbyn is a story about how the media picks one narrative, drowns everyone in it, finds irrational and emotional supporters to rant about it, until their story looks like the reality. Kenya media has done the same with BBI and CBC.
The media tactic is to overwhelm us with a single story and go crazy or silence us when we introduce a diversity of stories. I have been called names by CBC supporters less for opposing CBC and more for complicating the stories. The danger of the single story by Chimamanda.
If you look at the pro-CBC replies to my tweets, you will notice that they don't respond to what I actually say. They'll say employment, I'll say employment is an economic issue, then they'll respond using different words about skills that kids need to earn a living.
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Dear #KOT Thank you for standing with me & for supporting the Keroche Family. We are because you believe in Local Entrepreneurship & I promise NOT to give up because our RESILIENCE will define future generations & how far they will go. Here is my #ThreadStorm in response to KRA.
Dear Kenyans, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) @KRACare has issued a statement to reply to our grievances that we had raised about Keroche Breweries @keroche_ltd. It is with humility that I seek your indulgence to take this opportunity to tell my side of the story.
First, @keroche_ltd being a law-abiding Kenyan Company did NOT want to discuss anything that is in court but because @KRACare has decided to put this information in the public domain, we have decided to respond based on their statement. All am seeking is audience with @CG_KRA
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My suffering under @Coopbankenya and @First_Assurance #KOT
My name is Patrick.A father and a businessman. I run a business called Mandela Mattresses.
I am writing this here because nimefika mwisho.For the past 5 months, I have suffered under the corporates above.
Thread (1/28)
I am just one person.
It all began In June last year, I got 70% asset financing from my bank (cooperative bank of Kenya) to get a car. A van is really important for the business I do so that's why I chose to take that path.. (2/28)
Lets call this car KDC. I got the car on June 9th. It was comprehensively insured BY @First_Assurance
As I have stated, I am writing this because nimefika mwisho. I have gone to every office imaginable trying to get help on my case. The bank, the insurer, ntsa. (3/28)
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Hass Avocado 🥑 tree roots must be well fed with phosphorus fertilizer or well decomposed manure at the canopy area .

N/B Avoid feeding the stem , they do not feed through the stem .

Spread manure well and apply mulch to conserve moisture level.


We supply quality Grafted Fruits seedlings across the whole country within 24-48 hours

Click this link to message us on WhatsApp:

Order for your 🍋🍊🥝 🥑 🥭 seedlings among many more and get your orchard dream started in style
The plants need alot of micro nutrients and energy through the leaves .

Apply Boron as a micro nutrient .It helps flowers in holding and prevents abortion of flowers during fertilization .

Calcium is the next important nutrient for cell multiplication need .
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People and communities across the globe are using the web to step up to the challenges of Covid-19. A thread 🧵:
To counter a sea of misinformation, grassroots communities have formed to win over the vaccine-sceptic. Vaccine Talk is a Facebook group with rules that promote open, respectful, evidence-based discussion — and doubters are being won over.…
In Kenya, people are sharing information on Covid-19 vaccine availability to boost uptake and counter misinformation under the hashtag #KOT.…
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Remember the World Bank study that cut water from poor households in Nairobi, just to see if they'd pay?

I requested its ethical approval (IRB). The Bank carefully avoided giving me a straight answer so that I couldn't appeal (Kafka was employee of the month in Oct).

I appealed & appealed. The Committee ignored my complaint, so I skipped them and went to the Appeal Board.

Yesterday, the Board stated "Bank and the AIC fell far short of what is required by their own policies and procedures in handling the request."

Sounds good? Not quite.
The Appeal Board is now sending me back to the previous step (the AI Committee), who had ignored my complaints.

This Committee often uses a loophole in the Bank's policy: the "prerogative".

They can refuse to disclose any document if it doesn't vibe with them. Handy!

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On facebook's data privacy. I have never installed facebook or instagram on my android test phone yet zuckerberg and co won't leave me alone. How do i know, because i proxied web traffic through a mitm tool and caught fb sending data about my phone to its data centers. Here's how
Facebook leverages its sdk installed across diverse apps to create and maintain profiles of consumers even if they don't use any of its apps. In my case, the culprit is an English Premier League app. Data sent to facebook datacenters includes phone orientation in 3d space - x,y,z
Battery stats, rooted/non-rooted, GDPR applicability - no in my case, my location, app with fb sdk, time, phone model, consent status - of course this rides on consent granted to app with fb sdk. Sneaky imho, among other data points. Where is all this data sent to,
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A few weeks ago, I asked this question: since Muigai doesn't respect the 2010 constitution, why is he invested in #BBInonsense, and in getting Kenyans to accept? He can just run for another term, send cops to kill people, the US will support him and he will remain in office.
The great #KOT explained this to me: #BBINonsense isn't about destroying the constitution. It's about destroying the story. Unfortunately, the only story which we use to challenge Muigai is the constitution.
We don't know our history, we have no theology, our arts are commercialized, our cultures are corrupted, and our education is destroyed. The last pillar standing between us and full scale uthamaki fascism is the Constitution 2010.
#BBINonsense #UhuruinSagana
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Papaya (Carica papaya) is a perennial fruit tree widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates for its nutritive and medicinal values. It is very popular in Kenya where it is grown for both local and export markets.
#MudavadiSpeaks #SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts #kot
male (staminate) – this has male parts and doesn’t produce fruits. Flowers are produced in large numbers in long dropping branches.
The female (pistillate) has female parts only. Flowers are large, situated singly or in clusters near the tree trunk and close to the base of stalk
It is pollinated through cross pollination and produces fruits that are sweetest in all the varieties.
The hermaphrodite- contains both male and female parts on the same plant thus capable of self-pollination.
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Some info about avocados 🥑

The avocado export market in Kenya is dominated by Kakuzi, Vegpro, Sunripe, Kenya Horticultural Exporters, and East African Growers.

Thread ...
#KOT #SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts
Hass variety is exclusively for export market and their prices in the international market are higher compared to most fruits.
2019 statistics since 2020 was cancelled..
-Kenya exported 60,000 tonnes of avocados. -Holland was the chief importer with 13,306 tonnes.
- France (8,793 tonnes)
- UAE (7,190 tonnes)
- Saudi Arabia (5,127 tonnes), UK (3,704 tonnes)
- Russia (3,041 tonnes).
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Strawberry farming - @JaickProduce

1. Why strawberries?

Thread ...RT widely..

2. Which type of soil works best for them?

3. Types of varieties?

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Martin cooper, former Motorolla Vice president is regarded as the father of cell phones. He made the first call in 1973 with Dynatac 800x phone which weighed 1kg.
The impact of this innovative in #agriculture can never be underestimated.

#MashujaaDay #ShujaaWangu
Ever taken a moment to think of how this world would look like without this innovation?
Cell phone has undergone a series of evolution ever since its innovation and fare to say, each evolution comes out with an improved future something which farmers and everyone else embraces.
The first sms was sent in 1992 by neil papwprth a developer through @VodafoneUK to richard a company Dr at a Christmas party.
The first cell phone took 10hours to fully charge and would last for 35 minutes and it costed 3995$. Remember, it weighed 1kg

#HudumaNamba #kot
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A small thread for the business online...

#marketing #advertising #kenya #KOT #kenyansOnline #DisruptiveRules
Most people have recently started a new business online or have had to adapt to the change and situation to move their business online. There are key important factors that one must note before getting too comfortable with being online.
Firstly - Know your Target Audience - Your Customers. Where are they and what are they saying / doing.
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The #Covid19Millionaires gravy train allegedly runs this way:

1. Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta & relatives
2. Murathe, Megascope & that motley crew
3. Governors & "their people"

These quick-to-absolve-myself-and-my-party are premature. What about their Governors & Legislators?

2. Even as @USAID @GlobalFund threaten to withdraw / procure directly, they know that for 6yrs, they funded KEMSA to the tune of Sh23B p.a. @Deloitte won the contract from Supply Chain Management System (VA) to clean up the mess.

KEMSA is back in the hole.

3. Same playbook @KenyaPower when Manitoba Hydro Mgmt spent $154M to clean up KPLC post-Gichuru.

The now PS Njoroge (UK's fundraiser) @EnergyMinK was thereafter appointed CEO; & theft resumed.

KPLC is back in the hole. We're paying for it.

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Our products flow....

a) Harvest rain water using damliners..
Compared to buying tanks, damliners can hold large amount of watwr compared to tanks..


#KOTLoyals #SundayMotivation #SundownerKBC #ZeroHunger #FACup
b) Consider Drip Irrigation Systems

To effectively utilise the water harvested..
You can irrigate horticultural crops, fruits or trees via drip irrigation systems..
Check our website for more info

#MaishaConcert #sundayvibes #KOTLoyals
c) Mulching technology

Mulching controls weed growth and plays a major role in retaining water on the ground by preventing evaporation

#ZeroHunger #KOT
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1. Choose Your Poultry Sector

Poultry farming is a vast and fast growing industry. As stated yesterday we have types of chicken that you can choose from. .

The chicken farming business operates in multiple sectors.

#KOT #wednesdaymorning
Following are the niches you can choose from...

Meat production (Broilers breeding)
Egg production (Layers breeding)
Poultry feed production
Chicken breeding (Hatchery)
Egg and meat processing

#COVIDー19 #lockdownextension
Choose The Type Of Bird

Poultry farmers own a variety of birds. Your small poultry farm may start by focusing on two to three birds and then include more birds later as the business grows.
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Today, I've seen an article in @StandardKenya that says that @MatiangiFred will have powers to snoop on Kenyans' phones if he suspects them to "work for foreign powers" without a warrant if the #StatuteLaw2020 pass.

I'm reading the bill myself & found interesting things
To read the #StatuteLaw2020 effectively, I have @kenyalaw open so that I can read the laws that are being amended. I highly recommend that you take time and do this also. NOTE: I'm not a lawyer, so I likely have gaps in my knowledge but I hope #KOT lawyers like @Olez will help.
What #StatuteLaw2020 actually says is here. It gives CS @FredMatiangi the power to order you to give him access your phone/ laptop & ALSO your email and DMs. He only needs to decide that it is in public interest and he does not need to justify what that means. No checks kabisa. Image
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When I was young, I always wished I would get to, atleast, the bottom of the mountain, the magnificent Mt. KENYA
🗻🇰🇪 #DreamsAreValid #ValidDreams #Believe #Thread Image
At age 25, I had already set foot on the base of the mountain. Image
Oh my!! The view is out of this world .... This was indeed a dream come true. I had to challenge myself to go beyond my dreams and get to the peak. #DreamBig #NoHumanIsLimited Image
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.@MutemiWaKiama's arrest has taught me not to look at just the tribe of presidential appointments, but at the relatives. Each top government appointment is related to a colonial chief. It's no longer just tribe. It's family.

We have now graduated to the rigid class system of UK.
If defense and foreign CS Omamo is an in-law, it's not enough to look at the tribe any more. These homeguard chiefs were in all ethnic groups. It's about class first. Then tribe next.

Kumirans were the first group of fools. They were dumped for a guy they were taught to hate.
Now the education reforms have sealed this deal. And Kenyan parents won't understand until their kids are in form 6. And then they will be trying to remember -what was that activist saying in 2018?

It will be so sad.
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I started this journey into the heart of Kenya's colonial darkness 12 years ago as a naive mindukras kid who wanted to help build the nation. I was excited about what I had learned: Fanon, Lumumba, Sankara, Ousmane Sembene...and I was looking forward to sharing it with students.
I could not imagine what I ran into. Obstacle after obstacle. People saying they wanted knowledge but not allowing people to learn it. I was still naive. I thought I was the problem.

So I started doing research to understand.
That was how I learned about neoliberalism that began with the structural adjustment progams. I learned that as early as the 1980s, the US and UK decided to create an Anglo-Saxon monopoly of university education by gutting down universities worldwide through "quality assurance."
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Common mistakes which onion farmers will always repeat each growing season and hitting that tonnage become an issue..


#ZeroHunger #ShameMKU #UsikuSacco #KOT
Origin of problems. Many farmers are reluctant when it come to pest and diseases management and you'll always find a seedling when being transplanted has thrips and some fungus already like downy mildew ...this is multiplication of fungus if transplanted in that state
Feeding program
40% of that fertilizer is usually lost to the environment.For "young onions" it is always advisable to cover the fertilizer with the soil. rem onions have shallow roots...but when they are at vegetative stage you can expose the fertilizer because of canopy formed
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Something had not been sitting right with my spirit from #KOT and other Africans on the protests in America. Somehow folks have forgotten that less that 60 years ago we were in the same position on the African continent and Civil Rights leaders joined us in war.
It was on the basis that; you are a Black person in the US as much as you are a Black person in Africa. Here our oppression was colonialism. To the world then and now, it was racism. You were considered incapable then as you are now.
The fatigue you see in America today is the fatigue your forefathers felt deeply 60 years ago. What little political, economic and social freedom we have scrapped together today is the result of a global movement against Black oppression.
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