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On Sunday between five hundred and a thousand caravan migrants carrying their country’s flag bull rushed the border. They screamed profanities and hurled rocks and bottles at the brave Border Patrol men and women protecting our nation. #2
The Border Patrol was correct to use non-lethal tear gas to break up the horde of invaders. They are defending our nation’s border from an invading force, complete with weapons, (however crude) and flying a foreign nation’s flag. #3
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Not that your emotions are being manipulated or anything
. @haely_bare same photo by every mainstream news outlet. Fake news is the enemy of the people.
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1/It is not illegal to seek asylum. It is a protected human right..It is NOT the fault of parents trying to make a better life for their babies that they were tear gassed. This is a humanitarian crisis. These are HUMAN BEINGS. #MondayMorning
2/If you're not ok with this, as the Legislature goes back into session today, PLEASE call your Congressperson or Senator and TELL THEM to represent your views. We the people have to rein this in...It is NOT illegal to seek asylum...
#BorderShutdown #MondayMorning
3/I've discovered that using tear gas is in violation of the Geneva Convention--So the use against the Migrants, over an International border, means that the US has now committed a war crime. In a situation where the UN has already been pulled in to address humanitarian crisis...
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1. #QAnon just dropped. There is
"EXTREME panic in DC." Huber is due to testify [D]ec 5.
Nothing can stop what is coming. So,
"be 'extremely' vigilant in Dec."
See something.
Say something.
2. #QAnon's post prompts anons to observe that in addition to having our troops drawn to our own border being stormed today, that now also today 3 Ukrainian vessels entered Russian territorial waters, w Ukrainian tugboat being then bumped, & damaged. #Q
3. To #QAnon's "Extreme panic In [DC]". Would Huber be ready to testify about his investigation of Clinton Foundation pay-to-play sales if his investigation weren't yet finished?
"Think timing of Tweet"
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#QAlert 11/25/18 This will be my thread for all #QPosts for Sunday, November 25, 2018. See something. Say something. EXTREME PANIC IN [DC] and more!

Let’s Go!


@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #D5
#QAlert 11/25/18 Q2499
Everything stated has a purpose.
Think timing of Tweet (above) v last drops [HouseOfCards] re: Maggie NYT re: WL 'Maggie' drops re: WL attack re: 'Q'
Do you believe in coincidences?
Be 'extremely' vigilant in Dec.

#QAlert 11/25/18 Q2500 full below
CORSI > [attempt infiltrate] Q
Re_read drops re: WARNINGS…📁
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1. A 26-y/o Guatemalan woman's impaled onto rebar & concertina piercing her side & buttocks Fri while illegally scaling San Diego border fence w her kids, ages 3 & 5. Her treated injuries weren't life-threatening & kids were medically cleared.…
2. A a 31-year-old Honduran caravan member w several previous arrests in Florida & a previous deportation from the U.S. June 4, 2018 illegally entered US Friday night & assaulted #Yuma Sector agents.…
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