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With the opt in/out date deadline on Jan 18th 4 the @NHL #concussion lawsuit I wanted to revisit this breakdown from @SheillaDingus on the red flags of the settlement:

1/ A potential life & death situation is noted, in which the #NHL says “live or die...…
we don’t care, just don’t ask us for any money.” Players are instructed to file a claim from the Additional Payment Fund—if they live long enough

2/ The NHL control of testing procedure immediately drew a red flag. It is notable that the cost of testing is NOT included....
in the total value of the settlement but is instead an uncapped fund under COMPLETE control of the NHL

It seems odd that no one to my knowledge has reported this

“In the big picture the cost of these exams is de minimus, particularly when the NHL is in control of these exams”
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Only way stop EVIL is if everyone knows truth.
1400yrs invasions = Supremacist Hate Cult from mind of deceitful Warlord (read thread)
#BuildTheWall #Bangkok
#MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #Trump
They want hide this, silence truth
Brigitte gabriel explains Brotherhood 100 Year Plan conquer USA @ACTBrigitte @ACTforAmerica
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It’s the same fear that has radicalized the @GOP and that is driving the disastrous Trump regime, whose base is radical right-wing Christians, white evangelicals first and foremost.…

#MondayMorning #Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
On a related note, when Trump talks about declaring a national emergency, am I the only one who hears Jar Jar Binks in their head saying “emergency powers”? Not that Trump is nearly smart or skilled enough to be Palpatine.
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And in those days a decree did go out from the Elite Four that all Pokémon trainers were to be taxed; and thus each returned unto their own province. And thus was Jesus, our shiny Ampharos with dragon pulse, left to guard a gym, for there was nothing much better for him to do.
And lo, there were trainers seeking Pokémon in the fields, and the shininess of Jesus of Johto did shine roundabout them, for he was a shiny. And they were sore jelly. #MerryChristmas #BahHumbug #MondayMorning #ChristmasCheer #ChristmasEve #PokemonGO
And there came unto Jesus of Johto renowned trainers from Alola, bearing gifts of golden raspberries, silver pinap berries, and nanab berries, for they had received a vision that Jesus would be at the gym at Kroger. But Jesus’s trainer pondered all these things up in her heart.
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Some people respond to the idea of canceling student debt with the idea that borrowers made a bad choice to take on debt.

No. We forced their hand.

We tell people the only path to success is a degree, that the debt is worth it.

We shame people without degrees.
We treat retail and service workers like they are less than human. We argue that people without degrees don’t deserve a living wage because they are “unskilled.”

We give poor students a choice—take on the debt or be looked down upon.
Until we respect ALL workers...

Until people who work full time can actually afford to support their families...

Until the cost of college stops skyrocketing, we need a solution for those who can’t afford a degree, or we are just increasing the wealth gap.
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1/ Do you know where the tradition of receiving the key to life upon your 21st 'birthday' originated? Did you even know of the tradition?

It has to do with commerce, where you are the commodity.

Keep reading for more info.
3/ Big #Throwback to Rome, 1230 AD where it all stems from. Perseus purposed the laws of the time to use 'the Family name, or surname in order to convert the public into the private contracts of Rome' by creating 'The-Quasi-Trust'

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1/It is not illegal to seek asylum. It is a protected human right..It is NOT the fault of parents trying to make a better life for their babies that they were tear gassed. This is a humanitarian crisis. These are HUMAN BEINGS. #MondayMorning
2/If you're not ok with this, as the Legislature goes back into session today, PLEASE call your Congressperson or Senator and TELL THEM to represent your views. We the people have to rein this in...It is NOT illegal to seek asylum...
#BorderShutdown #MondayMorning
3/I've discovered that using tear gas is in violation of the Geneva Convention--So the use against the Migrants, over an International border, means that the US has now committed a war crime. In a situation where the UN has already been pulled in to address humanitarian crisis...
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Timing is Everything....
Donald J. Trump

Clinton Foundation donations drop 42% - which shows that they illegally played the power game. They monetized their political influence through the Foundation.
Do you believe in coincidences?
Pay For Play...
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The 'Presidentials' are beginning to emerge, at least this'll be fun to watch! #MondayMorning…
2/"Fresh from their party’s victory in recapturing the House this month and with President Trump continuing to founder in the polls, several prominent Democrats said over the weekend that they are considering running for the White House in 2020, while stopping short of announcing
3/"their bids. In an interview with N.J. Advance Media published Sunday, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said he’s being urged by supporters to pursue a 2020 presidential run. “I will consider running for president,” Booker said. “That’s something that I will do. There’s people in
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2. Naive #Voters don't #Balance ANYTHING,
They create STAGNATION!
How do you get along with a #DemocratParty
With a PLAN to KILL America
That's labeled #DemsWillDestroyTheEconomy &
#DemocratsHateAmerica & #LiberalHypocrisy
#VoteTuesday #ElectionEve #MondayMotivation #NRA
3. Who'd create an INTRICATE Plan to #BLOWUP 💥
#America that aren't ALSO labeled #DemocratsHateAmerica ?
How the HELL do you vote for a #DemocratParty that USED

#VoteTuesday #ElectionEve #MondayMorning #MondayMood #MondayThoughts
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Excellent piece by Jennifer Rubin-CLEARLY defining the false equivalence theories being floated since last week. This matters. #MondayMorning #VoteBlue…
2/"Violence is defined “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.”Violence is sending bombs to President Trump’s political targets. Violence is body-slamming a reporter who dares to ask a question. Violence is driving a car into a
3/"crowd, killing a young woman. Violence is killing unarmed African American youths. Violence is wife beating, sexual assault and child molestation (not demanding that accused wife beaters and sexual predators be held accountable and at the very least disqualified from high
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This feels all too familiar. #VoteBlue on 11/6, WE have a chance to stop the USA from staying in this hell! #MondayMorning
Bolsonaro wins Brazil’s presidential election…
2/"A 63-year old populist renegade rode a wave of voter rage to Brazil’s presidency on Sunday, marking South America’s most dramatic shift to the right since the end of the Cold War-era military dictatorships. Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain, bested leftist Fernando Haddad
3/"in Sunday’s runoff, winning nearly 56 percent of the vote, according to official results with 92 percent of the ballots tallied. His win adds Latin America’s largest nation to a growing list of countries – from the United States to Hungary to the Philippines – where staunch
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Holy crap, you guys.

When's the last time you saw people camped out for anything other than the new iPhone?

Literally camping out overnight to vote blue?🤯🤯🤯

Hey, Texas...don't let Florida outblue you!
#MondayMotivation #mondaymorning
Also, yes, I said "outblue".
Just look at this angry mob of Democrats!!!
Oh, wait.
These are people who literally camped out overnight to vote in Florida.
And there wasn't even a Beyonce concert or an iPhone! release And it wasn't Black Friday, either.

#WeAreTheMob and #WeWillVote.
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Hey, @realDonaldTrump!

Remember back in July when you said that you – personally – would pay a million dollars to Elizabeth Warren's favorite charity if she took a DNA test and it proved that she was Native American?

Pay up, bitch.

So, after you've listened to that ^^^ listen to this:

@RealDonaldTrump claiming that he never said that he'd pay a million dollars to Elizabeth Warren's favorite charity if she proved was of Native American heritage. 🤣🤣
#Mondaymotivation #mondaymorning
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Easily the most racist piece of propaganda I've seen so far this cycle, and that's really saying something. Duncan Hunter is a liar, a crook, and a coward. Looking forward to @ACampaNajjar kicking his ass.
70 national security, foreign policy experts condemn Hunter attack ad…
Christian Democrat, @ACampaNajjar, has been falsely portrayed by his opponent, Duncan Hunter – who is under federal indictment for misuse of campaign money – as an Islamic terrorist sympathizer. 1/2
#mondaymorning #mondaymotivation
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1/ " In a DEMOCRATIC society, majority rule must be coupled with guarantees of individual human rights that, in turn, serve to protect the rights of minorities--whether ethnic, religious, or political, or simply the losers in the debate over a piece of controversial legislation.
2/ "The rights of minorities do not depend upon the goodwill of the majority and cannot be eliminated by majority vote. The rights of minorities are protected because democratic laws and institutions protect the rights of all citizens."
3/ ""When a representative democracy operates in accordance with a constitution that limits the powers of the government and guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens, this form of government is a constitutional democracy. In such a society, the majority rules, and the rights
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Modern society:

The retirement age is 67
The life expectancy age is 78

Work for 50 years to be free for 11?


You wont trade $500 for $200 but will trade 5 days of working for 2 days off ?


We pay thousands for iPhones but eating healthy is “too expensive” ?

It’s October 1st

13 weeks left this year

Here’s a way to look at it

If you make extra money each week

$25 per week = $325
$50 per week = $650
$100 per week = $1,300
$500 per week = $6,500
$1,000 per week = $13,000

Find a way or make one

Poor eating habits, horrible financial habits, unhealthy relationships.

Think about all that things we learn or witness before the age of 10
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Mujahid, the Taliban's spokesman, said that "Miller shall be witness to a series of failures and disappointments."

You'd think that Trump would invoke Command Sergeant Major Bolyard's name if only as a political tool before the midterms.

13 deployments.💔 RIP #MondayMotivation
❤️ Please thank CSM Bolyard and let his family know that even if their President isn't with them, the American people will not forget.
#MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #VetsResistSquadron
Soldier Killed in Insider Attack Was SFAB Command Sergeant Major via @Militarydotcom
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Hey, you guys.

Remember when I was helping with hurricane rescue and support last year?
A lot of the same people from that effort run this non-profit.

If you're in a hurricane prone area follow ➡️@CEDRdigital.
#MondayMorning #MondayMotivation Hurricane Florence
And if you aren't in a hurricane prone area and you'd like to help, find out how here:
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It is very important we address LEARNING! LIFE ITSELF IS A LEARNING PROCESS: Someone said ‘we’re LIVING we’re LEARNING is the truth about LIVING’.The crucial life-sustaining competency is learning how to win at learning #MondayMotivation #morningdrivelagos @threadreaderapp unroll
2. In the future, the ability to LEARN faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage #MondayMotivation #morningdevotional #MondayMorning @YemieFASH @OgbeniDipo
3. So many international Organizations know the importance of LEARNING; hence they infuse LEARNING AND ADAPTION in their strategic plan. #MondayMotivation #MorningLive
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1/3 🚨TOMORROW (8/7) is the #OH12 special election.🚨

This is your last chance to help move the needle in this crucial race.

Help #GOTV for @dannyoconnor1 by virtual phone banking with @swingleft.

2/3 🚨TOMORROW (8/7), is the #OH12 special election.🚨

This is your last chance to help move the needle in this crucial race.

Help #GOTV for @dannyoconnor1 by texting with @BuildTheWave.


3/3 🚨TOMORROW (8/7) is the #OH12 special election.🚨

This is your last chance to help move the needle in this crucial race.

Help #GOTV for @dannyconnor1 by volunteering on the ground with the campaign.

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