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Hey @CNN, @MSNBC, @ABC, @CBSNews, @NBC, @NPR check it out.

For years, @FoxNews has been the leader in prime time & while sitting there, smugly touting their coverage as “Fair & Balanced”

They said, “We decide..”

Well we believed in them. We lifted them to the top
of the ratings across most time spots and most demographics.

After letting the cancel culture vultures drive @BillOReilly off the network, @FoxNews turned yellow as a network and began the long gruesome slide down into the swamp mud with the rest of you. Welcome your new barely
American colleagues.

It is sad to see, but yesterday, they consciously CENSORED the former Speaker of the House, @newtgingrich when he stated #GeorgeSoros was involved in funding leftist district attorney candidates across the country.

Two of the cohosts jumped right in and
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VoteVets shady business thread.

VoteVets organization who has been attacking @realDonaldTrump is funded by globalist elite #GeorgeSoros who also funds #AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists & is run by none other other than pedophile right hand man of the #ClintonCrimeFamily & #Obama...
,#JohnPodesta. #WikiLeaks has also dropped VoteVets emails which was part of #Podesta's email dump showing support for former #DemocraticParty presidential candidate #TulsiGabbard in the past...……
talking about how she's the perfect #Progressive to push. There was almost 500 emails dropped that were affiliated with VoteVets. There's also a website that reported on the email about #TulsiGabbard stating it was disturbing...…
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#auspol #qanon #TheProjectTV

I just watched the 4.29 long video from @theprojecttv on Qanon, that aired last night.

At the time of writing, the youtube video had a grand total of 822 views.

So much for reach.
Let's dissect what they had to say.

A link to the video is here:

The opening implication appears to be that paedophilia and cannibalism is OK.

Next, the Project is very late to the party. The movement has been spreading like wildfire for 3 years.

The Project only mentions Democratic politicians and Hollywood people as members of the cabal.
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1. News: Norwegian Lawmaker Nominates President Donald Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for Brokering Diplomatic Ties Between Israel & United Arab Emirates - Thread 9.9.2020

FINALLY! @realDonaldTrump IS MOST DESERVING!… Image
2. News: Critics Believe Next Phase of the TREASONOUS ‘ROLLING COUP’ Against President Trump may Involve the U.S. Military -

3. News: MORE FAKE NEWS: The Hill Bashes Trump Supporters for Not Wearing Masks at NC Rally… But Look Closely at the Photo they Use!

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Camera's on = #MaskUp
Camera's off = Mask off

1) @SpeakerPelosi
2) Philly Mayor makes masks manditory and bans indoor dining - Days later he is seen in Maryland dining indoors and no mask.
3) @andrewcuomo
4) #FauciFraud
#coronavirus ImageImageImageImage
1) At White House #FakeNewsMedia Press briefing. Camera's turn off, masks come off.
2)@CNN reportter @kaitlancollins
3) A Govenor, Mayor, Council member and family
4)El Paso Mayor ImageImageImage
1) KC Maskless Mayor and no social distancing as he takes a fan photo with a group of ladies.
2)Houston Mayor and Police Chief George Floyd Protest
4)Florida Congressman
#MaskUp #MaskOn #MaskOn
@POTUS ImageImageImageImage
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MEME TOOLS thread.
On this thread:

Collection of memes that contain info, tips, tricks, skills, websites, About:
- Who/what is Q
- where to find info/news
- skills to become a Digital Warrior.

Anyone can join. Easy, bite-size crumbs. Please share.
Never forget: do not put a link in a tw*t.
Put it on a MEME!
How not to get banned.
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No longer the monster of the gulags and purges that killed millions, Stalin now looms in the national consciousness as the giant who defeated the Nazis in World War II.

Thread:…; w/ other resources. #Stalin #Putin #Ukraine #Russia #Holodomor
Meanwhile, not only has Russia annexed Crimea and destabilized Ukraine’s eastern regions, its military adventurism has also extended to Syria.
Putin, who once described the collapse of the USSR as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the twentieth century, looks determined to avenge the humiliations of Russia’s post-Soviet implosion.
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📌 Americans still believe the lies on T.V. When did we decide if its not on the idiot box it is not real? Thread👇
While researching for truth in congressional records, I found Obama changes the 1948 Smith-Mund Act prohibiting propaganda on December 30, 2012. (Welcome Comrades to Propaganda is now legal🙄)
And you never see a retraction right? Of course not the media calls you 'lazy sheep who will regurtitate the phrase of the day' Have you noticed everyday, in every program, is a phrase repeated to brainwash you."Historical" "Begining of the end" #FakeNewsMedia #FridayThoughts
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1) Is the new civil war in #Montenegro close? What is the aim of false flag attacks and spreading hatred?!

Why #FakeNewsMedia, NGO's and liberals are purposely ressurecting 90s?!

Topic: Demonazing #Serbs - "Serbian Nationalism" & "Greater #Serbia" propaganda

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️
2) On Sunday, Montenegrin rulling party DPS led by dictator and notorious criminal #MiloDjukanovic has lost a parliamentary election against pro-Serbian opposition who was supported by Serbian Orthodox Church in #Montenegro. ⬇️……
3) The first democratic election after 30 years didn't satisfied Montenegrin Bosniaks, Albanians and Croats who in the past actively advocated for multietnic and multicultural country, but without Montenegrin #Serbs in it. Apparently, Serbs don't deserve same religious rights. ⬇️
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This will make sense in 18 days from today.
Minus 11 days for the coded marker post above to be proven and what it is about.

For the next 10 days, I will add a piece of the puzzle.

On the 11 day -
The #FakeNewsMedia will all be publishing a massive coordinated attack on @realDonaldTrump and his administration
On the 11day day I will post the full decoded message.

The coded post was put out on Aug. 23.
At the same time I took a screenshot with the coded and de-coded next to one another.

The point is to show you how their attacks on @realDonaldTrump and others work. ImageImageImage
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Operation Media Bypass

On 6/19/20 during an interview on Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense show, Brad Parscale POTUS's former campaign manager, teased that the Patriots have been working on a system that will bypass the MSM and get information directly to the people.
2) On 7/29/18, Q told us that the "only way" to break the #FakeNewsMedia's complete control over information was by bypassing the MSM and taking the message directly to the American people.
#FakeNews #QAnon #InformationWarfare Image
3) On 2/18/19, Q told us the Patriots were working on a BIG surprise, a (R)eal (T)ime news site that would bypass the controlled MSM to present the truth directly to the American people. Q referred to the exact time that "countermeasures" would be put into place as [Zero-Day]. Image
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QAnon - Players In The Game - #BeThePlan
1. President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America.  Elected in 2016.  Commander & Chief of US Military Forces. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. #Patriot
2. Hillary Rodham Clinton, US career politician. Former Secretary of State under Obama. Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 who lost to Trump in a shocking defeat.  They never thought she would lose!
3. AnthonyWeiner, Disgraced former US Representative.  Jailed for sexting a minor.  Married to Huma Abedin.  His laptop was seized by NYC police and held alleged compromising materials (insurance file) on Hillary Clinton and associates. #WeinerLaptop
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More #FakeNewsMedia lies.

#USPS Statement on mailboxes:

Boxes that are rusted, in need of paint, or tagged with graffiti are brought into the service’s shop for repair, and new ones are installed to replace them. ImageImage
Mail in "absentee" voting is safe.
This means 1 ballot per person.
Absentee ballots have to provide I.D with the ballot.

Want mail in voting that does NOT require id and is ripe for #ballotharvesting

@realDonaldTrump answers reporter here:
The #Democrats want every person on every voters list to be sent a mail in ballot.
Voting lists are NOT regularly updated.
A person who has moved 5 times will recieve 5 ballots at 5 different addresses.
Tons of examples of dead ppl, pets voting, boxes of ballots "found"
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Bertelsmann / RTL media group. If you have anymore info plz ad to this thread. It's a big corp, so there is much to cover. This thread starts with books who are overpriced ala #Wayfair
I dived into Bertelsmann who is part owner of Bol.c0m.
Bertelsmann is a Germany based corp. which has roots in Nazi past.
The own a big portion of #FakeNewsMedia
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Someone took recording of @GenFlynn an American Citizen, War Hero, Incoming NAT SEC Advisor & Leaked it out in 2017. FBI Agents after 6 mon Investigation Completly Clear #FLYNN Jan 4 2017. Jan 5 meeting Oval Office Biden brings up Logan Act. Clearly Obama Admin Knew. @DevinNunes
Why did they Hate #FLYNN So Much? @GenFlynn wanted to Audit the ONA @MariaBartiromo He Knew there was Alot of Waste, Bad Decisions were made for the Soldier out in the field for our American Sons & Daughters putting Life on theLine Everyday.🙏🏼 The Intel Apparatus bcame CORRUPT.
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When the Judicial branch didn’t rule the DACA EO unconstitutional they opened the door for today.
When the #FakeNewsMedia didn’t hold Obama accountable for DACA they held the door open for @realDonaldTrump to walk through with his EOs today, unconstitutional or not
I am not a fan of EOs but at least Trump’s are focused on helping working Americans instead of Obama’s DACA only helping illegals.
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First of a number of tweets demonstrating that the #DeepStateCabal is against the cure for the #WuhanChinaVirus & are actually trying to cause massive deaths & to benefit financially from the suppression of Hydroxychloroquine! #FireFauci #FauciTheFraud…
Latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of #coronavirus shows countries with early use of the drug had 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned its use. Everyone lied! Fauci, Birx, CDC, #FakeNewsMedia tech giants are wrong!…
Will twitter force me to remove the truth again? Tech giants, FB & Twitter suppressing to truth about Hydroxychloroquine; making them complicit in the deaths of Americans with corona virus who die after being denied this life saving treatment. Law suits!…
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Running #HCQ thread:

Related studies & references that are being #censored by Big Pharma & the #FakeNewsMedia

America’s Frontline Doctors 🥼…
@drsimonegold @stella_immanuel @richardursomd @MdTeryn @JamesTodaroMD @Scottbarbourmd ImageImage
Thank you @JamesTodaroMD
Many articles in this thread referenced from Medicine Uncensored
Report a serious problem to MedWatch @FDA_Drug_Info

#HCQW0RKS & @US_FDA recalled the emergency auth for #COVID19 AFTER it’s been in use for 60 years, many treated, AND PEOPLE ARE DYING!!
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Umberto Eco lists 14 definitions of fascism.

They are worth examing because the left wing establishment meets every single one.

It is their narcissism that causes their to projection of @realDonaldTrump as a fascist.…
*there is only one definition they do not meet, so I will post it first, and then continue in numerical order

Instead of “machismo” they celebrate the beta male and superiority of the female.
1. The SJW movement and identity politics have become a strange form of dogmatic morality that constantly contradict themselves.

They call it progress, but there is nothing new. Only further interpretation and refinement such as development of pronouns etc.
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Failure of leadership can only be foisted by a failure of its citizens to choose who leads in our federal system. Each State gets to do it the way they damned well please. It is not the federal's job to educate them and to provide them with objective news and information.
The only way any of those fools in Chicago will ever get it is if it hurts. In the 80's I spent up to 10 weeks at a time for my job at a technical training center. First it was near Schaumberg, then to Michigan Ave. Finally at Lisle.
The one inescapable thing was just watching the news seemed like a new edition of Gladiators, in suits.

Until the present day #FakeNewsMedia is emasculated, truth will never stand a chance. NEVER.
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Ask yourself a very simple Q.
Would the FAKE NEWS media (& other controlled assets) expend this amount of time and resource attacking [attempt to discredit - cast as conspiracy - LARP].....

Read drop for the rest....

#Panic #FakeNewsMedia
#CueAnon #NothingCanStopWhatsComing
The Clock is Ticking
2 Mar 2019 - 3:54:51 PM

The clock is ticking.
If we are merely a so-called conspiracy (FAKE NEWS NARRATIVE), why the daily attacks by the biggest media co's in the world (attempt to control)?
You are the news now.
Qanon is Now the 2nd Most Attacked by Fake News (POTUS Being the 1st)
12 Nov 2018 - 11:13:00 PM
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#Covid_19 is NOT what the #FakeNewsMedia is selling YOU!
U.S. affected = .0125%
U.S. deaths = .00043%

Facts, [They] are distracting you from real issues:
Russia was a lie
@GenFlynn was framed
@JoeBiden 💩
#HumanTrafficking is much BIGGER than you can imagine!
#Covid_19 is simply an extremely ELABORATE scheme to promote FEAR, build STRESS, and attempt to COLLAPSE the economy!!!
This scheme is supported and perpetuated by #MainstreamMedia. They SELL you every night using emotion and YOUR LOVE for others. They have convinced you to...
... stay home, close your business, avoid family & friends through the use of emotions and neurolinguistic programming 😳
Don’t believe me,,, look around 👀 Have you ever seen or experienced anything like we have over the past 5 months...?
NO, you haven’t.
This is all being...
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