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New Q Friday 💥
Apr 20 2018 22:37:22 (EST) Anonymous ID: 3d9fc3 1124637 NEW

Is @Snowden talking about us?

Apr 20 2018 22:48:30 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 35d50c 1124872 NEW
The world is watching.
#WeHAVEEVERYTHING #QAnon #MAGA #Qanon8chan #QanonPosts
Remember this?? Q Related Friday!💥🐸🐰

#Q #WeHAVEEVERYTHING #QAnon #MAGA #Qanon8chan #QanonPosts #GreatAwakening #TrustThePlan
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🚨#Thursday @lukerosiak breaking more news about Awan Bros PAKISTANI criminal network that infiltrated US govt. Former Awan biz partner: "Imran dad delivered USB to Paki Interior Minister Rehman Malik." Does everyone know who Malik is? MASSIVE revelation…
•2008, Imrans dad gave USB to Malik
•Awans protected by Paki govt intel agents (ISI)
•Imran brags about his political power in the US
🤔Who is protecting Awans? Who did they really work for? Pretty sure Congressmen used as puppets (access). How bout our alphabet agencies?
Imran worked in Congress since 2004, adding his brothers Jamal & Abid, wives Hina & Nataliia, friends Rao Abbas & Haseeb Rana. THAT'S 12+ YEARS of access to govt data.…
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1) This #CDAN blind looks solved & exposes yet another sicko crime network, this time #SoutheastAsia. It connects several interesting items to #QAnon #crumbs. Don't eat while reading.

Lets unravel it.

@entylawyer #GreatAwakenening @potus #WWG1WGA #ThesePeopleAreSick #redpill
2) Starting with the country in question, it's #Laos. This is the Kings Romans Casino in a remote corner of Laos. Matches the #blind. Poverty? Dead poor. Ranks 9 of 10 in the region, and #135 globally. More about the casino...

#TheStorm #TheStormIsHere #WeThePeople #QArmy
3) The blind says that "about a decade ago" it was funded. See below, the lease with the government was signed in 2007, that fits. It's a 99 year lease. And the government gets a 20% cut. Ding ding ding.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #MAGA #GreatAwakenening #TheStorm #TheStormIsHere
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Did u ask @Comey how after 1yr, dozens of agents, 1000+ hrs, multiple devices & NSA, his #FBI couldnt "conclusively determine" if foreign actors gained access to Clintons server BUT Crowdstrike "knew in 10mins" Russia hacked DNC?😂
I wish I knew before you interviewed #Comey. I woulda provided you with a list of questions. Maybe you can get @CrowdStrike to cooperate w/ an interview considering they refuse to show up to Congressional hearing.
Did u ask @Comey when the counterintel op on #Trump team REALLY started? Cause it wasnt with George Papadappapiss July/August. What was in the failed June 2016 FISA attempt? What was @JohnBrennan
up to in Spring 2016? I spy w/ my 5 eyes...
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That fun time the #FakeNewsMedia got caught trotting out an already debunked smear of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen as if it was 'breaking news'.

"Well it's been a year and a half since we tried this one. Let's recycle it!"
The only difference between this "breaking news" today and when it first 'broke' back in January 2017 is that this time they had this 'leaked' from Mueller's special counsel team.
If this is the best Mueller's team can do, 'leak' something to the media that was debunked over a year and a half ago, it's time for Bob to close up shop.
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In case you see a news report claiming Muller has 'proven' part of the Steele Dossier allegations, that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was in Prague?

That was debunked BACK IN JANUARY.…
Here's Jake Tapper himself last January when this "bombshell" breaking news broke the first time.

And now, today, FOR SOME STRANGE REASON I CANNOT POSSIBLY FATHOM, this already debunked claim gets trotted AGAIN as 'breaking news'.…
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If it turns out I've been wrong about Rod Rosenstein, and he is INDEED DIRTY, and exactly like Andrew McCabe, they LEFT HIM IN PLACE for a freaking YEAR AND A HALF while they built a case against him.....

How smart would this make Jeff Sessions?

He let Andrew McCabe stay in that job and will have let Rod Rosenstein stay in that DAG job...both men sat there for a year and a half thinking "Hey I can't be in that much trouble - I haven't been fired yet!"

Holy cow....
They LET these guys sit there and think they were OK right up until just before the HAMMER dropped on them.
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Waiting for @wikileaks to start re-releasing their info on Victor Pinchuk. (And it has nothing to do with Trump)…
"Pinchuk is under Putin’s heel right now, feeling a great degree of pressure & pain for his many years of nurturing stronger ties with the West.” From 2009-2013 (year Ukrainian coup erupted) Clinton Foundation received over $8.6m from Pinchuk Foundatio…
(Bonus) Yoo hooooo VICTORIA NULAND.... come out come out wherever you are.…
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Is Pinchuk really in news because #POTUS #TRUMP? WHAT? If I wasnt tired, this would be gigantic thread: Ukraine interference in election, Clinton Foundation, Soros, media censorship, ATLANTIC COUNCIL, British PR firms, oil/gas, pay4play, etc++. #deepstate
You could spend a year just digging into how deep Pinchuks ties are to govt, policy, money, influence.…
All one has to do is Google his name and you'll see #FakeNewsMedia
(Which USED to investigate & report the truth & try to expose govt corruption that affected our lives and the world).…
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1) Friends, #Q post from yesterday indicates a plan to discredit #QAnon is being deployed. Here is what to watch for and expect.

They're panicked & desperate, recent events are starting to zero in on the #cabal's deepest secret. Some thoughts...

2) The recent #NYTimes op-ed on #Qanon was huge. Our response was magical. Measured, fact based, not R v D, and polite. #WeThePeople did a brilliant job. At last check it was over 700 comments and very few retwteets.

#GreatAwakenening #QArmy #Q #MAGA…
3) Keep this tactic alive. The new wave, per #Q's drop, will be coming from the ever grumpy #4chan which goes absolutely mental over any mention of #QAnon. So the tactic will be pitting the #Anons against each other, using #mediamatters in a coordination with the #MSM. #FakeNews
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1) It dawned on me w the last #Q post dropped overnight. It's a new phase: something wonderful happening in our little world, #FollowTheWhiteRabbit.

#QAnon #MAGA #Crumbs #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #InternetBillofRights #DeepStateinPanic #WeThePeople #TheStormIsHere @POTUS #IBOR
2) #Q posted a link to a show called "The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper" in which our little secret was given the #leftist treatment, whereby we're ridiculed heavily, and all our work labelled "the sum of all conspiracy theories. It was framed in the theme of the film #TheMatrix.
3) Watch it. For anyone that considers this demoralizing, do not! It's brilliant! Not only did we get a bunch of potential new eyes for being #RedPilled, but #QAnon messages were shown, and #TheStorm mentioned.…—of-montreal-season-1-ep-1080

#QAnon #MAGA
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🙋🏼I would ❤ for @JoshMeyerDC, who wrote the Project Cassandra investigative report, to get together w/ @lukerosiak & compare notes on a *possible* local link to Hezbollah funded car dealership owned by criminal House IT staffers. Anyone talk to Khattak?…
Anyone check out link btwn the other dealerships the Awans took cars from, VIN numbers, where they ended up, etc? There's sthing odd about govt employees owning a used car dealership funded by a wanted fugitive whose money manager lives in VA & works directly w/ Awans.
Something odd about the Manitoba Drive apts where the Awans have all lived, as well as their extended family, biz associates, friends, and West Africans who have ties to car theft and shipments to West Africa. There's more to this story. Directly tied to govt.
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And so it begins. #AndrewMcCabe has been fired. A statement released by AG Sessions said that Mr. McCabe had shown a lack of candor under oath on multiple occasions. The F.B.I. disciplinary officials recommended his dismissal and not President Trump as liberals are now spinning.
While the president had tweeted that McCabe shld be let go because of questionable behavior. The FBI's OPR made the recommendation probably after learning IG Michael Horowitz's report cited wrongdoings; hence FBI director Wray asked him to leave his post earlier this year.
It's crucial that all of this is put out for the liberal MSM will spin a fake narrative that Trump forced Sessions to fire McCabe and not him being fired because of his lying. IG Horowitz is the person who caught the lies and will be a part of his report. Who is Horowitz?
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1) The boards are being shilled pretty hard today w people questioning #QanonPosts. I'd like to interrupt your normally scheduled programming with the following:

The #swamp is being drained. See the list of accomplishments below, corruption at this scale takes time. #QAnon
2) There was a massive roundup of #Saudi elites, including Al-Waleed bin Talal, notable for his endless meddling in #US affairs and membership in the #cabal. All were neutered.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheDeepState
3) #ISIS is on it's last breath. Why? #Saudi purge? Who else funds ISIS? See how fast they disappeared once their funding was cut? Imagine the intricate planning needed to cut those strings.
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1) Most of #history is a total lie, designed by people wanting to infer meaning of historical events in a modern context, as a means to elicit a response from you which suits their needs.

This is a story about the #rothschilds from the early 20th century.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening
2) Even within this tweetstorm are probably a lot of missing nuances. Do tell your stories.

I will start after #WWI and the Treaty of Versailles. It never made sense. Why divide #Germany in these pieces and leave it's people impoverished? Isn't this a recipe for resentment?
3) Why did the #Germans, even though a foreign boot never shot a boot on their soil, make overtures of peace to end the #war, while they were poised to win?

Their objectives were met.

Why was the #USA brought into WWI? Why were large payments sent to #communist #Russia? #QAnon
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Introduction 🧐 :…
Who is Q ? 👀 :

Updated Q posts 🔔 :

▶️ Big #RedPill VIDEOS :…

2) Another great link :

Introduction to #QAnon & #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm :…
3) But before an intensive look into Q’s history & posts using the links above…the truth shall be known about some individuals & facts. If you’re Red-pilled yet, you won’t learn anything new in the first tweets below.
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The #NRA is a flat-out, kick-ass grassroots organization and their power derives from their members.

There members 👉🏻deeply connected. Don’t be deceived by the fake propaganda or twist for what who the stand for!

#2ADefenders #2A #2ndAmendment
You won’t know that if you watch the #FakeNewsMedia, Drive-By Media and their continual harangue, which is as predictable as the sun coming up after each one of these horrific incidents.
How in the world can political differences be put aside when even the marchers and their agenda sound very similar to that of the Democrat Party, which is find a way to get rid of the guns and find a way to get rid of the NRA. #WakeUpAmerica
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What are the odds that the son of an #FBI agent, who happened to be a student at #Parkland, is interviewed twice within 6 mos by the news as a criminal witness? Oh and he's anti-gun, anti-Trump.... serious fuckery is afoot!

#ParklandSchoolShooting #2A #ParklandStudents #Trump
Clearly a crisis actor being coached by the Media and #DeepState on how to profit politically from tragedy and trash the President. Really pathetic. You can't trust anyone being put on TV by the #FakeNewsMedia.
Source and further details @thedonaldreddit here:…
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#WOW what are the odds🤔

He survived the #Parkland school shooting. His mom survived the #FortLauderdale airport #shooting.…
"They talked about police shooting blanks to see what would happen" - Florida School Shooting

#Parkland Drills

via @youtube
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1) Well isn't this a shock - not. Because the sister of communist dictator Kim Jong Un - who takes breaks from eating gourmet meals and watching the Big Bang Theory to toss starving people into Gulags - rolled her eyes at Mike Pence, the MSM praises her
2) As @PrisonPlanet would say: Imagine my shock. This isn't a surprise, considering that Leftists have acted like dictators and banana republic tinpots for the last several decades (as documented by @drawandstrike, @ThomasWictor, @Imperator_Rex3, @Debradelai. and @HNIJohnMiller)
3) However, in their long history on this earth, Progressive Democrats always expressed love for the murderous left-wing tyrants the world over (probably because they want to emulate them here at home)
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ICYMI: here's my thread from yesterday morning in which I lay out -based on currently available public info from known sources - how bad guys inside the DOJ hatched a plot to frame @GenFlynn:…
More evidence is surfacing that the 'secret society' inside the DOJ that wanted to obstruct/impeach the incoming Trump administration focused their efforts on turning Flynn's phone calls with Russian ambassador Kislyak into a major crime to be investigated by THEM.
As I explain in the unrolled tweet thread linked above, to do this, the plotters used allies in the media to launch a false narrative that an intel report had caught Flynn doing something shady & corrupt.
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1. Time to logically interact (a) Obama and Hillary using fake intel to get Silicon Valley (SV) to suppress their political enemies, and (b) the increasingly obvious divergence between the #VeryFakeNews media and #RedPillReality, because it leads to a critical idea: #FakeFuture
2. I would like to thank a variety of dead and imaginary teachers, from Pythagoras to Hugh Everett to Robert Langdon (*WINK*), for their persistent needling about this topic.
3. Let's begin by asking ourselves what it means that #Hollywood, the #FakeNewsMedia, and #SiliconValley all seem to be talking to themselves and not us.
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1) Gotta have a thread featuring memorable reports from the #FakeNews industrial complex as we head into the first annual #FakeNewsAwards hosted by President #Trump
2) Our friend @SpayMsm provides an introduction to some of tonight's recipients.

"We, represent the DNC Guild, the DNC Guild, the DNC Guild. And in the name of the DNC Guiiiiiillllld! We'd like to welcome you to #FakeNews Land..."
3) Dr. Sanjay Gupta #FakeNews Medical contributor for CNN diagnosed POTUS with Heart Disease.

Wonder how he felt after hearing the results from a doctor who actually examined #Trump
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3. Despite knowing protocol, Hanley often dismissed securing & protecting natl sec & was reprimanded on several occasions.
4. She could have used SCIF, chose not to. What else? Yes, Monica Hanley forwarded classified emails 2 THE MAID. What else? Protecting TS info? She & Clinton knew how SCIFS should be kept. ignored.
6. Hanley transferred all Sec Clintons emails 2 unsecure laptop. AT HER HOUSE. Still had this laptop at house even AFTER not working 4 Clinton anymore. Ready for this?
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