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When Obama said it all seemed to be ok. Embarrassing Putin in public gets you no where. Talk is cheap. Let’s see what happens in the future with actions. We already have tough sanctions on Russia and arming Ukraine. Not to mention slamming the Germany oil deal.
Perhaps Trump should come out and say: Russia has meddled in our election unsuccessfully, but he won fair and square so that Congress, liberals and #FakeNewsMedia can move on to more important things like why the FBI is so political and what the heck is Mueller doing?
What is happening right now with all this back and forward is what Russia wants. We give Russia far too much credit.
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Yahoo➡️3B (includes Huma)
State Dept➡️during nuke deal
Natl Archives➡️76M
Voter Database 2015➡️191M
HRC Server➡️SAPs & TS/SCI
🤔40% increase cyberattacks during Obama admin➡️ACTUAL threat to natl sec?✔
🤷🏼‍♀️Acts of war?
Why is @SpeakerRyan condemning @POTUS when it was HIS superPAC that used information "stolen by the Russians?"
How is Podesta's emails (private citizen) & DNC emails (private organization) a bigger threat to democracy, natl security & an act of war... BUT a Sec of States unsecured server storing Special Access Program Intelligence breached by foreign entities isnt?
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Don't allow the media to get you lost in the weeds with them. President Trump stood his ground on #Cremea and Putin poked fun of Mueller and initial indictments of Concord Management. #Indicments. #PutinSummit
We all know the twelve Russians indicted by Mueller last week will never see the inside of an American Courtroom. Stop all the alarm factor. #Indictments.
Interesting Putin calls out #GeorgeSoros. The MSM is too obsessed with Putin and how Trump is going to respond instead of looking at long-term goals. “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics”! The US President Trump.
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Russian spies allegedly spied🤯
🤔Dems rigged primary, hired British spy, used Russian intel, colluded w/ Ukraine, FBI/DOJ use Dem info manipulate FISA court, spy on DJT team, unmask/leak names to press while working overtime to coverup Clinton crimes & make her legitimate POTUS.
DJT had 0 to do w/ DNC/Podesta allowing themselves 2be spearphished nor did he collude w/ Wikileaks 2 publish. DNC/HRC paid Brits 4 fake Russia intel, colluded w/ media, Ukraine gave SECRET bank ledgers 2 #FakeNewsMedia 2 publish while Obama admin leaked classified info to press
Why are we acting like #12Russian spearphishing geeks is the most unprecedented, biggest threat to democracy & act of war ever committed on the US or any election anywhere in the world? Do as I say, not as I do. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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1/? How does a PRIVATE org (DNC) & PRIVATE citizen (Podesta) failing to secure emails after being warned, refusing help from fed govt agencies suddenly become an "attack on America" & sthing a #POTUS should even bother w/ when meeting w/ world leaders discussing foreign policy?
DNC is not a govt agency
Podesta is not a govt official
Should a POTUS not meet w/ any foreign leader whenever ONE citizen or ONE private org gets spearphished by foreigners? Shouldn't a POTUS care more that a political party rigged the primary & screwed MILLIONS of citizens?
If someone had house robbed by a Russian after leaving front door open w/a sign on lawn saying "please come in," cops had warned them 7x they were compromising security of their home & after robbery tried to help but were told to go away by homeowner, should POTUS intervene?
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Liberal MSM would have all believe that Mayor Khan is the 2nd coming ala Obama. #FakeNewsMedia #NATOSummit2018…
Khan is horrible for London and crime will persist asking as he is Mayor and London refuses to address its immigration problem.
Londoners have never protested against the acts of terrorism on its soil. Guess they are too afraid.
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Why were these black students refused a ride by @Uber? And why hasn't #FakeNewsCNN or anyone else in the liberal MSM covered this? Where is @AC360 @donlemon @Acosta @maddow @ChrisCuomo or #BLM? Where is the outrage? Clearly, this is and was discrimination. ##WalkAway
I guess this isn't part of the narrative #FakenewsMedia wants to cover. Time for black folks to #WalkAway. Any discrimination on any level is wrong and must be addressed. Don't let this story die. #WalkAway
Liberal MSM is more concerned about illegal aliens being refused services than taxpaying black citizens being denied services. This is horrible. #WalkAway
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When will the #FakeNewsMedia, including #FakeNewsCNN, explain why Germany is giving Russian billions of dollars for oil? Why isn't #AngelaMerkel been called on this by US & foreign press corp? #NordStream2
Why are they so afraid of the truth?
Why are we protecting a country that is colluding with Russia?
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Remember this press conference from back when? Nothing done then and nothing will be done now. This is merely a distraction or collusion by Mueller and Rosenstein ahead of Trump’s meeting with Putin. The real indicts should be #PeterStrzok and #LisaPage.
Tax payer dollars being wasted for political gain against a duly elected president.
I hope the Russians challenge Mueller, as prior Russians have done. I bet Mueller backs down and this story fades away.
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#flashbackfriday #StrzokHearing Fmr ODNI IG warned about SAPs on Clinton server👉Clapper didnt care. Comey knew bout SAPs, didnt care. #Strzok was "concerned" when TS intel & SAPs were found so he/FBI IGNORED IG warnings her server was breached by foreign entities? REALLY?
Everyone knew. @HurdOnTheHill questioned Comey about it a couple years ago.

Not only did foreign entities have access to Clinton's emails, but guess what shared the same network as Sec of State??? Clinton Foundation. THE biggest global criminal enterprise. And dont forget about Teneo.
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“I don’t give a damn!”Getting to the truth isn’t always pretty or easy, but it’s necessary. #TreyGowdy #PeterStrzok #HouseJudiciaryCommittee
Because we are all humans and have flaws, some more flaws then others, #PeterStrzok is not believable. If he was truthful, he would have answered Trey Gowdy's simple question as to when the Trump investigation started.
Straight talk is tough but good for the soul. President Trump is a straight talker and look where the economy is. Look at our standing in the world with rogue leaders.
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I wonder if #POTUS #TRUMP will bring up lobbying efforts w/ Podesta Group during election when he meets w/ PUTIN. It seems that is more important than the bogus reports of hack/leak. #Russia paying Democratic lobbyists who then fund their rigged candidate…
Remember when the now #FakeNewsMedia @washingtonpost criticized Obama for "not doing more" to discourage Germany/Merkel for going along w/ Putin/Russia pipeline deal? NOW #POTUS #TRUMP slams them at NATO & 🇺🇸press & Dems call him "hostile" to our allies…
@JohnKerry @JoeBiden Interesting u condemned @POTUS for being tough on Germany/EU about the pipeline. I'd think you'd praise him for taking same hard line u tried but ultimately closed your eyes to Russian economic aggression. Who's the Putin puppet?…
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It’s time for NATO members definitely Germany to put up or shut up 🤐. The US can’t be the welfare provider to the world 🌎. #AngelaMerkel #Germany #NATOSummit2018
The US isn't a walking mat as it has been under Obama, Bush, and Clinton. President Trump is a leader.
Who cares if the US #FakeNewsMedia doesn't like the president's style. He is doing what he said he would do. All of this in his first year. Other presidents would wait until their second year and still do nothing. Not President Trump.
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Absolutely true. Germany gets a majority of its oil from Russia yet our liberal #FakeNewsMedia is whining about a fake Russia Collusion story. And we have to protect Germany. #NordStream
Folks, it's time to wake up. NATO has been using the US as a 2 dollar prostitute and daring us to say anything. NO MORE! Merkel needs to put out more money. #NordStream2 #AngelaMerkel
It the US has to police the world with its dollars than the world needs to shut up and do as we say. New sheriff in town folks. #DonaldTrump
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Now we know Muellers corrupt right hand man Weissman was working w/ #FakeNewsMedia on Manafort... we can add him to the list of "reasonable prosecutors" in DOJ. Who was his partner in crime? Leslie Caldwell. She obstructed FBINY from investigating Clinton Foundation👍. #MAGA
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#FakeNewsCNN and other #fakenews media are reporting light on this important story for its not part of their liberal narrative. #WalkAway: March against gun violence shuts down Dan Ryan Expressway…
If the #FakeNewsMedia and liberal left cared about black lives they would be bringing awareness to this story. Black on black violence in the Windy City. A city where there are strict gun control laws.
I wonder if Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or BLM are marching in this rally to protest violence in Chicago. Doubtful. They are chilling in their cool A/C mansions.
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🙋🏼‍♀️Was there Special Counsel investigating McCain when Russia hacked Obama campaign in 2007?
🙋🏼‍♀️Was there Special Counsel in 2008 when Obama & McCain campaigns were hacked by China?
🙋🏼‍♀️Is there Special Counsel investigating Ukraines interference in 2016 election
•Obama's intel ASSESSMENT on Russia meddling: "Judgements are not to imply we have proof."
•Brennan (CIA) & Comey (FBI): high confidence Russia "meddled" to help Trump (cause they dont lie or hate Trump)
•Mike Roger's (NSA): Moderate confidence👉plausible but NOT sufficient
@GenMhayden forgets his words:
"Honorable espionage"
"Game on... that's what we do"
What was so unprecedented in 2016? That Guccifer2 had to be created to "weaponize" the leaks & falsely attribute to Russia because there was no proof & no way to know who Wikileaks source was?
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Impeach President Trump for what jump-starting the economy, bringing down unemployment, especially for black and brown people, averting a war with NOKo, high GDP, lowering taxes? The man is keeping the promises he made to the American people and all this in his first term. #MAGA
The left and #FakeNewsMedia including those clowns at #FakeNewsCNN are so beside themselves. They live in fear that Trump is succeeding despite their best efforts to take him down. No matter what he does these loons will talk and report trash. But never fear Trump is here.
Unlike any other president, Trump has succeeded beyond all expectation. What he has done in one term compared to other presidents is remarkable. He understands the urgency of now. The model for the presidency. #KAG2020
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Interesting how liberals and #fakenewsmedia including #FakeNewsCNN want black people to hate #donaldtrump for offering them freedom from the oppressive Democratic Party. #WalkAway #WalkAwayCampaign
The Democrats are so afraid that Obama will be a footnote in history that they are pulling out all the stops to deify him. It won't work. He has been regulated as a footnote and rightfully so. Blacks must now chart their own path toward prosperity under Trump. #WalkAway
The left and #FakeNewsMedia are out of their cotton picking minds! #WalkAway
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Remember during the 2016 campaign Democrats gave official roles to illegal aliens to help influence voters? They held voter registration drives, spoke at the convention, created social media campaigns & shut down streets & different areas to protest.
🤔Russians made memes. 🤗
So...US foreign lobbyists can take in millions from foreign companies linked to govts, like Podesta Group did w/ Russia, & then fund candidates like Clinton & Schumer (top 2 recipients of foreign lobbying $)? How bout foreigners donating thru foundations?

A foreigner can setup a foundation & then funnel big bucks to another foundation for the sole purpose of interfering & influencing US elections? They can actually fund the entire voter expansion & data operations of a political party?
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Here we go #nytimes is reporting #RodRosenstein felt used by the White House to fire #JamesComey. SMH. Only now this is being leaked to #Fakenews because Rosenstein had his arse handed to him by #JimJordan. If the story is true why didn't or won't Rosenstein resign?
There are no shackles keeping him to his desk. All Rosenstein has to do is quit. It won't stop the witch hunt but would start restoring faith in the system.
I call BS on the #NYT story and once again the #FakeNewsMedia is falling for yet another lie. Rosenstein didn't look so shaken during the hearings. Further proof the man is a fake.
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Russia warned us bout 9/11
Russia warned us bout Boston bombers
🤔Pakistan provides safe havens & funding to terrorists
🤔Pakistani criminals illegally breached Congressional networks stealing data, equipment & tied to hostile govts.

Why is FBI, DOJ, DHS, Capitol Police, Congress ignoring a HACK they have proof of from an Inspector General? Who let Hina flee? Who do they REALLY work for?

"Imran Awan talks about Russia a lot."
Really? That's weird. So in btwn dealing used cars w/ funding from Hezbollah, stealing govt equipment, abusing multiple women, hacking Congress & stealing a Caucus server, he talks about Russia. Let's ignore that👍

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How to select the media we use to be informed?
Be very careful about Fake News, which is nothing more than propaganda & give preference to independent media, so that you can analyze important issues based on facts and evidence.
Jewish Control of the Media in the United States and therefore around the World
see here
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