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"Nanny is confiscating their toys. It is like one of those vast Indian programmes of compulsory vasectomy"

Re. Handgun Laws

YouGov voters should know the journalist who wrote this after the murder of 16 children and teacher at Dunblane Primary School in 1996 was Boris Johnson.
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson uses a simpler name form so you don't realise he's ruling class.

He messes up his hair so you think he's down to earth, like you. He's not.

He's got £3 Million (that we know of) and hates paying tax. Hates the NHS. Hates you.

"The NHS would be as safe as a pet hamster in the presence of a hungry python if Boris Johnson and Michael Gove rose to power following Brexit"
- Sir John Major

They are in power.

And now the NHS is at serious risk. It will not survive this administration if it runs full term.
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When you are "woke" you are awoken to the fact that a man born into privilege was burning £50 notes in front of homeless people at the same "tender" age as those 3 "lions" who took penalties on Sunday....
Those 3 young men attracted a shitstorm of hate but have earned privilege through talent and hard work and have used some of that privilege to give something back through sport and charity work/philanthropy.
Those lions gave their England earnings to NHS charities whilst a "leader" gave NHS money to his chums and claims freebies as and when he likes. This surely tells you a lot about where we are and what needs fixing. #JohnsonOut #JohnsonVariant #LiarJohnson #EnoughIsEnough
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"Stormont’s justice minister, Naomi Long, says Johnson’s “dishonesty” over Brexit border checks has inflamed the situation"

#NorthernIreland #NorthernIrelandRiots #ToryLies #ToryBritain… Northern Ireland Bus Petrol Bombed
“there will be no border down the Irish Sea – over my dead body”
Alexander Johnson, UK Prime Minister

#NorthernIreland #NorthernIrelandRiots #ToryLies #ToryBritain…
"The DUP backed leave in the 2016 referendum, sank Theresa May, and put its trust in Boris Johnson, only for the prime minister to betray his allies in Northern Ireland and agree to a de facto border in the Irish Sea"
#NorthernIreland #NorthernIrelandRiots…
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If you're interested in the wider context, and what Boris Johnson's *real* purpose is, you might like this THREAD on what forty years of deregulated free market capitalism has done for Britain (already read by 150,000 people):

And if you *still* need convincing that bigoted liar Boris Johnson might not actually be the Churchillian figure we've been told he is by sycophantic pundits, journalists, MPs and utterly delusional morons, here's what is quite possibly his finest hour:

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