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My voting history. First #GeneralElection I was eligible for was 1992. That was just after the poll tax & I think I wasn't on the register. In 1997 I voted for @Lisa_Lovebucket of the Rainbow Referendum Dream Ticket Connection Party (I had to Google that to get it right)...
... & put a Reclaim The Streets "Never mind the ballots" sticker up in the polling booth. Thru the rest of the New Labour years I spoiled my vote as referenced in the @cartoonkate 'Blame me, I voted Lib Dem" cartoon… In 2015 I looked at how UKIP had...
... shifted the Overton window rightwards, even without winning a seat, so I decided I would vote for a party rather than writing what I thought & felt on the ballot. I voted Green. Neither them nor Labour had a chance in our constituency at that point

After that election...
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Why I #VotedLabour today, a thread.

My dad was a paramedic for 25 years. He was excellent at his job, and had just become an instructor. He was a single dad & sole carer of three kids (I being the youngest). In 2001, he was injured on the job...
Indirectly by a patient he was trying to save. It was an accident and they are not to blame. But the result of that was paraplegia. An incomplete spinal fracture meant that whilst my dad can’t use his legs to support himself, he can feel everything...
There was a lot about those first few years post-injury that I didn’t understand, but a few things stick out. The first 9 years were tough, but they were ok. Money was tight, but we survived. After that? We started getting video tapes in the post of my dad...
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Post from Jane Dickens on Facebook.

I met Jeremy Corbyn in Cockermouth after the floods in 2015. I thanked him for coming and pointed out that there were many people on the other side of the river who were having a really hard time.
He turned to his companions, "Have we time to go?" They said, "No, sorry." Corbyn turned to me & said, "Where are they?"
He went there and spent time visiting residents, taking photos on his own phone, thanking volunteers & listening to the heartbreaking stories with not a TV camera in sight.
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Think of Grenfell.
Think of Windrush.
Think of the homeless.
Think of those that are sick.
Think of those with disabilities.
Think of the nurses who lost their bursary...

#GE2019 #VoteLabour
Think of the people on benefits forced through a cruel & degrading system that has led so many to suicide.
Think of the EU doctors, professors, academics, researchers leaving the UK every day.
Think of that kid lying on the floor in hospital (in 2019 in Britain)

#GE2019 #GE
Think of your parents, your kids, your friends, waiting hours in ambulances outside A&E.

Think about paying to have your baby, to hold your baby (!) if the NHS goes to Trump.

#GE2019 #VoteLabourOnThursday
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If I recall the story correctly, last night Boris Johnson should have been visited by David Cameron and Theresa May, shackled in the chains of brexit, warning him not to make the same mistakes that they did, and if he doesn't change his ways, 3 spirits will visit tonight...
The ghost of christmas past (Jacob Rees Mogg) shows him a picture of Victorian england, with children freezing to death in the snow. Johnson is pleased with this memory and eagerly awaits the next spirit...
The ghost of christmas present (Donald Trump) shows him a picture of immigrant children, separated from their parents, living in cages. Johnson is practically erect at the thought of their suffering.
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*NEW* Leaked emails show a member of @UKLabour's ruling NEC interfering in #LabourAntisemitism cases.

@Telegraph published this article which didn't get much attention - it should have. This is the full unpublished story. 1/18…
Darren Williams, a hard left ally of @jeremycorbyn involved in @MarkDrakeford @WelshLabour leadership campaign.

We can expose he was lobbying for antisemites like Mike Sivier.

Mr Sivier is currently being sued by @RachelRileyRR for defamation.2/18…
As you can see from these leaked emails from Darren's PERSONAL email to @Uklabour complaints, Darren was none too concerned about Mr Sivier's antisemitism, just technicalities about whether he should be referred for sanction. 3/18
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Hello twitter, I'm a retired gardener, 63, and my son has just set me up this twitter so I can get news that isn't from the BBC/ITV. I'd like to say I used to vote Conservative out of ignorance, unfortunately i never really thought about it and just saw it as my duty to vote and
have voted the same as my late mother and father all my life. I had a well off family background growing up and am lucky enough to own my own home. I have seen how hard it has been for my grand kids to afford their own homes and it breaks my heart as I feel partly responsible
for the situation we are currently in. I am now however voting Labour with all my heart because I have been shown how manipulative the media is in this country. I always had suspicion of it but the election coverage of Jeremy has opened my eyes to it. I even voted Brexit
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Wow Jolyon Maugham wants to keep the #ToriesOut by supporting the Green candidate in #Stroud take a look at the 2017 result Now think about this! Maugham is an advisor for a #Tory Think Tank Bright Blue
Scroll down the list of names and you find Matthew Elliott the Former Chief Executive of Vote Leave! Molly Scott Cato might be a principled person but why support a party that only achieved 2% of the vote? A slight increase in that vote could give #Stroud a #Tory #VoteLabour
Is it possible that a remain supporter who advises a Tory Think Tank is trying to split the vote in #Stroud in favour of a #Tory Is that not a question Journalists should be asking? #VoteLabour #JC4PM2019 @RespectIsVital @shaunjlawson @silverrich39 @threadreaderapp "Unroll"
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1. The Land is toxic
2. The Plants are sick
3. The Air is poisonous
4. The Seas are polluted
5. The Birds are starving
6. The Trees are being killed
7. The Water is contaminated
8. The Animals are endangered

The Ecological Emergency should be front page news every day
The BBC says:

Labour is 'devoting the top section of its manifesto to tackling the environment crisis.'

'Conservatives far behind'.

~ Roger Harrabin @RHarrabin BBC environment analyst

* #VoteLabour #VoteTactically *

General Election 2019.…
The planet we think we're living on no longer exists.

Read this insane thread to learn about mass extinction, climate breakdown & ecological collapse, all caused by the destructive madness of colonial, corporate capitalism.

Total system change required:👇
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1/4 The #Tory government has put #disabled & chronically ill people through hell the past 10 years. The reason? To stop fraudulent benefit claims and reduce cost. The outcome? Thousands of us died and thousands more suffered humiliation, #poverty & devastating health implications
2/4 The kick in the teeth is; the benefit reforms and #DWP errors actually cost more than the original fraud. On top of this, the Tory's removed all funding for vital services that many vulnerable people in society relied upon. #ToriesOut #Tories #Health #Benefits
3/4 Austerity measures were supposed to reduce debt and save the UK from financial crisis, yet National #debt is the highest it's ever been. The #NHS is on it's last breath, and many of us fear we will not survive another 4 years of #Tory lies, neglect and abuse. #VoteLabour
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1. hottest June ever: 2019
2. hottest July ever: 2019
3. hottest August ever: 2016
4. hottest September ever: 2019
5. hottest October ever: 2019
6. hottest November ever: 2019
7. world record hottest month: 2019

The planet you think you're living on no longer exists.
Hottest ever recorded months:

What can we do?

Vote for decarbonisation in the 2020s (a Green New deal which sticks to the principles of Climate Justice #VoteLabour).

And then take action to push for even more.

See threads:
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You may have heard that the @UKLabour Labour Party plans to scrap the Married Couple's Tax Allowance if they get into power. Attack ads are being shared on Facebook by the Conservative Party arguing that people will be worse off because of this. Here are the facts:
Maximum tax allowance available through the Married Couple's Tax Allowance is £250 a year. BUT…
Every Married Couple will be BETTER OFF under @UKLabour Labour - because: - and here are just five of the ways:
1. People on the #MinimumWage wage will get a minimum of £3,400 more a year,…
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After yesterday's #channel4news I've been trying to think why some might see Johnson as a 'lovable baffoon':

- his premiership (and personal life) is based on lies & lying is his default position.

- he has made it clear, again & again, that he sides with the richest...1/4
...& the bankers at the expense of us all.

- his intense dislike and distain for women, for working class people & his racism, his homophibia are clear for all to see.

- he has failed again and again in parliament, is generally ill-prepared & is often hardly coherent. 2/4
- he avoids tough questions - from voters, from the media, from colleagues - whenever he can.

So, nasty, incompetent coward seems a far better description.

We can blame long-believed historical ideology that the #Tories are born to rule & voting for them shows our...
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If you have voted for Conservative Party in the past

... and have children about to go to university, a Labour government would mean an avoidance of £57,000 debt per child!

Its a no-brainer ... #VoteLabour
... and have family members likely to need care, a Labour government would provide more dignity, care & compassion in those final years/ stages

Its a no-brainer #VoteLabour
... and as owner of a small, family business find yourself in a tight situation with falling/ insufficient consumer demand and are unhappy about the markets rigged against you in favour of large corporations - lending / payment/ supply terms, bureaucracy, etc, please #VoteLabour
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1/4 Watching Boris Johnson on the Marr programme as he tries to make us forget that the Tories have been in power for nearly 10 years. The only thing is, we haven’t forgotten. We haven’t forgotten the closed libraries and SureStart centres and the growth in food banks.
2/4 We haven’t forgotten the worst performance against waiting times targets since the targets were set, the shortage of 43,000 nurses and 15,000 fewer hospital beds in our precious NHS.
3/4 We haven’t forgotten the cuts to school budgets, the tripling of tuition fees and the abolition of student maintenance grants.
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The thing about climate change is that its immediate effects over the next decades will be felt differently from one region to another—and the impacts on local populations will in turn be shaped in important ways by existing political-economic arrangements & social inequalities.
This spatial and sociological differentiation of climate change impacts means that local capacities for adaptation will vary between and within regions. As a result, the developmental pathways of different social classes and geographical areas will begin (or continue) to diverge.
I'm currently reading up on past episodes of climate change to try to understand some of these dynamics a bit better. Two relatively recent episodes stand out: the Medieval Warm Period (c. 950–1250) and the Little Ice Age (coldest c. 1645–1715). Some interesting studies on this👇
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The Guardian has spent 4 years smearing Corbyn. The last paragraph of this article, and the article it links to, are a continuation of these smears.

In this time of Planetary Emergency, how many people will fail to vote the Tories out because of Guardian propaganda?

Here's The Guardian in August 2015 letting Tony Blair, who is not in jail for war crimes, explain that change is not possible, and never will be. That the old politics, those of climate genocide and ecological collapse, must and will continue.…
Over 4 years and 100s of anti-Corbyn articles later, The Guardian uncritically gives Blair, still not in jail for war crimes, the chance to defend the old politics of climate genocide and ecological collapse.

The Guardian is a pernicious climate delayer.…
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[thread] What would higher wages do for your local economy? In Preston, the @UKLabour council introduced the Real Living Wage to its workers & procured services from local companies who agreed to pay it too.(1/4)
Living wage employers in Preston range from multinational giants to SMEs; public sector institutions to charities. As a result of this investment in local business & the local workforce, the employment rate grew faster than in neighbouring towns and than the UK average.(2/4)
Last year, @PwC_UK & @Demos named Preston as the most improved city after it experienced growth in a wide range of areas. That’s the impact these simple, but innovative policies had. (3/4)
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All day from my desk I've been able to see the person who sits outside the Sainsbury's. It's been raining all afternoon; people hurrying past, though many stop to chat and offer money. Feeling furious at it all, the stupidity of it, the sadness.

We MUST vote the Tories out, now.
It's awful. What's struck me today is the additional discomfort, on top of rain, cold, hunger, of it being too dark to read; too wet to write or do a crossword, no music – the fact of being so alone with your thoughts when your thoughts must be so heavy. We're not built for this.
Every two hours – every TWO HOURS – someone becomes street homeless for the first time. And that's in London alone, and doesn't account for those who have been street homeless previously. The numbers are obscene.
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Tories are completely unaware of how food banks operate. They claim that @TrussellTrust "gave out around 6.3 million parcels – a tenth of what Labour are claiming”.

However, each food parcel contains enough for three meals a day for three days.

Under the Tories, austerity has meant 65 million meals have been given out over the last five years.

The choice at this election is clear: a Tory Party in denial about the use of food banks in this country or real transformative change with Labour.
Labour is pledging to wage war on the “ten modern scourges of poverty” and reverse the damage that a decade of austerity under the Tories has caused.

Poverty in Britain is now the most visible and widespread it has been in decades.
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A LONG thread on Justice but so important!

'Legal aid cuts mean essential legal help is too often denied. To help people enforce their rights, we will restore all early legal aid advice, including for housing, social security, family & immigration cases'.

'We will recruit hundreds of new community lawyers, promote public legal education & build an expanded network of law centres'.

'We will defend workers’ ability to recover legal representation costs from negligent employers'.

#VoteLabour in #GE19

'A Labour government will halt court closures & cuts to staff, & undertake a review of the courts reform programme. We will facilitate a more representative judiciary while upholding its independence, & review funding for the Crown Prosecution Service'.
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@Conservatives 200,000 dead from austerity
14.3 million in poverty
4.6 million are children
In work poverty
1hr of work counts as in employment
4 million trapped in deep poverty
1.5 million destitute

Get the Tories Out
@Conservatives Mark Wood, 44. Found fit for work by Atos, against his Doctors advice and assertions that he had complex mental health problems. Starved to death after benefits stopped, weighing only 5st 8lb when he died.
@Conservatives Paul Reekie, 48, the Leith based Poet and Author. Suffered from severe depression. Committed suicide after DWP stopped his benefits due to an Atos 'fit for work' decision.
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Today, instead of buying stuff for the food bank like I usually do, I bought a bag of shopping for my mate who's on Universal Credit. I spent £20 on eggs, cheese, bread, chips and pasta, basic stuff to keep him going. What with the Bedroom Tax he can't afford to eat 2 weeks in 4.
It's ridiculous and cruel that people should have to live like this. Where's the good in a system that sets a vulnerable, already-frail person to starve two weeks in every month? It would honestly be kinder to kill us and be done with it than to drag out the torment like this.
I've watched my kind, strong friend fade into a ghost of himself, visit food banks for the first time in his life; he worked all his life laying tarmac, operating heavy machinery outside in all weathers, and now he's broken and needs support they're leaving him to rot #VoteLabour
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#VoteLabour THREAD I’m often asked why I write. There are lots of reasons, & I could go into an analysis of the personal, emotional, psychological reasons, which might be interesting to me (for a bit) but probably not to anyone else. Far more important is how I *can* be a writer.
I was born six weeks premature, by emergency c-section. NHS surgeons and midwives and cleaners saved my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. Then I went to nursery and to school, rather than to work.
I was taught to read and write, and inspired to read and write by wonderful teachers, who were paid to be wonderful teachers by taxation. Then I went to high school, rather than to work. I didn’t have to help my family make ends meet.
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