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🇬🇧My parents came to the UK as German Jewish refugees from a so-called 'civilised' country.🇩🇪

NEVER EVER assume you won't, in some post #Brexit nightmare, find yourself forced to flee the UK , jobless, hungry, desperate, finding yourself in a refugee camp/stuck on some border!
Theresa May is minded to scrap the Human Rights Act post #Brexit
For those unaware of what the Human Rights Act actually is:
Check this out:…
Read it through carefully.
Hitler also scrapped rights for Jews, Gays, Disabled, Roma & some sects.
🇬🇧The gradual erosion of everything that makes up a civil society has been happening for many years.🇬🇧
The demonization of 'the other' is fuelled by the press, on TV & via our OWN MPs.
citizens of nowhere
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#BorisJohnson has been accused of lying about claims concerning #Turkey during the #Referendum. My legal team and I are prosecuting @BorisJohnson for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office, in connection with claims he made that the UK 'sends' £350 million to the EU.
2. Mr Johnson is innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law. Please do not comment upon Mr Johnson's innocence or guilt once the case has been initiated with the courts in the coming weeks.
3. Please use respectful and measured language when referring to Mr Johnson, the courts and our case whilst the prosecution case is active. Do not risk being accused of contempt of court.
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A quick summary of today’s team effort on Russia:

1. Two women close to #BorisJohnson worked for the Westminster Russia Forum. One, Saunders was schooled in former USSR, studied Russian & lived in Moscow.
Both work for Tories now, at least one, Symonds was bedded by BJ whilst he was Foreign secretary in his official residence.
Having a woman in the bed of FoSec & possible PM
would be a massive Putin coup if they are agents.

2. Dimitry Firtash is a Putin stooge, distributing Gazprom money into various political campaigns. His UK stooge is Robert Shetler-Jones who has given money to ex Party chairman Robert Halfon, ex former head of the Joint
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Lets try sth -- using large scale @Survation estimates of support from a comprehensive 20k strong poll across the UK, we can see which constituencies have swung from #Leave in 2016 to #Remain if there was a rerun of the 2016 #EUref ...a map and the 10 biggest swings to Remain
Constituency #Southampton, #Itchen
#Leave in 2016 59.96
Estimated #Leave % in 2018 42.60
Estimated swing to #Remain -17.36
#Westminster Constituency: #Kingston upon Hull North
#Leave in 2016: 59.97
Estimated #Leave % in 2018 45.15
Estimated swing to #Remain -14.82
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Roman Emperors used to call themselves “Pontifex Maximus” meaning High Priest, but literally it means “largest bridge builder”. Can anyone think of a fat politician with delusions of grandeur and an obsession with Latin and with building bridges?
“…one of these displays of madness was Caligula’s demand for the construction of a floating bridge across the Bay of Baiae so that he could ride triumphantly across it” #FatCaligula #BorisJohnson
See? Classics can be useful. :p
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@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden This could take a while and I'm quite busy, but here goes
1. Donald Tusk, said, “Western political civilisation will be destroyed if the UK voted 'Leave'.” [Bild, 13 June 2016] I may be wrong but I think it is safe to say western political civilisation has not been destroyed.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 2.Punishment Budget. George Osborne [15 June 2016] predicted £30bn tax rises and IMMEDIATE spending cuts would be implemented. To date, no changes to the planned tax rates or public spending have been implemented.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 3.Brexit would cost every household £4,300. UK Treasury [18 April 2016] predicted that every household would lose between £2,600 and £5,200 a year following Brexit. Their (& IMF) latest prediction now confirms that even on WTO status the losses would be maybe a £100 or so
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I just heard something that makes me super angry at the fucking scumbag @BorisJohnson

My younger son’s cricket team is run by a lovely man, a 1st generation Pakistani immigrant. He is not well off, but works tirelessly to Coach the boys. His wife wears a head scarf. During
a match yesterday, an opposing boy sledged coach’s son at the crease by saying “I’m going to throw the ball into you mum’s letterbox”. Coach apparently almost in tears with repressed rage. I want #BorisJohnson to FUCK OFF AND LEAVE THIS COUNTRY ALONE
Our liberty, peace and society are NOT playthings for the fat nasty conman’s immoral career ambitions. We need to drive this bastard #BorisJohnson out of our national politics with pitchforks.
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My attempt - but I’m sure you can do better... “Yes, when you ask the public vote on stuff that has always been left to experts the results can be ridiculous & embarrassing. But at least I get some publicity out of it!” #BorisJohnson #UselessTwat #BoatyMcBoatface #BrexitShambles
The headline in Metro isn’t bad...
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#Feministas y activistas de los #DDHH:

#TommyRobinson es un activista inglés que ha sido detenido y condenado a 13 meses de prisión, por informar sobre las bandas de #pederastas #musulmanes, que han operado en Reino Unido durante décadas.
Es decir:

- Está a favor de los #derechos de las #mujeres y de las #niñas.
- Está en contra de la #violencia que se ejerce sobre ellas.
- Está en contra de la representación más extrema del #heteropatriarcado, es decir, la #Sharia

Aquí dejo un hilo para quienes no sepan sobre algunas aplicaciones prácticas de la #Sharia, es decir, de la ley musulmana:

( )
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So #BorisJohnson and friends are not signed up to €40bn-€60bn #BrexitBill - as we reported

Does that matter? Are they right to be cautious? Where are May/Davis/DexEU on this? Where are the EU? 1/Thread…
First the bill.

In Florence speech May made two commitments.

1) No EU member will "pay more or receive less over the remainder of the current budget plan" (2014-2020) - so UK pays 2 x €10bn - viz €20bn to fill hole in current EU budget left by Brexit /2
2) "The UK will honour commitments we have made during the period of our membership."

Mrs May did NOT specify what this mean. The EU wants to know.

Given EU emphasis on filling 2014-2020 budget hole, the UK had 1) would be enough for 'sufficient progress'. It wasn't. /3
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