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Fury as @BorisJohnson blames care homes over #coronavirus deaths, saying: “We discovered too many care homes didn't really follow the procedures in the way that they could have."

No.10 claims he meant the procedures because “the extent of asymptomatic transmission wasn’t known.”
Last month, @Helen_Whately attempted to blame scientists for govt’s policy of transferring #coronavirus patients from hospitals into care homes without testing.

@KayBurley: You can't stick this on the scientists

@Helen_Whately: Well, I can
The govt knew about asymptomatic transmission in January. Now they claim the didn’t.

Hancock told #Marr ystdy the reason 25,000 people were moved from hospitals to care homes without being tested is because “we didn’t know about asymptomatic transmission”
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Govt is not just incompetent (failing to deliver on test & trace & protect the most vulnerable) but is also deliberately misleading us with its false messaging & data cover up
Covid isn’t going away, we have to learn to live with it & that means opening up schools & the economy.
Infections will rise. Instead of the hugely irresponsible declaration of “Independence Day” #BorisJohnson must be honest with people, deliver world class testing, fully work with local councils & health providers and improve shielding for those most at risk of hospitalisation.
If #Johnson & his Govt continue to fail on #Covid people will refuse to go back in to local lockdowns, more lives will be lost that could have been saved & the economy will be trashed.

People won’t forgive the Conservatives. They will hand the keys to No 10 to Keir Starmer
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The Curse of 1933 strikes again. The most wasteful spender, the least rigorous accountant, the most venal, inconstant & short-termist of decision makers will now comandeer vast resources to lavish on pet projects, political boondoggles and so draw...
#UK #recovery
...more them -and the talent to use them- from the pursuit of greater productivity, tighter cost control, more flexible & immediate response for the voluntary customers’ needs by men and women themselves at risk if they choose wrongly -i.e., #entrepreneurs...
Echoing all the canards of the past 100 years, #BorisJohnson will now take Britain down the path of borrowing artificially cheap funds to plough into make-work projects and undertakings of dubious efficiency and elusive real return. Here is a #Conservative government..
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The £900.000 paint job on the #RAFvoyager has resulted in an upside-down flag painted on the tail of the plane indicating a situation of 'DISTRESS'. #BorisJohnson
Update; A flag expert will need to intervene as it seems the hull is supposed to be the "poll" of the flag!. This will mean £900.000 for a flag paint job of a flag laying on the ground.
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12/4: Hancock: "We will have a world beating app"
3/5: App will be trialled on the Isle of Wight
12/5 Hancock: App will be rolled out “mid-May”
18/5: No.10: App will roll out in “coming weeks”
20/5: PM: “world-beating” track-and-trace by 1/6

17/6: App won't be ready til winter.
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#BorisJohnson may end up being worse than #DonaldTrump ... A #thread

Despite the obvious similarities of privileged background, crazy hair, narcissistic personalities, dubious morality and dog-whistle race baiting EVERYONE has always assumed that Boris is much better than Trump
I must confess, that despite my occasionally provocative tweet suggesting otherwise, I have also thought the same. I would much rather live under a Boris than a Trump though both are obnoxious and odious. But recent events and developments have made me question this assumption!
Let me explain. First comes the #taboo-breaking response to #Covid. The post-covid environment will open up macro, fiscal, monetary, housing, health, industrial policy and much else to a possible regime-shift never seen before. Who is in-charge will matter much for future policy
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Wow...look at who pops up in the ‘Active Measures’ video on Prime, @BorisJohnson - it’s #JackWakefield’s former boss, #DmytroFirtash! Wakefield is #DominicCummings’ brother-in-law & Firtash helps #Putin launder #Russian money! #ReleaseTheRussianReport

#Firtash is friends with #PaulManafort who was #DonaldTrump’s campaign manager - Manafort was imprisoned for corruption and fraud. Manafort helped to launder money in US for #Firtash and indirectly #Putin.

#ReleaseTheRussianReport ImageImageImageImage
#Firtash bought the Brompton Road Tube Station at the eleventh hour. The redevelopment of disused tube stations was a (flagging) project for #BorisJohnson during his time as Mayor of #London. Firtash came out of nowhere to buy the station, bypassing the bidding process
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I finally got up with #Dispatches. #BorisJohnson #DominicCummings #MattHancock have blood on their hands. The blood of thousands who have died because of . the neglectful, arrogant uncaring attitude of this government. A death rate that is almost the highest in the world. 1/2
A death rate that could have been avoided if #BorisJohnson had heeded the advice of experts. Instead, they were told not to send long documents as he wouldn't read them" .
Why not? Is he too lazy? Did #Cummings read them and feed Johnson what he wanted to hear? 2/3
When Italian football fans were banned from going to their own stadium to watch football because Coronavirus rate was high in Italy, they were allowed to come here to watch an away game.Thousands of them, coming through airports unchecked, to attend a game. 3/4
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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The Story so far...#DominicCummings (#DomCum) Tour 2020

19.03.20: The Prime Minister, #BorisJohnson makes a nationwide statement about #CoronaVirus aka #Covid19……

23.03.20: The Prime Minister, #BorisJohnson announces measures for a nationwide #UK #Lockdown as a response to contain #CoronaVirus aka #Covid19…
23.03.20: The Prime Minister addresses the nation once more.

"That is why we have given the clear instruction that people must stay at home – unless they have one of the reasons we have set out, & with your help we will slow the spread of the disease."…
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JOHNSON: The first step is a change of emphasis which we hope people will act on this week.

TRANSLATION: Unscrupulous employers, have your businesses reopen from Monday.
JOHNSON: We now need to stress that anyone who can’t work from home, for instance those in construction or manufacturing, should be actively encouraged to go to work.

TRANSLATION: Your boss can fire you if you don't agree to risk your life by returning to work.
JOHNSON: And we want it to be safe for you to get to work. So you should avoid public transport if at all possible.

TRANSLATION: If you can't avoid public transport, use it anyway, and go to work. Too bad if the virus gets you on a bus or a train.
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Our Inconvenience is Not Oppression
It’s incompetence that has been killing us

I despair at amateurish response so far from much of this Govt during a time when our citizens are at greatest risk
Complexity will lead to Confusion

Sadly, I see more dead people💔
1. You have to go to work, but your children can’t go to school
2 Don’t use public transport
3. You can do stuff in England that you can’t do in Wales or Scotland
If your employer expects you in work tomorrow without taking account of
1.Childcare problems
2.Haven’t recognised you can’t get there on public transport
3.Haven’t accounted for social distancing in the workplace
Then Do Not Go
Every employment lawyer & Union will have your back
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It’s early in the season & your team are having an awful start.

No decent signings over the summer, injuries stacking up & confusion on & off the pitch.

You have a new manager who keeps saying everything will be just fine. And you want to believe him.👇
👆Things are going from bad to worse

Painful to watch

Leaking goals at the back

No creativity up front

Baffling team selection

Incomprehensible tactics & formation

Fans getting restless

Hopefully we’ll sign some top players in the transfer window.👇
👆The transfer window comes & goes with no signings

Then reports from the dressing room reveal that the players don’t EVEN have the proper kit

Frustration is building with the manager, but he injures himself on the training ground & ends up in hospital.👇
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There’s often a moment in the third act of a Hitchcock thriller – “the big reveal” – when the scales fall from the eyes of the hapless central character & he realises the answer he’s been searching for has been in front of his nose all along. That is how I felt last Thursday. /1
Before I go on with this #THREAD, I should make clear, I’m NOT a scientist.

Two months ago, what I knew about epidemiology, virology & communicable diseases
could have been written on the back of a postage stamp. /2
(Video by @markhumphries) #COVID19
I started becoming more concerned about #coronavirus in late February after talking to a friend who’s husband is a scientist. Then, in early March, I stumbled into something which had implications far greater than anything I could've imaged at the time. /3
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1. ancora una volta, io sento il dovere di NON stare zitta e dire quello che in una fase di grande "distrazione" (come nooo...) non viene detto sulla "APP" (#sorveglianzaDiMassa) contro #COVID, perché gli sviluppi che vedo sono a dir poco preoccupanti
2. dopo una fase in cui abbiamo temuto il peggio del peggio, ovvero una #sorveglianzaMassa stile #CoreaDelSud con integrazione #datiLocalizzazione,#DatiSanitari,#CarteCredito,#videocamereTelefonini e di tutto di più,ora ci viene proposta una soluzione apparentemente più decente
3. ci viene lasciato intendere che abbiamo scampato il pericolo del modello #CoreaDelSud e che non verrà usata la #geolicalizzazione spinta nelle intenzioni originali di #VittorioColao, ma verrà usato il #bluetooth
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(e siamo solo a mercoledì 🤯#TooMuchWinning)
Attorney General William Barr will head a newly established committee that will review national security concerns arising from foreign-owned companies who wish to participate in the U.S. telecommunications network.

#Trump #StableGenius…

Mauro Ferrari Head of the #EU's top science body quits over the bloc's 'extremely disappointing' response to the #coronavirus crisis…
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Visto che ne leggo di tutti i colori, un po' di chiarezza sul caso di Boris Johnson, Ria Novosti e la notizia millantata dalla Russia domenica sera di "Johnson attaccato al respiratore". Cosa che NON è vera, a oggi. Come non è vero che "allora i russi avevano ragione".
Partiamo dall'inizio. Domenica sera Boris Johnson viene ricoverato, d'urgenza, perché l'ultima cosa che si sarebbe sognato di fare è rovinare il messaggio di speranza della Regina alla nazione, come poi è successo.

Downing St lo comunica a noi giornalisti parlamentari alle 21.09
Intorno alle 24, poi, l'agenzia di stampa ufficiale della Russia, Ria Novosti, pubblica questa notizia.

Secondo Ria Novosti, Johnson sarebbe presto "sottoposto a ventilatore" vista la "gravità delle sue condizioni".…
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AFAIK Boris Johnson does not have any of the comorbidities known to bring higher risk of COVID complications. However, he is a little overweight, and that can be a factor in this. (I am too.) Also, he has continued to work when perhaps total rest might have been better. (cont'd)
Boris Johnson can continue to serve as PM from his hospital bed & if it's just for tests then he could be back home quickly. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab is next in line as Acting PM if nec.

IMO all leaders worldwide must use distancing to stay well.…
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Thoughts 💭 on COVID 19 Crisis Responses from the 🌏: A Thread 🧵-

1./ With regard to the two prominent transatlantic western economies: the much vaunted ‘Big bad’ US🇺🇸 & the ‘Punch-Above-Our- Weight’, but currently listless Britain 🇬🇧...
2./ China 🇨🇳 initially lost face when they tried to dissociate the Central government from Wuhan, calling it the ‘Wuhan Virus’ 🦠Furthermore, they made things worse by not reporting accurate figures to the WHO...
3./Their data reporting is still arguably suspect, if the recent US Intelligence estimate are to be believed.However, they redeemed themselves in the manner in which they were able to shut down activities in Hubei Province, tackling the COVID 19 pandemic...
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MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: #Italy now more cases than #China .. but see 101 yo man #Recovered and sent home. 5MIN Test now available from @ABBOTT Runs on #IDNOW Machines .. @CDCgov CHANGES MIND advises everyone wear masks. @maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: The man, identified as “Mr. P,” was admitted to hospital last week and was released on Thursday, Gloria Lisi, the deputy mayor of the city of Rimini, told local media.
Mr. P was born in 1919 amid the that year’s historic flu pandemic,
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: @CDCgov NOW SAYS TO WEAR MASKS. @maddow @CNN @MartyMakary @drsanjaygupta @RepAOC @RepJeffries AND 5 min TEST Now available (ships next week. Runs on #ABBOTT #IDNOW machines Get em tested and get em #QUARANTINED #NYC #Chicago
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The Corona Virus travelled entire world from #Wuhan but it did not reached Beijing and Shanghai.

Can anybody put light?

Looks So Logical. After all Chinese Stock Market didn't crash. American and European Markets did. 1/n
How to dominate the world quickly?


1. Create a virus and the antidote.

2. Spread the virus.

3. A demonstration of efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. 2/n
After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, ordering the equipment, hiring the labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.

4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.

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The. Truth. Will. Out.

"At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government's strategy. Those present say it was "#herdimmunity, protect the economy & if that means some pensioners die, too bad." (The Sunday Times).
#COVID19 #Covid_19 #coronavirus
People horrified or surprised, haven’t been paying attention.

On 5/3, @BorisJohnson went on national TV & said: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go & allow the disease to move thro the population...”
“Let us brace ourselves to our duties, & so bear ourselves that, if Britain lasts for 1,000 years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’” CHURCHILL

“One of the theories is you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go, let it run though the population.”
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@peterjukes @BorisJohnson 1/. It was actually TEN days ago that @BorisJohnson first mentioned the ‘take in on the chin’ theory.

He told it to @Schofe & @hollywills on #ThisMorning on Thursday, 5 March.

A clip of him saying this was tweeted by @mvdct on the same day.

What happened next was remarkable...
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct On Sunday evening, after a tip off from @CereinynOrd (follow her for #coronavirus), I tracked down the clip of the interview.

The clip beings with Boris saying: "One of the theories is, that perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go..."
@peterjukes @BorisJohnson @Schofe @hollywills @mvdct @CereinynOrd 3./ He goes on: "...& allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance."

To me there were two possible explanations for what Boris had said.

The second far more chilling than the first.
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1. torno ancora sul racconto di @antoguerrera dei consulenti del governo di #BorisJohnson che accetta l'ipotesi del contagio di milioni di inglesi per arrivare all'immunità di gregge. Ci torno perché mi preme. E come ripeto NON ho alcuna competenza medica
2. raramente le decisioni sociali sono il frutto di una scienza ideologicamente neutra. E se sei un governo di persone che crescono tra #Eton e #Oxbridge difficilmente cresci pensando che gli esseri umani siano tutti uguali.
3. se sei abituato al privilegio, ai superuomini di #Eton e #Oxbridge, difficilmente guarderai gli esseri umani come tutti uguali. Difficilmente riuscirai perfino a vedere i deboli, i poveri. Saranno come gli alberi del paesaggio: uno sfondo a cui rarissimamente presti attenzione
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