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@JolyonMaugham Thanks Jolyon. Just a few quick points, some of them obvious. 1/
@JolyonMaugham #Brexit has taken us into uncharted waters. (Who would have thought that a UK PM would ever prorogue #parliamentt and threaten the #ruleoflaw This means that by definition there is no precise precedent to guide us. 2/
@JolyonMaugham Furthermore legal provisions such as #Article50 may be vague and their text offer little direct guidance. The law ultimately may be uncertain until pronounced upon by a Court such as the #ECJ 3/
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@MHGtweet What worries me is that barr, Bannon, the trump 'children' and other orange mob players are setting up shop outside the U.S. to carry on. Like make their own family-state. They have acquired the means, connections, kompromat, and deals to do so.
This may need to go global.🤺
@MHGtweet former White House chief strategist Bannon paid a visit in fall 2018. “Bannon needs money to bankroll his political agenda. Epstein has plenty of money, and craves power and access,” a source said.…
@MHGtweet #SteveBannon hid from Subpoena server last Wed for Cambridge Analytica & Facebook roles.… he was hosting $ raiser for Kris Kobach, in what is/was so-called Breitbart Embassy, a Capitol Hill townhouse.
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PM BoJo's Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority Tues after an MP defected to the Liberal Dems.

MP Phillip Lee, a 27 year veteran of
House of Commons, announced that he would be leaving the governing party to join the anti-Brexit [LibDems]…
Boris Johnson to expel conservative lawmakers who voted against government in Brexit vote
BREAKING: Boris Johnson is holding a news conference in Yorkshire saying he'd rather be "Dead in a ditch" than get a Brexit extension.
#BorisJohnson #Brexit
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(1) I wonder if American audiences fully grasp the enormity of what #BorisJohnson has done by asking the Queen to suspend #Parliament. This is way more extreme than if #Trump asked #MitchMcConnell to delay the Senate session to avoid an unpopular vote.…
(2) To put this #ConstitutionalCrisis in perspective, you have to remember that the #UK's parliamentary supremacy vests far more power in their legislature than we've ever given to ours. Under the American system, the Constitution is supreme. Under the UK system, Parliament is.
(3) Things have gotten trickier in recent years as #Parliament delegated some power to other institutions: regional assemblies in #Scotland and #NorthernIreland, a Supreme Court (Lords use to be the highest court), and made other structural changes. see:…
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As I have said, the PM is supposed to have confidence of Parliament - when a new PM is appointed by the #Queen, the whole point is that it has been shown he or she had confidence of Parl whether via leadership contest or election. 1)
So if the PM does not have the confidence of Parliament, then the #Queen’s position is changed - she can’t just do what he asks her to anymore. If it comes to a decision between PM and Parliament, constitutionally she has to choose Parliament
#BorisJohnson doesn’t have the confidence of Parliament and now he’s trying to force through in what is pretty much a coup. He’s putting the Queen in an untenable position. 3)
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Regno Unito grida allo scandalo e al +++golpe di #BorisJohnson per forzare la #Brexit +++++ chiederà alla Regina di sospendere il Parlamento. Lui conferma: "discorso Regina 14 ottobre per fare andare avanti paese" #NoDealBrexit più vicina, sterlina a picco
@finanza_com @finanza_online @Borseit @carloalberto @ricpuglisi @pelias01 @albertobisin @GiampaoloGalli @EugenioCardi The former chancellor Philip Hammond has said it would be “a constitutional outrage” if parliament were prevented from holding the government to account. Hammond quit the cabinet before Boris Johnson became prime minister VIA @guardian @PhilipHammondUK
@finanza_com @finanza_online @Borseit @carloalberto @ricpuglisi @pelias01 @albertobisin @GiampaoloGalli @EugenioCardi @guardian @PhilipHammondUK 1/Downing Street have sent through their formal announcement. Boris Johnson has briefed Cabinet colleagues that the government will “bring forward an ambitious new legislative programme for MPs’ approval”, and that the current parliamentary session will be brought to an end
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1. To ignore what #AndrewScheer represents, is to ignore the serious threat Canada is facing in this coming election. & it is a serious threat. Let's begin with a past tweet from Scheer. #cdnpoli #Brexit
Why is this #Scheer #Brexit tweet important? Because by all markers assessed by experts in the field, Brexit was a malign influence operation, fueled by #DarkMoney.… #cdnpoli
3. Russia has played a major role in helping to elect right wing chaos agents: Trump, #BorisJohnson, #ViktorOrban & others across Europe. In 2015 the US treasury department estimated $300B is laundered annually into the US via a variety of #DarkMoney sources.
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*Sigh* after weeks of yo-yo-ing optimism I can now clearly see what PM Boris is going to do in the next weeks and months... and us #Remainers aren't going to like it.

Here goes... *DEPRESSING THREAD WARNING!* #brexit #borisjohnson (1/?)
(1) Boris with his unique style is the one man who can reunite the majority of the Conservative Party into agreeing to May's Deal.

He will sit down with the 1922 & probably the ERG to tell them it's May's Deal or disaster (GE, 2nd Ref, Brexit Party decimation)...
(2) And they will sign up to it!

Every one of them.

Because it will cease to be "May's Deal" & become "Boris' Deal". Boris, co-leader of the Leave campaign. Boris the great marketeer (bullshitter). Boris their last final hope to salvage Brexit & the Tory Party.
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Let me explain to you something about the British character.

We often act in eccentric or silly ways to evoke that we, at heart, don’t take ourselves seriously, all the while taking ourselves, our thoughts, and actions very seriously. #BorisDay
We Brits prefer the appearance of the shambolic, the bumbling, the slightly pathetic, the perpetually stammering, the doddering, and the hesitant to the cool efficiency of the Americans, or the surgical precision of the Germans. #BorisDay
This is why #BorisDay was inevitable, for there is no more shambolic, doddering, bumbling, and stumbling British politician than Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. He might not be the Prime Minister we need. But he is definitely the Prime Minister we deserve.
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İngiltere'nin yeni başbakanı olan Boris Johnson, Damat Ferit Paşa hükümetlerinin İçişleri ve Milli Eğitim Bakanı olan Ali Kemal'in öz torunu Stanley Johnson'un oğludur.
Bizim tarihimizde belki de öğrencilerin azlettirdiği ilk üniversite hocası olmayı başaran
Ali Kemal'in asıl adı Ali Rıza idi.
Namık Kemal'e olan hayranlığından dolayı eğitim yıllarında ismini değiştirmiş Ali Rıza'yı Ali Kemal yaptırmıştı.
2-Ali Kemal, 1867'de İstanbul'da doğdu. Yabancı dilini ilerletmek için 19 yaşında, 1886'da Fransa'ya giden Ali Kemal, ertesi yıl Paris'ten İsviçre'nin Cenevre kentine geçti. 1888'de de yine İstanbul'a geri dönüyordu...
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07/14/2019 Prince Andrew's humiliation in 'sex slave' files of #JeffreyEpstien to be released

"A judge threw out allegations against the prince because they were 'immaterial to claim' against Epstein."
Allegations thrown out? Reconcile w thread. #Qanon…
07/24/2019 Theresa May resigns, #BorisJohnson becomes Prime Minister and promises 'no ifs or buts' on Brexit

Queen had to be flipped for this to work (check thread) UK one-step freer from the pyramid today!… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #Brexitparty_uk
7/22/2019 Trump deleted tweet comms
TrishRegan -> Trish_Regan _ = separation symbolism - a "ready on our side" to begin moving to #Brexit through #BorisJohnsonPM
#Symbolism #QAnon #GreatAwakening
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Those who most loudly proclaim their patriotism are most likely to betray the interests of their nation.
We made a short film about this phenomenon: #fakepatriots selling out the national interest…
#Brexit was never about independence. It was about breaking out of the EU's orbit to become a satellite of the US. Boris Johnson is not yet in office, but already he is behaving like the vizier of a vassal state, acting for the US against our interests. #KimDarroch
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‼️Boris Johnson is Britain's Donald Trump

– Complete with Breitbart's Bannon and Russia Cover-Up


#Brexit #VoteLeave #BorisJohnson

H/T @paulhanley12…
Boris Johnson is/was advised by Steve BANNON – Trump’s campaign manager & VP of the notorious, now-shuttered electioneering firm Cambridge Analytica, which he co-founded in 2014 w/ hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, who also backed the Breitbart sites.…
📌Johnson and Bannon became friends when Johnson was still Foreign Secretary and Bannon was still in the White House in early 2017.

📌They have been in contact ever since and the fruits of this friendship have been evident for some time…
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‼️Boris Johnson & Michael Gove

Former chair Boris Johnson of Vote Leave refuses to apologise for breaching electoral law
Michael Gove and Boris Johnson also among key figures facing growing calls to account for campaign’s illegal behavior…
‼️The Beginning 2016

Vote Leave named as official Brexit campaign in EU referendum
Electoral Commission chooses group fronted by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson over Nigel Farage-backed Grassroots Out…
📌Aaron Banks & Nigel Farage initially backed GrassrootsOut, but threw their support in with VoteLeaveafter VL was awarded £600,000 of taxpayers’ money to spend on the administration costs of running a campaign.…
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I’m surprised I have to explain this to journalists, but here goes, a short thread on #BorisJohnson and privacy...
Question 1. If you are having an argument so loud and violent it can be heard in neighbouring properties and the street, and the police are called, do you have a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’. I’m not polling this, the answer is no.
Question 2. If you are a person who might possibly become Prome Minister in the near future, is your behaviour in such a situation a matter of public interest. Again, no poll, I’m not going to allow people to be wilfully wrong, the answer is yes. Now can we move on?
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‼️CEO VoteLeave Mathew Elliott

In 2004, Elliott had founded the TaxPayers’ Alliance, a rightwing pressure group advocating low taxes and minimal gov’t, & rose to win one of the most coveted and responsible jobs of 2016: chief executive of Vote Leave.…
In 2012 – or possibly earlier – Matthew Elliott was targeted by a man the Home Office now believes was a Russian spy. SERGEY NALOBIN was the first secretary in the Russian embassy’s political section in London when Elliott met him…
📌Nalobin “was tasked with building relations with MPs [and] a regular fixture on the Westminster drinks circuit and at political party conferences”.…
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‼️Johnson & Mifsud

Boris Johnson met ‘London professor’ linked to FBI’s Russia investigation

Fresh questions as photograph emerges of Joseph Mifsud and foreign secretary at Brexit dinner…
📌The picture shows Johnson, wine glass in hand, standing with Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese academic and a businessman, Prasenjit Kumar Singh. It is alleged that Mifsud was a key link between Russia and the Trump campaign.
📌Joseph Mifsud: The mystery professor behind Trump Russia inquiry…
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‼️VoteLeave: Electoral Fraud?

VoteLeave, the official referendum campaign that was partly funded with taxpayers’ money, looks to have committed what may be one of the biggest incidents of electoral fraud in Britain in more than a century…
Compelling evidence provided by Shahmir Sanni, a Vote Leave whistleblower, Gavin Millar, a QC at Matrix Chambers, an expert in electoral law, told us that this was of a scale and seriousness that simply hasn’t been seen in Britain in modern times.…
📌The investigation into VoteLeave is just one of a number of ongoing inquiries into potential crimes.

Many of which were facilitated by new technology.

👉🏼Facebook. Because – and this is the key point – this is an election that took place in darkness.…
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‼️Sergey Nalobin & Boris Johnson

Suspected Russian spy Sergey Nalobin pictured with his 'good friend' Boris Johnson
‼️So who is Nalobin?

He is a key figure in the reported Russian programme to deepen the "co-operation" between senior Conservative politicians and the Russian government under the umbrella of the CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF RUSSIA group.…
📌The Conservative Friends of Russia group's diplomatic contact inside the Russian embassy, Sergey Nalobin, has family ties to Russia's intelligence agencies.…
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#BorisJohnson will claim to speak for Britain. But at every turn he will promote the interests of the immensely rich and powerful people who helped lever him into office.
This is what all demagogues do.
Clowns are the most dangerous people in politics. They use entertainment to mask an agenda that would otherwise horrify us.
This is one of the points that the brilliant Russell T Davies made in #YearsAndYears. Beware of the clowns!
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It's been a long time since a UK politician appeared so utterly beholden to a particular newspaper proprietor. #BorisJohnson looks to me like a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Barclay brothers.
Why might they be so keen to anoint him?
The likely answers are not reassuring.
The Barclay brothers have commercial interests in hotels, shipping, car sales, home shopping, deliveries and much else. For years their papers have been campaigning for the deregulation of business and the slashing of the taxes paid by the very rich.
Johnson is notorious for putting his interests above those of the nation. He has a powerful interest in keeping his major backers sweet. The implications are, to put it mildly, disturbing.
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Ladies and gentlemen.
The incoming symbol of hope for UK.
The soon-to-be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Hs Excellency #BorisJohnson by @OwenJones84
Can they trust him? That's the question Britain's Conservatives face as they consider whether they really want Boris Johnson to become their next prime minister. Via @business
From populist comedians to reality TV stars on world stage - UK is all set to have its own side show bumped up to be the leader of the nation via
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The forthcoming @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn #BrexitDeal - a thread.
The UK has 3 options - #NoDealBrexit, #WithdrawalAgreement or #Remain. Most Tory Party members back BJ for leader, most Lab members back JC. In both cases most members would back their Brexit decisions. 1/
Corbyn's two main Brexit advisers are #SeumasMilne & #AndrewMurray (who also still works for Len McCluskey in Unite). In Oct18 Murray argued that Lab should back May's deal to avoid NoDeal. 2/…
@Channel4News 11Nov18. Tory MP Jo Johnson had called for a #PeoplesVote. When asked if he would back another vote Corbyn replied, "No, not really. The ref took place. The issue now has to be how to bring ppl together" 3/
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Watch the former head of the WTO, sat next to Andrea Leadsom back in 2016, perfectly predict our current situation, 3 years down the line. Amazing.

#brexit #BrexitShambles #BorisJohnson #EUelections2019 #RemainSurge #RemainerNow #RevokeArticle50 @mrjamesob #TrumpVisitUK
Potentially the next PM of this country everyone:
Here's a brilliant graphic which visualises the different trade relations the EU has with various countries
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