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1⃣ Heroes of #Libya 🇱🇾

The straggle against #Italian 🇮🇹 Fascism,

the use of religion as tool,

the Heroes that defy human pain to give their fellow humans


a thread
2⃣ ʿOmar al-Mukhṭār Muḥammad bin Farḥāṭ al-Manifī

(Arabic: عُمَر الْمُخْتَار مُحَمَّد بِن فَرْحَات الْمَنِفِي;

20 August 1858– 16 September 1931),

called The Lion of the Desert,

known among the colonial Italians as Matari of the Mnifa,
3⃣ was the leader of native resistance in Cyrenaica,

currently Eastern #Libya Libya under the Senussids,

against the #Italian🇮🇹 colonization of #Libya 🇱🇾.

Color: Cynical, first ever.
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Monday’s FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter brings you news from #Liberia #Indonesia, #Afghanistan, #France, #Ireland and #India, and includes info about #SexWorkerPride Day.

Sign up 👉🏽 The March for Justice from Patriarchal Fuckery is Global by @monaeltahawy…
Also in Monday’s FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter: Angela Chen’s new book Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by journalist, which is out Sept. 15.… Image
In #France a government official’s attempts to ban an essay called “Moi les hommes, je les déteste” (I Hate Men) over its “incitement to hatred on the grounds of gender” has sent sales of the feminist pamphlet skyrocketing.… Image
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1) Topic: European Genocide, #Jesuits and #Serbia

What is the background of Kalergi's plan for #Europe's destruction?

Why is #Christianity in danger?

#TheMoreYouKnow #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #EU #MigrantCrisis #ChristianOrtodox

⬇️ Full Thread ⬇️
2) When thinking how to start this topic, I remembered the words of Austrian cancellor Sebastian Kurz addressed to #Serbs.

During one of his interviews, he said that we should "give up the past (thinking of giving up #Kosovo) and look to the future"... ⬇️
3) He represents so-called modern European civilization that is forcing this nomadic approach to life - when you don't like it, you pack your stuff & leave. e.g. Pakistani or Algerians don't like where they have lived for centuries, so they leave and wish to settle in #Europe. ⬇️
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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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#Turkey Image

•In this particular case, while the Netherlands and Denmark were defending “equal distance”solution, Germany opposed and offered another solution overcome the dispute via application of equitable principles. >>> Image
>>> The court the justified Germany by issuing changes to the dispersion of the continental shelf. Consequently, the German maritime jurisdiction area has surpassed the Netherlands and Denmark.

#Germany #Denmark #Netherlands Image
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#Breaking: The French aircraft carrier the "Charles de Gaulle" is to set sail on September the 5th, to the eastern Mediterranean sea, ahead of French president @EmmanuelMacron visit to #Greece on the 10th, reports says that it will carry the 18 French Rafala fighter jets 1/
#Update: to Greece to be joined in the Hellenic airforce, also on September the 10th @EmmanuelMacron, will meet Greek Prime minster @kmitsotakis, to sign a #greece/#France joint defence bill to combat any provocations in the eastern Mediterranean sea with #Turkey and others. 2/
#Update: Also rumours speculate that the " joint defence bill" with #France will be sending French troops along the Greek border with #Turkey in the #Evros region, to conduct multiple joint military exercises with its Greek allied forces.
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1/2 #CovidUpdates #France's "spike" is an accounting artefact. One-day sudden increase in hospital and ICU occupancy on 27th August (hosp and rea) accompanied by equally large increase in released patients (rad) & deaths in hospital (dc).
2/2 Previous to this data release, the relevant figures on… were blank (see screenshot, taken 28 August 16:34 CET).
3. Note that the cumulative no. of dead (dc) suddenly goes up to 40092, then down again. Hopefully data will be cleaned. Until then, we'll have to deal with sensational headlines about spikes by semi-numerate journalists.

P.S. France's data readability is a shambles.
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#France #Lebanon
French President @EmmanuelMacron's visit to Lebanon on the 1st of September was scheduled before the harbour's explosion. France did not present a "roadmap" to Lebanon because it has limited influence over the Lebanese politicians +
It is correct to say that #France managed to slow down the #US agressive approach toward #Lebanon but it is wrong to say that Paris and Washington agreed and have the same view on how to approach Lebanon.
The differences are: +
#France supports the participation of #Hezbollah in the future government. The French are more clever than the current US administration even if both support #Israel at the end of the day. Macron informed Hezbollah about his support to see the group in the new government +
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Fort de la responsabilité que m’imposent les huit siècles de royauté capétienne dont je suis l’héritier, la gravité actuelle de l’état de la #France, m’amène à m’exprimer, en ce jour où l’Eglise fête Saint Louis, le modèle des gouvernants.
Force m’est de constater que notre pays s’enfonce vers des jours de plus en plus graves, alors que j’aimerais que mes déclarations puissent saluer le renouveau que tous les Français fidèles et qui croient en la destinée de leur pays, espèrent de tout leur cœur.
Atteinte depuis plusieurs années par une crise morale qui la fait douter d’elle-même, de sa mission, de son identité, la France doit aussi subir de nombreuses attaques venues de l’extérieur, tellement diffuses et perverses, qu’il est difficile de toujours bien les cerner.
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#OTD 1572: On the eve of St. Bartholomew's Day, the Catholic leadership in #France decapitated the Protestant elite in Paris, and initiated a wave of mob slaughter throughout the country. The Roman Pope had medals and art made to celebrate this as part of the Counter-Reformation. Image
The most immediate Protestant target of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre in 1572 was Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, despised by key elements of the Catholic leadership for personal as well as sectarian reasons dating back a decade to the origins of the Wars of Religion. Image
Historian Barbara Diefendorf pieces together the situation in Paris on the eve of the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre: a Catholic population primed with an essentially genocidal fury at the presence of Protestants, awaiting the slightest signal to act: Image
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4 covers of "Le Petit Journal" dedicated to #Serbia in WW1. (1/2).
Courtesy of, found on a Tweet that I cannot find again, hence RT.
4 more covers of "Le Petit Journal" dedicated to #Serbia in WW1. (2/2).
Courtesy of, found on a Tweet that I cannot find again, hence RT.
3. These 8 covers show pro-Serbian feeling & encouragements pushed in #Paris during #WW1.
At the time, #France was trying to obtain the establishment of a #Balkan front in order to help #Serbia, pincer #Quadruplice & alleviate Western front.
80,000 French died there.
And we won..
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"I’d like to begin today’s briefing with an update on the #Ebola outbreak in the Equateur province of the #DRC.
The outbreak continues to increase and to spread geographically. Yesterday the 100th case was reported, with 43 deaths in 11 health zones across the province"-@DrTedros
"There is currently a delay of about 5 days from the onset of symptoms to when an alert about a suspected #Ebola case is raised"-@DrTedros #DRC
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
MASSIVE PROTESTS MILLIONS in #SouthKorea in, get this, a Q Protest! O.O BOOM 💥 Against Mask Restrictions, against #COVID19 #Scamdemic Against #ChildTrafficking & against the #NWO #Globalism by #UN #EU &the Elite Crime Cabals. INCREDIBLE #Spain also Today
3/ Many TROLL FARM accounts attacking this video LYING through their faces that supposedly there are no protests in #SouthKorea. TOTAL LIARS!!! Of course there are HUGE protests in Korea now! Don't listen to these LIARS! Look at their TROLL accounts!! TROLL FARM DISINFO people!!
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1) This week #Macron warned Iran not to interfere in #BeirutBlast - but this may be too late

IRGC Gen Salami:

“All [#IRGC] capacities have been mobilised to help the Lebanese people…we will be them until the end of this crisis”

Thread: #BeirutBlast view from #Iran
2) Last week’s explosion in #Beirut has put significant pressure on #Iran’s activities in Lebanon, which are carried out by #Hezbollah –a Shia Islamist militia Iran’s IRGC helped create in 80s to export Islamic Revolution to #Lebanon & destroy the “Zionist regime”(#Israel) Image
3)Hezbollah's been 1 of Iran’s most valuable assets. Together with IRGC it's undertaken Iran’s strategic/ideological goals via terrorism, hostage-takings,assassinations, Syria + it's entrenched itself in political institutions.For Hez actions @Levitt_Matt…
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Solo España está forzando su uso al aire libre SIEMPRE. Otros paises solo obligan en espacios cerrados compartidos. Los nórdicos no la usan.
El resto de paises no tiene una epidemia descontrolada.
(2º img de 20/05 informe sanidad, algo desactualizada) ImageImage
Como vamos a ver multitud de paises no fuerzan esta medida al aire libre, y eso no se traduce en una epidemia descontrolada, a pesar que esos paises también reportan contagios diarios. Es de vital importancia que la ciencia no ignore estos hechos.
#Dinamarca #NoMask #coronavirus
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"This week we’ll reach 20 million registered cases of #COVID19 and 750 thousand deaths.

Behind these statistics is a great deal of pain and suffering.

Every life lost matters"-@DrTedros
"I know many of you are grieving and that this is a difficult moment for the world.

But I want to be clear, there are green shoots of hope and no matter where a country, a region, a city or a town is – it’s never too late to turn the #COVID19 outbreak around"-@DrTedros
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Je viens de tomber sur un rapport sénatorial très choquant!
Nous avons 73 fois plus d'accidents industriels en France qu'en Allemagne (1098 contre 15).
Petit thread sur le sujet. Diffusez l'information un maximum pour changer les choses svp.
#Beyrouth #AZF #Lubrizol #ICPE #Seveso
La France compte 1 312 sites Seveso sur 11 000 en Europe. La France est le deuxième pays d'Europe après l'Allemagne avec le plus de sites classés Seveso (3 653 sites).
Selon un rapport sénatorial dans le cadre de l'enquête post-Lubrizol, le nombre d'accidents technologiques en France en 2019 était de 1 098 contre seulement 15 en Allemagne !…
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THREAD. Some home truths and perspective on the negative #refugee media stories and alarming UK Government rhetoric on this issue. Some numbers and facts below to prove point, but let's remember we are talking about human beings here. It should not have to come to this. 1/9
📌85% of world's 79.5 million forcibly displaced people are hosted in developing countries. Not #Europe. Not #Kent.

📌40% of forcibly displaced people and 51% of refugees are #children. These children are seeking protection. They are not stealing jobs or services. 2/9
📌39% are hosted in just 5 countries. The UK is nowhere near this list (more below).

📌68% of those seeking protection come from just 5 countries experiencing oppression or conflict. Google them. 3/9
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