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I have tweeted actively at more than 30 conferences during the past 5 years.

Here are 5 tips on how to power-tweet through your next conference:
First, why should you tweet at conferences?

📢 Share new knowledge with those unable to attend

Although I do not fully agree, many conferences have moved back to in-person-only formats.

Tweeting allows others to learn, share, and engage in some fashion even when remote.
✍️ Take your own notes

You would be surprised how much more attention you pay to talks when you “have to” accurately capture the key points.

This way, you respect the speaker AND learn more!
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🔥Journal of #InterventionalCardiology asked me @JefVandenEynde, @LCavalcantiMD, @AWeymannMD and @BaselRamlawiMD to organize a Special Edition about #Bioprosthetic Valve Fracture for ViV-#TAVI. We brought together experiences from North America🇺🇸, Latin America🇧🇷 and Europe🇩🇰🇧🇪👇
🇺🇸@elnortonMD, #AlisonWard, @AdamGreenbaumMD and @KendraGrubb from @EmoryCTSurgery wrote a nice paper about mitigation of complications and optimization of outcomes in the management of failed #Bioprosthetic #AorticValves…
🇧🇷@rodrigosaadi, #AnaTagliari and @eduardosaadi shared their experience with a step-by-step description of #BVF for ViV-#TAVI and a case of ViV-#TAVI in a #SuturelessValve…
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Today marks the start of #WHA75!

This week, @WHO, Ministries of Health, civil society, & more will discuss #GlobalHealth priorities.

Missing on agenda? #GlobalSurgery & 🫀 care.

Hence, I'll be sharing key points, papers, & developments in #GlobalCardiacSurgery in 75 tweets 👇 Image
(1/75) To start, what *is* #GlobalCardiacSurgery?

GCS extends far beyond OR, from community-based disease detection & efficient referral networks to timely care, long-term follow-up, robust supply chains & adequate financial risk protection. #WHA75

Read:… Image
(2/75) Why does #GlobalCardiacSurgery matter?

⚠️ Every year, 18 million people die from #CVD

🫀 500 million live with CVD; 100s of millions more to come.

🏥 Up to 1/3 will require #CTSurgery or interventional care in lifetime

Data @IHME_UW:…

#WHA75 ImageImageImage
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CPB 🧵pt4. Dessert course. Circ arrest.

Yes we know it’s a lifestyle.

But what IS it actually? Why do we do that to a person - stop blood flow to their whole body. Isn’t blood flow necessary? Or at least preferable?

#surged #meded #CTSurgery #CardioTwitter
To understand why we “circ arrest” someone- meaning arrest or stop the circulation to the whole body- we have to return to the basics of vascular surgery (bc cardiac surgery is kind of the ultimate #vascularsurgery 🙃)

it’s all about proximal and distal control
Let’s say you want to fix a psuedoanuerysm on the common femoral artery.

Well you need to get proximal and distal control with vascular clamps so that you can work on the area of interest.

Now while you’re working, the leg is a little sad 😔 but it’s got some collateral flow
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Ok let’s keep going with #cardiopulmonarybypass. Several requests for circulatory arrest, but first let’s understand how to go on and off bypass and a few flavors of cannulation and cardioplegia

🧵primer pt 2: going on and off bypass

#CardioTwitter #surged #meded #CTsurgery
Again, don’t get overwhelmed by the surgeon shoving a large number of tubes into the heart. Think logically what each one does and why it is needed.

If you know your stuff and you can’t come up with an answer, then maybe you’ve identified an inefficiency in their process. 🙃🙃
But maybe wait until you’re a PGY-10 to tell them 🙃
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For student coming onto #cardiacsurgery: here’s a primer on cardiopulmonary bypass I usually give between rounds and incision

You won’t pass perfusion boards from this 🧵but hopefully you’ll feel more oriented at the table.

#cardiotwitter #surged #meded #CTSurgery
When I was a sub-I on cardiac surgery I was totally lost on what all the different tubes did and would see a diagram like this and think I should stick to belly surgery:
But it’s not actually that complicated. Basic idea:
Bypass helps us overcome some unique challenges of operating on the heart:
🫀It’s full of blood
🫀It moves
🫀If it’s not moving, then something else needs to perfuse the body while we interrupt it from doing that
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So incredibly honored to have the opportunity to speak at the @AATSHQ Member for a Day program this year!

Thank you to all organizers and speakers for making this session possible.

Kicking off now and the program looks amazing! #TSSMN
Program welcome to the @AATSHQ Member for a Day program
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Happening soon in 5 minutes! Join us for our workshop on the "Changing Landscape: Innovations in #MedEd to Adapt to the New Reality of Competency Based #MedEd and #COVID19 #CCCongress @SCC_CCS @SCC_CCS_Trainee @SCC_CCS_CEO Image
/1 Such an honor to present at this panel #CCCongress Image
/2 Dr. @nthibodeaujarry presenting on simulation and the teaching and evaluation of non-technical skills during CBME and #COVID19 #CCCongress ImageImageImageImage
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Our August Newsletter is out, with important information on resources and educational opportunities that can enhance your #CTSurgery during the new academic year!

Full Newsletter:…
The @TSRA_official Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic Surgery 2nd Edition has officially been published with lots of new content!

Editors include Drs. @clauden_louis, Watson, @AlexBresciaMD @JordanBloomMD @CoyanGarrett

Purchase your copy here today:…
Save the date for the upcoming @TSRA_official Webinar “Finding a Job in the COVID Era.”

Date: Tuesday September 8th 7-8PM EST

Panelists include Drs. Sundt, @medwards_md, Arnold, @AhmetKilicMD, @cllaucll2y, and @VinodThourani

#CTCareers #TSSMN #MedEd #FOAMEd #SoMe #Match2021
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Hey @AubriWasHerName, I’m going to respond publicly because I think you ask a great question that others may want answered as well: can you have a family in #Surgery, particularly #CTSurgery? Short answer: yes! But I’ll say more.

So first, a bit of my background: I’m an incoming gen surg resident and will pursue a CT fellowship. I have 2 kids, a 6yo stepson and a 2mo old. I was raised by a female CT surgeon who had 4 kids in gen surg residency (shoutout @jschwabe). My wife is a hospitalist attending.

Surgery has gotten much friendlier to work/life balance, but training will be very hard no matter what. Your husband will be working 80+ hrs/week for 5-8 years. That’s challenging. But doable! Having a support system is CRUCIAL.

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@CTSnetorg Global #COVID19 Grand Rounds starting at 8amPST!

Moderated by Drs. @tomcnguyen @BrianMitzman Chikwe

Featuring Drs. @igeorge1975 @vinodthourani @TomMihaljevicMD et al

Hashtag: #CTSNetLive

Live tweet thread to follow below
/2 The #COVID19 pandemic continues to challenge healthcare. In times of unknown, we need to rely on the collective experience of our #CTSurgery community.

Lets learn together rather than apart #CTSNetLive #TSSMN
/3 Make sure to also check out all the fantastic #COVID19 resources compiled by #CTSNetLive @CTSNet…
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Thank you to everyone for contributing to the phenomenal #TSSMN #TweetChat last night on how we can support #CTSurgery during the #COVID19 pandemic.

For those who have not already - please answer the following polls to gain perspective and elicit discussion on issues faced /1
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Such an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate and be mentored with amazing coauthors Drs @maraantonoff @OuzounianMD @ebender001 @ArieBlitzMD @drnikkistamp @TomVargheseJr @DavidCookeMD on our latest papers on #TSSMN

@maraantonoff @OuzounianMD @ebender001 @ArieBlitzMD @drnikkistamp @TomVargheseJr @DavidCookeMD @WomenInThoracic @tomcnguyen @purviparwani @STS_CTsurgery @AATSJournals @AATSHQ @annalsthorsurg @AASFoundation1 @UnivSurg @TSRA_official @tssmn (/2) #TSSMN @TSSMN has since garnered lots of digital attention globally with a total of (at the time of publication) 10,900 tweets, with an average of 243 tweets per month. The combined followership of all TSSMN delegates was 52,983, with representation from across the world
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