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I have an emergency announcement to anyone lending on @SBF_FTX @FTX_Official #CelShortSqueeze and #CelsiusNetwork

If you check their Terms of Service you will see that in in clause 2.4.1 Margin Lending;


1. You risk losing all the assets you are lending
If you are lending stocks, crypto anything you risk losing it

2. You also risk incurring the financial loss of the debt account for the borrower!

Say that the borrower becomes liquidated and you are lending to them you will lose 1. all your assets/crypto which you are lending
and 2 you will incur their debt portfolio to the extent that they cannot cover the debt/loss.

Anyone taking part in the #CelShortSqueeze #CelsiusNetwork should now not be lending!

This means that if the shorters lose say $100,000,000 and cannot pay the debt off you will be
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Dear Shorters of CEL, nobody in their right minds will sell you their CEL below 10 cent or anywhere near it. You will not get the CEL at that price to close your short positions.

There isn't even 21 million CEL in circulation for you to buy.
#CelShortSqueeze #CelsiusNetwork
Have a look at the exchange on-chain metrics, the exchanges don't even have that much CEL they have about 7-8million CEL. So why place an order for 21million CEL?

You will not be able to buy CEL below 10 cent to close your positions.

Until then you will continue to incur
lending fees every hour where you are buying CEL and causing the price of CEL to continue to increase.

If the #CelShortSqueeze community is smart they will not lend below 2,600% APY to bleed you out at 100% loss of your portfolio position every 14 days!
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#CelShortSqueeze Easy experiment you can do now.

Remove your sell orders below $2.00 & WAIT!

Stop lending CEL below 2,000% APY

Now give it a day or two waiting patiently.

The shorters are forced to buying loads of CEL per hour, as none are sold below $2 the price will pop🔥
#CELShortSqueeze #CelsiusNetwork

We could see the value of CEL at $2.00 today! if every everyone played their part and waited patiently.

With the limited data I have, I believe that the huge cascade in short liquidations start circa >$2.00-4.00
I think nobody should be selling CEL below $10.00

But as an experiment we can test the above techniques by simply not selling below $2.00 for the new few days.

Note: shorts are buying CEL EVERY hour. We need APY to stay above >2,000% to force them to buy >20k CEL every hour!
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Let's kick the #CEL shorters in the balls, and make the #BankstersOfTheFuture piss candy. And remember folks the only good shorter is a decompressing one!
This is intended for users who do not normally use #FTX but want to drain the #FTX #CEL reserves directly.

From @Uniswap exchange or some other DEX, take 1 #ETH (or whatever you can afford to lose, you know the drill) and swap it for some #USDC
This is important because we want to remove the newly bought #CEL off that shitty #FTX exchange, and if you buy #CEL directly from #FTX by Credit card, you will not be able to withdraw funds for 7 days, so make sure you swap out for #USDC.…
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1/ The future of our funds is in limbo.

The company that told us "Banks are Not Your Friends" & "Unbank Yourself" violated our trust in a most egregious manner.

We are sad. Angry. Brokenhearted.

Here are the 5 Stages of Grief (DABDA) according to a Celsian 👇
2/ I am not a licensed psychologist, nor do I seek to provide any clinical advice.

I wrote V1 of this 🧵 a week or so after getting REKT on LUNA.

Now I've been REKT again by Celsius. Hence V2.

Writing my thoughts has helped me reflect & think clearly.

I hope it helps you too.
3/ “Should you shield the valleys from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their canyons.”

―Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross
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FTX Naked shorting on another level

FTX only holds 364k CEL while they have 6.6m CEL short position open

You couldn't make this up.

For Each 1 CEL in supply there is 18.1 CEL shorting.

Imagine playing musical chairs with 17 other people to sit on 1 chair.
1 Cel in Supply = 18 CEL shorting.

How is this even possible?
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The bloody insolvent @CelsiusNetwork has paid off all their known defi debt with the money they which don't have.

What kind of a printing machine is this? @Mashinsky I need one of those printers too please #CelShortSqueeze
Once @CelsiusNetwork announce that they will not become insolvent then that means the CEL token will continue to have utility and therefore financial value!
Holding over 25,000 CEL as a Celsius depositor means that you can benefit from an extra 30%
interest per week on your deposited assets.

As the CEL token is not going to zero where is it going 'back to'?!

Just waiting for CEL token to return back to $2.00-3.00 then the spot short positions start liquidations. Expect huge volumes of purchses frm shrts
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How I did my first CEL short squeeze #CelShortSqueeze

Cost and result:
It only cost me circa $11,000 at the time resulting in the CEL price rallying by 25% within the first few hours and then by 78% by the next 24 hours which followed.
I timed it so that the price was coming to the end of a trading channel (technical traders were expecting a breakout at the time and I gave them a clear breakout in the upwards direction taking them on my side to put buy orders in front of me) and the sell orders were
thin above the market price at the time (it meant that I would not lose a lot of money to put a buy wall in to increase the price to $0.60 from $0.56). These two variables contributed to the squeeze the most.
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1. We have not seen @CelsiusNetwork default on their debts.
2. They have nearly paid off all their debts, within a week or two from today they could be debtless.

3. Once they announce normalisation of operations, then the CEL token will no longer be expected to be worthless. Therefore the price of CEL could return back to $2-3 within hours of an announcement from Celsius.
4. The market spot short positions are stuck, there is 6.3m of them who need to close their positions on FTX alone. When they close their market spot short positions they have to acquire it from the market at market rate.
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1/140 The following are the transcribed questions and answers of me asking Simon Dixon questions on his Twitter Spaces Celsius AMA #5 with PlanC on July 11, 2022.
2/140 SIMON (@SimonDixonTwitt): "Could I ask, the people that have been trolling me the most on Twitter, like the main Celsius squeeze guy, I’d really love to speak to you, if you’re willing.”
3/140 AZAD (@pr_simondixon): "Is that Otis? He was listening. I actually tried getting him on as a listener.”

SIMON (@SimonDixonTwitt): “I understand that some people more prefer online than others, but I’d love to — you know, you’re giving me the most amount of shit
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Imagine playing 'musical chairs' with an asset that has no limit in the financial loss it can cuase you?

Circa 5.5m CEL shorts with less than <700k CEL available to buy to close positions.

Once the <700k CEL is purchased (those standing) the remaining 4.8m CEL will be paying suprlus of >$100 to buy CEL to close positions.

Was it worth the risk?

@coryklippsten @CelsiusNetwork @Mashinsky #celshortsqueeze
Imagine playing musical chairs with only 1 chair and 6 other people assuming that you'll be the safe one sitting in the chair.

The only word I can think of is; delusional.

Imagine risking your money like this shirting Celsius.

#celshortsqueeze @CelsiusNetwork
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1/4 I can’t bother writing a long thread right now, but I will say the following: @SimonDixonTwitt came to the community and said he has a worst-case scenario backup plan if Celsius decides to file for bankruptcy; his plan is better than bankruptcy because bankruptcy can take 8
2/5 years and also they may liquidate our coins in any bankruptcy and bankruptcy cannot be on the table. Then he launched his #DepositorsFirst campaign and made a Twitter poll against me about whether he should give updates about Celsius, a company he has no updates about, since
3/5 he’s not a part of the management team or CEO. He can give updates about @BankToTheFuture but not about @CelsiusNetwork. Now he says, sum and substance, I’ll do what I can in Chapter 11. @SimonDixonTwitt is now advocating publicly for Celsius to file Chapter 11, whereas
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#CelShortSqueeze is growing stronger, it's bringing in more people, and we have more HOLD wallets than ever before. All the #Celsius metrics are up, and all the FUD metrics are in the toilet, next to the shorters, where they belong.
Thou not exact, it's a snapshot of a live stream of data coming through the Twitter API at any given time, but it clearly demonstrates, how 'influence' is an association between your retweets and the engagement your contributions generate.
If it is high quality, trustworthy, and honest, it grows organically around you, like tree roots spreading out.
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Releasing avalanches

#CelShortSqueeze @CelsiusNetwork @Mashinsky
Shorts about to buy more CEL than the community and @CelsiusNetwork soon.
#CelShortSqueeze Image
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A further update on the #CELshortsqueeze. Only data, no financial advice.

Building on the work done by @ThePrivatier which shows that there are 46m $CEL tokens not locked on Celsius.

@ThePrivatier Of these 46m $CEL tokens, 16.4m tokens are held in wallets which moved (part of the) $CEL tokens within the last 10 days. So these can be considered most liquid.

A further deep-dive on the 16.4m $CEL tokens results in the following (see picture).

Part of these tokens are likely lost or belong to Celsius, resulting in a net 13.4m tokens. Based on the wallet info I categorized them into liquidity categories (high, medium, low).

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Celsius Football Club - CFC

Celsius directors - accurate as of 07/06/2022

Hired Mr Gilbert Nathan as a director 17 June 2022 terminated employment 29 June 2022

Hired Mr John Stephen Dubel as a director 20 June 2022 terminated employment 28 June 2022
Hired Mr Alan Jeffrey Carr as a director 06 July 2022 - currently employed

Hired Mr David Barse as a director 06 July 2022 - currently employed

Hired Mr Laurence Anthony Tosi as a director 3 December 2022 terminated employment 22 June 2022
This looks like a big reshuffle, with some Directors sticking around only for a few days.

I wonder what the reason for termination of employment was?! Can we get anyone to do investigative journalism?

Please DO NOT reply tweeting speculative views. Interestd in facts not gossp
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"Just the facts, ma'am." The following questions, curated from the #CelShortSqueeze community, are a chance for @BankToTheFuture to clear up a few things with regard to their proposals. If you don't know an answer, then don't comment.
(Please excuse my financial illiteracy, not an expert, and way in over my ignorant head, so please excuse any misconceptions)

These proposals have opened a pandora's box of unknowns and none of these questions, in no particular order, have been answered thus far;
1)What are the terms you are promising these Depositors (Whales), and what are they buying with their Whale money, precisely?

2)What risk does Proposal 1 introduce with its financial engineering, exactly?
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Consultants, use a mnemonic that helps them understand the definition of fear;

FEAR - False Expectations Appearing Real

In the absence of real information, people make things up.
@CelsiusNetwork radio silence, as necessary as it may be in a time of war, has opened the door to the FUDders. Things can cause rumors to become realities that snowball into disasters. 1/10
It is here that the community needs to step up and fill that void with a unified message, in the case of the current FUD against Celsius Network, that message should be #CelShortSqueeze and not #_DepositorsFirst. 2/10
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The hijacking by @SimonDixonTwitt of the #CelShortSqueeze community initiative needs to be called out.

They are two separate things; #CelShortSqueeze is an organic community initiative, outside of any corporate or establishment influence.
It is designed to hold the #CEL shorters to account, to the fact, that we don't give a shit if @Mashinsky approves or not, we are doing it, because we can see it works, period.

The #DepositorsFirst hashtag was started by @BankToTheFuture, a Cayman Islands corporation. 1/33
They are two mutually exclusive tags, they work against each other. One is holding CEL shorters to account by sucking up CEL tokens from exchanges and pushing the token price up so they can not close their shorts. 2/33
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1/13 @SimonDixonTwitt, let me help you understand why the community is divided:

You have tens of millions of dollars on Celsius Network, and by your own words you don’t own 1 CEL token, yet you want the community to believer in you and your plan, even though you
2/13 said you don’t know what the issue is. This is Celsius’ most valuable asset, its community. Even if your intentions are good, they won’t welcome you with open arms, because they don’t see you as one of them because you don’t own any CEL token; you’re a #Bitcoin guy, as you
3/13 so eloquently said, and you don’t buy tokens. That’s a big part of why the community doesn’t trust you and will bash you, and that’s your fault for not owning any CEL and want CEL token holders to just blindly trust you and follow your lead.
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He doesn’t care, like most all other #Bitcoin maxis. He has tens of millions of dollars on @CelsiusNetwork (his own words) and he doesn’t own CEL or want to own it, even if it means helping the #CelShortSqueeze campaign. He cares about the equity ONLY. Them nor caring
about CEL is why we’re in this position, and you can see @SimonDixonTwitt making the same mistake again, as he still doesn’t get it. To ignore #CelShortSqueeze and not even put $100 in it to help his own cause is just… well, you pick the word. @SimonDixonTwitt is one of the
biggest depositors on Celsius, if not the biggest one, by his own words. And it’s people like him why I personally believe @Mashinsky and the board ignored CEL for one year — CEL was an ‘orphan’ — because he doesn’t want to charge withdrawal fees to these #Bitcoin maxis
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1/ My dear Twitter friends, I gotta admit yesterday I've been scammed for about 500 USD worth of Ethereum. I want to share this with you because I'd like to protect anyone from these things.

I'm not rich so if anyone wanted to help me recovering I'd feel glad and blessed.
2/ And, most of all, nobody is 100% on internet, even if you think to be stronger or smarter than the scammers out there.

This is my story: I've found this website (that was perfectly cloned) about @sneakerheadsoff , which promised a free mint of an art NFT.
3/ The mint had only the fee of 0.25 ETH. I checked the Twitter and it seemed ok (also the Twitter was cloned and had more than 69k followers)
So I connected through the free mint contract and the contract always asked me for a higher amount than what I had.
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1/6 “To conclude, you hear Marc talk about not just that #CelShortSqueeze is possible but it has already happened once, even though for a short duration of time and for a very small amount of money. You can see how the short sellers get REKT.
2/6 “So for a position, they probably went from $50 to $100, someone who was willing to bet $50 or $100 on a very liquid exchange, it went all the way to a $15,000 or $16,000 position for them when they got liquidated. You can see why the short sellers would be out in full force
3/6 “trying to convince you that this is never going to happen and that you are never going to make money on the #CelShortSqueeze. This is not financial advice and there are never any guarantees in finance, of course, and in the world of investment. If you are sitting this
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1/5 “If you lost money, it’s a sad thing, I’m sad for you. But are you willing to fight for a higher ideal than just your little portfolio? If you are, then do whatever you can. Maybe you have no money, so just retweet, share this video, talk about it around the dinner
2/5 “table, or whoever you’re talking to, and just make a lot of noise on this, and who knows, maybe we can make a difference. And if not, at least we will have tried. You certainly, Laksh, you will not feel like, ‘I could have done so much more.’
3/5 “You have done so much that you’re not sleeping, you’re barely sleeping at night. I think that people like you, people like Otis, whenever they can find some time to go to sleep, they can sleep on both of their ears, like we say in
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