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1/ My dear Twitter friends, I gotta admit yesterday I've been scammed for about 500 USD worth of Ethereum. I want to share this with you because I'd like to protect anyone from these things.

I'm not rich so if anyone wanted to help me recovering I'd feel glad and blessed.
2/ And, most of all, nobody is 100% on internet, even if you think to be stronger or smarter than the scammers out there.

This is my story: I've found this website (that was perfectly cloned) about @sneakerheadsoff , which promised a free mint of an art NFT.
3/ The mint had only the fee of 0.25 ETH. I checked the Twitter and it seemed ok (also the Twitter was cloned and had more than 69k followers)
So I connected through the free mint contract and the contract always asked me for a higher amount than what I had.
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I am old enough to remember Carillion calling its problems a "liquidity crisis" and asking HMG for a short-term loan to tide it over. It was actually so deeply insolvent that it couldn't even pay an administrator, so it went straight into liquidation.
Looking back further, I recall RBS insisting its problems were due to "liquidity shortages", as the value of its assets crashed and it slid deeper and deeper into insolvency.
And even further back, Northern Rock tapped the Bank of England for "emergency liquidity assistence" when markets refused to fund it. It, too, turned out to be insolvent.
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I was trying to find a specific connection to show how the @coryklippstem FUD has spread so far, and why the recent story on CoinDesk was picked up by so many outlets, almost at the same time, it was very organised.
1/11 I made a short video, with a very bad voice-over, looking for such a connection;
2/11 Is there a 'paid' connection? Do you think a promoter would promote something for free? They just happen to be sitting around and decided to megaphone Kilppsten's FUD for laughs? Is it worthwhile to get a promoter, to spread FUD?
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@CelsiusNetwork - Risk Assessment

- Minimal exp to #UST (Pulled out of #Anchorprotocol early following risk mitigation process)
- No directional exp to #luna
- No forced selling of stETH at discount (withdrawals paused & @Mashinsky stated 'plenty of ETH').

- Current Discount is 5.4% (and closing) on ~$400M-$500M = ~$25M
- Discount represents ~0.25% of $10B in AUM.
- Discount likely has a floor (arbitrageurs/speculators will intervene as PoS date approaches).
- Plenty of FUD online around this low risk exposure.

- Over-collaterized retail lending (no risk)
- Nearly 100% collaterized institutional lending (including potential loans to #3AC directly or indirectly)
- On-chain borrowing is known & public. Liquidation levels have been lowered/loans repaid (situation stabilized)

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Fact check: Did @CelsiusNetwork actually purchase $CEL to distribute last monday?

Yes they did, on FTX, OKEx, Bitfinex and Gateio. As far as I can tell based on blockchain data, the following wallet analysis clearly indicates that they did!

#Celsius #CELshortsqueeze
I can't guarantee anything, but the collection address (blue, center,…) was last used solely to collect $CEL from exchanges and send it to Celsius Wallet 5 (CEL user balance wallet).

Even better, more $CEL have already been purchased since last friday! So I assume @CelsiusNetwork still has funds to purchase the weekly $CEL.😎🚀

This is just my analysis, not financial advice.

Feel free to retweet if you agree 😉

#CelsiusNetwork #Celsius #CELshortsqueeze
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Did we? Did we just drain all $CEL out of (-97.4%)? Hell we did!😎😂

Update for $CEL on major CEX, now approx 8.16M in total (-1.56 million $CEL compared to 06/18/22, 1100UTC, awesome 🚀🚀🚀)

#CELshortsqueeze #Celsius #CelsiusNetwork Image
on FTX, the shorters are under heavy pressure too!

CEL_PERP: Open interest 13’421’900 CEL, funding rate -0.1406% (1231% APY)

Interest rate for $CEL borrowing on FTX: 2600%, CEL borrowed: 4.074M

#CELshortsqueeze Image
@gate_io Would you be so kind as to let us know if you have any other $CEL addresses?

Wallet1:…, 6950 CEL

Wallet2:…, 0 CEL

Wallet 3:…, 0 CEL

Your order book right now: #nakedshorting? 🧐
#CELshortsqueeze Image
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Crypto winter is freezing. @CelsiusNetwork is likely insolvent. Giant #cryto hedge fund is liquidating.

Here is what's happening: 🧵
4 things impacting crypto markets:
1. Macro - increased inflation and rate rise are having a magnified impact on high risk assets like crypto.
2. Celsius catastrophe - it's likely insolvent
3. @binance halting $btc withdrawals - spooked the market
4. 3AC liquidating
Celsius liquidation is a big deal because:
1. Causes forced selling of assets at distressed prices from many market participants.

2. Contagion. Plummeting prices are causing margin calls for everyone. 3AC is an example.

2. Another black eye for crypto.
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🚨BITCOIN Vuelve a Desplomarse🚨
🚨¿Qué está pasando?🚨

El precio de #Bitcoin sufriendo una caída histórica que le sitúa ya a más de un 73% de su ATH que alcanzó en Noviembre del año pasado, pero, ¿por qué no para de caer?

Abro Hilo 🧵🧶 1/
Tras lo ocurrido con #CelsiusNetwork y la caída de #BTC a 20K, niveles que no veíamos desde finales de 2020...

Por primera vez en la historia, el precio de #Bitcoin ha caído por debajo del ATH del anterior ciclo en 2017 👀 Image
Una situación que ha vuelto a hacer saltar las alarmas en el mercado #Crypto y que ha provocado un aumento brutal del sentimiento del miedo entre los inversores...

Con el gráfico de miedo y codicia llegando a 6, su segundo nivel más bajo solo a 1 punto del All Time Low... Image
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1/17 For those that love to read, here’s the transcribed version of what @lb_westernston said: “Good day, my name is Lak Behl and I want to talk to you about the CEL token short squeeze that is going on right now, that is possible right now, in June of 2022. #CelShortSqueeze
2/17 “I want to give you some tips on top of what you’ve already seen. Now, you may have seen this video by this anonymous guy that talks about how #CelsiusNetwork’s CEL token is ripe for a short squeeze. If you’ve already seen that video, congratulations. If you haven’t, there’s
3/17 “a link to that video in the description below, so you want to watch that video once you’ve watched this one. Basically, what I want to communicate is that you need to take your CEL tokens out of exchanges like FTX and so on and so forth.

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This Lido fiasco has created a mess of everything and for no reason, ETH is suffering, and most importantly users

There are different versions of this story but more or less it's close to what I could analyze
This liquid staking concept i.e, the derived asset itself works as a full-fledged tradeable asset with other utilities like lending, staking, etc.

It's more like the US housing market collapse in the 2000s
Here is one version of the story:

At Lido, stake ETH and get stETH in a 1:1 ratio. Now use that stETH for other purposes

On the other hand, Lido generates money using stETH through lending/borrowing, arbitrage, and other trade opportunities

So far so good
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Cannot buy it as US Retail Investor using individual brokerage accounts. Only possible place buying is thru foreign investment and "higher level" 'sophisticated' trading desks at Wall St. banks #OTC. Either way, $SHLDQ #SearsHoldingsCo stock has bucked the downtrending market
This stock is the remnants of Sears, Roebuck, & Co. from a 2005 hedge fund acquisition and merge with K-Mart. Same parent hedge fund that owns $SRSCQ (Sears Canada Inc.). Both stocks traded in US markets and remain for deep rooted reasons anyone could speculate on.
In fact, before the Great Depression and the 1938 US Govt creation of what now trades as $FNMA (Fannie Mae) #OTC, Sears, Roebuck, & Co used to sell homes out of a catalogue in the US (1908-1940). These homes exist across America. #HousingMarketConnection…
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I don't think people are understanding the significance of the @Tether_to statement about liquidating its #CelsiusNetwork position without losses. That's good news for Tether, but it suggests a serious problem for Celsius: liquidation suggests that an LTV trigger was hit. 1/
Given that Tether appears to be one of the largest shareholders of Celsius, one wonders if this was done all on normal business terms, however. 2/2
And the "liquidated without losses" is not accounting for the decline in Tether's investment in Celsius.

But the key word is "liquidated". You don't liquidate a position unless a trigger has been tripped. That indicates serious liquidity issues for Celsius.
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Another #CelsiusNetwork bankruptcy 🧵.

I’ve been getting Qs about the treatment of retail customers who _borrowed_ from Celsius by posting their crypto as collateral. These loans are overcollateralized, and Celsius has rehypothecation rights. 1/
How this plays out in bankruptcy is a little less certain imho than with Celsius depositors. And there are issues that will likely be litigated. But here’s how it looks to me at first glance. 2/
Start with a situation in which there was no rehypothecation--the collateral is all still there. Borrower still owes the $$$ to Celsius. The loan agreement is probably what is called an "executory contract" in bankruptcy jargon--both parties still owe performance. 3/
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¿Cómo evitar quedarte atrapado en liquidaciones y bloqueos como lo ocurrido con Celsius?

Hoy vengo a daros unos pequeños tips que podéis seguir antes de invertir vuestro capital en cualquier proyecto cripto, en especial NFT.

Dentro 🧵 Image
1. Términos y Condiciones (T&C)

Los T&C son un conjunto de reglas y normas que los clientes debemos aceptar para comprar un bien o contratar un servicio.

Estos, solemos aceptarlos al crearnos la cuenta en la plataforma o al contratar el servicio, si no es necesaria la cuenta.
2. ¿Por qué son importantes?

Porque son un contrato de adhesión que una vez aceptados, quedamos sometidos a merced de lo establecido en los T&C.

Es decir, son la base jurídica que rige sobre todo el proceso de compra, pago, depósito de fondos, earn, etc.
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看到 @cryptoprag 总结得底部信号指标比较好,记录一下:

1. 大机构爆仓✅
看看 #3AC #CelsiusNetwork #LFG , 虽然后者还不清楚是不是主动作恶,还有之前也爆掉的一些知名大户,身边活了多年的老韭菜居然也有归零的...
2. 行情极度的无聊❌
需要等到白没人接,白mint直接亏,free mint gas不舍得花了
3. SMA200 周线打破❌

4. 散户失去兴致✅
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🧵 on #CelsiusNetwork and bankruptcy. Buckle up. 1/
Here's what’s going to happen with Celsius’s customers in a Celsius bankruptcy. (I'll explain later why it's very likely to end up there.) 2/
There are two groups of Celsius customers:

One group has just made loans (Earn) to Celsius.

The other group has their assets held in an omnibus custody wallet.

(Some folks might be in both buckets.) 3/
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#TetherIsInsolvent, part 2. this is a followup to analysis @patio11 (link) and i did independently showing #Tether must be insolvent based on Tether's stated financials due to the crypto selloff. But this time... it's about foreign exchange rates.…
On May 19th #Tether announced that it had reduced its commercial paper reserves by $4.3B between 2021-12-31 and 2022-03-31 and that they had reduced their paper another 20% ($4B) since that March 31 "attestation" was done. Here's their press release:…
@ZekeFaux did some (maybe pulitzer-worthy) reporting for Bloomberg in Oct '21 where he reported he could not find anyone at a major bank who had sold tether any paper, and further that he had seen documents stating that at least some % of tether's paper was from Chinese companies
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#Celsius / $CEL Best Employees.
(will include more in this thread.)

Meet Jessica Khater, 24 years.

At 20 years she shots an amateur adult movie in which she didn't even knew her major.
@CelsiusNetwork hired her shortly after 21 to 22 as Marketing Assistant.
She quickly proved herself as much more becoming Head of Institutional for #celsiusnetwork managing $2.2 billion in loans.

Meanwhile she was already in a relationship with her new and current business partner Bert Mouler.

Profluent Ventures on which is now 'General Partner'. ImageImageImage
Meet, Yaron Shalem, 49 years, ex-CFO #CelsiusNetwork
On on November 18 as part of an alleged crypto scam that defrauded victims worldwide of colossal sums of money.

Projects that he was involved Sirin Labs, Stx Technologies Limited (Stox) and Singulariteam. Image
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The reason @CelsiusNetwork is not at risk is that they are responsible for #crypto commodities not valuations. They provide liquidity to markets in the form of a commodity.

The value of the commodity decreasing doesn’t matter.

In fact, outside of #Luna and its #UST pair, the underlying commodity #CelsiusNetwork has is still the same.

And the yield it provides is a commodity relationship — not a valuation one.

Thus, users receive a stable amount as yield because the yield contract is stable.

If I offer you sugar on an exchange and the price goes down on it, I still own my sugar. Someone else may have determined my sugar is worth less — but that’s not the risk at hand.

The commodity itself is intact.

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I've updated the #tether attestation #googlesheets analysis. A few changes including fixing a glaring error 😳 #commercialpaper analysis h/t to @accountantInc catching the mistake. Document consolidates all reported quarters to date >>>
The #tether #commercialpaper section has been expanded/updated to show not just the net changes but the new issues/rollovers etc....
The purpose of the #commercialpaper analysis was to highlight that the reported $6.4B reduction in CP was only half the story....and it kinda shits me that the numbers are just trumpeted by most news as is...
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Have been working through $CEL #celsiusnetwork's $750m Series B round. Will share #googlesheets file tomorrow. Here's a preview.
3 Dec 2021 #Celsius resolved to issue up-to 36,930 Series B shares at a price of US$20,469 per share. As at 2 Feb 2022 total of 32,182 Series B shares had been issued. I'm presuming #bnktothefuture will have closed out the balance. Image
The #Celsius Cap table (as at 2 Feb) with pre/post money for each issue. Image
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just got around going through #celsiusnetwork financials for Dec 2020 accounts. (see my previous posts re:$150m secured debt). I probably won't finish off the analysis until end of the week (pulling all the data into sheets is a pain). here's something to make you go 🤔
For clarity even though its a UK company all figures are in US'000.....which means the assets shown are US$4.709B and 'net assets' are US$1.44B.....I'll admit. once I realized the numbers were billions not millions....I was kinda impressed...
...I should say cautiously did they go from $290M net assets to $1.5B in 10 months?
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1)World debt is over $280tn. World GDP is $90tn and the chasm continues growing wider

More than 61% of all national banks reserves are in USD and 21% of all USD, was created last year. Inflation will hit hard. This benefits the banks, not the individuals.
2) Wealth in top 1% continues to grow exponentially(+$10tn in 2020: 11% world GDP🤯). However, 40% of Americans don't have $400 in their bank.
3) You are taxed on everything they can hit you with in life
Yet governments grant subsidies to the wealthiest and most environmentally damaging corporations/billionaire's
They spend more on offense than is needed to end world hunger
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El producto interno bruto (PIB) mundial en el 2017 fue ~$80,000,000,000,000

En el 2021 el PIB mundial será de ~₿18,500,000 #BTC
El sabado se dispararon mis alertas de #BTC a $14K... pero #fiambre
Que por cierto; Ayer bitcoin tuvo el segundo cierre mensual mas alto de su historia , $13,816 en bitstamp. Tomenlo con un grano de sal, sin embargo me hace pensar, cuando les toca a las altcoins? #BTC
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