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Attention @CelsiusUcc there is an unregulated offshore platform, soliciting unlicensed services to #Celsius creditors.

Are you not concerned? ImageImage
Cause & effect;

28th of Oct 2022 makes unfounded and obscure references to regulatory licensing.

46 days later, he boasts that 700+ #Celsius creditors believed his promises for those licenses and compliance and put their claims on BTTF.

They believed him and signed up.
BTTF publicly acknowledges the need for licenses to serve non-HNW investors. However, as they haven't obtained these licenses yet, it implies that there are currently no investor protections in place.

For it needs regulatory requirements before it can operate in that capacity.
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You did nothing, there is NOT one Stretto document that list anything you have done. You have been caught lying and gaslighting the #Celsius community for 11 months, and of that there is ample evidence.

He is now telling you he is so important that he needs to sit at the table. Image
With his insolvent, unregulated, unlicensed offshore BTTF. He wants to sit at the table that decides the future of your equity.

We are here because of Judge Glenn and the Ch 11 process, not because of Dixon.
Don't forget, he has been telling us for 11 months Alex stole it all, there is no value in mining, destroy #Celsius, so we can move on.

Well 5 week bidding war, we have a New Co built from what Alex stole, centered on a valueless mining operation, and #Celsius lives on.
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OK. Latest on the #Celsius Chapter 11…
Auction continues tomorrow - Notice about the 5/3 @ 10am continuation time…
Joint agreement between Celsius/@CelsiusUcc to have W&C/UCC pursue & litigate the constructive fraudulent transfer/conveyance and similar claims held by LLC against CNL. All to push towards setting what creditors & shareholders own…
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1/ Claims on OPNX: Why and How 🧵👇

Problem: Millions suffered subsantial financial losses in the market collapse last year

Worse still, 20M+ people were left with $20B+ in personal funds frozen on insolvent platforms like FTX & Celsius—with no way to access their trapped funds
2/ Solution: OPNX will soon launch a marketplace for claims onboarding & trading on public orderbooks, allowing claimants to unlock the value in their claims

This saves years of waiting, enabling claimants to put trapped capital to work and avoid significant opportunity cost
3/ Claims tokenization: OPNX will not hold user claims

We’ve partnered with Heimdall, a tokenization provider for real-world assets using secure, scalable & compliant frameworks

They will manage the verification, transfer & tokenization of real world assets for OPNX users
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1. Sadly the experience of #crypto investors in the likes of #Celsius and #BlockFi is similar to what could have happened to depositors at $SBNY, $SI and $SIVB.…
2. Most investors/depositors don't realize that when you deposit money with a bank or anything that looks on the surface to behave like a bank, all you have is an unsecured claim against that entity.
3. Banks at least have FDIC-insured deposits up to $250,000, but "crypto banks" look like banks, behave like banks, but are not banks.
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- Company Status Update

Uncontested Matters
- Stout Retention Application (Valuation Advisor)
- Withhold Settlement
- Wohlman Settlement

Contested Matters
- Class Claim Motion

Fee Applications
- Fee Examiner's Summary Report
- K&E
- Akin……
#CELSIUS HEARING LIVE: Ferraro going over Company Status Update Presentation. Going over withdrawal slide. Image
#CELSIUS HEARING LIVE: Going over mining slides. Estimating 58k miners deployed in May and 68k deployment in June. ImageImage
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@threadreaderapp So I thought I'd add a couple of extra tweets to my thread re: the fake bank #bandenia. Last week I banged on about about some pretty easy to spot fudging of financials. Most scammers battle to read financial statements so they are not particularly good at fudging. Image
@threadreaderapp More problematic than the scammers crappy accounting is that mostly no one bothers to spend more than 2 mins looking. (remember... #celsius....anyone?) So here's some even dumber examples of the same fraudulent attempted alchemy.
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TL:DR Pre #Celsius Chapter 11 Court Hearing Updates:
Ignat Tuganov, via counsel, has concerns related to the UCC @CelsiusUcc being the representative for the class claim motion. He wants more specifics related to amount of, voting rights related to, and possible settlement conditions for the class claim. He is concerned about the……
The UCCs omnibus reply to the other parties regarding their class claim motion. They largely reiterate and expand on their previous reasonings for the class claim, countering the series B preferred objections along the way. They have also included language in the proposed order……
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Latest #Celsius Chapter 11 Updates For Creditors with TL:DR:
Settlement of litigation from a former employee that did not have a separation agreement but alleged discrimination. She brought a case against Celsius in the UK and given the @CelsiusUcc involved with litigating it, #Celsius and the UCC decided to settle……
Flow Diagram of #JasonNewCo #NovaWulf Bid Reorg in one slide. I had my first call with the full team to understand more about regulatory model & a regulatory model was submitted for regulators to give feedback on the docket.…
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#SEC on #Celsius Chapter 11 #NovaWulf Bid after Judge Glenn request to comment - they have no comment on the bid protections motion and also said they "do not yet have all the facts and details that may be necessary to fully evaluate the transactions."…
#Celsius Shareholders & Creditors Important Update…
Post YouTube AMA for the latest updates on #Celsius Chapter 11…
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#Celsius Chapter 11 Update: Debtor's reply to the Bid Protections Proposal and Objections thereof to be heard in court today.…
#Celsius reiterate major plan benefits —
1) 100% of common equity to General Earn Claim holders in the form of Equity Share Tokens (ESTs).
2) Management Share Tokens (MSTs) to General Earn Claims get an annual distribution eq to 50bps of NewCo Fee-Paying Asset Value and a 2.5%……
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¿Qué está pasando con las #stablecoins? 🤔

Primero fue la #Stablecoin de #Binance #BUSD que hasta hoy ha perdido $8 mil millones de sus capital de mercado, y ahora es #USDC de #Coinbase que ha perdido la paridad con el dólar y $7 mil millones de su capital. 😱

[Hilo] 🧶

En el caso de #Binance y #BUSD hicimos un hilo en su momento que dejaré al final, pero hoy nos enfocamos en el caso de la moneda estable #USDC del exchange cripto más grande de EE.UU @coinbase.

Lo primero a destacar es que Coinbase y Circle que son los emisores de #USDC...

no están en quiebra. El problema lo tuvo fue el banco @SVB_Financial que es donde @circle y @coinbase tienen parte del colateral de su moneda estable #USDC. Éste Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fue intervenido hace 1 día por el @CaliforniaDFPI ya que estaba insolvente.👇

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🏛️ Good morning once again! We'll be covering Day 4 with LIVE updates of the @investvoyager / @BinanceUS confirmation hearing here in the thread below 🧵👇. We anticipate today to be the final day where Judge Wiles will speak his rulings, at 2:00pm EST. #Voyager #Binance #FTX. 🏛️
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I've not removed funds from #Celsius, since early 2021.

I completely, reject this insidious and threatening legal over-reach. The committee's and its council's job, is to protect creditors, not set the dogs on them!

This gives precedent to attack other #Celsius creditors.
You don't protect creditors by attacking other creditors. (ponzi)

If it happens once, it will happen again. (if one asset is revalued, others will follow)

Kelvin showed there is no need for clawbacks, therefore this is a calculated legal maneuver. (precedent)
1: This one time I was in a 7/11 when it got robbed, and they didn't catch the owner/gunman, but they arrested me, because I was a customer of the store.
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You hear that creditors, the kid has scored big, or so he thinks...
He provides a couple of screenies for proof.
Flipburger is saying is, that thanks to his hearsay, K&E went chasing after some money and scored big.

Now, we can only go off this screenshot, it's all he provided for context, this is all what he wants us to see, and that will do.
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While it's CEO is busy gaslighting #Celsius creditors, a reminder of what BTTF is:

WTF is a BNK TO THE FUTURE, a bAnk with no A in its name?

Here's the crash course:
Apparently he's going around suggesting that BTTF is choicer than Wulfy. He was saying something about available liquidity, and he's been busy making fun of the #HASH token.

So it sounds like he's saying that BTTF and its mighty BFT token, are a better choice.
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@Silkee_D response to a creditor's question was to like, a reply to the original question:

This one
So if I follow this in a line, you liked Santiago's reply to Keith's conclusions, as follows;
Santiago: "The data aligns with what he's reflecting and his fiduciary to creditors."

Keith: "So when you vote to subsidize CEL with the majority of the customers BTC, ETH, and stables just remember it ain't to help the majority of customers. Just the fractional minority"

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He's advocating that innocent retail users who bought #CEL be punished, while he has total rights to everything they also contributed to.

Every #Celsius creditor, contributed to the overall wealth of every other #Celsius creditor.

He's organizing to steal from some of them.
Remember this, the next time he is given the mic by the @CelsisuUCC during town halls. Remember also, this person has legal representation, but the UCC keeps giving him the mic.

4 times so far, that's already 90% more than ANY other creditor.

What's up with that @CelsiusUCC?
Where he takes the mic and proceeds to bullshit the horseshit out of the #CelsiusUCC, then promptly turns around on Twitter and continues his psychotic attacks on the creditors who believe in a ReOrg AND EQUAL TREATMENT OF ALL ASSETS.
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We are proud to have been selected to sponsor a plan of reorganization for #Celsius. We have launched a dedicated page on our website to bring transparency to this process and provide information about the plan as it becomes available:
We have reached an agreement in principal with #Celsius to sponsor a plan that returns a majority of liquid tokens to creditors, maximizes the value of the estate’s illiquid assets, and salvages the company’s strong operating businesses.
NovaWulf partnered with @Figure to offer decentralized infrastructure to trade the equity of the NewCo on chain. Blockchain rails provide a more efficient solution to traditional security trading and will materially reduce costs and settlement times.
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BREAKING: Here is #Celsius's Reorganization Plan
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Yup, the #Celsius insiders are going to be prosecuted for taking customer funds and buying CEL with them, and then cashing out 10s of millions.

Oh, and there is no proof Alex even invested in the ICO, like he promised and stated he did.

Alex and co got rich from taking user funds to pump up a shitcoin (CEL) to then sell, all while he's saying he wasn't selling.
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#Celsius & @CelsiusUcc going after claims & causes of action against insiders due to "fraud, recklessness, gross mismanagement, and self-interested conduct."……
Looks like they're settings the stage for the litigation trust. If you want to get in trouble with your significant other read this on Valentines Day inserts of being romantic. ❤️
One of the valuable assets for creditors is the personal wealth of the insiders. Here is how they unjustly enriched themselves using our funds & what they want to come after.
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¿Por qué el Departamento de Servicios Financieros de Nueva York @NYDFS le ordenó a la compañía @PaxosGlobal no imprimir o emitir más tokens de la moneda estable de #Binance #BUSD?

¿Qué pasará ahora con esta #Stablecoin?

Explicaré todo de principio a fin.

[Hilo] 🧶.

¿Qué es una moneda estable o #Stablecoin?

Es una criptomoneda que se emite a través de una #blockchain y que tiene como garantía/colateral dinero FIAT, materias primas y/o otros instrumentos financieros. Esto con el propósito de mantener una paridad 1:1 con el dólar #USD.

Las Stablecoins fueron creadas para facilitar la comercialización de criptomonedas sin tener que salir del ecosistema, ya que en muchos países cobran impuestos cuando usted convierte sus criptos a FIAT, además para "proteger" a los usuarios de la volatilidad del mercado.

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1/4) If we don't see a #Celsius plan on 2/15, we're probably all getting liquidated $USD back at this point. Regulators are running low on patience. Time to show the plan Celsius. No more messing around…
2/4) Multiple state entities (Alabama, Arkasas, DC, Hawaii, Maine, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, California) agree that the estate has been bleeding funds and Celsius has not proven that they are ready to present a plan.
3/4) They note the "devastating report of the Examiner" and they are interested in the Trustee motion if the facts surrounding the Special Committee members appointment and degree of actual independence present a conflict in discovery.
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