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"Just the facts, ma'am." The following questions, curated from the #CelShortSqueeze community, are a chance for @BankToTheFuture to clear up a few things with regard to their proposals. If you don't know an answer, then don't comment.
(Please excuse my financial illiteracy, not an expert, and way in over my ignorant head, so please excuse any misconceptions)

These proposals have opened a pandora's box of unknowns and none of these questions, in no particular order, have been answered thus far;
1)What are the terms you are promising these Depositors (Whales), and what are they buying with their Whale money, precisely?

2)What risk does Proposal 1 introduce with its financial engineering, exactly?
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The hijacking by @SimonDixonTwitt of the #CelShortSqueeze community initiative needs to be called out.

They are two separate things; #CelShortSqueeze is an organic community initiative, outside of any corporate or establishment influence.
It is designed to hold the #CEL shorters to account, to the fact, that we don't give a shit if @Mashinsky approves or not, we are doing it, because we can see it works, period.

The #DepositorsFirst hashtag was started by @BankToTheFuture, a Cayman Islands corporation. 1/33
They are two mutually exclusive tags, they work against each other. One is holding CEL shorters to account by sucking up CEL tokens from exchanges and pushing the token price up so they can not close their shorts. 2/33
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#Celsius jobs

I'll address this from a businessman's perspective

I fully sympathize with everyone who loses jobs, it is unfortunate

This is a bear market. Crypto companies are letting go of people everywhere. It probably won't be super easy to land another job right away

However, from a pure economical pov, employers and employees have only so much obligation towards each other. Employees are, at the end of the day, free to jump ship and work for another company for better benefits, pay, profile, job description and so on.
<3/x> Companies, also, therefore, have the ability to let go of people as and when required - just as they can hire people as required.

Job market is highly contractual in nature in 2022. Nobody has "permanent" jobs anymore. Unless you're working for the govt.
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Are We About To Witness A Potential Black Swan Event?? 😱

You NEED to read this!
1/ On June 30th the FED hiked the interest rate by 75bps effectively starting the shrink of its balance

This will be the catalyst for July 4th... A Federal Bank Holiday that could shake the whole crypto market 💥

Here's why 👇
2/ Starting 1 July until July 5th we could potentially see a mammoth move to the downside...

🔴Risk assets will once more rediscover how much they loathe the Fed-sponsored quantitative tightening of USD liquidity conditions.
No fiat can be deployed until Tuesday, July 5.
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#3AC , #Celsius, #finblox ont été les premiers. Le sang 🩸 n'a pas fini de couler.

🩸L'interconnexion des fonds d'investissements
🩸Les risques des boucles de prêts
🩸Les prêts non-collatéralisés

Le massacre à venir 👇 Image
Les stratégies d'investissement agressives et la mauvaise gestion des risques de #ThreeArrowsCapital ont contribué à son incapacité à maintenir des actifs liquides à court terme pour couvrir ses engagements.
Avec plus de 300 millions de dollars d'actifs liquidés depuis la mi-juin, la crise de liquidité du fonds spéculatif a contribué à un effet domino, provoquant une cascade de problèmes de liquidité parmi ses #investisseurs . Image
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So #Voyager invested money in #3AC and #Celsius. Celsius as well invested money in #3AC, only #BlockFi was more contained, yet still a huge liability of 14 billion $.
SBF paying 240M for a company that held 14B$ as of March 2021 is a steal in bright daylight.

Offering Voyager a 'credit-line' that didn't materialized was just a PR stunt so he can fill his shorts-selling.
Because #Voyager was already deep inside since #Celsius went HODL mode.

Everything is like 2008 mortgage crisis filled with junk assets.
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What happens if Celsius Network Capitulates via @YouTube
Did you know Banks spend about $600K per branch to operate? It's one of the reasons they can't & don't pay YOU higher returns on your savings.
I have a friend who runs a bank. It's a small bank. The cost of the software alone to run his small bank costs $30,000 a month! That's $360,000 a year plus salary plus real estate, utilities, etc. They can't compete with #CELSIUS!
Celsius is disrupting the financial industry and it is in it's infancy. IF it's successful, it could change the world in a very positive way. This fight is not about money. It's much bigger. It's about taking away the power, monopoly, and the unfair advantage big banks have...
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Remember when @TheFinancer and @TheRealPlanC and others where offering 20M$ for a direct link to FTX manipulating Celsius.

Its fine.

1. They will never award that.
2. They link is not what they think it is.

My contrary.
The WBTC that currently holds CELSIUS Oasis position is literally backed by Alameda/SBF.…

You guys are bad at larping. Even more bad on accusing people randomly. Because Celsius is illiquid and 3AC created a systematic risk.
The truth is that Celsius had extremely bad management. On which they dragged others in a never ending death-spiral. Interventions where made with ZERO help. Because 3AC ghosted everyone.
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1/ My dear Twitter friends, I gotta admit yesterday I've been scammed for about 500 USD worth of Ethereum. I want to share this with you because I'd like to protect anyone from these things.

I'm not rich so if anyone wanted to help me recovering I'd feel glad and blessed.
2/ And, most of all, nobody is 100% on internet, even if you think to be stronger or smarter than the scammers out there.

This is my story: I've found this website (that was perfectly cloned) about @sneakerheadsoff , which promised a free mint of an art NFT.
3/ The mint had only the fee of 0.25 ETH. I checked the Twitter and it seemed ok (also the Twitter was cloned and had more than 69k followers)
So I connected through the free mint contract and the contract always asked me for a higher amount than what I had.
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@coryklippsten keeps coming up when I look at who is spreading the same FUD about #Celsius, you can visualize his influence and see his enablers, supporters, and fellow FUDders with Hoaxy.
I did a small vid, I'm no expert so its a very basic way of using this app;
You can see how well organized he is, the neat circle that forms around him, and his direct line of enforcers, and you can follow that out to the next biggest dots and see what other interactions his FUD has.
Combine the dots in a search & further expand his circle of influence.
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The basic elements of the con and the psychological susceptibility into which each of them plays:

"The confidence game starts with basic human psychology.
1/7 From the artist’s perspective, it’s a question of identifying the victim (the put-up): who is he, what does he want, and how can I play on that desire to achieve what I want?
2/7 It requires the creation of empathy and rapport (the play): an emotional foundation must be laid before any scheme is proposed, any game set in motion.
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@CelsiusNetwork - Risk Assessment

- Minimal exp to #UST (Pulled out of #Anchorprotocol early following risk mitigation process)
- No directional exp to #luna
- No forced selling of stETH at discount (withdrawals paused & @Mashinsky stated 'plenty of ETH').

- Current Discount is 5.4% (and closing) on ~$400M-$500M = ~$25M
- Discount represents ~0.25% of $10B in AUM.
- Discount likely has a floor (arbitrageurs/speculators will intervene as PoS date approaches).
- Plenty of FUD online around this low risk exposure.

- Over-collaterized retail lending (no risk)
- Nearly 100% collaterized institutional lending (including potential loans to #3AC directly or indirectly)
- On-chain borrowing is known & public. Liquidation levels have been lowered/loans repaid (situation stabilized)

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Fact check: Did @CelsiusNetwork actually purchase $CEL to distribute last monday?

Yes they did, on FTX, OKEx, Bitfinex and Gateio. As far as I can tell based on blockchain data, the following wallet analysis clearly indicates that they did!

#Celsius #CELshortsqueeze
I can't guarantee anything, but the collection address (blue, center,…) was last used solely to collect $CEL from exchanges and send it to Celsius Wallet 5 (CEL user balance wallet).

Even better, more $CEL have already been purchased since last friday! So I assume @CelsiusNetwork still has funds to purchase the weekly $CEL.😎🚀

This is just my analysis, not financial advice.

Feel free to retweet if you agree 😉

#CelsiusNetwork #Celsius #CELshortsqueeze
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Comparto una explicación muy resumida de lo que entiendo hasta ahora sobre lo que está pasando en Celsius con el tema de #CelShortSqueeze .

Sharing a small summary in Spanish of what is happening in #Celsius in relation to ShortSqueeze.
@Celsius_ES @otisa502 @TheRealPlanC
¿Qué está pasando?
Buena explicación de la situación
Resumen de la teoría. Luego del problema con UST, muchas empresas poderosas (bastante grandes) se enojaron porque Celsius sacó la plata y no perdió tanto (en comparación).
En general todo el mundo de crypto se mueve demasiado por redes sociales y los influencers tienen mucho poder. Las empresas grandes idearon un plan de marketing (metiéndole mucho $$$) con el objetivo de arruinar la imagen de Celsius Network.
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Did we? Did we just drain all $CEL out of (-97.4%)? Hell we did!😎😂

Update for $CEL on major CEX, now approx 8.16M in total (-1.56 million $CEL compared to 06/18/22, 1100UTC, awesome 🚀🚀🚀)

#CELshortsqueeze #Celsius #CelsiusNetwork Image
on FTX, the shorters are under heavy pressure too!

CEL_PERP: Open interest 13’421’900 CEL, funding rate -0.1406% (1231% APY)

Interest rate for $CEL borrowing on FTX: 2600%, CEL borrowed: 4.074M

#CELshortsqueeze Image
@gate_io Would you be so kind as to let us know if you have any other $CEL addresses?

Wallet1:…, 6950 CEL

Wallet2:…, 0 CEL

Wallet 3:…, 0 CEL

Your order book right now: #nakedshorting? 🧐
#CELshortsqueeze Image
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1/25 Hepimizin gözü önünde yaşanan #Bitcoin düşüşünün gözden kaçırdığımız noktalarını, #Terra, #Celsius Network, #3AC gibi şirketlerin iflas tehlikelerini ve piyasaya etkilerini biraz konuşalım.
2/25 Bitcoin’in 2020 Mart ayında 3.8k$ seviyelerinden bir senede 69k$’a kadar yükselmesinin pandemi döneminde Dolar arzının artışının en büyük sebep olması yanında bugün yaşanan düşüşün de tersi istikamette yaşanan küresel gelişmelerin sebep olduğunu söyleyebiliriz.
3/25 Bu gelişmelerin başında Pandemi’de basılan paraların yarattığı enflasyonla mücadele edebilmek için faiz artışına gidilmesi ve bilanço daraltma denilen, FED tarafından kurumlara verilen tahvil ve kağıtları iade edip parasını geri alması sonucu para arzının azalması geliyor.
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1/25 - Part 2, The Real #Celsius Story.

Please Retweet 🙏 #Crypto #Bitcoin
2/25 - Very publicly and relentlessly bashed #Celsius daily for over a month leading up to the bank run.

∙ CEO of Competitor
∙ Financially Benefited
∙ Created Nonstop Fear
∙ Incentives To Pull Funds

#Crypto #Bitcoin
3/25 - 100's of very negative tweets about #Celsius over a 30 day period leading up to the bank run.

In the tweet example below, Cory is implying #Celsius is similar to Bitconnect.

#Crypto #Bitcoin
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¿Por qué PERDIMOS los $20k en #Bitcoin y $1k en #Ethereum y por qué SEGUIREMOS CAYENDO?

Aquí te lo explico

💬Psst… En el tweet # 10 encontrarás la versión corta
1/ El 18 de junio de 2022 Bitcoin hizo algo sin precedentes: Por primera vez en la historia, caímos por debajo del precio máximo del ciclo alcista anterior (en el 2017).

Todo apunta que la razón detrás de estas caídas tiene que ver con: LOS MINEROS.
2/ Los mineros tienen un margen de ganancia para mantener activa la red de Bitcoin y producir nuevos #BTC

La mala noticia es que estas ganancias se han reducido grandemente y cada vez estamos más cerca del precio de producción de Bitcoin.
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El 2022 ha sido una montaña rusa, pero nos ha dado varias lecciones para INVERTIR MEJOR.

Esto es lo que he aprendido en lo que va de año.

🗯 Psst… En el tweet # 11 encontrarás la versión corta
1/ 1️⃣ Los YouTubers son animadores, no expertos financieros

Es mejor ver a los YouTubers como comediantes o animadores.


En el 2022, muchos han quedado en ridículo con sus "predicciones" y "análisis del mercado.
2/ Los millonarios son incapaces de predecir el futuro teniendo años en el mercado, y tu te fías de una persona en YouTube.

Las instituciones pagan MILLONES de dólares a analistas financieros. Es muy poco probable que alguien en YouTube sea un verdadero experto
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1/25 - Part 1, The Real #Celsius Story.

Please Retweet 🙏 #Crypto #Bitcoin Image
2/25 - When the UST depeg started, there was a plan to make a deal with #LUNA and save the peg.

Someone told ALL the #UST whales NOT to sell and that there was no danger of UST failing, because there was a plan to save the peg.

#Celsius sold to protect their community...
3/25 - May 8, 2022 #Crypto #Bitcoin Image
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Aquí te lo explico

🗯 Psst… En el tweet # 10 encontrarás la versión corta Image
1/ ANTES DE EMPEZAR, quiero darle gracias a los cientos de nuevos seguidores.

Para mi es un honor estar en su timeline y compartir mis pensamientos con ustedes.

Ahora, entramos en materia...
2/ La Reserva Federal de USA subió los tipos de #interés ayer por 0,75%.

Esta noticia hubiera DESPLOMADO al mercado hace unas semanas.

Entonces, ¿por qué ayer tuvimos tanto verde en la bolsa y en las #criptomonedas? 🤔
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Tras lo sucedido con #Celsius, hemos visto como algunas de las principales #Stablecoins del mercado han comenzado a tambalearse de nuevo haciendo saltar todas las alarmas 🚨

Pero, ¿Por qué está pasando esto?

Abro Hilo 🧵 1/18
Todo comenzó el pasado Lunes 13 de Junio, cuando tras el anuncio de la pausa en los retiros, Celsius se desplomó más de un 70%.

Una caída que arrastró al resto del mercado, y que ha puesto en el punto de mira a las #StableCoins... Image
Con dos protagonistas principales, #USDT la Stablecoin más grande del mundo 🌍 en la actualidad, y #USDD la Stablecoin Algorítmica de #TRON Image
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Three Arrow Capital liquidation is inevitable! #3AC

Explained in this thread 👇🧵
They have have a lot of borrowing in various lending platform

Which are about to liquidate !
#3AC has $245M of $ETH deposited on lending platform @AaveAave

From this, they have borrowed $189M in $USDC and $USDT

This puts their Loan-to-Value ratio at ~77%
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A detailed thread about the whole #Celsius #Network scenario. 🧵

Worth your time! ⌛️❣️

"@CelsiusNetwork Don't let people suffer. I request you!"
Celsius operates just a #DeFi platform (unregulated bank) like any other where people can deposit their cryptos for some mouth watering returns. 🫶
Now you may wonder how Celsius is able to produce these returns to give you. They use your money to leverage into positions on other protocols. These leveraged positions are auto-cut at lose if & after a particular token dumps by certain % which increases the overall risk. 😶
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