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1/ The reason why you should NOT ignore #MultiversX

🚨 Before reading please know anything shared is NOT an opinion. It is fact and backed by data 🚨

The reason you may not have heard much about #MultiversX formerly @ElrondNetwork is 🧵

@egld_initiative #Elrond
2/ because they were primarily self funded. Their seed round July 15th, 2019 raised $1.9mill

Another $15mill in 2021 and $40mill raised in 2022

Let’s compare:

#Solana $400mill +
#DOT $300mill +
#Cardano $160mill +
#Avax $600mill 🤯
#Elrond $67 mill

Why does this matter? 👇
3/ Unless you have been living under a rock lately you know that VC’s manipulate markets *cough* #FTX #Alameda

They only care about hyping and pumping their own bags

To keep from being heavily VC controlled #Elrond limited their early investors 👏

#MultiversX 👇
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(1/9) The popularity of #NFTs during the epidemic has many #investors asking how they operate and how to acquire them. What Are NFTs And how to Own Them? 🖼️💸🧵

Learn More 👇…
(2/9) A #nonfungibletoken is a form of #digitalasset that simulates practical items, including music, movies, in-game items, and works of art. 💎🌐
(3/9) They are often encoded using the same underlying software as many #cryptos and are frequently bought and sold online using #cryptocurrency. 💻₿
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Happy Friday! The Weekly Market Highlights is an initiative from the #Binance Research team to round up the week, summarizing key market events and views from the team.

Let's get the ball rolling 🧵👇
1/ Macro

Non-farm payrolls are set to have increased by 200,000 last month, according to a consensus forecast compiled by Bloomberg. The slowdown in November is a further sign that demand for new workers is easing amid the Federal Reserve’s historic efforts to cool the economy.
2/ L1

#Ropsten, the first public testnet to support @ethereum 's transition to a PoS, will be shut down this month. The remaining validator nodes will stop supporting the network between Dec 15 & 30.
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Hey #Arbinauts (💙,🧡) #ArbitrumAutumn 🍂 is here!

The speed at which DeFi innovation is happening on @arbitrum currently is really astounding 🤯

In this thread we'll cover the latest projects 💎 - As usual, there's a cheat-sheet for the best opportunities on Arbitrum 👀
Why Arbitrum?

✅ Arbitrum is secured by Ethereum, arguably the most secure L1 Blockchain, with the highest TVL, most devs and longest history

✅ Arbitrum is the fastest growing ETH L2 scaling solution

Stats by courtesy of @SixdegreeLab & @superamscom 👇…
Why Arbitrum?

✅ Arbitrum has the highest TVL out of all ETH L2's and is also among the cheapest wrt Tx fees according to @l2beat #L2fees

✅ 40+ dApps >$1MM TVL according to @DefiLlama

✅ Continued improvements to increase decentralisation 👇

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Everyone's been FUD'ing #Solana to death lately, so I decided to drop 15 cold hard facts about $SOL you should know about..

Let's correct the narrative with data, shall we? 👇🏼🫡
Daily Transactions vs Top L1s:

More transactions happen every day on Solana than any other Layer 1.. period.

In fact, SOL pumps out more daily transactions than all of the competing L1s combined 🤯
Daily Active Addresses vs Top L1s:

Solana comes in 3rd place, this is an interesting trend to watch.

NFT trading behavior may lend itself to less daily activity, as opposed to DeFi-heavy chains.

Either way, respect to Polygon for creating daily user habits. 🤝
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Let’s talk about @blxckout_nft, bc they are trying to onboard more people to solana!

Here’s what they are doing:
Blxckout goals are mass adoption of the solana ecosystem by providing useful & essential products/services to solana users!
This is why they are building:

1. Synx (@synx_xyz )
2. Nxde (@TheNxde )
3. Servex (@servex_xyz )
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(1/9) #NFTs have swept the market and consumers off their feet due to significant growth in their popularity. Let’s shine the spotlight on #NFTs once and for all! 🖼️✨🧵
Learn More 👇…
(2/9) ✨What are NFTs?✨
#NFTs are Non-fungible-tokens. These #tokens are unalterable, and cannot be replicated in any shape or form. They are a form of digital art that can be tokenized against real-time assets such as real estate. 🌐
(3/9) Exchanges that deal in #NFTs usually incorporate the use of #SOL, #Polygon and #ETH. #SOL is a blockchain platform that supports #dApps, and it has proved to be a fast-growing ecosystem. Let’s talk about trading #NFTs. 🟡💸
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I'm making 5+ threads A WEEK about what NFT projects on #Solana are doing!

Will add every single one to this thread⬇️🧵
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El ecosistema de Solana cayendo en picado.

Exchanges bloqueando depósitos de #USDT #USDC en #Solana 🚨

Tether pasando 1,000 Millones de USDT de Sol a #ETH 👀

¿Quieres saber lo que está pasando? Abro hilo 1/ 🧵🧶
2/ Desde la caída de #FTX y Alameda Research, dos de las empresas más importantes en el lanzamiento de la red de SOL, solana está mostrando signos de debilidad CLAROS 🤔
3/ Podemos ver como el TVL (Valor total bloqueado) de la red está disminuyendo a pasos agigantados.

Habiendo pasado, en un año de 10Bn Bloqueados a tan solo 200M de dólares.

Una caída bestial que pocas veces hemos visto
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(1/10) Both #Solana and #Polygon are more efficient and cost-effective alternatives to #Ethereum. Comparing its features will help you decide which one suits you best! 🧵
Learn More 👇… Image
(2/10) ⚡Which one is the ideal choice — Solana or Polygon? ⚡
Both these #Protocols are more efficient and cost-effective in comparison to Ethereum. But, to help you evaluate that, here’s a comparison of these two blockchains! 💲💸
(3/10) Solana is an efficient blockchain that offers a range of tools that enhances ease of use. Though #Solana uses Rust, C, and C++ for developing smart contracts; developers can interact with it through an SDK. 👩🏽‍💻 🔣
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Après la catastrophe #FTX des derniers jours, notre communauté a des questions légitimes et des remarques concernant 1/ notre collaboration commerciale avec FTX sur @LeJournalDuCoin, 2/ l'utilisation de FTX pour gérer les fonds des membres du @TradingduCoin. Thread à dérouler 🧵
Concernant la collaboration commerciale que nous avons entretenue avec les équipes de FTX et d'Alameda Research, des lecteurs auront remarqué que nous avons lancé un travail de fond en rédac afin d'éliminer les mentions commerciales variées promouvant FTX sur le site JDC. (2/x)
Afin d'être totalement transparent, il ne s'agit pas de nier cette collaboration : nous l'assumons, et j'y reviendrai un peu plus tard dans ce thread. Simplement, il n'est pas raisonnablement possible de laisser des liens directs redirigeant notre audience... (3/x)
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Even though one of my main postures is to be neutral on this space and not fall into toxic maximalism, I can't stay quiet about #Solana and #SBF's fraud

I acknowledge that until #Ethereum becomes cheap for everyone, it is plausible that most DeFi users move to #Avalanche 🧵

One of the main reasons builders chose solana in first place were the metrics.

Of course anyone would have chosen the chain that claims having 1 billion tps, since it would guarantee a flawless functioning on every dapp built there.

(Chart from 2021)
But did you know that Solana's metrics were fake?

Basically it counted consensus messages as transactions. More technical details on it can be found on this Medium article…
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Last September, Chicago-bound trading giant Jump Trading made a widely publicized crypto push by investing in decentralized exchange Serum, on #Solana.
Serum and Jump had inked a deal for an undisclosed amount that would see the outfit provide the liquidity…,
necessary to make Serum-powered platforms like Mango Markets usable.
Since then, #Tether has issued Jump:
$1.1 billion in $USDT on Solana this year,

equal to almost 99% of all #USDT that exists on that blockchain.
Jump Crypto is considered the top liquidity provider to Mango Markets and #Solana overall.
Jump “officially” spun out its Crypto subsidiary this September. 
At the time, press materials said Jump Crypto builds tooling and other software infrastructure for blockchains! Image
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#TETHER distributed $108.5 billion in USDT,

received $32.7 billion in $USDT in that same period,

sent a staggering majority of $USDT directly to market makers and liquidity providers. Image
Some of these entities maintain crypto exchanges; the data presented here relates specifically to their operational addresses as companies. Image
#Tether supplied categorized “market makers” with 89.2% of all $USDT ($97 billion) it sent.
Trading funds and other miscellaneous companies received $9.2 billion (8.5%).
Smaller transactions deemed to have been received by “individuals” amounted to $2.35 billion (2.3%). Image
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To make exchange holdings easier to understand, below are both their relevant portfolios & associated explanatory statements.

- Binance
- Cryptocom
- KuCoin
- Deribit
- Bitfinex
- Huobi

2/ 📌 Assets/Net Worth shown is the value of the holdings in the wallet addresses provided by the exchanges, on blockchains that we support.

It is not meant to be an exhaustive or complete statement of the actual assets/reserves held by the exchange on behalf of its users.
3/ @binance portfolio:…

Current holdings: $64.3B (removed Binance Bridge pegged tokens, only include their original assets)


Binance statement:…
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🏁 #NitroGrandPrix Stage One 🏁

The time has come and race is on.

To start off #NitroGrandPrix, the first task is to join a team in Discord and create a Solana wallet or Cosmos wallet.

Completing stage tasks qualifies you for exclusive NFTs and rewards 👇 🚦
2/ To kick off the first stage of #NitroGrandPrix:

Join Discord and pick a team:

Team #Solana ☀️ vs Team #Cosmos ⚛️
3/ We're working together with @keplrwallet to super charge all the incredible developments in the #Cosmos ecosystem.

Team Solana ☀️ : Head to and download Keplr to participate in this weeks event 👇
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$SOL: Where is the bottom at? Nobody knows. The chart itself isn't super clear to me;I had to go all the way back to 2020 to find some support lvls. Have a few different screenshots on my levels and current outlook- I think that this current $11 area is a must hold area. #Solana ImageImageImage
If $11 falls, I don't see any more support until $5-$3. It's really awful to see this price action and it's going to be very volatile in the short term. I personally would not bidding this for a while and would rather just buy higher vs. buying the dip (the dip could be v. low).
Overall, this is nasty for SOL builders in the short term but I think that this is going to be healthy for the ecosystem longer term- not as many predatory bad tokenomics, hopefully more community projects. We will see if new builders choose SOL over Aptos/Sui.
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Although some of my funds got caught in #ftx as I thought they would be able to provide more liquidity I warn many people to remove most of their funds as I consider them to be crypto insolvent, was I delusional back then? @iTzAnthonyNap @otisa502 @CEL__100 #CelsiusNetwork 1/7 🧵
Me commenting about @cz_binance warning. #CelsiusNetwork 2/7
Recommending @binance 3/7
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Who **actually** controls the largest projects on #solana? What's the deal with Upgrade Authorities? Are your funds more safu in DeFi contracts than they were on #FTX?

Let's find out 🧵👇
For this thread, we analysed the Upgrade Authorities of the top 10 TVL projects on DefiLlama.
What are Upgrade Authorities (UAs)? 👮

UAs are the accounts in charge of changing a solana program's code.

Naturally, they pose a huge security risk. If you control the UA, you control the smart contract and its funds.
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Quick 🧵on @FTX_Official Hack

Total stolen so far: $417M

Hackers address on:
ETH / BSC / Avalanche: 0x59ab..d32b
Solana: 6sEk..hSHH

Thread Coverage:
1/Assets Stolen
2/ Swapped / Bridged Funds
2/ Assets Frozen
3/ Platforms Used
4/ Notable Transactions
5/Suspected Whitehats Image
Assets Stolen Image
Swapped/Bridged Funds

ETH Network: Swap Alts for $ETH and $DAI via various DEX, and bridge 5,000,000 $MATIC to Polygon Network via Polygon Bridge.

BSC Network: Bridge tokens to ETH network via Stargate, Multichain

Solana: Bridge 7,964 $ETH to ETH network via Wormhole Bridge
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📚 This week has been intense in the crypto space, so relax with a cup of coffee and indulge in some weekend reading as we give a recap of the trends 👇
🔹 @FTX_Official's venture capital arm is one of the big investors in @solana. As news about #FTX’s insolvency issues hit the market, trust in #Solana’s native token, $SOL, dropped fast, impacting the entire #DeFi industry.

➡️ Find out why:…
🏆 @cryptopunksnfts retakes the number 1 position as the most valuable NFT collection. @BoredApeYC floor price dropped from 70 ETH to 59.7 ETH within days.

Now, the Second Flippening has happened, but at the moment, there’s no time for celebrations

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1/ As requested, a 🧵 on Adaptive State Sharding developed and used by #MultiversX formerly @ElrondNetwork

Adaptive State Sharding is a complex but groundbreaking advancement in blockchain architecture which I will try to simplify below 👇

#Elrond @egld_initiative ⚡️
2/ We will go over:

🔸What is sharding?
🔸How is it used in blockchain?
🔸Why is it important?
🔸The types of sharding
🔸What does "adaptive" mean?
🔸Why #MultiversX method is so groundbreaking

So let's get into it...💪
3/ To begin we need to understand what sharding is...

The word "shard" means "a small part of a whole" and was 1st introduced as a way to break up computer databases into smaller and faster parts

Ex. Imagine a database with 10k records and you need to find 1. 👇
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Some thoughts about #FTX #Solana #Alameda #CZ situation.

CZ will inevitably be the white knight to save FTX, enough compromised with his recent statement , FTX too big to not be acquired on favorable terms, Alameda too fragile to not accept.

This will be inevitable..
If this Should it not happen, Binance will have all of hate against him, and furthermore, the consequences will be devastating for entire industry.

That's why it will be inevitable.
Every economic crisis causes these kinds of events, for the simple fact that markets are inhabited by gamblers, greedy people. When we see price collapses, those who looked like geniuses and rich people find themselves in debt, insolvency, and liquidated positions.
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1/ So basically SBF was using his own token $FTT as collateral in a flywheel scheme, allegedly misusing/gambling user deposits.

#CoinDesk published #AlamedaResearch's balance sheet which showed the extent they were using $FTT as collateral.
2/ #cz_binance was pushed into selling his $FTT holdings which made everyone question #FTX solvency.

A bankrun started and when everyone tried to withdraw it became clear that #FTX did not have enough funds to cover all the deposits.
3/ I am trying to find another logical explanation different from #FTX gambling with user funds.

Where are the funds if they were simply hodling them for the users? At least according to their ToS.
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