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A mega #comet — one so humongous, it was previously misidentified as a dwarf planet! — is approaching our solar system!


📸: NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/J. da Silva (Spaceengine)

Thread! 👇
In 2014, astronomers Pedro Bernardinelli and Gary Bernstein discovered a celestial object and classified it as a dwarf planet.

However, the body was later reclassified as a comet, after it showed signs of activity.
Now, scientists have found that this mega-comet, named the Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet, has a diameter of a whopping 160 km!

In comparison, the Hale-Bopp comet, which was dubbed the 'Great Comet' back in 1997, has a 30 km diameter and less than 10 times the mass.
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#VIDEO: In the year 2020—despite the widespread lockdowns and restricted movement—space exploration and research continued to proliferate across the globe. In case you missed any of these mind-blowing space stories of 2020, then here is a reckoner!
#2020inSpace: Ten Out of the World Happenings That Kept #Astronomy Enthusiasts on Their Toes This Year…

On September 14, 2020, a paper published in the reputed journal Nature Astronomy, revealed detection of #phosphine—a colourless, flammable gas—on the clouds of #Venus.

(📸: SSV, MIPL, Magellan Team, NASA)
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Are you ready for an early #Halloween story? Turn on your pumpkin lanterns, because the ghosts of our spacecraft past have a story to tell… 💀🛰👻🎃🤖☄️🕯 #RosettaLegacy #TrickOrTreat #MysteryStory
After years of detective work by #Rosetta & #Philae teams, the lander’s “missing” second touchdown site has been identified on #comet #67P, in a location that resembles the shape of a skull! 🔎💀😮 #RosettaLegacy
Full story👉…
Philae left its imprint in billions-of-years-old ice, revealing that the comet’s icy interior is softer than #cappuccino froth or the foam in a bubble bath or on top of waves at the seashore ☕️🛁🌊#RosettaLegacy (photo courtesy @AstroEmz) Image
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Red [fires]
Red [waves]
Red [Chi-na]
Red [dragon]
Red [planet]
Red [Rome]
Red [devil]

RIG FOR RED ImageImage
3.2 - LINKS TO PARTS 1 & 2


PART 1 - Intro & The # of Current Events

PART 2 - Signs of Sodom & of the Revelation

And get yourself a copy of a King James #Bible

And #PRAY to #God

🙏 Image

Say a #Prayer for @POTUS and our great country


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Bonus #science opportunity for #SolarOrbiter, which will cross through the tails of #Comet ATLAS in the next few days. The mission's 4 in-situ instruments will be switched on and collecting data during the encounter 👍 #weareallsolarorbiters

More details:…
The commissioning of #SolarOrbiter has been proceeding over the past three months to ensure the spacecraft and instruments will be fully functional for the 1st close pass of the #Sun, to take place on 15 June, around 77 million km from our parent star.
Meanwhile, @einionyn noticed that #SolarOrbiter would pass through the ion tail of Comet ATLAS on 31 May-1 June + through the dust tail on 6 June. Fortuitously, the 4 in-situ instruments that measure the conditions around the spacecraft are also great for studying #comet tails! Image
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A new #comet was discovered last month by amateur astronomer Micheal Mattiazzo from Australia. Just, he did not look at the sky to do so. He inspected images from #SOHO, our Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

Meet C2020/F8, aka Comet SWAN 👇👍
Details 👉…
Here is a photo of the comet from 2 May 👇
Today, it reached its closest approach to Earth at around 85 million km, and it is headed towards its closest point to the Sun on 27 May. It is now faintly visible to the naked eye. Will it become brighter?
It can be extremely difficult to predict the behaviour of comets, but scientists are hopeful that Comet SWAN will remain bright enough to see as it continues its journey. If it survives, star gazers should look for it near the bright star Capella in the constellation of Auriga ☄️
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⚖️⚽🇦🇷 En los últimos 3 días hubo importantes novedades y resoluciones que impactan en el #FutbolArgentino, en el marco de la #Pandemia #COVID__19, protagonizadas por @afa, #Agremiados y la #IGJ. Vamos a analizarlas (abro hilo)…
1.#AFA dio x finalizados los #torneos de todas las categorías, y suspendió los #descensos '20/21.

A)#Contratos q vencían “al final de la temporada” quedan vencidos hoy; los q vencen 30/6, no se extenderán como se pensaba si se extendía el #Torneo. ➕…
B)Esto permite a los #clubes, en plena crisis, ahorrarse 2 meses de #sueldos.
C)Además, x la falta de ingresos en 2020 y la suspensión de #descensos x 2 años, la mayoría de los #clubes no podrán ni necesitarán renovar esos contratos, ni comprar nuevos #jugadores (otro ahorro).➕
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