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Do you imagine a volume of financial support that has been pumped into the success of the Syrian revolution? But tampering the Syrian revolution was born a dead mouth, because its owners were masting and spoiled thieves
Time: 2016
Location:#Duma-#Damascus Regulation Part 1
The so-called Abu al-Nasr, commander of the Ummah Brigade, addresses Zahran Alloush, the commander of Jaish al-Islam: Your income from me from the tunnel is 12 million dollars. Where did they go?

Alloush replies: What do you want in them when you are likewise
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Abu Al-Nasr replies: They entered in the name of Eastern Ghouta

Aloush replies: No, there is nothing to do with the name of Ghouta. I went out to meet the supporters and they brought me!!

12 million dollars today equals 100 billion Syrian pounds!!
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The Continuing Regional Rapprochement of #Syria and #Assad

A thread 🪡

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In January I wrote about how, after over 10 years of brutal war pushed and funded by outside powers, the #MiddleEast was accepting that the #Syrian Arab Republic, led by #Assad would stay in power.…

The #USA and #NATO countries have been unhappy about things turning out this way, especially as #Syria is a close ally of #Russia. However, the Muslim states of the region are seeing that the future is cooperation, and that the SAR has won the war.

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#Iran condemns recent attacks of the Zionist entity on #Syria

#Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Nasser Kanaani, strongly condemned the #Zionist entity’s attacks, on Thursday and Friday dawn, on some points in #Damascus and its countryside.
Kanaani said in a statement that “Unfortunately, the international community did not have the expected & deterrent reaction to the aggressive & continuous military attacks of the Zionist entity on Syria, including civilian airports and residential areas.”
He indicated that such aggressive practices are a flagrant and continuous violation of international laws and regulations.

Kanaani added that those attacks come to divert attention from the deep internal crises and divisions of that entity.
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Foreign Ministry: Israeli terrorist aggression is a continuation of fascist approach towards the region
“The #Israeli terrorist aggression that targeted some points in the vicinity of #Damascus city this morning is nothing but a continuation of the fascist method of the Israeli entity towards the peoples & countries of the region”, Foreign & Expatriates Ministry affirmed Thursday. Image
This hostile act is an attempt by this entity to escape from the internal dislocation witnessed there. The region cannot be at peace and stability unless putting an end to the Israeli occupation and its repeated attacks.”
-Foreign Ministry-
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Ministry of Transport: All flights diverted from #Aleppo Airport to #Damascus and #Lattakia airports
After the technical teams evaluated the damages caused by the #Israeli aggression that targeted #Aleppo International Airport on Wednesday at dawn, it was found that there were damages to the runway and some navigational equipment,
which caused the airport to be out of service till finishing the repair work, according to the Ministry of Transport- the General Organization for Civil Aviation.
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#SaudiArabia to reopen consulate in #Damascus, #Syria

After playing a key role in the #US-led war to topple the #Syrian government, #SaudiArabia reversed course and will re-open its embassy in #Damascus 12 years after the start of the war…
Saudi Arabia plans to reopen its consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, over a decade after it was closed at the onset of the US-led war on Syria in 2011, Middle East Monitor reported.…
The kingdom plans to reopen the consulate in Damascus following the holy month of Ramadan. Additional preparations will be made during the upcoming visit to Syria by Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, who will meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
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#Syria deplores conducting “#Brussels Donors’ Conference for victims of the earthquake” without coordinating with #Damascus
#Syria condemned holding the so-called “#Brussels Donors’ Conference for victims of the earthquake” without coordinating with it or even inviting #Damascus to participate in its activities, according to a statement by Foreign & Expatriates Ministry
“The conference is held without coordinating with the #Syrian government representing the country in which this disaster befell or even inviting it to participate in its activities”, the statement noted,
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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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CENTCOM chief decries Russian flyovers of US illegal occupation bases in Syria

The #US illegal ocupation forces controls nearly a third of #Syria and has been accused of stealing 80 percent of the country's daily oil output…
US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief, General Michael Kurilla, said on 16 March that the Russian air force has increased the frequency of “unprofessional” and “unsafe” flyovers of #US illegal occupation bases in #Syria.…
Around 900 #US illegal ocupation forces are still deployed in the Levantine nation, controlling nearly a third of the country and a large portion of its oil fields.…
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#Turkiye to resume normalization talks with #Syria this week

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar expressed hope that #Syria would be understanding of its unwavering position regarding the #Kurdish presence on its border…
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said during a press conference on 12 March that Ankara intends to continue down the path of normalization with the Syrian government.…
However, he also expressed hope that #Damascus would “understand” #Turkiye’s concern over the #Kurdish militant presence near its border – a main pretext for the #Turkish occupation in northern #Syria.…
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Sayyed #Nasrallah: The Global War On #Syria Has Failed, And Opening Up To It Today Is An Acknowledgment Of Its Victory…
The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah, affirmed that the project of the global war against #Syria had failed militarily and politically, and this is a huge achievement, pointing out that opening up to #Syria today is an acknowledgment of its victory.
Sayyed #Nasrallah said in today’s speech that many #Arab countries have a desire to restore full relations with #Syria, but the obstacle is the #American objection, adding, “When we see Arab delegations in #Damascus, we feel happy.”…
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UN plane loaded with relief for quake victims arrives at Damascus Int’l Airport

A plane carrying relief materials provided by the #UnitedNations for those affected by the earthquake arrived at #Damascus International Airport on Sunday.
The plane is carrying 40 tons of aid, including blankets and lamps that operate on solar energy, Head of the #UnitedNations High Commissioner for Refugees in #Syria, Sivanka Dhanapala, said.
Dhanapala added that the needs are great and the #UnitedNations will continue to provide relief materials and support to those who lost their homes as a result of the earthquake.
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the occupation soldiers while they surrounded his house and his refusal to surrender in Beit Hanoun.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Al-Quds Brigades are engaged in a violent clash with a special
Zionist force in Balata camp in #Nablus, and the enemy admits that two soldiers were wounded during the clashes.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Saraya fighters detonated an explosive device with a
special Zionist force and fought with it a violent clash east of Rafah, and our fighters confirmed that there were casualties among them.

- Monday, February 23, 2009

The Saraya fighters fought a
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Today, the Zionist Air Force carried out an intensive aerial reconnaissance campaign deep into #Syria 🇸🇾 morning, afternoon and night hours:

During the morning, afternoon and night hours of today,
1/ ImageImageImageImage
three Nahshon aircraft from the 122nd Squadron of the enemy "Israeli" Air Force, two for special electronic missions (electronic intelligence) with one aircraft for air surveillance and early warning
(AWACS) made an air cruise deep into #Syria for several hours, towards the southern region of #Damascus and its surroundings and the central region Homs and its surroundings all the way to the
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Video of the suspected Israeli attack against a building Kfar Sousah in southern #Damascus last night
Some Syrian sources claim the attack targeted a meeting possibly between Iranian and Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials - though this has not been confirmed
This attack does appear different, as it didn't hit the usual targets, and was carried out in a very urban area, purportedly near an Iranian cultural centre.
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Nine planes arrived at the airports of #Damascus, #Lattakia and #Aleppo, 8 of them from the #UnitedArabEmirates 🇦🇪 and one from #Iran 🇮🇷, loaded with relief aid for those affected by the earthquake that struck #Syria 🇸🇾 on February 6th.
#Damascus International Airport was the destination for 4 #Emirati planes arrived Friday, the first carrying more than 29 tons of foodstuffs, while the second plane carried 86 tons and 670 kilograms of relief materials, including food and blankets.
The cargo of the third and fourth #UAE plane was more tons of foodstuffs.

In addition, #Lattakia International Airport received three #Emirati planes and one #Iranian, carrying food and relief aid for the quake-affected people.
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Four #Emirati 🇦🇪 planes loaded with humanitarian aid arrived on Friday at the international airports of #Damascus & #Lattakia for those affected by the earthquake that struck #Syria 🇸🇾 on the 6th of February.
The first #Emirati 🇦🇪 plane that arrived at Damascus International Airport loaded with 29 tons and 700 kilograms of food while the second plane loaded with 86 tons and 670 kilograms of relief materials included food and tablets.
Two #Emirati 🇦🇪 planes arrived on Friday at Lattakia International Airport carrying food and relief aid for the earthquake-affected people.
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Prayers for #Syria and for the victims of the earthquake
Several churches in #Syria and in various countries around the world held prayers at the same time for #Syria and the souls of the victims who fell from the devastating earthquake.
The faithful prayed to God to speed up the healing of the injured survivors, to heal the souls of the families of the martyrs with faith and to give them the determination and strength to rebuild what was destroyed.
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Amid years of criticism, @UN officials constantly reiterate their commitment to "the humanitarian imperative" in #Syria.

But let's be honest: that's BS.

The @UN is more concerned about managing their relations in #Damascus than prioritizing the lives of those in the northwest.
@UN Leadership at @UN HQ has consistently kowtowed to #Assad regime demands; allowed the systematic weaponization of aid & failed to crackdown on regime-fueled corruption within the aid system.

Investigations into all these issues -- & CWs too -- are often squashed or kept private.
@UN In the wake of the earthquake, #Assad's regime said *at the @UN* that disaster relief should *only* come via #Damascus.

Then the @UN claimed that road damage was why relief to the NW wasn't coming via the #Turkey border.

As time passes, that reasoning just isn't adding up.
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While #Turkey is very a seismically active area and strong earthquakes frequently take place, this is NOT the case for #Syria. The February 6 Earthquake only further highlights the Syrian people's unluckiness.

A thread on earthquakes in Syria according to official data.
I went through the 7,200+ earthquakes recorded by Syria's National Center for Earthquakes (NCE) between 1995 and 2021 and here is what I found:

1. Since 1995, no earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 and over was recorded on Syrian territory. Turkey witnessed 18.
In fact, the last event of an equivalent intensity to have struck #Syria was the 1202 #Damascus earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.4 to 7.6. It resulted in an estimated 30,000 deaths. Taking into account the margin of error, the two events can be considered of equivalent strength.
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#Assad's regime, its supporters & a plethora of uninformed commentators are driving a call for punitive sanctions on the regime to be removed to facilitate aid delivery to #Syria.

This is absolute nonsense.

It has no basis in facts.

It's nothing but a regime talking point.
Let’s start with some facts:

- 90% of the multi-billion dollar aid effort that goes through #Damascus comes from the U.S, U.K, E.U. & #Canada -- who also happen to be the x4 sanctioning entities.

In all cases, humanitarian waivers are in place to ensure the free flow of aid.
The West has consistently funded & backed the free-flow of aid across all of #Syria & its *our* money that's paid for it.

It’s #Assad's regime that has systematically weaponized aid since 2011 -- diverting it away from opposition communities as part of its siege & starve agenda.
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* Let me make this concretely clear:

Punitive sanctions on #Assad's regime have zero effect on the influx of aid into regime-held areas of #Syria.

Moreover, the x3 sanctioning entities (U.S., E.U. & #Canada) provide 90% of the ~$5bn aid program directed through #Damascus.
That UN aid program in #Damascus is an enormous effort -- & without Western funding, it'd vanish almost instantly.

Our governments continue to fund it to help those in need, in regime areas, *despite* the #Assad regime's systematic manipulation & diversion of the aid for 12yrs.
We continue to fund the UN's aid program in #Damascus, even despite the #Assad regime's policy of enforcing manipulated exchange rates upon its in-flows -- meaning that 51 cents of every single $1 sent in, is stolen by the regime.

Removing sanctions *only* benefits #Assad. Only.
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Northwestern #Syria#Idlib & #Aleppo in particular — have suffered 12yrs of brutal conflict. More than 65% of the basic infrastructure of the area is destroyed or heavily damaged.

Tonight’s earthquake couldn’t have hit a more vulnerable region.

An absolute disaster.
Utterly horrific reports coming from all across NW #Syria - every town I’ve heard from has dozens of buildings flattened. People stuck under the rubble.

Any many, many casualties — including children.

@SyriaCivilDefe will be heroes tonight, working amid heavy rain & sleet.
I’ve heard from x3 hospitals in #Idlib & N. #Aleppo — all are full, every bed taken by emergency cases following tonight’s earthquake.

As rescuers & civilians seek to extract people & belongings from rubble, there’s mass panic about aftershocks.

@SyriaCivilDefe stretched thin.
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#Syria says #Israeli #missile strike puts #Damascus #airport out of service | Today
- Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes on targets inside government-controlled parts of Syria in recent years…
#Israeli #raids #kill Syrian soldiers, shut down #Damascus airport | Jan 2
- The volley of air-launched #missiles came from the direction of Lake #Tiberias in Israel at about 2am local time on Monday (23:00 GMT Sunday)
#Israeli Raids Kill Syrian Soldiers, Shut Down #Damascus Airport | Dec 2
-The #TelAviv regime has been a main supporter of #terrorist groups that have battled the govt of Pres Bashar #AlAssad since #foreign-backed #militancy erupted in #Syria in early 2011…
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