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The American “social justice” cancel cult operates outside the law with trial-by-media.

But it’s not even a trial, because only one side is “allowed” to argue their case! If you do anyhow, you are “supporting XYZ alleged crime,” which obviously begs the question.
2/ Begging the question, for those who don’t know, is a logical fallacy in which an argument assumes its own conclusion (circular reasoning).

But postmodernism actually denies that reason is real!! It’s “a tool of the oppressor,” “everything is subjective,” etc. #CrazyTown
3/ Putting this all together...

We now have a Western cult that is obsessed with “identity” (race/gender), operates outside of the law, is authoritarian allowing no other viewpoints, and flat out denies reason/reality as being real.

Yeah, this is totally normal. 😬
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1. Khashoggi: The @WhiteHouse totally insane statement abou KSA and MBS involvement should be analyzed carefully. The manner in which @Trump communicates is so far from normal official communication that sometimes we miss the impact. Let my try to unpack the #Khashoggi murder.
2. #Khashoggi has been a subject of Saudi interest long before the Trump Kushner administration. He is a known MB supporter and that makes him allied with Turkey that, IMO, can no longer be considered a trusted US ally. It's allied with Iran and Russia. It's presence in NATO is a
3. threat to NATO not a benefit. So if Khashoggi needed paperwork from the consulate why didn't he get it in the US before he left? The Turkish claim that he needed the paperwork that was communicated at Istanbul marriage office is suspicious. The fact that there was a Saudi
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Unresolved recusal & financial issues require a pause in the Kavanaugh hearings

Mueller will accept some written answers from Trump.

Woodward’s book reveals an admin having a "nervous breakdown of executive power" -is unflattering in the extreme. The WH is #CrazyTown

Trump said condemning white supremacists was ‘biggest f---ing mistake I’ve made’: Woodward book

The accusations sending tremors through the Catholic Church are a concerted and dubious attack by ultraconservatives on Pope Francis.

📌Pope Francis is #AntiMafia

“US air defense is back in Europe!

@SCNationalGuard 678th #AirDefense Artillery Brigade arrived in 🇩🇪 for a 9-month #AtlanticResolve deployment;

This marks 1st time a US air defense artillery brigade has deployed to Europe since Cold War”
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