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So do these GOP women believe they'll #MAGA w/this bevy of '50`s denials?

@GinaSosa: “Tell me what
boy hasn't done this in high school?”
That sounds like an indirect, covert disclosure—even a lonely appeal for…1/8
@bennyjohnson @Mariska @MaddowBlog @Lawrence @SamSeder @GinaSosa 2/8…support—that some teen boy's sexual misconduct marred Ms. Sosa's adolescence too.

Yet astonishingly, in very same conversation, Ms. @ irinavilarino & another one simply can't fathom *why* #CBFord didn't disclose earlier!

& Ms. Lourdes Castillo de la Peña ( @TeamTedCruz)…
@bennyjohnson @Mariska @MaddowBlog @Lawrence @SamSeder @GinaSosa @TeamTedCruz 3/8…asserts that #Kavanaugh "has an *impeccable* reputation: "nobody that has spoken ill will about him [sic]—everyone that speaks about him—this guy's an altar boy, you know, a scout." Yes—an altar boy who sipped wine so deeply that, according to his childhood bff & alleged…
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And #Kavanaugh has a new accuser. Amazingly enough, JUST IN TIME for the Democrats. Whew, that was close, they snuck her in under the wire. Sounds like another hatched job. Read this whole thread for a break down of the story.…
"Credible allegation." They keep using that phrase. If an allegation is actually credible, they don't have to keep repeating it. Kind of like "religion of peace."

Also, this is from the woman who recently said that men just need to shut up.
They failed to mention "registered Democrat."
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1) #Polls want you to believe they are the #truth They are NOT.
This crazy circus around #Kavanaugh is Premeditated by the #MockingbirdMedia(ALL), the #DeepState & the spineless #RINOs. *A #KavanaughConfirmation
means a real #Doomsday to the #Leftists "Dems" & THEY KNOW IT!
2) 🌟Tomorrow🌟, #Patriots🇺🇸, I am pleading you to PLEASE ☎️CALL YOUR SENATORS!☎️ Tell them (politely) that you want them to ▶️#ConfirmKavanaugh!◀️
🔥☎️(202) 224-3121☎️🔥
🔥☎️(202) 224-3121☎️🔥

🌟Please RT!✔
#MAGA 🇺🇸
3) 🌟Helpful links to your Senator's DC OFFICES!🌟
#ISupportKavanaugh👍🏻 #KavanaughForSCOTUS🇺🇸
▶️Find your Snator Fast!…
▶️Link to Judiciary Cmte…
▶️Extensions to Senators' offices:
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@realDonaldTrump @senorrinhatch @ChuckGrassley @GOPoversight #Kavanaugh THREAD #BOB Anita Hill was a die hard HRC supporter who believed that Clarence Thomas would overturn of Roe vs Wade & Hill also ran cover for Bill Clinton's accusations. See here:…
Enter David Brock-Hillary Clinton's Republican (another Deepthroat) embedded in t/R party. During t/Clarence Thomas David's job was too be harsh & to write a book forever staining t/R party & Clarence Thomas.… #BOB
Enter Christine Blasely Ford, Liberal HRC loving, Pro-choice attendee of Holton Arms in 1983 & a few other yrs. As with Anita Hill -fearing an overturn of Roe vs Wade.
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.@judicialnetwork is picking #SCOTUS for us, first #Gorsuch now #Kavanaugh. @ZeldaShagnasty shows here, the domain confirmkavanaugh(.)com was registered in 2/17. 3 similar sites (.net, .info and confirmkavanaughnow(.)com) in 7/18, all three on the same day. #osint #infosec
That date was 7/10/2018. Given that all domains were registered through GoDaddy’s anonymous registration service, WHOIS doesn’t tell us much. But the site is copywritten to @judicialnetwork, so we know they’re involved. Let’s take a look at the page source for the .com site:
Notice something? A template created for a Gorsuch themed site is being used for #Kavanaugh. Was there a confirmgorsuch(.)com too? Blank page currently, but sure enough one was setup 12/19/2016. And taken down 7/9/2018. Well, when did confirmkavanaugh(.)com go live?
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Like former McCain adviser @SteveSchmidtSES, I have a hard time believing Ed Whelan when he says he didn’t coordinate his crackpot “doppelganger” theory with #Kavanaugh, the @WhiteHouse, and @SenateGOP.
Whelan has long been at the center of the @FedSoc’s secretive & powerful inner circle. He’s close friends with #Kavanaugh & has been scheming with Leonard Leo about how to salvage this fast-sinking nomination.…
They’ve all been pushing the insulting theory that Dr. Ford was just “mixed up,” and Whelan somehow got Ford’s name before it was ever published.…
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The worst part of these white and Latina GOP women saying these things is NOT ONCE did they offer concern about any victim of sexual assault.

The woman in the turtleneck, Lourdes, said she thought Kavanaugh had likely dumped Ford and she was getting back at him.

Also, these aren't all just ladies off the street being asked these questions by @CNN. They are GOP operatives.

So this woman, Lourdes, who is floating the idea that Ford is a vengeful sociopath is actually working for the Republican Party.

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“Tell me what boy hasn’t done this in high school.”

Boys that were not raised by Republican women like these to think rape is ever normal or acceptable. This is abhorrent.
.@djrothkopf thread nails why the Kavanaugh episode is so disturbing - and what it reveals about the nihilism of the modern Republican Party. #EndAC
As several people (@martindvassolo, @realshawnbrandt, @AdamWeinstein) have documented, these aren't random "Republican voters," as @CNN would have you believe, but well-connected GOP candidates, operatives & activists.

Salena Zito-level misrepresentation.
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Negotiations for a while seemed to be productive and hopeful. Then the WH, #Kavanaugh, McConnell, the Federalist Society et al. freaked b/c they were losing control and things were going south. (My take)

So they’ve made the decision to stiff Ford. 1/2
They wouldn’t even make allowance for the fact that Ford had to travel for an interview with the FBI about death threats she had received.

This is just white male privilege and a GOP power play.

These people HAVE to go.

Vote like your life depends on it on November 6. 2/2
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1/ I’ve been pondering why (on earth) #DrChristineBlaseyFord would prefer to be asked questions directly from senators.

I now think the answer is quite straightforward, self-aware & brilliant.
2/ The only thing that can be shown in a hearing without an investigation is credibility.

If an outside party, male or female, lawyer or staffer, leads the questioning—

@GOP senators can (& likely would) say that their questions were not asked or answered appropriately.
3/ A 3rd-party allows Senators to discredit #DrBlasey indirectly

It would give them a free pass to dismiss her testimony

While claiming that they did the right
thing by allowing (😤) her to speak to a 3rd party instead
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Things fall apart.

The Republican Party is imploding right before our eyes.

Trump is in full meltdown mode and his poll numbers are worse than ever.

A new Republican National Committee poll shows that @NancyPelosi is more popular than @realDonaldTrump.

Trump's ex- lawyer Michael Cohen is reportedly singing like a canary to Mueller and his team about the real story behind Trump's involvement with Russia.

#BrettKavanaugh gets worse and worse the closer we're allowed to look.

Last month's deficit was $211 billion, or $104 billion more than August 2017. That number is more than a third of what it was in Obama's whole final year in office.

@AntonioSabatoJr, and some other @GOP assholes either called #MeToo victims liars, or ridiculed them.

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THREAD: Through all of the revelations around #Kavanaugh, I have been feeling anger, but also (oddly) gratitude that I have never been assaulted. And then, I was reading a friend's post about her assault, and realized, I'd repressed mine.
Let's be clear- this isn't a "recovered" memory. It's just that I didn't even THINK of it. It was just so normalized. For those who are victims of assault thinking, "how did she forget, I can't ever seem to forget," let me explain./2
In my 30's, when I was married with 2 kids, I went out for an 80's night at a local bar. I was meeting a couple of girlfriends there. It was the first time I had been out without my husband or kids in literally YEARS. I arrived at the bar early, and was waiting at the bar./3
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Use logic. Credibility Test. Is someone credible if:
1. They WAIT 36 years to levy an accusation...until moments before a final SC vote?
2. After this long delay in coming forth with their story, they DEMAND a federal investigation. [This begins to look like a parody.]
3. They LACK a single piece of supporting/corroborating evidence, yet a former classmate comes forward with an absolute fabrication that is easily shredded.
4. They say they want to be heard...then go into hiding when given the chance to testify, with flexible scheduling options.
5. The INSIST that they only be questioned by old, white men in the Senate and OPPOSE being questioned by an attorney, who is trained in the logical pursuit of the truth?
6. They DEMAND the accused testify BEFORE they testify? How can a target refute the claim before hearing it?
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A woman should be believed no matter what❌
A woman should ONLY be heard when she accuses a man, not when she's asked to back claims up❌
👉Democrats, #FakeNews, think tanks, celebrities & professional protesters automatically label #Kavanaugh a rapist
🤔Who's being bullied?
Fords been preparing for this since July. Gets her marriage counseling therapist notes (Extremely odd. Surprised this isnt discussed), hires atty, takes a "lie detector" by some random fmr fbi agent, works w/ WaPo & Democrat politicians for WEEKS... BUT... 🤔now she's "not ready"
If u know u have enough evidence to accuse someone of a crime; u go to law enforcement. If u know u dont; u go to #WaPo. In the era of #MeToo, men are now convicted in the court of public opinion shaped by bias media, politics & fkd up feelings vs facts
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Congrats Brett Kavanaugh! You, your buddies, OR all of the above have just gotten @EdWhelanEPPC's #deza masterpiece successfully turned into an active measures operation. You better hope nobody is tracking that sort of thing. 1/
So it started earlier this week, when Kavanaugh HIMSELF told @senorrinhatch that Ford had the wrong perpetrator in mind & that he had not attended a party like the one Ford described.

Hatch then went on CNN to tell the world that Ford was "mixed up."
For the past week, MSM has gone crazy with Hatch's comments and the video clip went viral, with variations of "Ford is mixed up" in almost every headline.

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Thread: Considering Dr. #ChristineBlaseyFord’s decades long career as an author, researcher, & educator in clinical psychology, how does she expect the public to reconcile the fact that she chose to wait 35 yrs to deal w/an alleged teenage sexual trauma from high school?
When a woman comes forward 36 years late with sexual assault accusations, days before the confirmation of a U.S. Supreme Court confirmation it is nearly impossible not to view her as a political activist rather than the victim she claims to be.
Clearly, we are not talking about just any woman. We are talking about a highly educated Dr. who is an expert in the field of clinical psychology. Dr. #ChristineBlaseyFord has spent an entire career studying depression, trauma, PTSD among many other mental afflictions.
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The doppelganger theory was concocted by Christ Garrett in collaboration with with Leonard Leo, head of the Federalist Society, and no doubt #Kavanaugh himself. Ds should interrogate Kavanaugh about this batsh*t stuff at the hearing.
Wow. Chris Garrett, Leonard Leo, Ed Whelan, and #Kavanaugh himself participated in concocting the cockamaimy story. It's already fallen apart. So Garrett will have to publicly repudiate it, and so will Kavanaugh. An awful position for #Kavanaugh to be in at the hearing.
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Who knew one woman could completely emasculate an entire @senjudiciary Cmte⁉️

Dr Ford has successfully mocked & made fools of @ChuckGrassley & the rest of them.

Im so embarrassed. Im disgusted.

How in the f**k can #Kavanaugh be expected to testify first⁉️

He has to know that the fkg accusations are....for God’s saie she changes them by minute‼️
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BREAKING.💥💥💥 #MarkJudge's publication at a Russian Orthodox website sponsored by the Russian government and managed by a professional propagandist working for the administration of the Russian president. Article + thread 👇…
1. On December 16, 2016, a Russian Orthodox website Pravmir published #MarkJudge ’s article, linking the translation to the original to the Catholic News Service website.
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This will be a nightmare for #Kavanaugh and the Rs if it happens. E.g., the Ds will be able to question Kavanaugh: “Gee, Brett, do you have any idea why your friend Mark Judge has refused to testify UNDER OATH that this didn’t happen?” 1/3
Ds will also be able to say to their R colleagues (all male): “It is outrageous in a hearing like this for committee members who are actually going to vote on the nomination to be afraid to do the questioning themselves” 2/3
B/c of course that’s a chickensh*t political move. The fact that the decision is going to be made by the majority members, all of whom are white males, is itself the kind of issue that has been raised by the #MeToo movement. 3/3
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I often get asked why I'm so antisemitic. Here is just one of many videos that should make you antisemitic too.
In case you don't understand why yet....

#MAGA #KavanaughAccuser
If your saying "It's just a small minority of Jewish people." Just watch this....

#MAGA #Kavanaugh
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First student question: "To all #faculty in the room: a question about the #breaking news in the @huffpost & elsewhere--what is the faculty doing to respond?" (regarding Amy #Chua & Jed Rubenfeld allegations) #Kavanaugh #metoo #harassment #law @yale @YaleLawSch
@HuffPost @Yale @YaleLawSch "There are many shitty things in the world & we wont make them all go away all at once. If u got in this room u have made yr way thru alot & u have alot of privilege & u will stil be subject to wrong. When u see things arent right u should call it out when u can & look for help"
@HuffPost @Yale @YaleLawSch Whoa students are being fierceeee..."I will repeat my question bc your are telling me what students can do but not what faculty are doing" #Kavanaugh #metoo #yale #law @yale @YaleLawSch
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