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Days after Trump rode down an escalator at Trump Tower and announced he’d run for president, a little-known consulting firm with links to Israeli intel started gaming out how a foreign government could meddle in the U.S. political process.…
📌WikiStrat’s Internal comms show the firm conducted an analysis of how illicit efforts might shape American politics.

📌Months later, the Trump campaign reviewed a pitch from a company owned by that firm’s founder—a pitch to carry out similar efforts.…
📌Joel Zamel, a low-profile Israeli-Australian who started the firm, has deep contacts in Middle Eastern intelligence circles.

📌Zamel met with people in the upper echelons of the Trump campaign.…
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This is HUGE!

📌The inquiry carries ‘explosive implications’ is an understatement!

📌After Trump fired Comey LEOs became so concerned by the Trump’s behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests.

📌Counterintel investigators had to consider whether the Trump’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security.

📌Agents also sought to determine whether Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

📌The inv’n the FBI opened into Trump also had a criminal aspect: whether his firing of Comey constituted obstruction of justice.

📌FBI officials had grown suspicious of Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign but held off on opening an inv’n into him.
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📌Badass DAG RR at helm of Mueller probe

Trump pulled out of Syria to shut up Erdogan re MoBoneSaw?

Putin sent more war toys to the Crimea

Abramovich rendezvousing in St. Maarten w/ US Official. Mnuchin? Panic?

Taliban thrilled re Trump troop pullout of AFG

📌Rosenstein still in charge of Mueller probe. "There has been no change in the overall management of the Special Counsel investigation, which continues to be managed by the Deputy AG."

📌Partial government shutdown to last at least through Thursday

Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria was made hastily, without consulting his national security team or allies, and over strong objections from virtually everyone involved in the fight against the Islamic State group.

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Trump brand toxic in Putin's Kremlin; Putin/MbS bromance blooms

Trump Directed Illegal Pymts During Campaign

French intel is scrutinizing foreign interference in Yellow Vest movement.

Kush tells MbS to weather the storm following Khoshoggi’s brutal murder

Tom Barrack friend to both Trump & the Gulf rulers, introduced Kush to his associates as a useful ally during the campaign.

“You will love him and he agrees with our agenda!” Per 2016 e-mail Mr. Barrack wrote to the Emirati ambassador in DC, Youssef Otaiba.

Since beginning of the Trump adm, Kush had been having private, informal convos w/ MbS. #WhatsApp #PWND

Despite restrictions Kush & MbS kept chatting, In fact, they were on a first-name basis, in text messages and phone calls.#WhatsApp #PWND #Bromance
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SCO: sets foundation establishing how #TeamTrump conspired w/ RU/Putin to defraud the US & subvert the 2016 elex. ThIs is ominous for #TeamTrump

SDNY asserts Cohen violated campaign finance law (felony), he "acted in coordination w/ & at the direction of" Trump,

Which means SCO has other evidence which corroborates Cohen’s stmts

11/15, Cohen rec’d the contact info for & spoke w/, a RU nat’l who claimed to be a “trusted person” in the RU Fed’n

📌Who could offer the campaign “political synergy” & “synergy on a gov’t level.”

📌Per Cohen RU Nat’l (Dmitry Klokov?) repeatedly proposed a meeting btwn Individual 1 (Trump) and Putin.

📌The RU Nat’l told Cohen that such a meeting could have a “phenomenal” impact “not only in political but in a business dimension as well,” re TT Moscow
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‘Individual 1’: Trump emerges as a central subject of Mueller probe

Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress abt Trump Tower Deal in RU made during the Elex

Trump Org planned to give Putin a $50M penthouse in Trump Tower Moscow

Trump-RU contact count: 92 contacts

👉🏼170 German officials involved in searches of Deutsche bank offices

👉🏼Probe stems from Panama Papers, not role in Danske laundering

👉🏼Prosecutors are looking into whether Deutsche Bank staff helped clients set up offshore accts to "transfer 💰 from criminal activities

👉🏼The Deutsche inv’n focuses on activities btwn 2013 & the start of 2018.

Senate defies Trump and votes to punish Saudis for Khashoggi slaying

45 & Kush’s BFF MbS becomes a global pariah

Who else lied to Congress?

Likely every member of #TeamTrump who testified.🍿
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Coordinated Provokatsiya Distractions:

👉🏼RU’s attack on Ukraine & S Border fracas


👉🏼Manafort Status Report

👉🏼PapaD go directly to jail!
👉🏼Superseding Indictment?

More Mueller moves?

NATO? CyberCom?

Buckle up!

Tomorrow will be lit!🔥

RU fires on & seizes UKN ships

EU expect RU to restore freedom of passage at the Kerch strait & urge all to act w/ utmost restraint to de-escalate the situation asap.

“The EU does not & will not recognise the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula by RU.”


“Under UK law & parliamentary privilege we can publish papers (re the docs seized from FB) if we choose to as part of our inquiry”

PapaD must report to prison Monday, judge orders. Superceding?

UKN & RU in naval standoff near Crimea bridge
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The CIA “is in possession of a phone call recording of MbS in which he gives an instruction to ‘silence Khashoggi as soon as possible.”

MI6 battling to stop Trump releasing classified RU probe docs

Definers, FB’s PR firm, is a reg’d foreign agent for the UAE

One of Soros's aide has called on US pols to probe FB, after they confirmed the hire of Definers PR firm to smear the financier.

The Danske Bank 200B€ 💰laundering scandal is a problem for Putin-it highlights the deep institutionalized corruption in Putin’s RU

📌Feds accuse a former DOJ official &. 2 others of taking part in a conspiracy tied to tens of millions of $$ in foreign💰. However, details remain secret.

📌SA Wants a US Nuke Deal.😱#Flynn

MbS lands in UAE on first foreign tour since Khashoggi murder
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Four California men, from SoCal-based, RAM @ShannonBrooke01
@ShannonBrooke01 "The men, all part of the Rise Above Movement, or RAM...flew from CA to VA to take part in the rally, "assaulted an African-American man, two females and a minister wearing a clerical collar," among others, said the U.S. Atty for the Western Dist of VA, Thomas T. Cullen."
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Amnesty Int’l is calling on senators to halt the nom of SC nominee Kav over his "possible involvement" in human rights violations post terrorist attacks on 9/11/01

"in issues related to torture & rendition after 9/11."

Kav cd face a 4th sexual misconduct alleg’n

FL DEM cong’lcandidate April Freeman dies unexpectedly. Earlier this year, she won 77% of the vote in the DEM primary.

MD authorities confirmed they are aware of a potential second accusation of sexual assault in Montgomery County against Brett Kavanaugh.

Smokescreen-Trump Wanted to Nuke Rosenstein to Save Kavanaugh’s Bacon

Brett Kavanaugh: third woman expected to make accusations of sexual misconduct

Roger Stone sought contact with WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, email suggests

📌Establishes key nexus
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Unresolved recusal & financial issues require a pause in the Kavanaugh hearings

Mueller will accept some written answers from Trump.

Woodward’s book reveals an admin having a "nervous breakdown of executive power" -is unflattering in the extreme. The WH is #CrazyTown

Trump said condemning white supremacists was ‘biggest f---ing mistake I’ve made’: Woodward book

The accusations sending tremors through the Catholic Church are a concerted and dubious attack by ultraconservatives on Pope Francis.

📌Pope Francis is #AntiMafia

“US air defense is back in Europe!

@SCNationalGuard 678th #AirDefense Artillery Brigade arrived in 🇩🇪 for a 9-month #AtlanticResolve deployment;

This marks 1st time a US air defense artillery brigade has deployed to Europe since Cold War”
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CT: Roger Stone is under sealed indictment (7/27) and another sealed indictment was handed down last week.

Stay tuned for a deep dive about RU Alfa Bank per CT—it’s supposed to be a ‘game-changer.’

Trump’s résumé is rife with mob connections. MSM is catching up!

Bob Baer says he knows some of Trump’s Soviet secrets.

The former undercover CIA operative divulged what he’s learned about Trump’s long-running relationship with Russia — specifically the KGB

Lordy there may be a tape!

Energy investment group claims $350M capital commitment from Carter Page post 2016 election. 💰source?

@RepTomGarrett said that he was told in a classified FBI briefing that Russian actors were directly involved in sowing discord Charlottesville. #RAM #Provokatsiya
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💣L I E S💣

52 U.S. Code § 30121(a)(2): “It shall be unlawful for . . . a person to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation . . . from a foreign national.”

Merely ‘soliciting’ meets the test whether or not one rec’d a (contribution or donation is immaterial.
💣L I E S 2💣

Parkland shooting suspect told police he heard a ‘demon’ telling him: ‘Burn. Kill. Destroy.’

The mounting damage of 45’s Trump Tower admission

His tweet about the purpose of the 6/16 meeting contradicts his earlier denials & could spell trouble for his son & him

LB:”To be clear, when Gates says he embezzled from Manafort, what he's actually admitting to is embezzling from the Russian mafia.”

Rick Gates admits on stand he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort, ergo an admission he stole from the RU mob.
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💣Buckle Up Patriots💣

So, so close now!🤗

Today was the day Trump told us the Trump campaign colluded with RU to get dirt on HRC.

Did Trump learn the DonJr’s indictment will be unsealed? Stone, Nevin, Curbelo, Costello, Mast, Kush, Gaetz, DeSantis, &/or Rohrbacher too?
💣Buckle Up2💣

It is illegal for a campaign to accept help from a foreign individual or gov’t. Nevertheless members of the Trump campaign met w/ agents of RU, a hostile nation state gov’t, which constitutes a violation of the law, whether or not ‘consideration’ was exchanged.
💣Buckle Up3💣

Precisely forty-four years after the collapse of the Nixon Presidency, another President, Trump made his own public admission.

Legal documents show 45 & his companies have been linked to at least 10 Soviet oliogarchs with alleged ties to TOC/money laundering.
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There's a reason Russia Today (RT) was filming in Portland today. #Provokatsiya plays into the Kremlin propaganda narrative.
If RT, Fox News, Breitbart & Infowars didn't have Antifa to "fight", they might eventually run out of ways to defend Donald Trump.

Trump's defenders need enemies. They need opposition. If they don't already exist, they create them. That's #provokatsiya.…
Antifa is Kremlin controlled opposition. Antifa is not real resistance. It's a ruse. Don't fall for it.
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45 eased PBO RU sanctions to allow companies to do business w/ RU’s FSB, successor org to KGB

Let that sink in.

“Let’s be 1000% clear: if you worked w/ a hostile foreign power during your election, it's called TREASON.”

Schiff links 45 to the Mccaskill hacking


Mueller can examine if a member of the Trump campaign & the RUs were “colluding,” & thus working together “in violation of US law.” In other words, according to DAG, collusion would be a crime.

:Former GOP Gov Christine Todd Whitman to Trump: “Step down”

Evidence in the possession of Mueller, incl highly confidential WH records & testimony by some of Trump’s own top aides, provides the strongest evidence to date implicating 45 in obstruction of justice.

LB: “Manafort is a made man. He was born to die in prison”
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You must be miserable after your TV appearances on Fox News then.
Did you have a chat with Oleg while you were in Russia, @ggreenwald?
I know you're a big fan of hypocrisy, Glenn, so I won't ask you to address yours here. However, I did find a tweet you deleted, and the date and topic appear to be relevant.
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Trump is hell bent on destabilizing & extorting the EU via tariffs, etc. 😱Putin 🤗

The WH’s quiet deal to open a SCOTUS seat:
Pay off: The WH nom’d Kennedy’s peeps to vip jud’l posts & Kush, DonJr & Eric put the squeeze on Justin & Gregory re RE & financial deals?

Marketing firm Exactis leaked personal info database with 350 million records.

Legally compelled Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted Outlook messages & Skype enabled Prism collection of video calls.?

GOP & Trump’s FBI spy theory is completely insane

CA passes a digital privacy bill which requires COs like Google, FSB & Amazon to tell users what & who they share data with.

How the ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ (Farage, Banks & Wigmore) forged ties with RU & the Trump campaign — and came under investigators’ scrutiny
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FYI, I haven’t found 1 reputable source to back up this alleged quote from @HarleyDavidson’s CEO. Seriously, just a bunch of Tweets w/o source citations. This is the stuff you need to watch out for. Viral #provokatsiya.
^^ The account above’s first tweet ‘was on June 3rd. Bot.
^^ About time. Too bad it took days to suspend this bot account after it pumped out numerous fabricated stories/quotes that went viral.
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🌿Hang in There🌿

Mueller is preparing to accelerate his probe & deliver indictments by Fall 2018.

Oh goodie! I am hoping for sooner surprises!🤗

Mueller needs to have a little chat (without coffee) with #TraitorNunes. HouseGOP are trying to extort Rosenstein for more doc.
🌿Hang in There2🌿

Federal court rules against Va. House in racial gerrymandering case, orders new districting plan by Oct. 30th.

US is backing away from Syria de-escalation enforcement = destabilization

SCOTUS upholds Trump ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries
🌿Hang in There3🌿


The whole clusterfuq: RU hacking, CA, Trump & Leave Campaigns was not only a coup, but an unprecedented shorting of the market through mass manipulation of the electorate, w/the aim of controlling not only geopolitics, but the financial markets too.
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UN says Trump separation of migrant children with parents 'may amount to torture', in damning condemnation

Trump spreads disinfo about immigrant crime during profoundly bizarre WH event

Trump advisers 'lied through their teeth' when testifying about Russia contacts

Trump Betrayed Our Military by Saluting NK

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter met his pal Putin at the Kremlin; attending the RU 🌎cup🙄

SCOTUS ruled the gov’t generally needs a warrant to collect troves of location data about the customers of cellphone COs.

Goodlatte subpoenas Strzok to appear b/4 the House JC.

Rusal's CEO, Board resign in effort to end US sanctions.

Manafort lost bid to get evidence tossed out of court.

Trump’s Moscow developer owned by Bank of Cyprus Lawyer has documented 💰laundering ties.
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‼️Be Smart‼️

“Cambridge Analytica ...had had the [stolen] Clinton emails more than a month before they were published by WikiLeaks.”

Savor the implications. 🤗

It is fitting that Trump has been forced into retreat by babies. Cruelty should never be mistaken for strength.
‼️Be Smart2‼️

The dystopian Trump Admin is weaponizing gov’t by eviscerating regs that protect the 98% (those w/o money & power), & they’re weaponizing bureaucracy, in order to use it against everyone they don’t like, whether it’s immigrants or poor people or DEMs.

‼️Be Smart3‼️

A new RU influence operation has surfaced that mirrors some of the activity of an internet firm that the FBI says was deeply involved in efforts to sway the 2016 U.S. elections, a cybersecurity firm says.

Don Jr. ‘Regrets taking’ 2016 Trump Tower meet w/ RUs
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Did anti HRC FBI NYFO agents leak word of HRC emails on Weiner’s laptop asap to GOP & Giuliani, to push Comey to reopen the HRC probe?

RU buyers made 86 cash sales, nearly $109 million at 10 Trump properties in S FL & NYC using shell COs.💰laundering.

Cohen Wants 45 to pay his legal fees.

Cohen signaled to friends rehe is "willing to give" investigators info abt 45

600 United Methodist clergy & church members are bringing church law charges against U.S. AG Sessions re separating families policies.

Erik Prince says he is ‘cooperating’ w/ Mueller probe. Doesn’t mean he is.

Are the GOP gunning to impeach Rosenstein to further up end the Rule of Law?

@nytimes pulled a recorded interview w/Stephen Miller from its morning podcast. Bet it was damning.
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No mention of what was happening in Crimea at the time. How strange! #Provokatsiya for Putin, arranged by Paul Manafort. Dutifully pushed by the @nytimes.

This is what Putin was up to then:
Remember how Manafort's daughters had their texts leaked?

"You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly," Andrea Manafort allegedly wrote of her father in March 2015. "About a year ago. Revolts and what not."

That's what the nytimes wrote about.…
So, if you're right about this being the article Manafort and Gates arranged, the @nytimes covered Manafort / Yanukovych orchestrated murders of protesters which were carried out to provide cover for Putin as he invaded and stole Crimea from Ukraine.

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