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#VIDEO | Last night, two Volaris aircraft nearly collided with each other at Benito Juarez Mexico City International Airport.

Read our report at AviationSource!…

Video credit: Unconfirmed at time of post.

#Volaris #MexicoCity #NearMiss #AvGeek
What we know so far:

+ VOI799 came originally from Mazatlan. Data from @RadarBox24 shows the path it took once the go-around commenced.

+ Aircraft on the ground was VOC4069 which was bound for Guatemala City from MEX.…

#Volaris #MexicoCity #NearMiss Image
IFALPA, the pilots association in Mexico has released a bulletin pointing out several incidents involving SENE, the body of air traffic controllers in Mexico.…

#Volaris #MexicoCity #NearMiss #AvGeek
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From flying for the @usairforce to local communities, @CivilAirPatrol accumulates over 92,000 hrs of flight time per year, taking quite the toll on their aircraft. What does it take to maintain the fleet for missions?
#GeneralAviation #CivilAirPatrol Image
#CivilAirPatrol fleet (2/22): 190 Cessna 172s, 300 Cessna 182s, 3 Cessna 185Fs, 39 Cessna 206s, 16 GA8 Airvans, 3 Maules, 2 hot air balloons, 54 gliders, 938 FAA-registered drones for operational missions, & 1,391 FAA-registered drones for STEM education.… Image
Keeping 551 single-engine piston airplanes on the line and ready for flight is centrally managed by a small team of employees at #CivilAirPatrol’s National Headquarters and aircraft maintenance officer (AMO) volunteers around the country.
🛩️… Image
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A penny on the grass.

“We have received some extremely shocking and sad news from Ukraine this morning. Colonel Oleksandr “Grey Wolf” Oksanchenko who was the Ukrainian Air Force Flanker display pilot between 2013-2018 has lost his life on Friday night when his
“jet was shot down over Kyiv by Russian S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile System. Col. Oksanchenko was not only a very experienced pilot who won a number of awards for the best flying display at many events across Europe, but he was also a true
“fan of airshows. Despite leaving the active service and joining the reserves in late 2018 he volunteered to remain in the Ukrainian Flanker Solo Display Team as a coach/advisor and travelled with the team during the 2019 display season which
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BREAKING @Airbus will use #A380 as #ZeroE demonstrator partnering with CFM #avgeek ImageImageImage
It will be on MSN001
Four hydrogen tanks will be installed on main deck
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1/72 RAF Nimrod R1(P) - modelled (roughly!) on the Cosford (formerly Waddington) Nimrod - this kit has been in my stash for some time. @Airfix #airfix #nimrod #avgeek #avgeeks #pilot #aviation
Overall this was quite a nice kit with minimal filler. Quite a few errors and inaccuracies (gear config and windows - got me..)
I took some artistic licence and added some minor modifications just because it pleased me to do so..
The R1 was a secretive ISTAR aircraft - its role and capabilities largely remain classified . The aircraft was still very capable when it retired, and it was replaced, ironically, by the Boeing Rivet Joint salvaged from the desert boneyard!
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Silly airline story: Last year, Cathay closed their Australian base. Few hundred pilots plus flight attendants, caterers, freight handlers, etc lost their jobs.

Some were offered transfers, though. #avgeek
In the airline industry, outfits like Cathay are dream gigs. They only fly international in big jets. Their smallest aircraft is an Airbus 330. A pilot flying charter in Piper Navajo or Cessna Caravan hits the big league with Cathay, straight onto the flight deck of a heavy. /2
For older pilots close to retirement, they're probably already Captains on A350s and B777s. They've mostly made the career achievements they want, and Cathay could lay them off with big payouts. Early retirement. LIving the dream. /3
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Allez, petit #thread #avgeek sur la partie la plus intéressante d’un avion de ligne, son train. On pourrait écrire 2 ou 3 livres sur la question, je vais juste vous donner quelques infos insolites le concernant. Tout d’abord un petit rappel concernant le train d’atterrissage.
Sur avion de ligne, le train est tricycle, il est composé d’une roulette de nez (non freinée) qui sert à diriger l’avion au sol, et d’un train principal qui sert à encaisser l’atterrissage et à supporter jusqu’à 95% de la masse de l’avion. Les freins sont situés sur le train
principal. Chaque modèle d’avion possède sa configuration de train. Par exemple, l’Antonov 225 possède 28 roues sur son train principal et 4 sur sa roulette de nez (l’Ilyushin 76, l’An124 et le C5 on également 4 roues à l’avant). Le B777 possède 12 roues sur son train principal.
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🚨 Le célèbre Tupolev Tu-204 gouvernemental russe RA-85042 vu ces derniers mois en #Syrie #Libye ou au #Mali est en vol vers #Geneve #Suisse 🇨🇭 pour une rencontre #US 🇺🇸 #Russie 🇷🇺

#BreakingNews #Ukraine #Kazakhstan #Belarus #RA85042

@ADSBexchange ⤵️
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🚨Diplomatic week starting in #Geneva #Switzerland on 10.01.22. #US 🇺🇸 and #Russia 🇷🇺 Deputy Secretary of State W. Sherman, will face Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

✈️ SAM064 arrived 08.01
✈️ Tu-204 famous RA-85042 flying to @GeneveAeroport Sunday

#ukrain #Kazakhstan
Tu-154m (not 204) RA-85042 approaching @GeneveAeroport this morning 👀 🔊 @liveatc
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Dubai Air Show 🚀✈🚁

▶ 14-18 Nov, 2021


@DubaiAirshow Image
L-15 jet trainer aircraft 🇨🇳

Credits: on pics

/1 ImageImage
Japan's C-2 Transport plane 🇯🇵


© on pics

/2 ImageImage
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One of the best low-speed tracking shots of a transient vapor cone I’ve seen, this time on a transonic F-35 at the Pacific Air Show last month #AvGeek

Incredible stuff from Patrick Coyne, who filmed this handheld on a boat!
A similar shot from the same event (Blue Angels F-18 here), zoomed out to show some more perspective

From this view it’s clear how the vapor cone is just as much a visualization of local moisture content in the air as it is viz of expansion fans!

Of course, if you’d like to learn more about vapor cones, check out my explainer thread here
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🦟Dans l'univers de #DUNE, on se déplace en #ornithoptères et beaucoup les connaissent seulement de par cette œuvre (livre ou adaptation).

Comme exemple de #biomimétisme datant de bien avant que le biomimétisme ne soit à la mode, penchons-nous sur cet aéronef futuriste.

📖De tout temps les hommes ont voulu voler tel les oiseaux ou Icare ... non, arrêtons avec les poncifs (faux pour certain) et revenons plus sérieusement au sujet.

Le terme #ornithoptère désigne

Un appareil volant au moyen d'ailes battues, comme un oiseau ou un insecte.

#LéonarddeVinci (1486-1513) aurais conçu le premier #ornithoptère, mais vers 1250, le Roger Bacon écrit une 1ʳᵉ description technique connue du vol d'un ornithoptère dans "Secrets de l'art et de la nature", le nom Ornithoptère (de Ornithos, Oiseau et Ptéron, Aile) serait de lui.
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J’avais promis de faire un débunkage de ce tweet de @BonPote sur l’avion. Voici donc un long #thread sur les émissions de CO2e de l’aviation, les contrails (traînées de condensation) et sur le sujet du climat en général. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
#avgeek #climate #aviation
Autant @BonPote a des connaissances indiscutables sur le climat, autant sa position excessive sur l’avion est très discutable. Et ça commence fort avec une culpabilisation basée sur une comparaison des émissions actuelles vs l’objectif d’émissions globales pour 2050… 😬🙄
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Understanding the Flight Fare Breakup for your airline ticket : A Basic Knowledge that everyone should know.

A Detailed Thread!

#AvGeek #Avgeeks #indianmilesguide
A/C to rules governing airfare – Rule 135(2) of the aircraft rules 1937 states that airlines must show a consolidate or single fare amount along with its clear breakup in form of– taxes, fees and other charges for the knowledge and convenience of the passengers.
Now let's understand each components of airfare breakup in simple manner.

1. Base Fare: It's the amount on the air ticket before addition of fees, taxes and surcharges.

2. Passenger Services Fees (WO) : It's to cover security and facilitation at all AAI & private airports.
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1) Ce thread (le 1er de ma vie! please be nice 😳) concerne le comité pour la protection de l’environnement en aviation (CAEP), instance de l'Organisation de l’Aviation Civile Internationale (OACI/ICAO), qui dépend de l’ONU au même titre que la FAO, l’UNESCO, l’OMS par ex.
2) Le CAEP traite des sujets environnementaux et en particulier du bruit et des émissions polluantes générés par l’aviation civile, qui affectent la qualité de l’air locale et le réchauffement climatique.…
3) Son but principal est de développer les réglementations qui devront être suivies par tous les avions/moteurs. Il comporte 1 bras politique, avec des membres (29 États) et des observateurs (7 États et 13 org), et 1 bras technique, constitué d’experts venant des États et des org
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The sun is coming up over Newark airport where @united is celebrating its largest aircraft order in history. The massive 270 plane deal will reshape the US market in many ways. And unlike the eVTOL or Supersonic, this one is real.
#UnitedNext #avgeek #paxex Bright orange sun through haze with the NYC skyline in the d
The headline number is 270 new single-aisle planes, and that is massive. But it comes atop an existing order book that now reaches 500 frames. Another 300 will be retired, but these are mostly older 50-seat RJs (~200). The growth planned is hard to fathom.
United will increase its overall seat count by roughly 75,000 with this transition. This is the equivalent of adding the seat capacity of Allegiant, Frontier Airlines, and Spirit Airlines *COMBINED* into the US market. #UnitedNEXT #AvGeek #PaxEx
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Headed to @EWRairport as a guest of @united today for the big #UnitedNext event tomorrow. #paxex #transportals United A320 profile at the gate with blue skies behindKnees and lots of leg room on an airplane.
Departure on RWY 22R from @BostonLogan in a @united A320. #avgeek
Passing over Allerton and Hull, with the engine seemingly ready to eat Spinnaker Island. #avgeek #transportals Narrow islands and beaches from above, plus an airplane engi
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There’s been a lot of confusion centered around this (very cool) video of yesterday’s Falcon 9 launch so I wanted to jump in and clear some things up

Short thread…
#AvGeek #Falcon9 #SpaceX @elonmusk
For starters, I recommend checking out this earlier thread I wrote on vapor cones and expansion fans as a lot of relevant points are covered there, so I won’t circle back to everything

This should explain the *transonic* vapor collar close to the rocket
Okay, so the audio in the original video is misleading. This event happened at about 9km altitude, so any wave generated at that instant would reach the ground roughly 30sec later. Not sure how the audio was synced but if it’s real time from the ground, it’s coincidental
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Today, it's time for me to explain how the F-117 Nighthawk stealth works !
Welcome to a [THREAD] invisible to radars 👀
#AvGeek #Engineering
Let's review the basic history of the aircraft. The F-117 was developed by Lockheed Martin in 1978, flew for the first time in 1981 and was revealed to the public in 1988.
This weird looking jet was the world’s first operational stealth aircraft.
The US Air Force flew 59 of them.
The main goal of the F-117 was to drop laser guided bombs in a threat-rich environment, like Baghdad during Iraqi War, full of Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA) and Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs).
It operated at night using special flight profiles to be as stealthy as possible.
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2/ The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird has two near twins: A-12 recon and YF-12 prototype-only interceptor (three made). A YF-12 is at the USAF Museum in Dayton. It has cut-back "chines" (where the wing meets the fuselage). TR: Detail from Wiki. Bottom: SR-71 for comparison.
3/ A-12; 15 built; 6 lost; 9 on display. Crew: 1; Crew: 2,500 lb payload. 101'7" long x 55'7" wingspan x 18'6" tall. Wing area: 1,795 sq ft. Mach 3.1. 85K' ceiling. 2,900 mile range. What differentiates this visually from the SR-17. Anyone? Source:…
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Certainly not ideal, but if you have to crash, this is about as good as it gets. Kudos to the pilot on a textbook ditch. #avgeek
The aircraft is a Grumman Avenger, a WW2 torpedo bomber, which was taking part in a Florida air show - after a painstaking 18 year long restoration 😢 Here’s hoping they can get it back in the air after this mishap!…
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Been following the #UA328 saga today. So glad everything’s okay and pax are safe. HOWEVER!!! I need to vent about how the TV news media is incredibly aviation illiterate.
It’s a long-running joke in #AVGeek circles that when TV news covers anything airplane-related, they’re wrong on the facts and terminology 99% of the time.
Examples of common TV News aviation-related inaccuracies include:

-Using the wrong B-roll with airplane types in question
-Confusing Airbus and Boeing in name and imagery
-Using the terms apron, taxiway, stand, and runway interchangeably
…and so much more…
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Oh my goodness, this is video of the turbofan on a Boeing 777-200–flight #UA328 out of Denver—which experienced a serious engine failure after take-off.

Remarkably sounds like no injuries in the air or on the ground #AvGeek
I mean, just look at these photos...
#AvGeek #ua328
Worth noting, twin-engine aircraft are designed to be able to fly safely with only one engine and pilots are trained for this (seems they did a phenomenal job here!)...but people and homes are NOT designed to withstand falling turbofan cowlings. Miraculous no one was hurt
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It’s November which means we’re getting into GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATION SEASON so I thought I’d take a break from my usually #AvGeek/rocket threads & talk some #AcademicChatter with my personal advice for those considering grad school. A thread...

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter
All the usual caveats apply: I’m in engineering and while there are many different paths & perspectives I’ll be giving advice based on my personal experience. With that said hopefully it’s helpful to many of you w/ broad applicability outside of engineering
First: don’t pay to go to grad school. Many faculty have paid research assistantships (GRAs) and will provide tuition + stipend. You’ll still be underpaid but it’s really difficult to economically justify the benefit of grad school vs lost income if you pay your own way
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