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.@Alyssa_Milano makes a strong point about the connection between @realDonaldTrump 's #MAGA hats and KKK white hoods. It's a point that can't be ignored. (thread)
If MAGA hats are not analogous in many ways to the Klan's white hoods, why does former KKK grand wizard David Duke hold the #MAGA hat boy out as a symbol to rally around by having his picture on his Twitter header?

#resist #trump
If MAGA hats are not deeply connected to the KKK, why did David Duke say that he and @realDonaldTrump share the same message?…

#resist #trump #SaturdayMorning
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Good morning, kids! It's time for everyone's favorite show: Microeconomics and Empathy With Wilbur!
(1/Long Thread.)…
No doubt, the billionaire Ross is unfamiliar with the payday lending industry. It's incredibly predatory - even AFTER the consumer-protection laws enacted a few years ago.
But some of us are better educated about economics than the *checks notes* Secretary of Commerce 🤔
Let's take a family like mine as an example.
Let's say I've lost my income to the #GOPShutdown .
We have 2 adults and 2 children to feed and a $1000 mortgage to keep up.
So off I go to our neighborhood short-term loan provider to see what they can do.
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#ImGrumpyBecause I am one of 17M Americans with #cancer & 131M with a chronic illness & the #TrumpShutdown means many government workers with chronic illnesses like mine won't be able to pay for their medications, which could seriously compromise their survival.
#ImGrumpyBecause Trump is a billionaire who is playing games with people's lives all because @AnnCoulter said he was weak and Trump fears women.

America deserves a president who cares more about the welfare of the citizenry than his own ego.

#ImGrumpyBecause I live in the poorest big city in America where nearly half the people are living at or below the poverty level and the #TrumpShutdown means in February, those people--mostly kids--will not be able to access #SNAP or benefits necessary to keep them housed & fed.
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@SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems,
Some more unsolicited, yet effective, semantic warfare advice.:
STOP saying #EndTheShutdown. It's inherently passive - as if you're victims, pleading to your master.
START saying #OpenTheGovernment. It's a command that.../1
2/... properly frames Trump & @senatemajldr for what they are, & what they're doing. They're corrupt actors that are holding the government hostage. You're fighting by demanding they do what is in their power.
Don't beg. Condemn their graft.
These subtleties are important.
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The #GovernmentShutdown is now the longest in U.S. history! Here are the top 10 reasons why the #TrumpShutdown is Donald Trump's fault. (THREAD - PLEASE RT)
1) Trump REJECTED a bipartisan compromise in early 2018 that would have provided billions of dollars in #BorderWallFunding in exchange for protecting the #Dreamers. #TrumpShutdown
2) The #TrumpShutdown started before Christmas, when the GOP held majorities in both the House and Senate. @SpeakerRyan still held the gavel & even he couldn't pass wall funding. #EndTheShutdown
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About this #GovernmentShutdown


Don’t blame Trump. He’s a result, not a cause.
Blame the toxic GOP who, for decades, have gleefully and relentlessly pushed vile and inhumane policy and who have embraced prejudice and xenophobia as part of the party platform.
Blame the media who gave a platform to those policies and these people without challenge, lending legitimacy to the indefensible and utterly failing in their purpose of serving as a source of critical information and a check on unfettered power...
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The @senatemajldr has made the political calculation that there is not enough pressure on @SenateGOP to justify breaking unity, which he can now hold by bringing no measure forward that would split his caucus.…
.@senatemajldr McConnell clearly knows about the United States Constitution’s Presentment Clause override provisions, and knows his assertion that the President must sign a law is false.
.@senatemajldr also knows that the bills that would end the shutdown got huge, veto-proof majorities in the Senate.

This is his #shutdown as much as anyone’s now.

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Trump and Republicans want to scare you. They want you to feel frightened and fall for their lies.

They did it days before the election, and they're doing it now because they know the People's House is going to hold them to account for their corruption.
They had complete control of the White House, the House and the Senate for two years. A border wall *was not* a priority. Republicans instead focused on giving wealthy people and big corporations nearly $2 trillion in tax cuts.
The fact is: there are 800,000 workers who are suffering because of the #TrumpShutdown.

It's time Republicans stop playing games with people's lives -- and #EndTheShutdown now. This manufactured crisis is not something the people can afford.
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People are tired of the #TrumpShutdown. As Trump refuses to #EndTheShutdown, Speaker Pelosi & House Democrats will get government working again one department at a time, starting w/the Treasury Department that/1
processes and pays out our tax returns.
Trump’s refusal to #EndTheShutdown is not only impacting tax refund payouts at the Treasury Department, it is also getting in the way of the department’s important work tracking and stopping terror financing. The #TrumpShutdown is/2
literally hurting our national security!
Billionaires & millionaires who got a windfall from the GOP Tax Scam may not, but average Americans rely on our tax refunds coming on time. The Senate must vote now to #EndTheShutdown and stop hurting our families. The #TrumpShutdown is/3
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