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These people are going to censor all speech? Will these people determine who the domestic terrorists' are? Image
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There are many who know just how @RoyalFamily are the opposite to what is being said controlled by people like yourself and #MSMLies @ChrisJack_Getty who have been seen blocking and ignoring a mother for 7 and a half years leaving
mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 of the worse kind of #CrimesAgainstHumanity by the #AbuseOfPower in @GOVUK, the #CorruptioninGovernment just in the past 7 years alone that we #TonisArmy have witnessed who point blank refuse to sit
back and allow the next week to be wasted without hearing the voices of those who matter the very same voices who were silenced and remained @Invisible 50 years ignored by #TheQueens @royalsociety when @ClarenceHouse #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory continues on #socialmedia
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Just #WOWOW is all I can keep repeating over and over again after witnessing @HaringeyToday reaction to the family of murdered #AmbroseGGBall.

This has had the most impact on my future being one of many @BarnetMums @HaringeyCitize1 to the point I am in fact in fear for my own
life @GREATBritain as I am sure @MetTaskforce have my IP address, who no doubt have been watching me for a couple of years who has been there from #SaturdayMorning when I was witnessing a mother who was on the edge of what only a mother who has a @MissingChildEU
can only imagine how it feels when there child goes #Missing to witness how the whole establishment is built up with people like @DrSaraPayneMBE who not once has ever thought about how Toni aka Ruth @annelovell743 must of been feeling on top of not having
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A Greek myth tells that the garland of daffodils worn by Persephone was transformed from white to yellow by the touch of Pluto as he stole her away to the Underworld. She was permitted to return to Earth each year when the daffodils bloom & bring spring #folklore #SaturdayMorning
Though Pluto is usually known as the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hades, sometimes he is referred to as 'Pluto' in Greek myths and legends. 'Pluto' or 'Pluton' was given as an alternative name for Hades, which was a name with much darker connotations.…
I was wondering about the connection between the god Pluto and the planet so did a little more research. I now feel an affinity with Pluto, or the planet at least...the name was suggested by another Venetia!…
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We can't feed children,
We can buy @BorisJohnson a plane

We can't give NHS heroes a pay rise
We can give Serco&co billions to fail

We can't take refugees
We can sell the bombs that creates them

We can't break rules @Conservatives can

Why are we accepting this?
Here's the @BBCBreaking with the truth about austerity.

For the only time after a decade of lying for @Conservatives

We are a monetarily sovereign nation.

We cannot go bankrupt.

We do not
"borrow money".

We do not need to "balance the books".
'As to alleged events in No 10, I don't know the detail of what happened... I'm sure there will be further discussion of that issue'

Liz Truss speaks after ITV News revealed a video of No10 staff joking about a 'Christmas party' last year

From December 2021
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#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His #Mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the #HolySpirit; Which He shed on us abundantly through #Jesus #Christ our #Savior; ..
That being justified by His #Grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life.--Titus 3:5-7
To teach that the filling with the #HolySpirit is given to the #Christian to provide "power for service" is to teach truth, but not the whole #Truth. ..
Power for service is but one effect of the experience, and I do not hesitate to say that it is the least of several effects. It is least for the very reason that it touches service, presumably service to mankind; and contrary to the popular belief, ..
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Grenfell Tower Inquiry diary week 54: ‘Our consideration of evacuation at this time was something of a blind spot’…

IS @NexusChambers #MichaelMansfieldQC @_lesliethomas WHO ARE WITH THE CIRCLE OF @OCCRP WHO ARE THERE TO LIMIT THE DAMAGE TO @taxpayers DENYING THE @VictimRightsLaw .

WHILE THE @grenfellinquiry IS DOING AS @InquiryCSA HAS DONE TO US THE @ProductsSystem.

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LEAVES ME WHERE @DavidLammy #TheresaVilliers @clarehjohns @UKMissingPerson IN @MPSColindale REBECCA BIRD LEFT ME ON #SaturdayMorning 24/1/2015 IN THE #freezing COLD AT @OurTottenham MARSHES WHILE @MPSBarnet @MPSHendon @MPSEnfield @MPSHaringey WERE ALL BUSY COVERING UP #TheTruth
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Would that be the same help you denied the mother of murdered #AmbroseGGBall @NPAShq ?

The link above is how far Toni aka Ruth Lovell has reached since that weekend @UKMissingPerson point blank refused to acknowledge what @TrainingMPS
call handlers were saying describing this mother as a distressed repeat caller waiting at location for assistance, but Toni not once saw you, @LAS_NorthLdn @LAS_NorthWest or @MPSColindale @MPSBarnet @MPSEnfield @MPSTottGreen @MPSHendon @MPSTottHale
not one single member of the @metpoliceuk attended this mothers desperate calls for help.
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Mind boggling to see ppl dive head first in trusting Big Pharma

“When it comes to prescription drugs, Big Pharma often plays roulette with consumers’ health.”
Woodcock knows all about this..she helped as well…
Docs and hospitals don’t make enough money. 🙄 They like the kick backs

”The lawsuit said that Bristol-Myers paid nearly 15,000 kickbacks to doctors from 1999 to 2005.”…
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#FDA on the right..Nuclear Regulatory Commission building on the left, CIST next to that....

#goodmorning #fridaymorning #nevergiveup #israel #joffe #wuw #israeljoffe Israel Joffe fda
Angry bird just went after my dog! Lol I went ahead and got my friend who is a vet to take the birdie.. #israeljoffefda #israel #joffe #birdwatching #dogsoftwitter Israel Joffe fda
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Our Daily Headline News Report continues. Visit our page daily to keep abreast of the top trending news headlines in Nigeria.

#XceptionalAds Tacha Lingerie Erica #SaturdayMorning Dr Saidu Tinubu
1. Tinubu has denied distributing the bags of rice that were seen in several pictures in Kano. He commended the efforts of the volunteer groups responsible for their act of benevolence at this auspicious time of Ramadan.

Thank God for volunteers!
2. The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Pantami said foreigners who have stayed in Nigeria for at least two years can register and obtain NIN, according to Section 16 and 17 of the Act guiding the registration.

cc: @NgComCommission
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Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Garaysar Fear 116 Semi-Auto Tactical Shotgun. Sporting a 3" 12 gauge chamber, 20" barrel, adjustable cheek weld stock, 2 5 rnd mags & set of flip sights & more #Trump2020 #MAGA2020 #MondayMotivation #2A #KAG…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Compact Pistol. Chambered in 40 S&W with a 3.125" barrel, 3 Dot Sights, No Manual Safety and 2 mags. A great conceal carry option with excellent reliability #MAGA #Trump2020 #KAG #2A…
Today's Gun of the Day

Today we have the very popular IWI Masada. An Excellent made in Israel pistol, it's chambered in 9mm, 4.1" barrel, Optics ready with 4 plates, 3 Backstraps & 2x 17 rnd mags. A superb deal! #Trump2020 #ThursdayMorning #MAGA2020 #2A…
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Recognize the damages done. /2
Create new partnerships. /3
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@IAmJericho we are loving these segments. Looking forward to more

@juanjeremy100 and Israel Joffe can't get enough of it... @AEWonTNT
Which is your favorite pa? #aew #roh #impact Israel Joffe wuw
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We are ready to ROAR @gg_smithy .

We know #theTaste left in Toni's mouth by @MetTaskforce

This is not a attack on @metpoliceuk but some attempting to run because we know what #PoliceBrutality will follow.
I have never ever witnessed someone fighting so hard as Toni @garymason479 and for so long ignored by @GREATBritain .

The @MetTaskforce @metpoliceuk @MHewittNPCC @PoliceChiefs.

As for @LucyDorsiMPS @PrincipalStAns aka Helen King, who I find the most devious of all because
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Never Go with the flow.!

Life in modern society can be very frantic. But There is no need to rush, and no need to try to win the rat race. Remember, there’s nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do and no one you need to impress. Sometimes, we cause ourselves anxiety
by holding ourselves up to expectations society puts forward for us. You don’t need a group of 10 friends that you get together with each weekend. You don’t need a Twilight relationship. Holding expectations of achieving a cookie-cutter life only breeds stress and confusion.
Learning to completely let go and relax will be one of the best things you can do to creating a happy life for yourself.

#GajananSays #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMotivation
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Warming tamarind chickpea curry with cumin chickpea crepes 🌿🌶
Full recipe below ⤵️

Per serving: 490g
Cals: 473
Protein: 23g
Carbs: 64g (fibre 15g)
Fat: 19g (sat fat 5.4g)

#vegan #plantbased #govegan #HealthyEating #SaturdayMorning
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You have to ask that question @gg_smithy.

There were untold witness's at the Fox pub on the night in question, but yet not one has ever found it in their hearts to come forward and tell what they saw.

What can be worse than a mother fighting for what they all know is the
truth but to just sit back and not come forward is unreal.

What about all the @metpoliceuk that were involved who knows @garymason479 Toni aka Ruth Lovell was calling for help as early as 8.30AM #SaturdayMorning @MetCC @MPSBarnet and @MPSColindale where the @UKMissingPerson
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Mushroom, Walnut and Lentil Bolognese with Sweet Potato 🍠🌿

Serving Size Per Person: 563g
Cals: 501
Protein: 21.5g
Carbs: 62.6g (of which fibre 16.5g)
Fat: 22g (sat fats 2.6g)

#vegan #veganfood #govegan #SaturdayKitchen #SaturdayMorning Image
Where do you get your protein tho? Image
🥦🌽🥑🥕🍠🍐🍏🍐🍊🥝🥬🥭🍓🥥🍍🍉🍌🍑🍒 Image
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Saturday, 5th September 2020

#Moon is transiting through the Revati, the 27th nakshatra ruled by #Mercury. Mercury is exalted in #virgo which is directly aspecting the moon. Moon- mercury opposition makes us quite calculative & the free flow of emotions is not there. However Image
#Revatinakshatra gifts prosperity and nourishment. The month of #september is filled with many planetary transformations. #Venus has changed house and is currently transiting #cancer. Mercury is in its exalted state in #Virgo. #Jupiter is going to become direct on Sep 13, 2020.
#Rahu and #ketu are changing signs on Sep 23, 2020. As ketu will leave Mula, Major relief from Corona can be seen. Also,we can expect some good news regarding vaccinee in coming days due to changing cosmic weather.

#Astrology #astroquote #SaturdayVibes #SaturdayMorning
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I have no regrets putting my time & energy exposing these criminals occupying our state houses by the reconstructed Federal Corporation. Not accepting the truth & to take take action the threat we face remains intact.
I provided well research info what I learned, but you allow your emotions to stop you from learning. Face it you are conditioned to accept your oppression. How much longer are willing to suffer? All the people follow me know the truth and there is no excuse to...
...remain ignorant. I know it's hard to believe the ENTIRE system is kicking you in the behind. The other program you accepted there's someone will fix this system, but like I always say the current system is not broken. It has been working well by design to enslave us...
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I love pissing people off. I shared a few Federal statutes and folks don't like that You want to be angry....look at yourselves in the mirror! I really hit a nerve today with some of the veterans & some active servicemen & women.
Some people are so emotional instead of thinking and asking questions to my tweets lol. When I first learned about everything I tweeted a part of me knew this level of truth is not popular. My attitude is tough shit....I will share what I learned even if narrow minded...
...people hate me for it.
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