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Unlike Christo-fascists in the so-called Moral Majority, the #MindfulMajority are patriots who seek equality, liberty, and social justice for all. 🇺🇦🇺🇸
Jul 18, 2021 15 tweets 5 min read
Mass shootings may grab the headlines, but are only a small part of a much bigger gun violence epidemic in America.

Firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens in America! #GunReformNow Unintentional shootings by children are often fatal. Just this month:

Near San Diego, CA: In two separate unintentional shootings, a 12-year-old boy shot and killed himself at a sleepover, and a 15-year-old boy was shot and remains in critical condition. #GunReformNow
Mar 8, 2020 14 tweets 8 min read
The Trump Administration has neutered America's ability to combat the #coronavirus global emergency.

Throughout his tenure, Trump has slashed public health budgets & eliminated critical public health infrastructure. #TrumpVirus The White House released its new budget in recent weeks. It includes the following:
✂️ 16% cut at @CDCgov
✂️ 10% cut at @HHSGov
✂️ 7% cut at @NIH
#coronavirus #TrumpVirus
Oct 12, 2019 18 tweets 39 min read
@CBP @SenCoryGardner @GovernorPerry @ENERGY @CoryGardner @RealBenCarson @HUDgov @RyanZinke @Interior @NRA @Cosen 102nd reason to #VoteCoryOut:

Invertebrate @SenCoryGardner refuses to condemn Trump's open & brazen attempts to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 election: #copolitics #cosen
@CBP @SenCoryGardner @GovernorPerry @ENERGY @CoryGardner @RealBenCarson @HUDgov @RyanZinke @Interior @NRA @Cosen 103: @SenCoryGardner's silence when Trump cut & ran from our Kurdish allies and enabled Turkey to slaughter them, is appalling cowardice.

The Kurds were our closest & most important allies in combatting ISIS. #StandWithKurds #copolitics edition.cnn.com/2019/10/12/pol…
Sep 4, 2019 15 tweets 8 min read
NEW THREAD: (TL;DR - The 2nd Amendment was never intended as a limitless right to private firearms ownership.)

18th Century concepts of 'militia' in America were very different than popular understanding these days. #2A #GunReformNow In the late 1700s, the militias were the backbone of security for the newly established USA. Every adult white man from age 16 and up was required to be in the militia. It was the 18th Century version of compulsory military service. #2A #GunReformNow
Jun 1, 2019 109 tweets 129 min read
I’ve observed Colorado @SenCoryGardner since his election. What I’ve seen has left me dismayed. Rather than building bipartisan bridges to get things done, Cory became a supine Trump yes-man. There are 1000s reasons he shouldn’t be re-elected. Here are 101: #VoteCoryOut #COsen #1: Even though he was elected by the narrowest of margins in 2014 in a state that has since voted for Hillary in 2016 & a democratic state govt trifecta in 2018, Cory continues to act as if he has a mandate from the white nationalist alt-right. #VoteCoryOut #cosen
Mar 16, 2019 20 tweets 15 min read
(THREAD) Donald Trump promised he'd put #AmericaFirst. The past 2 years have proven that his agenda is #MeFirst. Rather than #DrainTheSwamp, he filled his cabinet with elitist & grifting billionaires who have capitalized on their office at taxpayer expense. #TrumpCorruption No one has profited more from the Trump Administration than the Trump Family. In violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause, Trump retains ownership interests in his family business while he's in office. This is unprecedented. #AmericaFirst
Mar 3, 2019 18 tweets 10 min read

Those who conflate opposition to unquestioning support for Israel with anti-Semitism are like #JussieSmollett: they cheapen the experiences of actual victims of anti-Semitism Let's be clear, anti-Semitism is real and, sadly, it's on the rise in the U.S., especially since the 2016 election. According to the Anti-Defamation League, there was a 60% increase in anti-Semitic incidents from 2016 to 2017.
Jan 13, 2019 11 tweets 7 min read
The #GovernmentShutdown is now the longest in U.S. history! Here are the top 10 reasons why the #TrumpShutdown is Donald Trump's fault. (THREAD - PLEASE RT) 1) Trump REJECTED a bipartisan compromise in early 2018 that would have provided billions of dollars in #BorderWallFunding in exchange for protecting the #Dreamers. #TrumpShutdown
Oct 8, 2018 12 tweets 12 min read
✅ American democracy is on the ballot
✅ Basic human decency is on the ballot
✅ The health of our planet is on the ballot
✅ Equality & justice are on the ballot
HERE ARE 10 MORE REASONS TO #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica: 1) Donald Trump thinks there are "very fine people" who march with neo-Nazis and the KKK.
Sep 3, 2018 10 tweets 12 min read
FACT: Suicide is the number one cause of death of all #Utah youth; this is not the case nationally. More alarming, the teen suicide rate in Utah has doubled since 2011. #LGBT #UTpol #LDS #Mormon #BYU Another Fact: Teen suicide is lower when there is an #LGBTQ supportive environment. #Utah is notorious for its lack of support for and acceptance of the #LGBT community. #LDS #Mormon #UTpol #BYU
Apr 21, 2018 28 tweets 20 min read
COMEY MEMOS: (THREAD) Working my way through the 15 pages of #ComeyMemos. Here are the most important and/or shocking revelations: 1/ During #Comey's 1/6/17 at Trump Tower, @Comey told Trump that the Russians allegedly had tapes involving Trump & prostitutes at a Moscow hotel in 2013. Could these be the infamous #PeeTapes? #ComeyMemos 2/
Mar 11, 2018 21 tweets 9 min read
Yale history prof @TimothyDSnyder outlined 20 lessons from the 20th Century on preventing tyranny from overcoming democracy. His book is a must-read for #TheResistance: amazon.com/Tyranny-Twenty… (Thread) 1/ Do not obey in advance. Do not acquiesce or conform to the new regime, offering to comply before compliance is required by law. Hitler's party consolidated power b/c too many citizens offered anticipatory obedience.
Feb 4, 2018 11 tweets 11 min read
#WhyWeResist (THREAD) Renowned spiritual leader John Neuhas once said:
"Genuine #tolerance does not mean ignoring differences as if differences made no difference. Genuine tolerance means engaging differences w/in a bond of #civility & #respect." #CampaignforCivility 1/ Neuhas was not completely right. #Fascists, #WhiteSupremacists, Nazis, bigots, etc. lambast progressives for not tolerating their views. But hateful extremists use #tolerance merely as a tool to gain acceptance & obtain power. #CampaignforCivility #WhyWeResist 2/
Feb 1, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read
Much of white America, especially white male America (disclosure: I'm a white man), is suffering from delusion. Too many in my demographic have debased themselves through thoughtless xenophobia, callous sexism, knee-jerk bigotry & angry cynicism. (THREAD) #SOTU 1/ 62% of white men & 52% of white women knowingly cast their vote in 2016 for a racist demagogue who admitted to being a sexual predator, publicly attacked POWs & gold star families, mocked the disabled, made fun of overweight women, & embraced white supremacy. #SOTU 2/