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Alisa wrote an article for @TGC on why people are leaving Christianity.

She says it's because:
1. We are questioning the Bible
2. We have "unresolved" issues with why there's evil in the world.
3. We want morals that don't discriminate people.

Here's my thoughts...
1. Authority should be questioned. Bible included. It's a Frankenstein book. Research "Yahweh" and find the Bible wasn't always monotheistic. Think of all the robed men you'd have to trust 100% to write, edit, and pick the right writings while 100% certain the world is flat.
Discouraging people to question the authority of the Bible is insanely unhealthy. That's Spiritual Abuse. Total disregard for your logic.

Contradictions matter when you claim to be the sole authority of Truth in the Universe.
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#lgbt for #TeamPelosi

Always with us. 🏳️‍🌈🔥✊💯

Speaker Pelosi ALWAYS stood with us, we #lgbt stand with Nancy!
Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivers President Clinton’s message to marchers at March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian and Bi Equality and Liberation, April, 1993.

#lgbt Stan with Nancy,
she always stood with us.
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Four positive aspects of the #Synod18 "Final Document" (still available only in Italian) on the church's ministry with #LGBT people: 1) It stressed the value of "accompaniment." 2) It acknowledged the work that many in the church are doing to minister to LGBT people... 1/
3) It acknowledged that the church doesn't know everything about LGBT people and (as with other groups) must listen to them. 4) It spoke clearly of the need to reach out, include and look for ways for LGBT people to be part of the life and mission of the church. 2/
I see these four aspects as positive developments and, along with the overarching theme of listening in a "synodal" (i.e., more collegial and consultative) church, good indications of progress in the church's ministry to LGBT Catholics and outreach to LGBT people in general. 3/3
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I'm crying.

I'm listening to @NPR's @MorningEdition report on the internment of #MatthewShepard's ashes.

I'm recalling the candlelight vigil I attended with friends.
The emotional interview I did with Judy Shepard.
The shocking brutality of the killing.
@NPR @MorningEdition I'm thinking of other #LGBT hate crime killings I covered that weren't national headlines.

#SakiaGunn was two weeks shy of her 16th birthday when a man called her a d*ke and when she talked back, stabbed her. She died in the lap of her cousin.

@NPR @MorningEdition #GwenAraujo was a teenager when she was raped and murdered.

#BrandonTeena was in their 20s when they were raped and murdered.

Two young trans/GNC people just trying to live their authentic lives. But men wanted them to follow their birth genitalia instead.

Like Trump.
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On #NationalComingOutDay I wish I could tell the 16 year old me that she'll survive.

I had been expelled from my all girls high school for being a #lesbian.
I had been put in a psychiatric ward for #conversiontherapy.
I had been separated from my gf.
I don't want other #LGBT teens to experience what I did--the self-doubt, suicidality, cutting, anorexia--the many forms of self-harm that we learn/teach ourselves as ways to cope with lives that feel fraught, to take control we don't have.
#NationalComingOutDay ❤️💜💙💚🧡💛🖤
Knowledge is power.
Embrace who you are--there is so much strength in that.
Don't let other people define you.
Don't let other people claim you aren't "really" who you know yourself to be.
#NationalComingOutDay ❤️💜💙💚🧡💛🖤
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The majority of the working class in America is women and POC.
And white men as a group haven't voted majority Democrat since 1964--they stopped after LBJ signed the the #VRA.
Flip the narrative and start listening to the ACTUAL working class--the rest of us.
Stop centering white men for everything.
Stop claiming only white men can save us from the damage white men did to us.
Women are the working class--my investigation here:…
.@matthewstoller is very worried about white men, but it's really women of all races who are facing the worst effects of economic and social stresses.
My investigation here:…
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Bernie Sanders gave a speech at Liberty University with this nut lending credibility to hate.
I never understood why he did this during the campaign but it sent a message to every #lgbt person not to trust him. And we don’t.
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Tonight is gonna be hard. But join me as I watch the premiere of the final season of #PartsUnknown. Me & Tony went to Kenya. We spent time in Nairobi & on safari at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Watch w/ me as I livetweet. Let's celebrate him & his amazing life's work. #UnitedShades
I'll be livetweeting #PartsUnknown w/ me & Tony here. If you have any thoughts or questions I'll try to respond. It's a stunning episode. #UnitedShades #ShadesUnknown
Producer @diamondmofallon told me that part of the reason that the #LGBT segment was included in the show was because we cover those issues in #UnitedShades. #PartsUnknown #ShadesUnknown
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The European Lesbian* Conference sends her support to all the Romanian LGBTI* activists. #Refhaterendum #Romania #LGBT ⤵️…
If you as a media, an NGO, or an individual need any more information we will be happy to help you get some contacts.We also want to use EL*C ‘s social media space to relay all messages from the Romanian activists.We will put them in comments of this post #Refharendum ⤵️
We start with a comment of Ruth Borgford, founder of Romania’s only LGBT Women’ Group: Les* Sisterhood Cluj.⤵️ #Refhaterendum #Romania #LGBT
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1/ Ong Ye Kung: "The fact is they (the LGBTQ community) live in Singapore peacefully, no discrimination at work, housing (and) education."

This is worrying 'cos either the education minister doesn't know what "discrimination" means, or he doesn't know what facts are.
2/ @TODAYonline reported on his comments, reiterating the government stance that they'll "leave it to society to decide over time" when it comes to the issue of repealing 377A.…
3/ The most charitable interpretation is that the minister is unfortunately out of touch with the ground reality. There is constant discrimination against the #LGBT community in #Singapore.
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Congrats To #Lgbt India

-Don’t forget the United States decriminalized Gay sex ONLY 15 years ago in 2003.

-Lawrence v. Texas

-#KavanaghHearing thinks Justice Rehnquist who dissented in this case (wanted to keep gay sex illegal) is a hero.
Lawrence explicitly overruled Bowers, holding that it had viewed the LIBERTY interest too narrowly. Court held that intimate consensual sexual conduct was part of the LIBERTY protected by substantive due process under the 14th Amendment.
Think about these cases every time #Kavanagh and Republicans say LIBERTY.

They want to overturn ALL #lgbt rights cases.
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#Section377 : The Constitution Bench assembles for pronouncement of verdict
CJI says its a unanimous verdict expressed through four separate but concurring judgments
"#Section377 is arbitrary. LGBT community posses rights like others. Majoritarian views and popular morality cannot dictate constitutional rights"- CJI Misra's judgment #LGBT
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#Section377: Judgment by Supreme Court of India today post 11 am. Second pronouncement in less than five years. #GaySex
#Section377: Full court reference in honour of Justice Bharucha and Justice VA Mohta still in progress.

Judgment will be delivered after that.
#Section377: Full court reference concludes.

Court will re-assemble at 11.30 when the judgment will be pronounced.
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FACT: Suicide is the number one cause of death of all #Utah youth; this is not the case nationally. More alarming, the teen suicide rate in Utah has doubled since 2011. #LGBT #UTpol #LDS #Mormon #BYU
Another Fact: Teen suicide is lower when there is an #LGBTQ supportive environment. #Utah is notorious for its lack of support for and acceptance of the #LGBT community. #LDS #Mormon #UTpol #BYU
Relatedly, studies show that in areas where homosexuality is tolerated, mental health outcomes for #LGBTQ are the same as non-LGBTQ people. Elevated risk of suicide correlates w/ elevated risk of mental illness that is prevalent among LGBTs living in areas hostile to them.
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No one who lived through the Bush2 admin, from the stolen 2000 election to the torture, war crimes, two wars we are STILL in, millions of maimed Americans, brutal attacks on women & #LGBT "misses" Bush.Stop saying this for cheap clicks just because you escaped being hurt by Bush.
Pretending the Bush/Cheney years were benign when literally 2 MILLION Americans have been wounded/maimed by the wars in #Afghanistan & #Iraq is #GOP disinformation.

Also, Bush began the #WarOnWomen.
Bush helped stack the #SCOTUS with far right judges. Bush attacked #LGBT folks.
"Trump makes me miss Bush" is a statement of extreme privilege. It means you weren't hurt by Bush's domestic policies that made some of us feel we might have to flee our own country.These glib takes dismiss damage done by #GOP prior to Trump and how GWB opened the door for Trump.
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This headline is hilarious. Prick News are such a mess.
Josh Jackman, one of the many misogynists & anti-lesbian bigots working at Pink News, clearly believes female people who identify as trans either don't exist or are not worth considering when talking about 'trans people'.
This is why Josh & his colleagues at Pink News are really angry. They don't believe women/lesbians should be allowed to exclude men from anything.
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Mak nyah boleh masuk tandas perempuan?

1. Sekarang ada orang marah, kita kena berlembut dengan golongan LGBT ni. Nanti mereka akan lari. Beginilah. Golongan LGBT ini ada dua jenis,

a) Golongan LGBT yang TAHU dan SEDAR apa mereka buat tu salah, tetapi susah nak berubah sebab faktor keliling. Mereka tak pernah perjuangkan pun hak nak jadi LGBT.
Contohnya yang diliwat sejak kecil, lalu besar jadi gay. Atau sejak kecil dihiaskan dengan pakaian perempuan sedangkan dia lelaki, dah besar jadilah transgender.

Saya tak nak sebut faktor genetik. Sebab kesannya cuma 1/3 je kepada peribadi seseorang.
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@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @BrightonSurvivorsNET “In the light of a highly disturbing increase of #transphobia locally & nationally…” IF everything anybody says or does is #transphobia, of course you can say it is rising. Any reputable statistics?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK “…so the date @Womans_Place_UK event feels like a concerted effort to make #trans ppl, & particularly #transwomen, feel #intimidated and #invalidated” Is it the position of SN that the sensitivities of #transwomen mean that #democracy should be suspended any time they say so?
@SurvivorsnetBtn @RASASC_London @survivorstrust @Danvers07943910 @ObjectUK @Womans_Place_UK #Transwomen do face special challenges but they remain #bio #logical #males but it is fine for them #Gender express as ‘women’ but with the best will in the world, they remain #bio #logically #male @WomenEqualities @Commonswomequ @PennyMordaunt @MariaMillerUK @LesleySemmens
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#Section377: Adv. Manoj George begins submissions for intevenors. #SupremeCourt #LGBT
#Section377: Manoj George is representing two Christian organisations. #LGBT #SupremeCourt
#Section377: In interpreting a statute, court should not add or delete words to the statute, Manoj George. #LGBT
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What keeps me up? Babies and toddlers and children being given heavy duty antipsychotic drugs without monitoring by licensed personnel. We all know they don’t have nurses caring for caged migrant babies.
Deaths are inevitable.
This is genocide by the US government.
When kids are drugged they don’t eat. When babies are drugged they don’t drink. When drugs are given by unlicensed personnel kids die. Our government is committing genocide. And they are planning to continue genocide on a massive scale. #babyjails
When kids are drugged they aren’t learning. When babies are drugged they aren’t developing. When antipsychotics are given en masse to a pediatric population some percentage of that population will react very badly and may even die. Our country is committing genocide.
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Pulp is lowbrow and cheap, which is why it was able to skirt around the censorship laws of the 1950s and cover subjects that 'serious' novels had to hint at. And one taboo topic dominated pulp in the 50s: #lesbian love.

This is the story of the lesbian pulp explosion...
There were a few pre-war novels that treated lesbians as serious characters in relationships with other women, but mostly the topic was handled in circumspect code. However all that changed in 1950...
Women's Barracks by French author Tereska Torrès was published by Fawcett Gold Medal in 1950. Describing the lives of Free French Forces stationed in London in WWll it candidly discussed lesbian relationships and passions, and went on to sell over four million copies worldwide.
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We knew they would come for us. They are coming for us. #lgbt #queerpol
Using the excuse of “religious freedom “ House Committee passes Amendment allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against #lgbt parents, single parents, divorced parents and couples of mixed faith. Theocratic fascist @gop strikes again.
Nine US states have passed #lgbt adoption discrimination laws, 5 laws passed in the last 2 years. #lgbt are under attack from right wing ideologues. #queerpol
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#Section377 Day 3 Session 1 : Shyam Divan, Senior Advocate, has resumed arguments. He is appearing for intervenor "Voices Against 377" #LGBTQ
Divan emphasises on positive dimension of Article 14, states that it includes 'equal protection of law'. Refers to Justice Nariman's judgment in Triple Talaq case case to highlight 'equal protection of law'
Divan bats for "Right to Intimacy" quoting from South African Constitutional Court that right to privacy covers right to maintain intimate relations unaffected by law #Section377 #Sec377IPC
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Day 3 of #Section377 hearing: Live Updates from the Supreme Court…
#Section377: Bench assembles, Day 3 hearing commences. #LGBT #SupremeCourt
#Section377: #ShyamDivan resumes his submissions, arguing on positive dimension of Article 14. #LGBT #SupremeCourt
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