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Hey everyone, I want to share something with you.
For years, I've been silent about Chris Heuertz, one of the main spiritual #enneagram authors. He's published 2 books about it. 1/
In 2020, 33 people came forward to expose Chris for spiritual abuse, especially young women of color. There was a formula for his abuse and everything 2/
Many people co-signed, @BreneBrown removed her endorsement of Chris, & several actions were taken by #Enneagram leaders, publishers, and orgs. But Chris released a statement of apology, claiming nothing physical happened w/women, except for in 2012. 3/
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The Penne-agram: The 9 Types As Pasta: 🍝 🤌🏽

(A thread no one asked for, but can be read in the time it takes to boil your water)
Type 1: Angel Hair.

Knows it’s place but very inflexible. Always early but wonders why the other shapes won’t get their shit together.
Type 2: Lasagne.

Comforting, blankets others, layered with warmth. The noodle you break out for ultimate hospitality.

Depends on stronger foods to help it stand out and bring out its beauty.
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Hoe de kerk het #enneagram op een gezonde manier kan toepassen. Een draadje van 10.

Inleidend: elk enneagramtype heeft een verleiding (automatisch voor iets gaan) en een vermijding (wat je lage ego niet wil meemaken).

De kerk kan voorzien in de weg van de vermijding. 1/10
Type 1: Perfectie (verleiding) vs ergernis (vermijding).

In de kerk kun je zowel leren om je imperfectie te omarmen (via mildheid en genade) als leren om boos te worden (via zuivere woede) over bewust gekozen imperfecte manieren van leven.
'Wees volmaakt zoals mijn Vader.' 2/10
Type 2: Helpen/belangrijk zijn vs eigen behoeften

In de kerk kun je werkelijke nederigheid leren: niet ten koste van jezelf je altijd voor anderen wegcijferen (om liefde terug te winnen = trots). Het is de ander liefhebben áls jezelf. En: liefhebben vanuit geliefd zijn. 3/10
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Last night, someone tagged me in a blog written about best books for each #Enneagram type. I liked it better than I thought I would. It was good Enneagram entertainment. Image
And I've not seen so many mistypings in my 20 years of working with the #Enneagram and it has something to do with the entertainment piece and people typing people based on outside-in Enneagram. Don't go to entertainment for good Enneagram info. Go to it for entertainment. ImageImageImage
There's good Enneagram info out there. This is good as there was little out there when I started. I'm a big fan of solid lineage. I chose Helen Palmer as my teacher as she's grounded in lineage & emphasized psycho-spiritual integration. The @enneaworld is grounded in lineage ImageImage
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I get so entertained when listening to an #Enneagram 3 tries to explain why they think they’re an 8 🙄🙄😒
No, honey boo boo
*Sidenote: I also love how 3s always think they’re 8s but never vice versa
#enneagram8 #millenagream
Here’s how you can decipher if someone is truly an #enneagram 3 v 8
3s will relish in acceptance, accolades, credit even when they put out crap products vs 8s who will do exactly what this meme shows - burn it all down cause they know it’s crap and can’t stand tht ppl like it Image
This is why Drumpf is a perfect example of an unhealthy #enneagram 3. He doesn’t care about the integrity of anything, he just wants credit, praise, accolades, cheers, and credit for everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pile of crap as long as people like it and him.
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So #ChrisHeuertz's org, Gravity, has released a statement claiming they had a 3rd party investigation done. I've heard the investigator actually had NO confidentiality disclaimer, didn't have ppl's names correct, was all around untrustworthy. I've been involved w other orgs tht
had leadership called out abt abuse who also hired "3rd party investigators," who only ended up redacting info to make sure it showed no fault of the leadership. It's so shady whn the orgs owned or led by the accused leader run the investigation. We saw this w Willow Creek whn
the initial investigation led by the church found Hybels committed no abuse. It wasn't until those who believed the women hired someone outside of Hybels supporters when they began to uncover truths. Gravity's board has clearly shown their favoritism. But I believe the women. We
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While I’m on my #Enneagram... #WallE is a perfect representation of a 2’s redemptive journey.
He starts as a helper. That’s just how he’s wired. But he always seeks relationships and connection. He fantasizes about love. Loving others and being loved.
Then EVE shows up. He has true feelings for her, but... and this critical for understanding the 2... he tends to her needs in a desperate, almost smothering way because he expects affection in return. He craves it and he tries to earn it by doing good things.
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And just so you know, the trauma, whether overt or microaggressive, NEVER EVER leaves. Once inflicted, it always stays. It might lessen. It might dim. But it's always there. So don't say to the women tht #ChrisHeuertz didn't harm or they'll get over it
#ChurchToo #MeToo #TimesUp
I've done SO MUCH healing of my rape and trauma. And yet, it's always there, hibernating. When I first got married, EVERYTHING came back out w a vengeance bc the level of vulnerability required was so triggering. I cldnt believe it. Yet, here I was.
So don't tell survivors they'll get over it, esp when it's not overt abuse or assault.
You're just perpetuating rape culture and supporting abusers and predators.
#MeToo #ChurchToo #TimesUp #Enneagram #SacredEnneagram
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It's beyond imp for all #Enneagram folks to knw of the abusive predatory behavior of #ChrisHeuertz.
33 courageous women hve come fwd to brk dwn the wall of silence tht's been protecting him until now 1/20
#Metoo #ChurchToo #TimesUp…
But now is the time for these women's stories to be heard. Some of you will read this piece and have several thoughts that ALWAYS come up whn the issue of abuse comes up:
1) This sounds vindictive and vengeful
2) I know said abuser, he/she could never do anything like tht 2/20
3) He's married. Why would he need other women? They're so happy together
4) His wife/spouse is supporting him, standing by, denies anything ever happened, if s/he knew, they'd say something
5) The board wld've knwn but no one said anything? How's that possible 3/20
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Parenting Forward Conference Sessions Thread:

Barbara Brown Taylor talks about re-enchanting the world with our children. The talk is, well, enchanting. Her love of the earth, the soil, the sun, the flowers, is mesmerizing. She's all class.
.@caspertk gives us data on the loneliness epidemic and how to find community in a post religious world. How to find common values, purpose, to co create with people who know and love you. His joy for connectedness is so hopeful.
.@TheRaDR talks about the spirituality in parenting, how the act of diapering, feeding, tending is profoundly ritualistic and full of meaning. The rabbi knows her stuff and she communicates it with so much energy and life.
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We are up to point #Four on the #Enneagram. Ichazo called the fixation "melancholy" & while I have another suggestion for the name, it certainly is a good descriptor. There is a thread here. (1/6)
In the original teachings, point 4 was *defined" by melancholy, so I have always been baffled by people who describe themselves as "happy 4s." There seem to be a large # of people in the US who see themselves as 4s because the descriptions have become a little loose. (2/6)
Some think they are 4s because they have had difficult childhood issues, or because they experience strong emotions, or because they feel people do not understand them. But that is not a type--it just means you are human. Remember too, the fixation is a *mental* habit. (3/6)
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Thank you ALL for the enthusiasm behind this project and for all the beautiful ways you’ve supported it. Two years ago “The Sacred #Enneagram” dropped after having been rejected by 14 publishers (yep, kind of a bummer)...
...Since then it’s won a Nautilus Book Award, been published in Portuguese, licensed for Korean and Russian editions, gone into 11 printings, has a workbook out in November (pre-order now!), and sold more than 100,000 copies...
...Not only am I indebted to an incredible publishing team (including stellar humans like @heystephsmith, @AuntAMey , @robinabarnett, @caferebee, @KellyHughes, and many, many more—THANKS)...
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