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.@KyrstenSinema Reminds Us That Democrats Hate Housewives (via @Julie_Kelly2)
“Just as Democrats try to woo suburban moms ahead of next month’s election, along comes Kyrsten Sinema to remind us how much the Left hates us.

Sinema is running against her Republican House colleague, Rep. Martha McSally, for the open seat vacated by retiring Jeff Flake.”
“The 42-year-old unmarried bisexual atheist lawyer with a Ph.D. in Justice Studies has some interesting views on life, as you might imagine.”
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THREAD: @chicagovotes Twitter Town Hall!

I’m happy to support @ChicagoVotes, an organization that works to increase voter turnout of young people in Chicago.

Today I’ll answer your questions about voting and civics in this thread.
1/ Q from @casijesse: From your perspective, can you describe the state of democracy in the US today?
2/ A: Some of the pillars of our democratic system are under attack. States have engaged in voter suppression efforts, there is a war on the free press, and Congress isn’t doing its job. That’s why we need more people to vote. Non-voters outnumbered Trump voters in 2016.
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Immutable logic of Vammbu pans - 1

Lekha: Kettavan. #metoo

Vammbu pans: You are failure. How many of your movies ran? flop heroine. Whore! 

*Vammbu movie flops*

Vammbu pans: Sadhi! director waste, heroine waste. He will be back dawww. Pailure is stebbing stone dawww.
Immutable logic of Vammbu pans - 2

Lekha: Kettavan. #metoo

Vammbu pans: you are doing this for publicity. Whore! Serupaala adippen di.

*Vammbu shamelessly uses Ajith's name*

Vammbu pans: Thaala fans dawww. Open thala fan enga vammbu dawww
Immutable logic of Vammbu pans - 3

Lekha: Kettavan. #metoo

Vammbu pans: what proof do you have? Enga eppo epdi yaen? Whore! 

*AAA producer, director, team accuse vammbu of not honouring contract*

Vammbu pans: **** bittu pada edukuravanukku enna da thimuru vendi kadakku?
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Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham are victims in their own minds via @nypost
This has been a rough week for women on the left.

It began with Hillary Clinton, the zombie candidate who just won’t die, giving an interview to CBS for a story about the post-#MeToo “pink wave” of younger women running for political office, many for the first time.
Guess who became the star?

As usual, Hillary herself, who spent a good part of that interview defending her husband’s sexual predation while disavowing her key role in what Clinton aides, back in the ’90s, cheerfully called the “nuts-and-sluts” shaming of all of Bill’s accusers.
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“I am also intimidated by the Defendant (@SherrodBrown)and am in fear for the safety and well-being of myself and our children due to the Defendant’s physical violence and abusive nature” #MeToo #OHSen #Ibelievesurvivors
Sherrod Brown pinned his ex-wife against a wall, cornered her friend and was screaming in front of their children. He now claims @JimRenacci should be “ashamed” for bringing this up, really? @SenSherrodBrown is the only one who should be ashamed right now #MeToo
The argument against bringing up these charges is that it was a long time ago but it’s years earlier than Kavanaugh allegations and there are police reports to prove it. Sherrod Brown is a nasty man #OHSen
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Look who it is!? Hillary and DNC lawyer, executive producer of Steele Dossier the one and only Perkins Coie Mark Elias, and he’s representing @SherrodBrown threatening @JimRenacci to NOT talk about #MeToo isn’t that amazing #OHSen #ibelievesurvivors
Why does the Democrat Fixer not want women to be heard? #SherrodBrown has been credibly accused for sexual harassment and unwanted advances where are you @womensmarch @TheDemocrats
Amazing @SherrodBrown runs to Mark Elias to tell @JimRenacci to stop telling the truth meanwhile Sherrod is being sued for running a completely false campaign ad. These people are insane, if you're proven not-guilty they lie about it #VoteRed #OHSenDebate #OHSEN
Read 3 tweets… A gay man has come forward with accusations that Cory Booker sexually assaulted him.
And we already know, in his owns words, that he forced himself on a drunk girl, after she tried pushing him away, in college. Seems Cory has a history of this now/ FBI investigation needed immediately
The man says that he brought this story to Ronan Farrow and #MeToo but that they didn't show interest. Hmm? I guess the left doesn't care about gays rights?
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I'm not absolving Bill Clinton of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. It was fucking stupid. And his wife and daughter have had to pay for it for two decades now.

Reframing that (20+ year ago) affair as an incident for which Hillary Clinton has to apologize to Monica Lewinsky for shit her husband did is ludicrous. /2
But it happens over and over and over again. You keep asking her to answer for Bill. When she won't, she's evasive. When she answers that Lewinsky was an adult (which she was), she's anti-#MeToo.
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When we talk about RAPE: people get very emotional because it is an emotional issue and a violation of someone’s body usually held more valuable by women than men.

Anyway key issue is how this terminology is used and explored socially
First we would be loathe to think rape is a one-way street: a case of MEN being perpetrators and women being recipients of abuse.

It is however important to state that in heterosexual relationships either men or women could be perpetrators or abused
For those quick to ask: HOW can a woman rape a MAN, it is germane to avoid answering questions bordering on penetration and differentials of strength or “why did he get hard?”, because its cousin “why did she get wet” is deemed preposterous
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Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.… via @thedailybeast
"We’re three weeks out from the 2018 midterm election, and Hillary Clinton is popping up again like a Halloween ghoul who keeps rising from the grave to terrorize the American public; only this time accompanied by the increasingly #MeToo burdened uber-villain, Bubba."
"The Clintons, it seems, can’t seem to call it quits, even if it means leaving members of their own party cringing and many more voters ready to “headdesk” themselves into a coma."
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EYES OPEN on the 1st Amendment ! Saudi Arabia killed a journalist Jamal Khashoggi from @washingtonpost . Laughter as @realDonaldTrump lauds politician's body slam of Guardian journalist via @YouTube !
Iconic Dodge City moves its only polling place outside town…
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Clinton, Warren reveal party’s dishonor…
Take two of its top so-called “leaders” U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. Both did more harm to their party in the past 72 hours than anything Trump has ever tweeted — even at 3 a.m.
Talk about a botched PR rollout making Warren a national political laughingstock while simultaneously elevating Geoff Diehl’s candidacy. All over a DNA test that proves she’s white.


Clinton sexually exploited. That is the definition of sexual harassment.
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Um have people read the @FBI files on @SenatorMenendez because if we’re to believe all women then Menendez slept with a 16 year old girl in the Dominican Republic! This is insane the Democrats are demented. Come on New Jersey VOTE @BobHugin #Ibelievesurvivors #VoteDemsOut2018
This entire story got buried because it involved more than Menendez, many people were involved including retired officers and the FBI🙄
Who has almost $5 million dollars to pay lawyers? The one and only @SenatorMenendez was funded by big pharma to get his mistrial, with this kind of money are we really to believe a juror or two wasn’t paid off? New Jersey remains run by mobsters. Vote this fool out.
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Some of the most incredible women directly behind starting the #MeTooIndia movement. @MasalaBai @TheRestlessQuil @AGirlOfHerWords @KiranManral in conversation with the brilliant @MeghnaPant at the @firstpost #MeToo conversations.
"If, as women, we don't speak now, we may never get the chance to speak up again." - @KiranManral
"Most of the women reaching out on DMs, don't want anything more than to talk. And to be heard." - @MasalaBai
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Hillary Clinton’s Master Class in Distraction
2/"Hillary Clinton has been on a bit of a media tear the past few weeks, holding forth on both the personal and the political — and making clear that someone needs to perform an intervention before she further complicates life for her fellow Democrats. In these furious, final
3/"days before the midterms, Democratic candidates need to be laser focused on their message to voters. They need to be talking health care and jobs and other issues of intense, personal concern to their electorate. They do not need to be talking about impeachment, or about the
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@labtician - do you think it's a smart business practice to completely destroy your reputation and company over $3,000? What are they teaching in MBA school these days? 😂😂 @MSmithyes what say ye? #MAGA #Pedogate #GeneralFlynn @USBorderSec #Pizzagate @POTUS
I dunno - maybe @MSmithyes WANTS to get off that tread-mill. . . just sayin'
@MSmithyes remember that time I had to fight you off me all night long on our first date? I sure do #MeToo
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I could never accept credit for a movement started even before I began speaking in 70s/80s/90s/ re courts, law-enforcement training, organizing, doing media, publishing, support networks, changing laws, working to expose sexual assault of both females & males as kids. #PreMeToo
Before social media, #survivors used media, snail-mail, speaking at events to spread word, reach others - increase reporting, form support groups (30 in DC area alone), combat 90s #FalseMemories backlash w/o benefit of ##. #SilenceBreakers paid high cost, still paying -Cont.
Many lost families for telling of abuse, churches, jobs. Were #DARVO-ed by perps - even Catholic Church, accused of making false allegations, suffered poor treatment for #PTSD, homelessness, addiction, suicides, no longer able to straddle huge crack in system. Foster care...Cont.
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Ted Cruz smirking and laughing while Beto O’Rourke speaks. They should ask him about Cambridge Analytica.
Kind of barking up the wrong tree, Ted. Big Tech hosted Brett Kavanaugh’s celebration after you voted to put him on SCOTUS. #TexasDebate
Beto mentioned it.
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I never ever watch politics, but I am in Texas with my friend who is working hard for Beto so we are going to watch this debate.
I will start this by noting that Ted Cruz once walked behind me. Or more accurately, oozed past me with a trail of slime left behind.
I will start this debate by urging Ted Cruz to go fuck himself.
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1. He suggests or gives signals, she agrees or signals consent. Whatever happens is consensual.

2. He suggests or gives signals, she declines.. he lets it go there. No crime.
3. He suggests or gives signals, she says no or all the signals from are -ve. Yet he creates hostile environment and persists. Surely a crime.

4. He suggests or gives signals. She says no but her signals seem either +ve or ambiguous. That's the trickiest one for law to handle.
There was a case of US executive forcing himself on a lady from another country who had clearly said 'no'. She initiated criminal proceedings. He took the defence that all his life he had been told that a lady's no means yes. He was allowed to go scot-free in this.
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News from me: @pamelacross541 & I have been proud to serve as co-chairs of Ontario’s Provincial Roundtable on Violence Against Women. Established in 2015, the Roundtable has provided strategic advice to government on emerging issues related to #VAW. #Onpoli
Through the Roundtable’s ongoing engagement with government and sector partners, we have achieved policy and program change, including provisions in #Bill148, the Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Act, to provide paid leave to employees who experience domestic or sexual violence.
It’s expensive not to address gender-based violence: it has impacts from health to criminal law process to the economy. Justice Canada estimates the total economic impact of domestic violence on employers annually in Canada is about $78 million. #Onpoli #MeToo
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Sometimes it can be difficult to be absolutely sure if an account is automated. @jogman308 is an example - this account doesn't post round-the-clock, and all tweets are via the Twitter website. There are reasons for suspicion, though.
First, very little of @jogman308's material is original - 99.9% of tweets are either news site links or retweets. We were unable to find any hint of personal backstory. These charts of media sources and keywords used provide an approximate picture of the content.
There's something odd about some of @jogman308's tweets linking to news sites - in some cases the headlines in the tweet text are paired with the wrong article. Could be human error, but could also be a sign of a script gone awry.
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If I may, I'd like to suggest that Americans read the verdict--in full--of Justice William B. Horkins, who presided over the Jian Ghomeshi trial. You may find it by scrolling down here:…
It as as powerful argument as we will have about why it is better that courts--who are trained to try cases like this--adjudicate these disputes, as opposed to "internal cororate investigators," or "Title IX coordinators," and above all, "the media."
But even the authority of a skilled and a legitimate court of law was insufficient. The judge ruled--calmly and dispassionately, that in a case based entirely on the complainants' testimony, it was quite a problem if they serially and seriously perjured themselves.
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Attn: I have iron clad advice for everyone. Never, ever agree to be a profile/case study in the @nytimes Real Estate section:…
Everybody in these pieces sound like assholes. You—by dint of actually being an asshole or because the form renders all subjects as assholes—will be no different.
Facebookers giving up one of two apartments in Bay Area to move east, live in a building who's name is "a nod to the storied rock club CBGB" 🤢, and sell feminist ceramics "inspired by the #MeToo movement" on the side—say this out loud. Then decline to be a subject.
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