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1. A thread on the Democratic candidates... let’s call it Burning Questions. @1catherinesiena @Andreatellsall @phillyrich1 @PolitiBunny @POTUS @drawandstrike Let’s go one by one...
2. Liz Warren - How can America trust you when you have lied about your heritage to get a job, or about being fired because you were pregnant, it how you were #MeToo’d by a polio victim?
3. Joe Biden - How can America trust you when you have lied about your Ukrainian corruption connections , your role in passing Obasmcare, or Benghazi?
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I was rummaging through my video archives the other day and realized that there is a formerly omnipresent voice who once ruled Fox News and who is not even remotely missed by anyone now, his absence from the airwaves a never-lamented, blissful reality: Bill O'Reilly.
2) What was most noteworthy about O'Reilly was the really visceral nastiness he brought to the airwaves. He loved to bully people with physical intimidation and what seemed like near threats of violence. This clip is from one of his many attacks on Dr. George Tiller.
3) He had a history of these kinds of meltdowns on the set, though usually with the cameras off. Like this one from his days with 'Inside Edition.' "Fuck it, we'll do it live!" is now a cliche.
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Dear @TaranaBurke this 42 year old yt guy has raped and has sexual contact with over 600 black women while being H.I.V positive some blk girls were underage which is statutory rape it is your job to go after yt men when they are doing this to YOUR women #metoo
The fact that nobody is going hard on this when this predator has had a history of people reporting his sex crimes for a decade law enforcement never charged him I want to see “SURVING JASON POPE” documentary in the works NOW and put it on Netflix like you did R kelly!
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Starting to think the NYT's beloved epithets for Twitter— "cesspool," "sewer," "angry left mob"—are its equivalent of Trump's fake news. That is: All criticism of the NYT is sewage.…
"PItchforks"? For #MeToo offenses? For racist headlines?

I'm getting the sense that the paper might see sewage and pitchforks in...people of color & feminists.
Might also be worth noting that "pitchforks" are not actually lethal implements but protected speech: *sentences* composed by NYT readers—most of them without OTHER PLATFORMS.

Unlike the NYT, which is THE platform.

But Twitter is not speech; it's sewage.
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I’m troubled by this.

We have seen GMButts and #TrudeauCorruption fir 4 years LIE on everything— some lies are criminal #ObstructionOfJustice

They will do anything for power. So I’m skeptical

Why would anyone risk lives of 1000 attendees if the risk was real?
2/ #TrudeauWorstPM mistrust on everything FAKE:
- #metoo -groping
- feminist- firing top women
- environmentalist - 2 planes
- Ethics
- inclusion- #blackface

Healthy to think it’s staged.

I broke #HijabHoax story.
Why is this tweet still up?

3/. Why were what appears to be Canadian rangers at event protecting #TrudeauCorruption ?

It seems against RCMP protocol to delegate the safety of the PM to Canadian Rangers.

I have RCMP followers - help me on this.

I’m thinking this was staged.
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Rose McGowan Absolutely Shreds Hillary For Ignoring Victims of Alleged Sexual Assaults-After it was revealed in a report in The Hollywood Reporter detailing some of the claims of Ronan Farrow’s new book, “Catch & Kill: Lies, Spies,..…
.. & a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,” that Hillary Clinton pressured Farrow to drop his investigation into Harvey Weinstein, actress Rose McGowan — whose accusations agst Weinstein of sexual assault helped launch the #MeToo movement — ripped Clinton for her actions,...
..tweeting, “Hillary Clinton, did you have any concern for your husband’s victims? & what abt HW victims? No? Didn’t think so.” In June 2018, McGowan slammed Bill Clinton after Clinton said he hadn’t apologized to Monica Lewinsky since the scandal involving her, saying, “I have..
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Three quick points about the indignation expressed here by Candace Owens over Brooke Nevils continuing to see Matt Lauer romantically even after she said he anally raped her in a hotel at the 2014 Olympics. 1/
ONE: sometimes when you’re raped or abused, you try to “redeem” it, to make it better, to turn the rape into love. Why? Because you don’t want to think of yourself as a victim, you don’t want to admit you naively gave your trust to someone who eagerly used that for evil. 2/
TWO: being a woman requires a certain amount of go-along-to-get-along politeness. When I was a waitress, customers grabbed my body and pulled me by the apron to request something like ketchup. The real price of that ketchup? /3
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Let me try to unpack this to explain why this is so horrifying to read for people in Hong Kong. We're having the worst possible version of a #MeToo moment, which has a #ProtestToo hashtag.
There's a lot of things going on here. For starters, police stopped wearing warrant cards (what you'd prob call badge numbers) back in June. There is no way for anyone to personally identify any HKPF responsible for anything.
Of course it's 100% intentional, because it means there's no way to file a complaint through the one (1) mechanism available: Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC). Even if you had their warrant card, 99.5% of complaints go nowhere because HKPF decides what to do about it.
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A Thread: Today the Board of Directors of @mastersuniv/@MastersSeminary is meeting. Will they finally publicly address this SEXUAL CRIME that occurred ON CAMPUS? Crime/Arrest of the student employee was 6/12/19. No official stmt (1/10)

#MeToo #churchtoo
The Student EMPLOYEE was a Resident Assistant, meaning he LIVED in the dorms with plenty of opportunity to take illegal pictures for sexual gratification. Why no PSA from @mastersuniv administration? Why no warning there was an alleged predator living among the students? (2/10)
@mastersuniv @MastersSeminary is already on accreditation probation. The accrediting agency cited a negligent lack of knowledge of Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act by administration. (3/10) (see files under Commission Actions)

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Looking for catchy suggestions of hashtags to help my Dan Schneider campaign take off. We need something memorable and catchy that we can all use to link our posts together. Please suggest ideas in the comments and I will make a poll shortly.
We need a catchy hashtag like #metoo or #timesup that we can brand around taking down Dan Schneider if we really want this to work. We need your suggestions in the comments and overall effort to make this work.
#Schneidergate and #Schneiderfile don't work too well because it's hard for the layman to quickly spell his name. #Pedogate is too easy for the mainstream media to discredit. Maybe we call it #Nickgate or #Nickghazi or something like that instead?
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My trolls keep asking me why I’m verified and I am in the mood to answer, so let’s go, here’s why I’m famous lmao, a brief summary
1) I’m an illustrator and poet foremostly, wnd my work revolves around themes of social justice and self exploration. I’m a bunch of other things but I don’t necessarily state them out or call myself them, other people do? Like activist, influencer, blah blah.
Back to my work, I started illustrating when I was 17 and some of my work went viral. My first interview was with the fader…
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Re-upping this. Why does Andrew Lack of NBC News still have a job? His Megyn Kelly gambit = failure, NBC News may well have sat on Access Hwd tape, he got rid of Ronan's Weinstein story--ON TOP of allegedly covering for Lauer & others harassers. WHAT MAKES THIS DUDE WORTH IT??
The fact that Noah Oppenheim and Andrew Lack are still employed in positions of great power and making a lot of money tells you all you need to know about whether #MeToo has "gone too far."
"After Lauer’s firing, she learned that Noah Oppenheim, the president of NBC News, and Andrew Lack, the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, “were emphasizing that the incident hadn’t been ‘criminal’ or an ‘assault’” — which she claims caused her to throw up, Farrow writes."
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What we are all hopefully learning is how much some people seem to think a person’s uterus is public property.
And also how so many people hate women so much they think that unless you tell a painful part of your story every single time you recount it, you must be a liar. That is not how people work. Let women be people.
I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told a story about my college years where I neglected to mention that I was struggling with trauma from rape at the time. Guess I know who’s ready to use that to deny the rape happened! Not every story has to focus on the worst details.
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Whoops, the people who tried to accuse Elizabeth Warren of lying about pregnancy discrimination forgot that pregnancy takes 9 months (and change, for pedants).…
Warren was rehired for a job — before her pregnancy would have been showing. But when she says she was pressured to leave, it was 2 months later.
My (probably vain) hope is people look past this silly attempt to create a scandal, and at the very real nuance conveyed in Warren’s story. Sexism isn’t just one guy dismissing you for pregnancy. It’s all the various ways women are discouraged from pursuing their dreams.
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APSA continues to stonewall witnesses. Why? My analysis drawing on my training as a political scientist specializing in institutions. It comes down to asymmetrical resources, decentralized nature of the professional orgs, difficulty translating existing harassment law into 1/
a conference setting, and a collective action problem since disproportionately junior women suffer harassment. First, there is a gross asymmetry in time and resources between those harassed and the professional org. APSA has a lawyer on call (paid for by our membership dues), 2/
APSA also has a paid professional staff and part of their job is dealing with these issues. Individual academics who are harassed have themselves. No back up from their unis or anyone else. For many of us, we've spent hours sending emails, making calls, backchannelling 3/
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1/17 THREAD: Despite the many self-styled complementarians who are jumping on the "David raped Bathsheba" bandwagon, this new woke hermeneutical lens is radically egalitarian at its core because it necessarily requires that men and women both have equal standing, authority,
2/17 roles, influence, and power before consensual sex is even possible. If there is even a slight differential between the parties, then coercion has occurred and consent cannot be freely and authentically given, which means the encounter was actually rape. This framework is
3/17 currently being applied to the David/Bathsheba narrative, but I doubt its proponents have thought through the necessary changes we must now make to many other OT narratives. This framework is, and I cannot stress this enough, entirely untenable with regard to creating a
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After early mass, Father Baird sat in the sacristy. He positioned his chair so he could see us, altar boys, as we exited from the choir robing room across the hall.

He would call a boy out.

"Jamie, come here."

How does fifth or sixth-grade kid say, "sorry, Father, I've got to run."

After all, he was the Senior Pastor.

So the selected boy responded.

When the boy approached, Father Baird would tussle his hair.
Next, he would pull the boy onto his lap. With the boy straddling his leg, he would begin massaging the boy's shoulders and talk to him. Usual topics included the boy's performance during mass and school.
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.@RonanFarrow tracks down the 2 goons, working for Harvey Weinstein, that would tail him & @nytimes reporter @jodikantor while they were working on separate threads of the #MeToo story…
Why did the Ukrainian-born private investigator decide to reject Harvey Weinstein and the former Israeli spies trying to harass journalists and Weinstein’s sexual abuse victims? Why did he help @RonanFarrow and the feds?
@RonanFarrow I know that it's "goons who would tail Ronan" not "goons that would tail" in my first tweet -- it must have been the word "goons" that tripped me up!
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THREAD: Why are some men uncomfortable with a partner who earns more or has a higher level of education? That's more economic stability and resources for the family, right? /1
Man box culture has conditioned generations of men to see themselves as providers, not care-givers. This central frame for man box masculinity falters if women earn more and, even worse, start demanding equal effort from men in housework and care giving to children. /2
This "men as breadwinners" frame, born at the turn of the last century when the industrial revolution shifted men away from the farm and onto the factory floor, cut men off from home life, re-defining what had been shared work, as women's work. /3
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@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Good morning: As a female professional who has fact-checked for years, let me say that Flanagan sounds exasperated w Sonmez bc Sonmez's actions against #JonathanKaiman were extreme in the heat of #MeToo. Sept 2017: Sonmez & Kaiman were drinking alcohol at an all-day party. 1/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic Kaiman says Sonmez initiated kissing him at the bar. (Sonmez did this knowing he had a girlfriend?) Sonmez admits she drove him home on her scooter. (Again, she was irresponsible. Sonmez drove a scooter in the streets while drunk, jeopardizing others' safety?) 2/x
@jbenton @feliciasonmez @CaitlinPacific @TheAtlantic It was late in the night. Both Sonmez & Kaiman were drunk messes. Sonmez claims Kaiman digitally penetrated her w/o her consent while the 2 were on her scooter, & was aggressive. (But she drove him home to his apt, instead of screaming, kicking him off, & driving away?) 3/x
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meanwhile at the BET Hip Hop Awards

learn to respect yourself a little more...

white girls do it too
the new moves
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@ResisterForever Indeed. Twitter can be very influential, for a couple of reasons.

1] Despite the ugliness we often see w/hostility among/between #Resisters & #MAGAts / #Deplorables [& some Resisters], on the whole we are in fact changing the way people talk about certain subjects. EG, #MeToo ▶️
@ResisterForever #MeToo began well before it was talked about on Twitter, but few of us knew about it. Thru Twitter, #MeToo survivors connected w/each other to construct a powerful force of women [& their male allies] that has counteracted the stereotypes about rape & sexual harassment▶️
@ResisterForever the point there's been a backlash. Backlashes aren't all bad, esp if they're weaker than the original force, & they are easily refuted w/their underlying rationalizations for the behaviors we criticize.

Indeed, mvts can't claim to be powerful UNLESS there's a backlash! ▶️
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There is a huge #MeToo movement waiting to happen in the Border Patrol. I am saddened that .@USBPChief did not make this happen. This is everyday life for women in this agency. I know first hand.…
Very proud of this agent for filing charges. I will go be by her side if she asks. She will be retaliated against the rest of her career.
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