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An Women turned her initial ₹20,000 Investment into a net worth of ₹1,000 Crores.

Story of RAJNI BECTOR Founder of @cremicafoods (Bector's Food)

A #Thread 🧵🧵

@ipo_mantra @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @JoePompliano

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Imagine a woman who once used to prepare ice creams in the backyard of her Ludhiana home as her way to fight boredom heading a Rs.1,000 crore food enterprise.

#burgerking #food @FinancialAdda @stocktalk_in
Mrs Bector was born in karachi and then moved to Delhi with her family.
After her children went to boarding school, she noticed that there was huge demand for her desserts. 

#Delhi #India #market
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Some rogue elements are selling farmers protest as BJP-corporate (Adani/ Ambani) collusion issue.

Here is expose !!


An Adani company entered into storage agreement with FCI in 2005 (UPA tenor).

Source is a 2005-06 report by PDS department


This is a 2008 news again on Adani-FCI


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🇮🇳 #FarmersWithModi #Thread I grow a lot of my own food & I pay for food that I buy. No one here is doing me any favours. It’s a commercial arrangement.If these so called middlemen pretending to be farmers were genuine philanthropists there would be no starving ppl in India🇮🇳1/2
🇮🇳Ppl are hungry bcos they cannot afford to buy food & so cut the crap abt Annadatha...
People who own 100’s of acres of land are NOT poor by any means..So if they are going on #AntiNational Activities like seen in Delhi-Take this surplus land that they r holding from them 🇮🇳2/3
🇮🇳 & give it on lease to genuine farmers ...
Let’s cut out these over indulged ‘Middlemen pretending to be farmers-they are nothing but Over Appeased Class who have kept the poor labourer class poor for 70+yrs! Enough is enough! 3/3 #BharatBandhNahiHoga #FarmActsGameChanger
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बरसों बरस से गांव में, गांव से बाहर जाने का सिर्फ एक ही रास्ता था जिस पर एक पहलवान लट्ठ ले कर बैठा रहता था और वह हर आने जाने वालों से कमीशन लेता था।
फिर गांव में एक नया प्रधान आया उसने गांव से बाहर जाने के लिए एक दूसरा रास्ता बना दिया जिस पर कोई पहलवान लट्ठ लेकर नहीं बैठता।
कुछ लोगों ने नासमझी में और कुछ लोगों ने सब कुछ समझते हुए भी नए रास्ते का विरोध किया तो प्रधान ने कहा कि मैंने पुराना रास्ता बंद नहीं किया है सिर्फ नया रास्ता बनवाया है जिसको जिस भी रास्ते से गुजरना हो वह गुजर ले।
ज्यादातर गांव वाले मन बना चुके हैं कि वह नए वाले रास्ते से ही गुजरेंगे लेकिन जो लोग पहलवान के साथ सांठगांठ किए बैठे हैं, कमीशनखोरी पर ही पल रहे हैं वह लोग खूब हो हल्ला मचा रहे हैं और ऐसा बताने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं जैसे सारे गांव वाले उस पुराने रास्ते से ही जाने के समर्थन में हैं।
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2019, So called Democratic Anti CAA Protests had Radical Islamists behind the scene.

2020, It seems so called #FarmerProtest have #2020Referendum supporter #Khalistanis behind the scene. Image
जब जब कांग्रेस डरती है, देश मे दंगा करती है

- Haryana on the name Jat Aandolan
- Rajasthan on the name Gujjar Reservation
- MP on the name of SC/ST Protests
- Gujarat on the name of Patel Protests
- Karnataka on the name of Lingayat
- Tamil Nadu on the name of Hindi Imposition ImageImage

Another #SaheenBagh in making?
Another Riot in planning, on the name of Protest? ImageImage
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