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Meet Nelson Wang, the inventor of Indian-Chinese the "Chicken Manchurian". Wang was born in Calcutta's Tangra China Town in 1950. When his family moved to Canada in the 1977, Nelson decided to move to Bombay.
#ChickenManchurian #Chinese #Cricket #Foodie
Strating out as a nightclub limbo dancer and fire-eater, he found a job was as a cook at Frederick's, a Chinese restaurant in Colaba and where the legendary Raj Singh Dungarpur, then President of the Cricket Club of India was a regular.
Frederick's was asked if could cater to Cricket Club of India, but turned down the offer. So Nelson took on the challenge. It was here that Dungarpur, who liked fried food asked Nelson for something spicy and crunchy with a gravy.
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First day lunch in Bangkok was Chicken Rice from @BoonTongKee_TH and a burger from Bun Meat & Cheese. Both in The Commons Saladang. Both delicious 😋 ImageImageImageImage
Can’t visit Bangkok and not go straight to @MK_Restaurants and get the mixed plate of crispy pork, red pork and roast duck! ImageImageImage
Crab wonton and red pork soup at @TERMINAL21asok food court and also a plate of roast duck, crispy pork and red pork. Got two portions minus rice for 80bath. Super cheap food court! #Bangkok #food #foodblogger ImageImageImage
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24. SIKKIM thali #Sikkim
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Blueberry Pancakes

Como agora tá na época dessa frutinha deliciosa que aqui a gente chama de Mirtilo, nada melhor do que fazer ela brilhar numa receitinha fácil e beeem gostosa.
Segue o fio ⬇️

Essa é uma receita básica de panqueca 🥞 pro café da manhã ou lanche da tarde, que pode ser feita pura (só a massinha) ou com as Blueberry ou outras frutinhas desse tipo, até mesmo com gotas de chocolate.
Vamos precisar de:
1 xícara de farinha
3/4 de xícara de leite
1 ovo
3 colheres de sopa de açúcar
1 colher de sopa de mel
1 colher de sopa de vinagre
2 colheres de sopa de manteiga derretida
1 colher de chá de bicarbonato
2 colheres de chá de fermento químico
Essência de baunilha
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"We should be harvesting fruits right now, but it's all gone, dead from the scorching sun."

"It's impossible to work out in the orchard, because the ground temperature is around 60° celsius" [140°F]

"It's too miserable to bear witness to."

'China is facing severe shortfalls in the autumn harvest of rice & wheat in the Yangtze basin...

In Sichuan province alone, 47,000 hectares have reportedly been lost, and another 433,000 hectares seared.

The problem, however, extends far beyond Sichuan'…
'Parts of the European Union could face 𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀 of warmer and drier conditions as Europe weathers a major drought that has fueled forest fires, dried up rivers and devastated crops'

#ClimateCrisis #food #farming #health #nutrition…
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Das ist doch nicht etwa.
#Foodie-Faden nr3.
Ach ja - Eischnee für Liehabys.
Nur aus echten Biozutaten.
Und Liebe.
Und #tmusic Music @Madonna…
Und direkt danach - klar!
Sexualaufklärung & eine der besten #WissKomm wo gibt!
Meine Meinung.
Frag doch mal @DieMaus ;-)
Sookee - Queere Tiere 🥰🙈…
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Oh no!!! 😱
2. #Foodie-Thread.
JETZT im Programm bei Frankes:
Dr. Cul. @Kilianfranke weltbester Pizza-Teig.
ENDLICH auch mit der richtigen #Bierhefe aus dem #Andronaco (CC @TimSchrills & @tnsasse)! 🥰
Musik dazu?
Klar - zum Vorteig passt perfekt:
Let them eat Chaos!
@kaetempest 😶
Und zur Wahl in #Frankreich:
Hoffentlich nicht.
#France stay sane!
La France reste stable! A ton amour de la liberté & de l'égalité & de la fraternité !…
Ach ja - #music - sorry!
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'Hurricane Ida ... took its toll on American agriculture, in ways both obvious and subtle'

Severe winds & flooding damaging crops, seawater infiltration, damage to ports...

#ClimateCrisis #agriculture #HurricaneIda…
'Everything is Gone’ New Jersey’s Largest Dairy Devastated by Hurricane Ida

-National Weather Service confirmed 5 tornadoes touched down in New Jersey & eastern Pennsylvania during the fierce thunderstorms triggered by the leftovers of Hurricane Ida…
☝️in case you were wondering about the connection between hurricanes & tornadoes (I was) - see:…
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We are at a local superstore and we are needing Calgary’s help.

We are filling the last items needed for the special medical food hamper for this senior family. Can anyone help with this?

#Help #YYCCC #YEG #YEGCC #foodie #Food #hampers #HelpNeeded
The reason this is a unique hamper is because the senior gentleman we are helping is terminal and has severe dietary restrictions that have been set by his doctor

We have worked with his doctor to provide what he needs to be comfortable as he possibly can be.
#SocialGood #BeGood
If anyone can help please donate. Our donation info is 👇🏼




(Click Donate)

@Hell_Berta @EveryAlbertan @GrannyGTArp @grantfuhr @MarkCherrington @ChristinaNDP #YYC #YEG #MEDTwitter #Calgary #Alberta
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We're going to market!

This week's microgreens:
Green Pea
Triple Kale
Happy Family
One-Two Punch
Countryside Delight
Rainbow Radish

#organic #eatlocal #farmtotable #shoplocal #foodie
Find us around #SWFL @
Surfside Sunshine Farmers' Market, Cape
Tues. 11-6PM
Riverside District Fort Myers Farmer's Market
Thurs. 9-1PM
Miromar Outlets Farmers' Market
Fri. 9-1PM
Downtown Cape Coral Farmers' Market
Sat. 8-1PM
South Collier Farmers' Market, Naples
Sun. 9-2PM
Don't see what you're looking for? We grow #microgreens to order! Give us a call or go to our shop.
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5. தேநீர்ப் பிரியர்

எழுத்தாளர் ஜார்ஜ் ஆர்வெலுக்குத் தேநீர் என்றால் மிகவும் பிடிக்கும். அதுவும் குறிப்பாக, இந்தியா, இலங்கை நாடுகளைச் சேர்ந்த தேநீர் என்றால் அவ்வளவு பிடிக்கும்! |1
ஆனால், தேநீரில் சர்க்கரை போடுவது அவருக்குப் பிடிக்காது. ‘நீங்கள் உண்மையான தேநீர்ப் பிரியராக இருந்தால், தேநீரில் சர்க்கரையைப் போட்டு அதன் உண்மையான சுவையைக் கெடுக்காதீர்கள்’ என்று எழுதியிருக்கிறார் அவர். |2
‘யாராவது தேநீரில் மிளகுத்தூளைப் போடுவார்களா? உப்பைச் சேர்ப்பார்களா? சர்க்கரையும் அப்படிதான். தேநீர் என்பது கொஞ்சம் கசப்பாகதான் இருக்கவேண்டும், சர்க்கரை சேர்த்து அதை இனிப்பாகிவிட்டீர்களென்றால் நீங்கள் குடிப்பது தேநீரே இல்லை, வெறும் சர்க்கரைக் கரைசல்!’ |3
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An Women turned her initial ₹20,000 Investment into a net worth of ₹1,000 Crores.

Story of RAJNI BECTOR Founder of @cremicafoods (Bector's Food)

A #Thread 🧵🧵

@ipo_mantra @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @JoePompliano

Hit the 're-tweet' and help us educated more investors..
Imagine a woman who once used to prepare ice creams in the backyard of her Ludhiana home as her way to fight boredom heading a Rs.1,000 crore food enterprise.

#burgerking #food @FinancialAdda @stocktalk_in
Mrs Bector was born in karachi and then moved to Delhi with her family.
After her children went to boarding school, she noticed that there was huge demand for her desserts. 

#Delhi #India #market
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Carmen Cheng is the woman behind
@FoodKarmaBlog She tells us how her passion for Calgarys food scene has inspired her to give back the community in so many ways. "Some of my fondest childhood memories include sitting around the kitchen table with my sister and cousins helping
"Popo" (Cantonese for Grandmother) make dumplings or Chinese Pastries. Through sharing food, I've gained exposure to my family's stories and traditions, which has helped me developed a stronger sense of her own identity as a Canadian born Chinese woman.
I Started @FoodKarmaBlog to get to know more about the food scene in Alberta. Over the past 9 years, this platform has given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people who are also passionate about supporting our local food community.
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Food Specials in Karachi:

1. Nihari: Javed (Dastagir, F.B.Area).
2. Biryani : Allah wala Biryani Center (Gol Market, Nazimabad)
3. Singaporean Rice: biryani chowk
4. Haleem: Mazedar Foods (Samanadbad)
5. Gola Ganda : Uncle Gola (Dhoraji)
6. Namkeen Boti : Al-harmain (Al-Asif)
7. Gol Gappay : Liaqatabad Bridge
8. Chappli Kabab : A-one (Shah faisal)
9. White Karhai : Anwar Baloch (Malir)
10. Chargha : Café Laziz (Burns Road)
11. Katakat : Tayyabi (Hussainabad)
12. Brain Masala : Noorani (Khalid Bin Waleed Road)
13. Hunter Beef : Hanifia (Binori Town)Con
14. Murgh Cholay : Ghousia (Near City Court)
15. Balochi Tikka : Madina 2 (Super Highway)
16. Chicken Chatni Roll : Hot n Spicy (Khadda Market)
17. Bihari Tikka : Meerath
18. Malai Boti : Ghaffar Kabab House (Port Grand)
19. Bun Kabab : Hanif Bunkabab (Pakistan Chowk)
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If you know Anyone providing food relief in Patna city, Bihar. kindly Dm. 2000+ families need the aid, alongwith sanitary napkins. #BiharHealthDept #BiharElections2020 #biharfloods #floodrelief #ReliefNow #reliefgoods #philanthropy #socialrelief #communityservice @KubbraSait
Please dm/SpreadTheWord to help with 2000+ families in Patna City, Bihar And 40,000+ families in NCR, 4.5 Lakh people reached so far #HumanRights
Milaap campaigns embedded in link↓ & urgent🇨🇭aid-10$ can feed one family for a week…
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141. From Kerala With Love!! 😊 Image
143. ভাপা ইলিশ আর বাসমতি চালের ভাত।। এটা বৌ এর বানানো।। Bhapa Ilish & Basmati Rice by Wife. The Bong Thing!! 😋😋😋 #Cooking #CookTogether Image
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What came first the chicken or the egg? We may never know, but we do know there are many reasons to make eggs an essential part of your diet.

Both the white and yolk of an egg are rich in nutrients, including proteins, vitamins and minerals.
The yolk also contains cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins D and E) and essential fatty acids.
Eggs are also an important and versatile ingredient for cooking, as their particular chemical make-up is literally the glue of many important baking reactions.
Nutritional highlights

Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white, which also includes vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat than the yolk.
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SPECIAL REPORT: The World Food Program is warning that #Yemen and countries in the Horn of #Africa – not coincidentally states that the #US has been destabilizing for decades, could face mass starvation amid the #CoronavirusPandemic.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
The World Food Program predicts #Yemen to feel the worst impact of a prolonged global #pandemic and famine; 16 million people are already suffering a food crisis, the highest number in the world.
#EarthDay2020 Image
40 percent of #Yemeni households had already lost their primary source of income before the #pandemic, because of the Saudi blockade. Over half of children born since the conflict started in 2015 are already physically stunted due to lack of food.…
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It’s all about loving what you do & then how do u do it!

Life has limitless fun, happiness & joy when ur job is ur passion & automatically everything become artistic, beautiful & amazing.

Always do what you love &
Enjoy life!

#Vietnam #World #CapitalofFood #Halongbay #Food ImageImageImageImage
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