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आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः🕉Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions🇮🇳Blessed by #Hon #PM @narendramodi Ji 🚩
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🕉 #Onam - Thrikkakara Vamanamoorthy Temple Kochi #Kerala -Abode of King Mahabali & place of origin for #Onam festival. Thrikkakkara-Thiru Kaal Kara-means place of the Holy foot. The 2,000yr temple is 1 of 108 Holy Abodes of Bhagwan Vishnu& consecrated by Lord Parashurama🚩1/6 🚩The main shrine houses the Murthy of Bhagwan Vishnu in the form of Lord Vamana preparing to place his foot on the Brahmin Asura King Mahabali! Bhagavata Purana says Bhagwan Vishnu took Vamana avataram to restore the authority of Indra over the heavens🚩2/6
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🇮🇳Wake up #Hindus !The Hijab Battle of Coastal #Karnataka
Government PU College in Kundapura (Udupi Dist) has captured the eyeballs all over social media. The national media is waking up.The usual suspects from Liberal gangs are rushing in with support for the Hijabi girls 🚩1/10 2. Karnataka Govt has refused special permission for the girls to wear Hijab to college. A large number of Hindu boys/girls began wearing "Saffron shawls" to school protesting against Hijabization. This trend began from Bhandarkar College in Kundapura & is spreading across 🚩
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the story of great learned Sage Ashtavakra.
While still in his mother's womb,once he corrected uchhaaran of Vedic rituals by his own father, Sage Kahod in presence of all his students. Angered at this,he cursed his own son to be born with 8 deformities🚩1/8 🚩 Ashtavakra was named so because he had 8 deformities in his body,he couldnt even walk properly and is often depicted carrying a stick.But he was extremely intelligent🚩
To earn some fortune and money, once his poor father went to the court of King Janak of Videha🚩2/8
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🚩 Things more polluting than Diwali fireworks:
From the wall of Shri Pankaj Saxena :

1. The food that you eat – yes, the industrial farming that has become the norm in Punjab and Haryana is more polluting than fireworks. 2. The meat that you eat – Meat eating is the greatest threat to global warming and biggest reason of global pollution. Abandoning beef itself can save the planet.

3. The car that you drive – Your car exhausts more fume every day than all the fireworks you can light on Diwali.
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🚩 The World Famous #JagannathRathYatra at Puri #Odisha is the oldest festival taking place in India & the world marking the annual ceremonial procession of Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balabhadra & younger sister Subhadra. It has continued unbroken for the last 285 years🚩1 🚩 The chariots of the deities are newly built every year -3 chariots to 3 deities. The central chariot 'Nandighosha' carries Bhagwan Jagannath, 2nd chariot called Taladhwaja carries Lord Balabhadra, & 3rd chariot called Darpadalana carries Ma Subhadra 🚩2
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🚩#AdiShankaracharyaJayanti celebrated on the Panchami tithi during Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month. Born in Kerala, in his short life span of 32 years, his accomplishments seem a marvel even today, with our modern conveyances & other facilities🚩1 🚩 At the tender age of 8, burning with the desire for Liberation, he left home in search of his Guru. 🚩From the southern state of Kerala, young Shankara walked about 2000 kms— to River Narmada banks, in central plains of India, to his Guru— Govindapada🚩2
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Just Within This Week :
#Hon #PM @narendramodi Ji led @BJP4India Govt 🚩
-Centre has Airlifted 23 Oxygen tankers from Germany..
-Centre has Airlifted oxygen tankers from UAE
-Centre has Airlifted oxygen tankers from Singapore 🇮🇳1/n 🇮🇳 2) Centre is running Oxygen express Trains to every state..
Centre is installing 262 oxygen plants in every state
-Centre has taken all Top Industrial tycoons in loop and have asked Ambani /Adani/Tatas /Jindals etc to provide Oxygen from their Industrial plants..
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🇮🇳 Stay Strong India.. We will win this #Covid Battle 🚩
WHAT #LutyensMedia WON’T TELL YOU !
1)#Hon #PM @narendramodi Ji led Centre had warned Maharashtra, WB, Chattisgarh & Kerala in January about rising cases. All of them slept on the job. 🇮🇳 1/n 🇮🇳2) Centre allocated #PMCaresFund to make 8 oxygen generating plants to Delhi in Dec 2020. Only 1 was made as #Delhi CM Kachrawal was busy advertising or hosting khalist@nis & giving free WiFi to anarchists.
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🇮🇳 Stay Strong India! We will win this Battle Once Again !
Lots of positivity amidst news of #Covid gloom
1) Data shows vaccines work even against New variants of Coronavirus
2) Data has shown that both vaccines currently available in India offer extraordinary protection🇮🇳1/5 ImageImage 🇮🇳 3) Vaccines will be made available to all 18+ from May 1st 2021

4) Vaccine makers have got funds and will ramp up production even more than their immense capacity 🇮🇳 2/5 ImageImage
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🚩 The Science Behind #MakarSankranti -Today - The Day when Surya Dev moves from Winter solstice towards Summer solstice marking Uttarayana 🚩Vitamin D is made by the body with sunlight.Sesame seeds (Til ) have the highest calcium (975mg per 100g). Milk has 125mg only🚩1/4 🚩2. The body is capable of storing Vitamin D up to a year, and use the reserves.
Lastly, the body is capable of getting its Vitamin D reserves full with 3 full days of sunlight.
The best quality of sunlight is at the end of winter & beginning of summer 🚩
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🇮🇳 #Rewrite History #RoleModels Warrior Woman Of India - Onake Obavva & Chitradurga Fort, Karnataka - One that remains etched in history for the heroic tale of the wife of a common soldier in the army of local ruler Madakari Nayaka-Valiant Onake Obavva who defeated HyderAli🚩1/4 ImageImage 🚩 2. Onake Obavva-The Brave woman who single-handedly killed many soldiers of Hyder Ali with just a big pestle as they were trying to crawl out of a secret passage.
Her husband was eating his lunch while she was on a killing spree🚩 Image
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🚩#RoleModels #Thread Today was born the Bravest of Brave Rani Velu Nachiyar, known as Veeramangai(Brave woman).
Born as Princess of Ramanathapuram,TN she was married to King of Sivagangai at 16yrs &was fluent in Many languages incl English,French & Urdu 🚩1/3 #RewriteHistory 🚩2. In 1772 British East India Company along with Son of Nawab of Arcot, invaded Sivagangai. Her Husband was killed in this war.She& her daughter Vellachi lived in hiding for the next few years. Later with help from Haider Ali & Maruthu Brothers she went on war against British🚩
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🇮🇳 #FarmersWithModi #Thread I grow a lot of my own food & I pay for food that I buy. No one here is doing me any favours. It’s a commercial arrangement.If these so called middlemen pretending to be farmers were genuine philanthropists there would be no starving ppl in India🇮🇳1/2 🇮🇳Ppl are hungry bcos they cannot afford to buy food & so cut the crap abt Annadatha...
People who own 100’s of acres of land are NOT poor by any means..So if they are going on #AntiNational Activities like seen in Delhi-Take this surplus land that they r holding from them 🇮🇳2/3
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🚩#Thread Bhagwan Krishna’s Own Elephant 🚩Today is #GuruvayurEkadashi -11th day Shukla Paksha of Malayāḷam month Vṛścikam & also death anniversary of Gajarājan Guruvāyūṛ Keśavan , the Famed Elephant of Holy Guruvayurappan Temple, Kerala 🚩1/n @RadharamnDas @VaishnavKrish14 🚩 2. Today in 1976, Gajarājan Guruvāyūṛ Keśavan, the alpha elephant of legendary Guruvāyūṛ temple, who stood well over 3.2 meters tall, complete with all lakṣaṇa-s & widely admired for his deep devotion to Guruvāyūrappan (Guruvāyūṛ Kṛṣṇa), passed away aged 72 🚩
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🇮🇳 #NariShakthi #Inspiration #Thread Anjali Kanthe - The lady with nerves of steel , a staff nurse at Cama & Albless Hospital for women & Children was doing night shift from 8pm to 8am at the ante-natal care ward, where 20 pregnant women were due for their delivery 🇮🇳 1/n 🇮🇳 2. However, the night of 26th November in 2008 changed drastically as two terrorists - one of them Ajmal Kasab - had entered the hospital premises. They shot two guards, who lay in a pool of blood at the entrance and injured a nurse 🇮🇳
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🚩 #Thread 1. Don’t be apologetic about #Deepavali  Be proud of #SanatanDharma @imVkohli
In Bengaluru alone 4lakh animals are killed on Eid which incl 10,000 large animals -cattle & camels generating 300 tons of animal waste which is buried in pits near Kogilu on cityoutskirts🚩 2. For 14 lakh Peacefullls in Bengaluru - 4 lakh animals are killed.
Even if 1 animal weighs 10 kg then can an average person eat 3 kg meat on single day ?
And mind you this includes kids& infants also. So most of the meat goes waste..🚩
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🚩At Age of 92,SriT.Srinivasachariar Swami diligently sits on the computer everyday, typing in both Sanskrit & Tamil for his next book. An expert in Agama Shastras(Ancient temple rituals/practices),He learnt Adobe Pagemaker at age of 86 on his own &been working on it since 🚩1/6 🚩 “I studied the Vedas to become a priest. Though I became one, I never abandoned the habit of reading the old Sanskrit scripts. Based on my research, I wrote the first prose book on the day-to-day temple ritual called Sri Padmatantra Prayogam🚩2/6
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🇮🇳 #KnowYourBharat #LostInHistory Bravest of Brave Sardar Yesaji Kank Born In KankDynasty Kshatriya Koli Family,Rajgad to Dadoji Kank.He was Commander in Chief,Maratha Army fr 30yrs.He was at home only for 22 days in 30yrs.Yesaji Fought Great Battle Of Pratapgad Victoriously 1/4 🇮🇳Sardar Yesaji Kank Was Famous For His Fight With Qutub Shah’s Elephant. Qutub Shah Asked Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj How Many Elephants he has & he replied My Soldiers Are My Elephants. Qutub Shah challenged for Duel Between His Drunken Elephant& Shivaji Maharaj’s Soldier 🚩2/4
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🚩#Thread He is Dharmachakravarti,founder of ThulsiPeeth, Padmavibhushan Jagadguru Rambhadracharya ji, who has no eyes but was present as litigant & gave evidence in favor of Shri RamLala & #RamJanmabhoomi in the #SC with the Verses from the Ved Purana Scriptures 1/n 🚩@AB_BJP Image 🚩The judge chair asked with a stinging question, "You guys ask for proof from the Vedas in everything ... So can you give evidence from the Vedas that Bhagawan ShriRam was born at that place in #Ayodhya ? 2/n
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🚩 #Thread #LostHistory 🚩1/n The Untold Legend of #HadiRani
Hadi Rani - A familiar name in Mewar but unknown to Rest of India.The daughter of Hada Chauhan Rajput & married to Chundawat chieftain of Salumbar in Mewar who sacrificed herself to motivate her husband to go to war🚩 🚩2/n When Maharana Raj Singh I (1653–1680) of Mewar called his Commander to join the battle against Aurangzeb, the Commander - having married only a few days earlier hesitated but the Inner Strength of Rajput Self honour finally made him join the battle despite hesitatingly🚩
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🇮🇳#KnowYourBharat #LalitadityaMuktapida, the great king of #Kashmir from the 8th Century ruled for 36 years during which he defeated the Arabs, the Momin of Bukhara (Uzbekistan) & subdued the Turks & the Tibetans 🚩(1/4) 🚩 He not only protected his subjects & kingdom but built a giant empire by means of aggressive strategies and military prowess. His empire stretched from Central Asia to the Gangetic Plain and was at least twice the size of the #MughalEmpire during its peak🚩(2/4)