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#COVIDSecondWave | After 5 am tomorrow, all activities will be allowed except some activities that will be prohibited and some activities that will be done in a restricted manner. A detailed order will be issued: #Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal Image
#Schools, colleges, educational institutions will remain closed. Social, political, sports, entertainment, #academic, cultural, religious festival gatherings prohibited. #SwimmingPools, stadiums, sports complexes, cinema theaters, #multiplexes will remain closed (Agencies) Image
In #govt offices, there will be 100% attendance of group A officers and 50% for the rest. Private offices will run on 50% capacity from 9 am to 5 pm. All market complexes, #malls will now be completely open from 10 am to 8 pm (Agencies) Image
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#Delhi Construction worker Inder Yadav (49) worked with an injured hand bcz he couldn't afford to not work.For days,his wife mixed water to flour&lied to children that it was curry with rotis. In today's @the_hindu,plight of construction workers working at HALF wages in the city.
Bablu Kumar (28) is in debt from last year's #lockdown and has to pay Rs 25K to landlord in addition to monthly rent. "If I don't give him Rs 5K every month, he threatens to charge interest" he said.
Ravi, resident of jhugis near Tilak Nagar labour chowk, used to work at a private showroom in Subhash Nagar before lockdown. He is back to being a labourer and has been lifting debris for the last few days to ensure his rent is paid& family is fed.
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Source: @jeevanrakshaa @Mysore_Sanjeev

The 7-Day Moving Growth Rate
-#Mumbai: < 2% for over 4 weeks, city ready phase 4?

-#Delhi & #Ahmedabad: <2% for 2 weeks.Phase 2 or 3?

-#Bengaluru, #Chennai & #Kolkata: little over 2% Phase 1?

Phases 1-4:

Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is increasing.
CFR= # Deaths / # Positive cases
- ↑ in numerator: Poor detection and treatment --> higher deaths
- Low Denominator ↓: Under-reporting of COVID Cases due to poor testing.

Higher the CFR in the city, poorer the TTT strategy.

The review of positive Cases, active Cases, and death moving growth rate in juxtaposition will give wholistic view on the situation.
#Bengaluru & #Delhi have some work to do.

3 of N
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#PakDarpana is an ancient #Hindu text that is believed to be written by #Hindu King from times before the #Mahabharata war.Sharing some information from the text. Image
The text comprises of 11 chapters, having 751 verses (as in Dr. Indradev Tripati's Hindi translation version; and 760 as per Meulenbeld). Interestingly, the very first chapter contains 499 verses, i.e. about two thirds of the entire text.
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#UrbanPlanning. Such an important but a most neglected aspect in our country.

Was checking out our cities...
#Chandigarh looks amazing !
Nearby #Panchkula is well planned as we...
While #Delhi...oh well...
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India toll due to the #coronavirus has reached 3,03,720 after 4,454 people died in the last 24 hours. This is the highest ever rise in deaths since the pandemic broke out last year.

Follow live updates here:…
India is the third country after the United States and Brazil to record more than 3 lakh deaths.

Follow live updates here:…
#Covid19: Variant that originated in India found in 65% of samples sequenced, says health minister

He adds that this is one of the most common mutations detected so far.

Follow live updates here:…
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After 38 days in the hospital, of which 18 days were spent in the ICU, my friend's mum is back home! She's still on #Oxygen support but man, she's back home, & the spring in my friend's voice is just beautiful. Doc said she is their miracle case ❤️

#Covid #Delhi
Aunty's mom, who was 85 years old, too got #Covid but sadly, didn't survive. They were admitted in the same hospital. My friend had to hide this news from her mum for over 15 days. Aunty knows now. We are all just GRATEFUL that she's home & recovering :)

"The house is a home again, yaar!" my friend just said this to me on the phone. When the #OxygenCrisis happened in #Delhi, I saw her running her all alone looking for a cylinder, while two members of the family were in the hospital. #Covid
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BMC has said that there will be no #coronavirus vaccination in the city on Sunday.

A BMC official clarified that the vaccination is not being stopped due to a shortage of vaccines but because it is Sunday.

For LIVE updates:… Image
India reports 2,40,842 new #coronavirus cases, taking the infection tally to 26,530,132

There are 28,05,399 active cases and 2,34,25,467 patients have recovered from the infection so far.

For LIVE updates:… Image
#Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal extends the lockdown in the Capital by another week, to the morning of May 31.

For LIVE updates:… Image
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no per their logic that makes you a born bigot-spotter.

imagine the depth of #D and #Delhi alliance. a finance minister gets away with labeling a capitalist self driven success story as 'genetically bigoted' and 'undeserved'

No one on the other side can get away with this!
now I learnt this is the cardinal mistake we made.We do not respond to this considering to be 'below our standard' - but that is carried by the ruling elite to the tamil underclass as "நம்ம அய்யா செருப்ப சாணில முக்கி அடிச்சதுல சுருண்டுட்டான் பாரு.. இப்படி தான் ஏறி அடிக்கணும்.."

"Our leader gave a slipper shot to "them" see how they are tongue tied .. this is how we need to hit"

in other words : silence is seen as a vindication that ptr is right. Cuz why would anyone not hit back if it were so wrong??
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Thanks @IWS_Network for inviting me to share my story as an #international #immigrant #WomanInSTEM! Throughout this week I will share my journey so far, challenges & triumphs; inviting you to share yours and connect with me if it resonates with you! #VoicesIWS
I grew up in #Delhi #India, a place I still think of as home & where my family still resides. Living in the capital, my parents, sister and I spoke to each other in #tamil, #hindi, & #english. My mom was my first #chemistry teacher. #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS @IWS_Network Image
As a teenager I fell in love with the vibrant colors & creative possibilities of the chemistry lab. Nandini ma'am & other excellent teachers, most of whom were #WomenInSTEM at The Mother's International School were my role models. @IWS_Network #VoicesIWS #WomenInSTEM Image
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✈️Flying during COVID19 - the numbers

COVID19-figures on aviation are rare.
A thread about (the search for) this data.

We've collected 4.400 flights with at least one contagious(!) person.

Corona spreads its wings… ⬇️🧵
✈️Flying during COVID19 - the numbers

COVID19 & variants spread worldwide, also by aviation.
Despite precautions like PCR- and Antigen-tests.

Why are there no figures?
● Commercial interests?
● Inconvenient? (we want to travel)
● Too difficult?

No... it's not too difficult.
✈️Flying during COVID19 - the numbers

Fortunately, some countries share flights with contagious COVID19-persons, to alert other passengers.

From 5 websites we've collected:
● 4.428 international "affected"-flights
● 962 flightnumbers
● 98 airlines
● 82 countries

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A thread on CoWin's inaccessibility and its nightmarish fastest-finger-first: #Delhi

On Friday,my help cld saying she wanted to get #vaccinated n so did her husband n son

All 3 are below 45


She has not been coming to our house since the lockdown and when I'd initially asked her while booking my slot around 2nd May she was unsure despite my assurances

Anyway I was glad that they all wanted to get the jab so I got down to the task
My aim was to try n get a slot for all 3 of them at the same centre on the same day

But despite hours of efforts over the course of 3 days and trying on my laptop,phone and activating every possible Cowin slot alert system
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Navneet Kalra, accused of black marketing hundreds of oxygen concentrators, owns the restaurants Khan Chacha, Town Hall, Mr. Choy and Nege & Ju, besides Dayal Opticals. Last week, 500 oxygen concentrators were recovered from Kalra’s businesses.… Image
Khan Chacha was established by Haji Banda Hasan, popularly known as "Khan Chacha" in 1972. In 2010, Mr. Hasan joined hands with Kalra. However, the partnership split in 2016. The two sides fought a bitter court battle over 'Khan Chacha trademark.’ #NavneetKalra #Delhi #Oxygen Image
Kalra claimed that the Hasan family had signed over the rights to the brand name to him, while the latter alleged that Kalra's documents were "forged and fabricated." However, the brand name is currently being used by Kalra. #NavneetKalra #Delhi #COVID19India #DelhiPolice
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On #InternationalNursesDay, 25-yr-old @Dulichandyadav1, a nursing officer at #AIIMS, shared this poem with me. Posting with permission:)

"Naa rukenge naa thakenge, khud se yeh vaada hai/chaahe saans ke iss yudh mein ho daav par saanse humaari"

Thank you for your service :) Image
A thank you is not enough. Last yr, I reported on the plight of nurses in #Delhi hospitals -- bad quality #PPE, extreme working hours, less pay, and many fell sick. Sharing some stories here:…
Anursing officer at a private hospital, said, “Health workers have been put in the line of fire without adequate gear”.

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Around 1.25 lakh people being vaccinated in #Delhi everyday. Soon, we will increase this number to 3 lakh per day: CM Arvind Kejriwal

#Delhi is facing a shortage of vaccine. Vaccine supply has become a big challenge for entire country: CM Arvind Kejriwal


Need to ramp up vaccine manufacturing on war footing in India and develop national policy to inoculate everyone in next few months: CM Arvind Kejriwal

#Delhi #COVID19India

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#Covid19India Another 10% decline in nationwide new-cases. This is good but I am skeptical as testing is curtailed in many states so this decline may be artificial. Hope I am wrong.

Karnataka now #1 state in new-cases, displacing Maharashtra, although both <40k in new-cases!
Just read this on #Maharashtra .. There is 'Testless Lockdown".

Same is true for #Delhi and many other states too!

M/s @drharshvardhan @narendramodi Any thoughts?
Here is how states are reducing #Covid19 testing .. #Delhi #Maharashtra #Telangana #Kerala are top-states who have slowed-down testing considerably!

Wonder if @drharshvardhan @narendramodi speak-up on this unethical #Covid19Management, or its okayed by Centre?😎
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A young woman came 4m #WB to #TikriBorder to join #FAKERsProtests. He was gang-raped by #KisanSocialArmy people. 6 (4 men, 2 women) accused but none arrested yet. Women allegedly died of #Covid19 few days later.

@cmohry @police_haryana What's going on?🤔…
Besides #KisanSocialArmy folks, 2 @AamAadmiParty Workers also involved in Rape of #WB Girl at #TikriBorder.

Wonder what does @ArvindKejriwal has to say on this? Or he will ignore/deny as usual and blame BJP?😎 Image
Some coverage in local newspaper. Rapists went to WB to campaign against BJP & met the woman. They brainwashed her to join #FAKERsProtests. She was raped by 4 (2 #FAKERs, 2 #AAPTards)👇

2 women tried to pressure her to BURY RAPE. FAKERs did her शवयात्रा despite #Covid19 death😎 Image
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Fact is the #CentralVista residence will be smaller than the 10 bungalows the lok kalyan marg residence uses in terms of sqft.
Fact also is the shifting of residence has more to do with security recommendations than anything else.
That said propaganda walo ko kaun samjhaye.
Today the official residences are scattered all over #lutyensdelhi . By concentrating the PM , President & VP in a close area within easy reach of all govt offices & the parliament the #CentralVistaProject will reduce security & logistics cost manifold saving well over it's cost.
Apart from that most have no idea that the total project cost of the #CentralVista is divided over a decade with no more than $150mn or ₹1050cr being the outlay in 2021-22.
This project actually began a few years ago & is necessitated by earthquake & fire norms.
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#SupremeCourt hearing on #OxygenShortage in #Delhi underway: Centre informs that #Delhi received more than 730 MT of medical #oxygen yesterday, in compliance with the court order.
SG Tushar Mehta adds a survey last evening has revealed all major #Covid
hospitals have sufficient #oxygen & there wasn't a single complaint of stock-out. A large quantity of #oxygen received y'day is still to be distributed by #Delhi, prolonging the turn around time. S
SG Mehta's note further points out #Oxygen to #Delhi has come at the cost of demands by some other states & under the orders of the #SupremeCourt.
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I have heard some of the most nonsensical reasons of Hate & Despise for our @PMOIndia

I find this interesting to see.

#SushantSinghRajput gets murdered in Mumbai who do we cry out for help? MahaAgadhi who are in Power? NO. BJP/ Modi ji.
#Delhi gets attacked who get called out Modi ji, NOT CM Kejriwal.

#COVID issues happen in Non BJP states do we hold the CMs responsible for mismanagement of resources? Of course NOT, Modi ji should resign.
Now, In Bengal, Bengali’s were bragging how they threw Modi ji out, & now there is a crisis who are they blaming again Modi ji.

Im sorry but you call me Bhakt, I am not. I dont chant his name like you all do.
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Suo motu case on #COVIDEmergency commences in the #SupremeCourt with SG Tushar Mehta saying all efforts are being made to comply with the court order to give #Delhi its 700 metric ton of #Oxygen.
#SupremeCourt, however, questions Mehta why the Centre argue before the #DelhiHighCourt that 700 MT wasn't the number fixed by the top court. It adds it was only after this denial by the Centre that the contempt notice was issued.
Centre's formula on allocation of #Oxygen has to be more scientific; it is too general at present, notes #SupremeCourt, asking SG till the time a better formula can be evolved, Centre should inform how it will cater to #Delhi.
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Delhi High Court to shortly begin hearing petitions concerning #COVID19 and #oxygen supply in the national capital.

Hearing before Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli.

Yesterday, the Court had directed Centre to show cause as to why contempt of court should not be initiated for non-compliance of orders directing supply of #oxygen.

Read more:…
The Court accordingly directed that Central government officers, Piyush Goyal and Sumita Dawra, be present before it today.

#OxygenCrisis #COVID19
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#DRDO to install Five Medical Oxygen Plants in #Delhi and #Haryana in order to tackle the high surge in #Covid19 cases & subsequent oxygen shortage
#IndiaFightsCOVID19 #United2FightCorona
@DRDO_India PM-Cares has allocated funds for the installation of 500 Medical Oxygen Plants across the country. These plants are planned to be set up within three months
#IndiaFightsCOVID19 #United2FightCorona
@DRDO_India @PMOIndia #DRDO through its industries is setting-up 5 Medical Oxygen Plants within first week, in and around Delhi. These are to be installed at AIIMS Trauma Centre, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML), Safdarjung Hospital, Lady Hardinge Medical College.
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Coronavirus: #Delhi reports highest deaths in a day, Mumbai logs lowest cases in over five weeks

Catch all #coronavirus in India updates:…
India reports 3.57 lakh new cases, over 3,400 deaths in last 24 hours

This is the third consecutive day when the daily infection count dropped after crossing the 4-lakh mark.

Catch all #coronavirus in India updates:…
Coronavirus: Full lockdown is now only way to stop infection spread, says Rahul Gandhi

Catch all #coronavirus in India updates:…
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