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.@BSYBJP namaskara. I would like to highlight grave concerns through this #thread our #COVIDWarriors in hospital are facing. Doctors in the emergency rooms are not given #PPEs. On asking they are told, they don't really need it. #COVID #PPEshortage 1/n
The doctors in the #COVID screening OPDs are also not given #PPEs. They are the 1st contacts of potential #Corona positives. @BBMPCOMM Anil Kumar avare, is there anything you can do to help the #COVIDWarriors in this hospital? #PPEshortage 2/n
A lab technician who turned out to be positive at this hospital was shifted to the doctor's hostel for 'apparent isolation.' Isn't the hospital management risking the spread of infection to other doctors? #COVID #PPEshortage #Isolation @iamgouthamkumar @BBMP_MAYOR 3/n
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Plotting the active #COVID19 cases in #India

#Delhi seems to have managed to #FlattenTheCurve, atleast for now

#Maharashtra, #TamilNadu & #Telangana continue to rise

@amitsurg @aparanjape @oommen @c_aashish

This is the graph for #COVID19 related deaths

The slope here is subdued for most states, which is good!

#TamilNadu still shows no sign of slowing down here

These are the total cases of #COVID19 across the different states in #India

#Telangana shows a sharp increase as seen in the 1st graph of this thread

#Maharashtra has slowed down slight but not enough as yet

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#CovidToday for #Delhi
Delhi has 3x its testing capacity from 6000 to 18000 tests per day. 👏 However, most of this increase comes from the new rapid antigen tests, which have much lower sensitivity. This has important implications.

A thread analyzing Delhi’s testing..
The rapid ag test has a sensitivity of 50-84% (image, ICMR). Even if we assume it to be 70%, and considering this sens is calculated by comparing to RTPCR, it is 30% lower than the earlier done 6000 PCR/day.
As in first chart, positivity rate has declined. However this decline would be partly because the new 12000 rapid ag tests are not simply not as good at picking up positives as the RTPCR.
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Enforcing compulsory institutional isolation at this stage of spread in Delhi is #contrary to principles of patient care and judicious use of resources.
Such a process will cause dynamics and disincentives which will fuel further spread of #covid in #Delhi. THREAD
The 'order' is based on the premise that home isolation is causing spread. Where is the evidence? Spread is by multiple factors.
If this is the premise then proposing only 5 days of institutional isolation makes no sense, +ve patients will continue to be infectious beyond 5 days
This will unnecessarily saturate healthcare capacity for cases that do not need facility monitoring. Leaving those who actually need facility care in the lurch. Possibly worsening fatality rates. Also exposing more health workers to patients who would otherwise have been at home.
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Plotting the moving average of new cases of #coronavirus & new deaths in #India

#India: Recorded 2003 new deaths yday - (CFR - 2.86% to 3.36%)

1409 were from #Maharashtra (CFR - 3.66% to 4.88%) and 437 from #Delhi (CFR - 3.22% to 4.11%)

@aparanjape @c_aashish @oommen
Next 12 most affected states by #coronavirus in #India

Deaths in #Telangana have fallen, which is a positive development but the new cases haven't.

Increase seen in #Punjab and #Uttarakhand

Next 12 most affected states by #coronavirus in #India

No major changes here

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"Prelim. reports..indicated..the [#Indian] soldiers had not been shot, but had been killed in a brawl involving rocks & wooden clubs that was similar to fights that broke out last month along the border & seriously injured several soldiers on both sides."…
"A senior #Indian #Army officer said that >20 Indian #soldiers had also been #captured & many might still be in #Chinese custody.…

India seemed caught off guard by the new burst of violence, which the 2 sides blamed on each other."

"The spark for the recent tensions seemed to have been a road to a remote #AirForce #base that the #Indian #Army is building through mountain passes in the #GalwanValley >14,000 feet above sea level"…

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Over the past week I’ve been getting so many calls from friends all over asking me to diagnose if they are #COVID infected. Honestly I’m no doctor but just an early test mule on the virus. My Q&A typically ranges as follows. I hope it helps some of you from needless paranoia.
1/n First thing to iron out is the difference between #regularflu Vs #COVIDflu. I’ve done some research and found this helpful table for you guys. 90% of you have just a regular flu owing to seasonal changes. Don’t panic ! However if you’re in the 10% read on.
2/n Assuming all your symptoms are #COVID in nature immediately #homequarantine in a separate room. Testing is hard to get by in #MaharashtraBachao #Delhi so don’t bother waiting for your turn. Begin treatment for novel Corona while taking care of not infecting others around
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#SupremeCourt reproaches #Delhi Govt over treatment of patients in its hospitals & handling of dead bodies.

SC calls situation in #Delhi as horrendous, horrific & pathetic & rips into #Delhi Govt lawyer for patients being stacked with dead bodies everywhere in its hospitals.
SC notes down more than 2000 beds are vacant in #Delhi hospitals since there is nobody to take care of the patients there.

Court also cites videos where patients are crying with pain while nobody is there to attend them.

SC says it is pained by the state of affairs .
Court also questions #Delhi Govt over reducing the #COVID19 testing; asks if the #NCT is trying for an artificial figure.

"How can the tests go down? Increasing the testing capacity is the duty of a state," SC asks #Delhi Govt
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#Delhi #COVIDー19: #order
Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19 announced by Delhi Government in line with @MoHFW_INDIA Policy.
2/n #Discharge of 1. MILD or very mild/pre-symptomatic cases:
- after 10 days of symptom onset and no fever for 3 days.
- be no need for testing prior to discharge.
3/n #Discharge of 2.MODERATE cases
A. Patients whose symptoms resolve within 3 days & maintains saturation above 95% for next 4 days without oxygen.
Be discharged 10 days after symptoms:
• Absence of fever without antipyretics 
• Resolution of breathlessnes
• No oxygen need
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#Thread #Bofors #Quattrocchi #bribes. Documents showed that A.E. Services was paid 50 463 966 SEK or US$ 7 343 941 98 on September 8 1986. This money was moved to acct. number 18051 in Nordfinanz Bank in Zürich apparently opened only for this transaction 1/n
#Thread #Bofors #Quattrocchi #bribes US$ 7 123, 000 was transferred between September 16th - 29th from the Zürich account to Colbar Investments Ltd at Union Bank in #Geneva. Acct. number 254 561 60 at the disposal of Ottavio and Maria #Quattrocchi 2/n
#Thread #Bofors #Quattrocchi #bribes While he disposed this account #Quattrocchi was working for #Snamprogetti, an #Italian multinational based in #Delhi. To the bank in question in Geneva, HE LEFT NO ADDRESS IN DELHI. THIS IS NEW. 3/n
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I just had a word with my uncle Akash Vashisht,32 who just recovered from Covid-19.He was admitted in LNJP Hospital,Delhi & I was traumatised to hear his experience.
He is a healthy man with a well-built physique,6’3 height & a strong will.He said ‘I’ve prayed for my death..(1/5)
peacefully at home rather than rotting here in hospital surrounded by dead bodies lying everywhere’.
On the first day he had his food right beside a dead body and he couldn’t sleep afterwards.
He wasn’t given proper care and attention and he just wanted to get out. (2/5)
His bed was surrounded with two dead bodies & it was mentally traumatising for him,no matter how strong he was.
Everyday he tried to remember how did he get Corona and cursed himself. He said the mortuary is filled with the dead bodies twice the actual capacity,buildings (3/5)
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#Delhi #COVID19 situation: We need to watch and learn and fast. @DHFWKA @BSYBJP @epigiri @BBMPCOMM
1. Bed Manangement
2. Testing
3. Home care
4. Co-ordination committee BBMP and Pvt

Bed Management:
Ring fencing: COVID +non COVID beds ICU +ward
Real time app: useful only if mechanism of updating is in place (else panicm/misinformation)
Admission and discharge criteria: Clinical parameters (not epidemiological)

#Bangalore #Karnataka needs to prepare
Broaden criteria: Travel, Risk, Symptoms, Pre admission for elective, clinician decision: Test more
Accessibility: Pricing, more labs, TAT of half a day max
Pre and post test counselling: People should know what to follow with either positive or negative results
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#Nehru failed #JammuKashmir & so did #SardarPatel. Abuse me, troll me but I'm certain(with facts,of course) that Patel played second fiddle when it came to J&K

For long, a propaganda has been carved to portray #Maharaja in a bad light by #Delhi
I'll prove my assertion

1. When GG Lord Mountbatten met #Maharaja in June 1947, he asked the latter to accede to either #India or #Pak but also gave a clear hint that if #Maharaja decided to accede with #Pak, it'll not be treated as an unfriendly act by the STATES DEPTT(and in turn, Patel)
2 Remember, this was also the time when #Gilgit lease was terminated. Locals in cahoots with their British masters mounted trouble in #Gilgit. #Mountbatten knew this. Patel again, didn't do anything. He was too putting his weight behind #Abdullah, who was indifferent to accession
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THREAD on covid helpline in #Delhi: ‘Everyone is clueless. It’s like you’re shooting in the dark, with no one to point you in the right direction.’ recounts a friend who haplessly called the covid helpline after his wife developed severe symptoms. This was his experience: (1/7)
The first set of frantic calls were made at 11pm. No response on the helpline which one would imagine to be active 24/7. He finally got a hearing in the morning, and asked the executive about the set of steps they are supposed to take. Entire family was showing symptoms. (2/7)
‘Just ask your wife to take paracetamol’, advised the voice from the other side.
‘Am I speaking to a doctor?’
‘No, but this is my personal advice to you.’
‘At what stage do I take her to hospital?’
‘We don’t have any beds available. Just stay home.’ (3/7)
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'Rajasthan'....Why NOT getting some limelight in #COVID19 context? At a Glance:
- 5119/mil tests
- 66% recovery rate
- 31% active cases
- 2.23% mortality
- 3% growth rate, which needs to be down further.
The state is doing fine so far!! #rajasthancoronaupdate Image
States w/ 1000+ #Covid_19 cases: Sample tested until 31 May & Positive rate(%)
#Maharashtra 14.63%, highest
Trouble: Delhi, Telangana, Bihar & Gujarat, need intervention.
Excellent: Andhra, Karnataka, J& K positive rate below 1.5%.
Good: Rajashthan, Haryana, UP #COVID19India Image
As on 1 June, #TamilNadu added 1162 new cases. Positive rate stands at 9.77%, highest in last 7 days. Recovery 57%, Active cases 42%, mortality is just 0.79%. #TamilNaduCoronaupdate #IndiaFightsCoronavirus @Sheks65 @pibchennai
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Story of #Pakistan becoming Nuclear state on 28th may 1998 in newspaper clippings from 1998: #Nuclear #YomeTakbir #Kashmir #یوم_تکبیر
In the 1998 Indian general election the BJP emerged as the single-largest party and Atal Bihari Vajpayee became PM of #india on 11 may 1996 ... 2/n #یوم_تکبیر
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was member of the same #BJP who organised a rally at the site of Babri Masjid involving 150,000 volunteers, known as kar sevaks. The rally turned violent, and the crowd overwhelmed security forces and tore down the masjid 3/n #یوم_تکبیر
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#China-#India stand-off at Laddakh & consequences 4 #Pakistan

What I think of new tension?

🇨🇳’s move into #Laddakh & establishing a hold over Galwan river valley comes after 🇮🇳 coerced Nepal by encroaching it’s border territory & reviving Kalapani dispute.

China says that #India actually encroached in its territory. The similar holding over of river valley led to 1962 war between India and China.

What strategic compulsion weighed in behind the Chinese move?

A) What immediate reasons?

1. 🇮🇳 ’s aggressive behaviour re Nepal reviving Kalapani dispute, indirectly implicated 🇨🇳-es interest.

2. Post Aug 5 annexation of IOK w/ 🇮🇳-n intention 2 turn Laddakh into union territory rattled 🇨🇳 that 🇮🇳 is materially changing status of th region contested by🇨🇳& 🇵🇰.

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Thread: #prithvirajchauhanjayanti

2001: Bandit/Parliamentarian #PhoolanDevi (#Bundelkhand, #UttarPradesh) ki!!ed by Sher Singh Rana.
2004: Sher Singh Rana escapes #TiharJail. Travels #Kolkata-#Dhaka-#Kabul, #Afghanistan.


To bring back the remains of our Maharaja #PrithvirajChauhan.
Who was #PrithvirajChauhan?

The ruler of a Kingdom stretched from #Rajasthan to #Gujarat to East #Punjab with twin capital cities; #Ajmer and #Delhi - 1178 CE to 1192 CE.

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Reforms are coming to India's power sector. #DISCOMs in union territories are proposed to be privatized. What has India learnt from privatizing #electricity #distribution #utilities in the past?

Some food for thought >


#ElectricityTwitter #EnergyTwitter #privatization
Private/PPP DISCOMs operate in a few cities of India—most notably in #Delhi (Tata Power Delhi Distribution, #BSES Rajdhani & Yamuna), although among others, #Kolkata (CESC) and #Mumbai also receive power from privatized #DISCOMs.

What benefits accrue from #privatization?

Improvements in performance are best outcomes of #DISCOMs' #privatization—AT&C losses have fallen from 50+% in 2002 to ~8% in '19 for Delhi's DISCOMs, and CESC incurs 9.8% as against the 14.3% allowable in Kolkata.

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This has been the most exciting week.
May 7th:Registered in the link that Embassy set out.
May 9th:Received an email from the Indian Embassy saying I’ve been selected based on electronic random process. We are asked to send the confirmation by end of day.
May 12th:Received a call from Air India and they’ve booked my ticket while i was on hold. I sincerely would like to appreciate the entire staff.
May15th:D-day. Flight at 11:25PM but At the airport by 3:30PM and 150 other people and here already.
#VandeBharathMission #AirIndia
Body temperature will be monitored and noted on passport before checkin. Just one carryon is allowed and it shouldn’t exceed 7kgs. Maintain good distance, please stand on the cross signs that are marked. A new form will provided and and we would submit it at the time of checkin. Image
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#RSS Missile Crisis
#India New Cold war trajectory horrible thn #Cuban,pandemic crisis
Vertical dimension:Indo-Pak,the #US #Russian #Chinese strategic allies locked in volatile confrontation under nuke overhang;A flare up2 encompass entire world US #China intrsts 8 risk
#RSS Missile Crisis:
#Indian Ballistic Missile Launch Site
Asthal Colony Daryapur Rd #Delhi
#IndianArmy VLF Com station Nangloi #NewDelhi
#IAF AfNet MB tactical SATCOM terminal,Ranhola #Delhi
IAF Bani camp Radar Com site,Neelwal #NewDelhi
Abrogation of #Article370 #Kashmir 2/n
#RSS Missile Crisis:
#Indian Ballistic Missile Launch Site Bamrauli #Haryana , #UP
Launch pads, TEL-MEL mobility facility, Missile storage,

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My father has COVID19.

Now that I have your complete attention please tune-in (thread below).

Reread, retweet, screenshot, share. Whatever it takes.

#COVID #Coronavirus #India #Delhi

Dad is 82 years old, successful triple bypass surgery in Jan 2020. Super disciplined, wakes up at 4 am & cleans entire house for past 40 years, eats every meal on time, dinner never post 7pm, non-smoker, perhaps 2 beer pints/week (with me). No diabetes or asthma.

25-27 April: Dad had high fever, no cough, one brief episode of breathlessness. A video consultation with cardiologist, who wants an ECG (not easy to get done)

28 April: Fever controlled, ECG is normal but dad wants to see his doctor (uneasiness). Visits hospital.
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Press conference by #CDS Gen Bipin Rawat and three Service Chiefs at 6pm today is about thanking the #COVID2019 warriors from armed forces.
#thread On May 03 there are some special activities the nation will witness from all the three Services. @IAF_MCC to conduct flypast from Srinagar to Trivandrum and another from Dibrugarh, Assam to Kutch, Gujarat: CDS Gen Rawat #COVID2019
IAF helicopters will also be showering petals on hospitals across the country which are involved in the fight against COVID-19: Gen Rawat #COVID2019 #May03
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