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If only your party was in power, then, THEN, we could change things, right, RIGHT!?

WTF do you expect people to do.

We put you in power and you amp up #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

You promised to restore the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook and instead you've forced vaccines on billions,
giving corrupt #BigPharma control over our lives illegally. You allowed gas prices to go through the roof while #BigOil makes record profits. And you have allowed the destruction of a historical number of food suppliers, creating a fake food shortage.

What do you expect us to do
side with you after you took over Trump's crimes and made them your own?

If @SenSanders @BernieSanders doesn't go 3rd party D's will never RULE again.

Because Rs will win and it will be game over for America.


What do you think they'll do 8f they
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Courageous #HumanRights lawyer @SDonziger is finally free today, after 6 months of confinement — punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron.… #FreeDonziger #StevenDonziger #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #Amazon ImageImage
I hope it’s final, because Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, the petroleum industry's black robed Putin, is on a crusade to muzzle the man who exposed Chevron's poisoning of the Amazon.
Let’s get some heat on New York’s corporate senators Gillibrand & Schumer to block the nomination of Chevron Consigliere Jennifer Rearden to the federal bench. And let's flood the White House with the demand that @SDonziger be given the Medal of Freedom.
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~THREAD~ The @oversightdems hearing on #BigOilLies fueling the #ClimateCrisis brought in leading climate scientists and researchers in to discuss the ways #BigOil spread disinformation that delay climate action & what that delay costs us. Here is a 🧵 of some of the big moments:
2/ Big Takeaway - We have zero time left to wait yet a small handful of the largest #oilandgas companies are undertaking a new effort to keep fossil fuels burning: Climate Commitments
3/ Climate commitments can be a good thing if commitments are based on science & goals are inline with the #ParisAgreement. And of course commitments only work if companies meet them. Thus far @chevron @exxonmobil @shell @bpplc & others haven't met any of these requirements
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With the official arrival of MAGA in Canada - that's what all these trucker demos are about - the Libs should immediately institute Proportional Rep. MAGA is a populist movement & they are energized & could win a majority & we are screwed. Look no further than the U.S.1/
If you look at the US, it's easy to see that Progressives & environmentalists have zero power & the Dems will lose their one-vote majority in The House in '22. America will move even further back to the previous century under the MAGA run GOP. Same here if the Cons get in. 2/
Many Greens are into the ant-vax thing & the NDP is useless re enviro-issues. There are good people in both parties, but without PR they won't stand a chance. Liberal corruption & general disgust with Trudeau will mean many voters will stay home & an energized Right will prevail.
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With a fearsome winter storm expected to hit New England this weekend, you’re probably thinking about how to hunker down and stay warm...🧵 (1/14)
As you plan for this Friday & Saturday, you’re probably also hearing frenzied voices panic about the possibility of rolling energy #Blackouts. (2/14)
In fact, @jonchesto was recently one of those voices, writing in the @BostonGlobe about how New England’s “luck” of avoiding blackouts may come to an end. (3/14)…
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BREAKING: #HumanRights lawyer @SDonziger was admitted to the federal prison in Danbury, CT, today.
The Court of Appeals denied @SDonziger's request for bail yesterday — despite the ruling of the judges of the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group on Arbitrary Detention ordering his immediate release. #FreeDonziger…
#StevenDonziger has been sentenced to prison for 6 months — punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron for destroying the Amazon with oil sludge — and is currently appealing his conviction. #FreeDonziger…
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#StevenDonziger, a US attorney, classmate of Barack Obama at Harvard law, gave up everything — literally everything — to take on Chevron on behalf of the Cofan people of the Amazon in Ecuador. #FreeDonziger…
An Ecuadorian court ordered Chevron to pay $9.5 billion, finding that the oil giant's Texaco operation had illegally dumped 16 billion gallons of deadly oil waste. It’s been a decade, and Chevron still hasn’t paid a dime. #BigOil #Pollution #ClimateChange…
But @SDonziger has paid big time: For the last two years, he’s been under house arrest, longer than any American in history never convicted of a crime. #FreeDonziger…
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Today's the day! #IEEFA2021 kicks off online at 1 p.m. ET.
Tomorrow, we're looking at the implications for U.S. communities as the pace of coal plant closures quickens. #IEEFA2021
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De redenering "we doen niets omdat zo de uitstoot pas echt afneemt" is natuurlijk zo krom als een hoepel. Net zoals de rest van het genoemde position paper. In het draadje hieronder een greep uit de missers 1/13
Volgens het ABP kan de energietransitie pas slagen als er voldoende draagvlak voor is. Dat draagvlak is er al lang: zo maakt bijvoorbeeld ruim 70 procent van de Nederlanders zich zorgen over het klimaat 2/13…
Verder heeft het ABP als visie dat in 2050 energie voor iedereen betaalbaar moet zijn. Des te meer een reden om meteen uit fossiel te stappen: hernieuwbare energie is namelijk nu al goedkoper dan fossiel 3/13…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/02/2021…
Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave…

#israel #HumanHistory #caves #archaeology #discovery
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Mensen die op social media beweren dat mainstream media één grote eenheidsworst zijn geworden, die allemaal dezelfde mening propageren, worden door politici & journaille vaak weggezet als 'trollen' of 'complotgekkies'. Maar ze hebben gewoon gelijk

(bron: )
Gecoördineerd vanuit de #EU financieren non-profit-organisaties van het wereld-establishment het eenzijdige overdreven hysterische narratief rondom #corona in de media. En overheden, incl. de Nederlandse, houden dit angstcircus in stand met vele miljoenen van ons belastinggeld.
De kritiek dat de @PubliekeOmroep een spreekbuis is van de regering, die op haar beurt weer een spreekbuis is van de grote wereldwijde coöperaties (#BigMedia, #BigTech, #BigPharma, #BigOil, etc.) is geen 'complottheorie', maar berust gewoon op harde aantoonbare feiten.
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6 years ago, Congressional Republicans & @GOP tried to drag my research, and my name, through the mud. I've never told this story, but now it's time. I also made a video about it, which you can check out here: THREAD /1
A bit of background: I wrote a book called the Chinese Typewriter, which came out @mitpress a few years back. A history of Chinese information technology from the 1930s to the 1950s. A sequel to the book, all about Chinese computing, is coming @mitpress as well. /2
When I was still an untenured Assistant Professor @Stanford I was feverishly applying for sabbatical grants (I'm sure many readers know the feeling). One of the grants I applied for was the @NSF grant for humanists and social scientists /3
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What’s the huge advantage of driving a car? 🤔

Having the freedom of going anywhere and stopping wherever you want on the way 😊…

I didn’t buy a @Tesla for city driving. I bought it exclusively for #RoadTripping, because it’s an #EV.

For 10 years I have not owned any car.

I am getting around the city of @Bordeaux by bicycle as this is the most convenient and quick way to move in a European urban environment 🚲😊

For #RoadTrips outside the town I used #CarSharing (up to a few weeks).

However, I have been bothered by the #ClimateCrisis since 2005 and it’s been more and more difficult to cope with nasty petrol or diesel fill-ups and the CO2 and pollutant emissions associated with them 😖



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BREAKING: On Wednesday evening in #Pinole, #BayArea community members will pack the room at a @USACESPN hearing to speak against the Army Corps proposal to dredge #SanFrancisco Bay and Carquinez Strait. #tarsandsfreesfbay #protectthebay #sfbay Read more 👇…
@USACESPN Opponents call the Army Corps proposal to dredge #SanFrancisco Bay and Carquinez Strait a move by #BigOil and @realDonaldTrump to expand the #fossilfuel industry in #California to increase imports of Canadian #tarsands #crudeoil and exports of US #coal.
@USACESPN @realDonaldTrump 18K people signed a petition to stop the Army Corps from doing the bidding of #BigOil by dredging #SanFrancisco Bay and Carquinez Strait. Petition calls on local leaders @RepDeSaulnier @JohnGaramendi
@JohnGaramendi @RepThompson @SenFeinstein @KamalaHarris to oppose the project.
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Viele Menschen fragen sich bezüglich erneuerbarer Energien, wo wir die insgesamt benötigte #Primärenergie eigentlich hernehmen sollen.🤔
Die kurze Antwort: am besten von dort, wo diese am effizientesten erzeugt werden kann!
Meine Vision dazu in diesem Thread. 1/16
In 2018 betrug der Primärenergiebedarf in #Deutschland 13.106 PJ (Petajoule), umgerechnet 3.641 TWh (Terawattstunden) - mit abnehmender Tendenz.
#Klima #Energie #Klimawandel #Klimapolitik #Energiewende #FFF 2/16
Lt. @Umweltbundesamt wurden 427 TWh, also etwa 12% davon, durch #ErneuerbareEnergien bereitgestellt.
Es besteht also noch erheblicher Handlungsbedarf, bis unsere #Energieversorgung emissionsfrei ist!… 3/16
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If we would starve Venezuelan children for their oil, covering up the poisoning of #SouthDakota is just child’s play...… via @DeSmogBlog
@DeSmogBlog DeSmog received info that indicates the #GardenCreek spill was "officially estimated at 11 million gallons. This puts the release, in terms of gallons spilled, on par with the infamous 1989 #ExxonValdez oil spill in Alaska."…
@DeSmogBlog For more on how oil spills are frequently caused by deliberately muzzled safety equipment read, The Pigs in the Pipeline at:… #NoDAPL #NoKXL #DAPL #KXL #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #OilSpill
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Thread: @BillGates claims fossil fuel #divestment has 'zero' climate impact, and #climatechange activists are 'wasting their time' lobbying investors to ditch #fossilfuel stocks…
@BillGates Gates: “#Divestment, to date, probably has reduced about zero tonnes of emissions. It’s not like you’ve capital-starved [the] people making steel and gasoline”…
@BillGates As @350 note: arguments against fossil fuel #divestment miss a larger point. The idea is not to starve companies of capital but to remove their “social licence to operate” & make it easier for Govts to act on climate issues by breaking #fossilfuel companies’ hold on politicians.
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Thread - R/T. Use @threadreaderapp

Still think #BigOil is the answer? Consider this:

Before 1886, people travelled via horse and buggy.

#auto #car #oil #fossilfuels #cdnpoli #elxn43 #technology #RenewableEnergy #CleanEnergy #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency
In 1858, the refining of #CrudeOil crude oil allowed for larger-scale processing & helped spur the #gas gas engine automobile (this is the first - 1886).

#auto #car #oil #fossilfuels #cdnpoli #elxn43 #technology #RenewableEnergy #CleanEnergy #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency
The Model T, produced by @Ford, was the first mass produced vehicle, but not the first auto.

Innovation led to bigger, enclosed cars.

#auto #car #oil #fossilfuels #cdnpoli #elxn43 #technology #RenewableEnergy #CleanEnergy #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency
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It wasn’t an Act of God. It was an Act of Chevron. An Act of Exxon. An Act of Big Oil.… #NewOrleans #Louisiana #HurricaneKatrina #Barry #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #ClimateChange
Take a look at these numbers dug out of #Louisiana state records:

Conoco 3.3 million acres
Exxon Mobil 2.1 million acres
Chevron 2.7 million acres
Shell 1.3 million acres

These are the total acres of wetlands removed by just four oil companies over two decades.
#NewOrleans used be to a long, swampy way from the Gulf of Mexico. #Hurricanes & storm surges had to cross a protective mangrove forest nearly a 100 miles thick. Then Standard Oil, Exxon’s prior alias, began channeling pipelines & tanker routes thu the soft delta prairie grass.
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In 2005 I explained exactly how #NewOrleans drowned and would drown again, maybe in the next few days...… #Louisiana #HurricaneKatrina #Barry #BigOil
I hope you don’t think #Trump and his army corps of engineers gives a damn about a black city sinking. #Katrina turned #Louisiana from blue to red, a form of voter purging that includes murder in its method.… #Barry
But DON’T blame the Lady. #Katrina killed no one. In fact, she missed the city of #NewOrleans completely, going wide to the east. It wasn’t Mother Nature that drowned, suffocated, de-hydrated and starved nearly 2,000 people in 2005. This is the real story.…
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Yesterday, I learned that the extraordinary @SDonziger, the volunteer lawyer for the indigenous of the Amazon, has had his US passport seized by the Trump regime on trumped up charges. See statement from @AmazonWatch…
My coverage of #Ecuador on @BBCNewsnight would’ve been impossible without @SDonziger and his inestimably heroic battle against #Chevron. Donziger is one of the most courageous men I’ve ever met.… #Environment #Pollution #BigOil #Chevron
The oil industry won’t rest until they lay @SDonziger's body out on the tarmac. The fact that #Chevron has come after the man who proved they poisoned the children of the Amazon just proves how extraordinary he is — and powerful. They fear him.…
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