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1️⃣ In the first half of 2022, #deforestation claimed roughly 3.880 square km of the #Amazon rainforest, an area five times the size of New York City.

2️⃣ According to @Greenpeace, cattle farming is the leading cause of the destruction, accounting for up to 80% of deforested land.
💥 In less than two hours, Solomon’s @stea_ari will host the award-winning investigative journalist @Andrew_Wasley from the @TBIJ, specializing in food and environment issues, to discuss the deforestation linked to the #Brazilian beef trade as it has been exposed in recent years.
💥 Over a years-long investigation, @TBIJ along with @guardian and @reporterb revealed that Amazon fires were 3x (❗️) more common in the areas supplying cattle to abattoirs than elsewhere in the rainforest.…
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Excited technologies announced by @aselipsky at #reinvent2022
Entire catalog of #AWS #Analytics and #MachineLearning services available on #ServerLess

It is a paradigm shifter!
'A Zero ETL Future' - Federated queries across data sources
bridging OLTP and OLAP those who know will get what folks like me have been struggling.
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BREAKING: #BNNFrance Reports.

Amazon employees in Germany and France went on strike on Black Friday as part of a global campaign to target the online retailer on one of the busiest shopping days of the year with demands for higher wages. #France #BlackFriday #Amazon #Social
The Make Amazon Pay organization, which called for the strikes, stated that actions were planned in over 30 nations, including the United States.
Demonstrations occurred at nine of Amazon's 20 facilities in Germany, however, the company stated on Friday morning that most employees in Germany were working as usual.
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Wir waren die vergangenen sieben Monate auf Lkw-Parkplätzen unterwegs, haben mit zig Lagermitarbeiter:innen gesprochen & Kurieren. Sie alle arbeiten bei #Amazon oder beauftragten Subunternehmen. Was sie erzählen, verdient Öffentlichkeit. #BlackFriday @correctiv_org 👇👇👇
Andreas läuft jeden Tag >15km, manchmal auch 20. Er arbeitet im Logistikzentrum Leipzig. Er muss sich bei fast jeder zweiten Ware bücken, diese wiegt mitunter 17 Kilo. Vor ein paar Wochen starb einer seiner Kollegen während der Arbeit. Der Schichtbetrieb wurde nicht gestoppt.
Antanas & Jonas sind seit vier Monaten ununterbrochen in Deutschland für Amazon unterwegs. Als Lkw-Fahrer fahren sie häufig nachts. Sie kommen aus Litauen, haben keinen Urlaubsanspruch. Wenn sie nach Hause wollen, müssen sie ihren Vertrag kündigen.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 271 - Hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Un T-72 ruso es alcanzado por un ATGM ucraniano.

🟥 Los rusos deciden girar, ofreciendo al ATGM su parte más débil, conscientes de que la velocidad en reversa de este carro es casi nula.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 271 - Como cada mañana, dejamos aquí nuestro informe diario correspondiente a la jornada anterior, en este caso a la de ayer, domingo 20 de noviembre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 271 - Uno de los grandes problemas de los #MRAPS, más allá de su exagerada altura, es la falta de movilidad táctica. Aquí vemos a un MaxxPro sufriendo la raspútitsa.
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¿Quieres practicar haciendo proyectos con #React 💙 y no tienes ni idea de qué hacer? ¡En este HILO 🧵te dejo 5⃣ proyectos 🔝 con React para crecer como #programador! #informatica #frontend #javascript #typescript
Este vídeo de 5⃣h aprox. de @vidamrr es 🔝. 5⃣ proyectos para aprender desde un nivel más básico: lista de tareas, widget de clima 🌥️, selector de emojis... #informatica #frontend #javascript #typescript
Aquí @vidamrr nos trae 5⃣ proyectos de #React 💙 más avanzados: un acortador de URLs, un clon de TikTok, componentes estilo Notion... #informatica #frontend #javascript #typescript
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Ho appena fatto un acquisto su #Amazon. Tre prodotti:
- per uno avrei dovuto fare una quindicina di km in auto (col rischio di non trovarlo)
- per un altro sarei dovuto andare in Danimarca (azienda danese che usa Amazon come MP)
- il terzo è un saggio scientifico in inglese.
Il tutto verrà consegnato non a casa mia (dove è difficile trovare qualcuno), ma a un locker che posso raggiungere a piedi, e potrò ritirare tutti e tre i prodotti in una sola volta inserendo un semplice codice. Ho risparmiato? Denaro non saprei, magari qualche euro
Il problema però non è il costo, il pinto di forza è che risparmio tempo, e il mio tempo ha un valore.

Ho sbagliato? Sono stato egoista? Può essere. Quale sarebbe stata l'alternativa?

Per il primo prodotto avrei potuto alzare il culo e andare, facendo 30km. Ok, mea culpa.
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Hearing in warehouse worker safety starting. Info on a hazards at #Amazon and elsewhere.
From Chairwoman @RepAdams : Serious injury rate for workers at #Amazon warehouses was more than double the rate at non-Amazon warehouses. 60 hour/week backbreaking work & mandatory overtime.
Also major problems with temporary workers who receive less training and protections. Sister of temp worker killed in warehouse will testify.
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BREAKING: #BNNUS Reports. Inc (@amazon) announced on Wednesday that, it has laid off around 10,000 employees from the devices groups, staffs in its retail division and human resources. The initial reports about these job cuts were made on Monday.
Dave Limp, Amazon executive informed in a blog post that, Amazon has decided to consolidate teams in its devices unit. It has notified the employees about the job cuta on Tuesday. Limp said, "We continue to face an unusual and uncertain macroeconomic environment.
In light of this, we've been working over the last few months to further prioritize what matters most to our customers and the business".
Reports suggest that, there are plans to eliminate around 10,000 more roles through reductions in different units.
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“The Seventh Descent—Hunting:

“Killing of Planetmates & Eating Flesh Began Our Descent to Savagery & the Apocalypse Today”

is Chapter 7

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema.

READ CH THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK...…

PH 7/1
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…increasingly separated from Nature, from feeling, & from clear apprehension of reality, humans became insensitive.” []

READ BOOK… #devolution #psychology #hunting #anthro #birth #evolution #perinatal #primal #psyche

PH 7/2
[] “In becoming more numbed to their empathy & fellow feeling, they became inured enough to the spilling of blood, so that making life & death decisions over fellow planetmates became easier.” []

READ BOOK>… #devolution #psychology #hunting #anthro

PH 7/3
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Table of Contents for



Return to Grace, Volume 10


*Experience Is Divinity* is now available to all on my blog & can be downloaded as a pdf file, with my compliments. Click links.…

Dedication, *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*:

“To all my sisters and brothers from all species of other mothers.”

READ BOOK… #psychology #consciousness #spiritual #mystic #primal #transpersonal #psychedelic #shamanic #psyche #tao

*Experience Is Divinity* CONTENTS



THREAD…… #psychology #consciousness #spiritual #mystic #primal #transpersonal #psychedelic #shamanic

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Chapter 6

of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“The Sixth Descent—Mistrust:

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

READ BOOK…… #birth #psychology #BasicMistrust #perinatal #BasicTrust #devolution #parenting

PH 6/1
Chapter 6 is subtitled,

“Mistrust of Nature, Mistrust of Divine Providence...

“Our Experience of Birth Determines Ever Afterward Our View of the World”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK

THREAD… #birth #psychology #BasicMistrust #psyche

PH 6/2
“[*Quotes/Highlights:*] “The cold, hard fact is that our experience of our birth—that is, the amount of pain & discomfort we experience in the process of delivery added to those first crucial moments & hours...” []

READ BOOK…… #birth #psychology

PH 6/3
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#GodrejProperties (Multi-Timeframe Analysis) by Ravi Patel

🧵explaining Multi-Timeframe Analysis (Monthly - Weekly & Daily)

Retweet🔁Like❤️ to spread learning with all

Stock may fire 🔥 above 1310 SL 1125 for TGT 1650/1700.

@KommawarSwapnil (Views Invited)
#TechnicalAnalysis Image
1⃣ #GodrejProperties Monthly Chart

✅Law of Polarity (Resistance becomes Support) Image
2⃣ #GodrejProperties Weekly Chart

✅Falling Trendline Upside Breakout on Cards Image
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My brother, the writer Vikram Seth, was recently scammed by Amazon. It is appalling and here’s the story in his words. @amazonindia #amazonwoes #vikramseth
Scammed and then Stonewalled by @amazonIN

by #vikramseth

Here is a most unsuitable scam perpetrated by #Amazon (or its couriers or agents).

I ordered 10 bamboo bookracks. (I am a writer.) Each was for ₹ 999.
@amazonindia @AmazonIndia #AmazonWoes #AmazonScams #VikramSeth

In a few days, Amazon texted me that my order was due to arrive and sent me an OTP (one time password) to give to the courier or driver.

The Amazon driver arrived. He had exactly one bamboo bookrack with him.
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JUST IN: #BNNVenezuela Reports.

Nicolas Maduro (@NicolasMaduro), President of Venezuela said, it is necessary to reactivate the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). #NicolasMaduro #ACTO #COP27 #Environment #Amazon
He said this during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) summit, which is being held at the Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt.
Maduro said, “I believe that it is necessary to reactivate the Amazon Treaty Organization that brings together all the countries of South America.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 258 - Comenzamos #hilo sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Ayer hablamos de lo suicidas que resultan algunas tácticas. Este T-72B3 avanza junto a trincheras sin limpiar y sin apoyo de infantería, esperando un arma CC... ¡Qué llega!

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 258 - Como cada día, compartimos el enlace a nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania, en este caso correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, lunes 7 de noviembre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 258 - No tiene ninguna relevancia para el transcurso de la guerra, pero sí resulta curioso que sus operadores hayan decorado este UAV ruso con el acrónimo de la URSS.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 252 - Iniciamos, tras algunos problemas informáticos, el #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 En el siguiente vídeo vemos un grupo de "mobiks" rusos protestando por no haber recibido su paga. Fueron disueltos por #Rosgvardia.

🟥 Comparte 🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 252 - Este es, para quien no pudiese leerlo, nuestro informe diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, martes 1 de noviembre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania - Día 252 - En el siguiente enlace encontraréis acceso a un mapa interactivo en el que se recogen los ataques partisanos a las fuerzas de ocupación rusas en el sur y sureste de Ucrania.

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Weekend Read Investing Resources Vol 18

Stock from Sunrise Industry
Gland Pharma Lies, Disguise & Insider Sell
Microcap Investing Lessons
Valuation Lessons
Sensex to hit 1L, When?
Branded Spices Report
Crypto Explained

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#investing Image
We have launched a dedicated channel for reports.

Now you can find daily news updates on this channel but at same time Research Reports on the different channel in a clutter free manner.

Join now and share with your friends as well.
Betting on Future Growth & Expansion: Narayana Hrudayalaya

Hospital Sector Analysis & Narayana Hrudayalaya Business Analysis

Business Overview
Financial Performance
Expansion & Future Plans
Peer Comparison

#Healthcare #Narayanahrudalaya
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Yesterday, InSightCrime Co-director @jerrymcdermott @jerrymcdermott spoke about the importance of cracking down on #EnvironmentalCrime in the #Amazon at #COP11 #UNTOC. Below is a short recap of what was discussed 🧵👇:
@jerrymcdermott @jerrymcdermott stressed the need for the international community to do more than “give lip service, [as] the consequences of #EnvironmentalCrime are potentially far more catastrophic for the world than the abuse of illegal narcotics.”
“We must step up our due diligence [on] the sourcing of wood, gold, and other products of #EnvironmentalCrime.” Illegally logged timber, for example, is often used to make products sold legally in international markets.
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I know I’m still kinda new to #Defi #crypto #finance (under 1yr) BUT I got some other expertise

Sold almost $1mil in product on Amazon
Sold 10’s of thousands in info products
Sold hundreds of thousands in consulting

So here’s a thread on making $$ in a bear market

Here I will lay out all the ways I’ve made money (all of them) as well as a couple ways people I personally know have.

I’m not sharing theory here. These things have put money in my or people I know’s pockets.

Let’s get it…

Selling on Amazon -

By far the most profitable endeavor, but also the most expensive and labor intensive.

There are LOTS of ways to sell on #Amazon but I chose to create my own brand of product.

I know that sounds kind of hard BUT I did it with zero money (starting out).

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Here's a list of free #PenetrationTesting and #RedTeam Labs you may set up in your own home to enhance your #hacking abilities :
1) Red Team Attack Lab
A simulated setting where red teams can practice exploiting #vulnerabilities in various operating systems.
2) Capsulecorp Pentest
#Capsulecorp is a lightweight virtual infrastructure operated using Vagrant and Ansible. One #Linux attacking system running #Xubuntu is included, along with four #Windows 2019 servers hosting a variety of #exploitable services.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 235 - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 La artillería antiaérea ucraniana habría logrado derribar un drone Shaheed-136 cerca de Kobleve, en la óblast de Nikolayev. Será estudiado a fondo, obviamente.

🟥 ¡Comparte!🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 235 - Este es, para quien no lo haya leído, nuestro informe diarios sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania correspondiente a la jornada de ayer, sábado 15 de octubre de 2022.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania - Día 235 - #Hilo sobre la forma en que los ucranianos utilizan la red LORA para las comunicaciones a nivel táctico.

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[𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗺𝗼𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗴𝘂𝗺𝗮𝘀 𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗶𝗿𝗮𝘀 𝗱𝗲 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗯𝗮𝗹𝗵𝗮𝗿 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲, 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗲 𝗲𝗺 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝗮] 💻📲

A verdade é que existem maneiras reais de ganhar dinheiro online, milhões de pessoas fazem isso todos os dias. ⬇ Image
De nômades digitais freelancers a profissionais de marketing experientes e empreendedores em ascensão, há muitas ideias de negócios que você pode experimentar em casa usando seu laptop e uma conexão sólida à Internet.…

Então, eu vou detalhar algumas ⬇
- maneiras reais de ganhar dinheiro online.

1. Inicie o dropshipping:…

Vamos começar nossa lista com uma das maneiras mais populares de ganhar dinheiro online dos EUA. De acordo com o Google Trends , a popularidade do dropshipping está aumentando ⬇
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𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗼 𝗼𝘀 𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗼𝘀 𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗺 𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗮 𝘃𝗲𝘇 𝗺𝗮𝗶𝘀 𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗼𝘀? 🤔

Vejamos a tática... Os ricos (além do corporativismo) sempre pedem empréstimos contra seu capital para evitar o imposto sobre ganhos de capital; eles nunca vendem seu capital. ⬇ Image
@gustavoramos @38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @RosbifesXXX @R0nih @RedpillOliver @robertopantojax Exemplo: você é um indivíduo de alto poder financeiro/patrimônio líquido e quer comprar uma ilha... 🏝

Nos 🇺🇸 você pode utilizar o que é chamado de empréstimo baseado em títulos.

E é assim que funciona ... ⬇
@gustavoramos @38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @RosbifesXXX @R0nih @RedpillOliver @robertopantojax 1- Você vai a uma grande instituição financeira ou banco privado.

2- Diga a eles; eu quero comprar uma ilha por $ 3 milhões de dólares, e preciso de um empréstimo.

3- Eles lhe dizem; O que você pode oferecer como garantia ⬇
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