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oh hilarious.. 🤪🤡🧐🇨🇳😂😂Why the world's carmakers are watching a small town in #China - I'm so tempted to say: "See? Ya muthas! That'll teach you a lesson in respect. Learn it well. Insult China once too often with your...
...aggressive baseless smears and allegations , and attempts to 'contain' #China via #HongKong, #Myanmar #Thailand etc, and You is gonna get smacked. Where you least expect it. mate. Right up the exhaust pipe..." As I say, I'm tempted. But I won't. But I'm sure others will..
But, I hear you say.. the carmakers haven't been insulting #China.. hmm.. well.. perhaps not directly.. but..
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Oct 18 2021: "More than 100 meetings have been organised between investors & ministers...Those attending include former Microsoft boss Bill #Gates...Other attendees include #BlackRock boss Larry Fink...execs are also coming from multinationals such as #Amazon, Heinz & Disney."
"The [#NetZero Banking] Alliance was launched by 43 Founding Members on 21 April 2021 & has since grown to represent a quarter of global banking assets."

"Industry-led, UN-convened"

#UN/#WEF: de facto clearing house for ruling class objectives. #COP26…
#Netzero Banking Alliance was co-launched by the Financial Services Taskforce of the Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative. #SMI

#GreatReset: The global consolidation of power & capital - happening in real time.

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THREAD: is #Amazon evading government contractor vaccine mandates?

Whether you are anti-mandate or pro-mandate this is an important question — Either Amazon is refusing to comply with the mandate, or many other businesses (included airlines) shouldn’t be part of mandate. $AMZN
Airlines are claiming ALL their employees are subject to mandate because they have a few govt contracts.

Guess what, so does #Amazon. Amazon AWS has a massive cloud contract as well is a major supplier to government micro purchases of various supplies.
Either the airlines are lying or Amazon is lying. The rules are the rules and must be applied fairly. If all Amazon employees aren’t subject, then neither are the Airlines.
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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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NEW NARATIV PODS: The Cover-Up: The FBI Director helped Donald Trump hide 4500 potential complaints against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. From "The After Show" with @gregolear and special guest @allisongill…
And "Indicting The Trumps". @gregolear, @allisongill and I ask "will Donald Trump and his family ever be indicted?" @Heidi_Cuda breaks news on the EPIK hack and the Russian spy caught on tape on Capitol Hill on Jan 6.…
Narativ is made possible by viewers like you. If you like this show and others we produce, join us at and support truly independent journalism.
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NEW POD DROP! Narativ Season 2 Premiere: 'A Bear in Our House' EXCLUSIVE! How a suspected Russian spy and the #Moonies supported the #Jan6 coup attempt. with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden. Part 1 is here…
And Part 2 of 'A Bear in Our House'. Our EXCLUSIVE about Sean #Moon and suspected #Russian spy Charles Bausman with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden.…
Read more about the story here. with @Heidi_Cuda…
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#DelightReview : #Incendies
2010 - #French
#OTT- #AmazonPrime
#Genre - #Thriller #War #Drama

The film is about the ultimate cruelty and pain that a woman experiences. But the twist of the screenplay puts us together with the story film that goes so
1/8 Image
and transmits the pain of that woman to the viewer.

Through this story,the sectarianism within Christianity and Muslims and its ugly face are shown. The film is based on a stage play called #Incendies.
A woman who dies after working as an assistant to an Advocate
for eighteen years will give her will to the Advocateand ask her children to join both a man and a woman on one condition. The condition was that the woman should find her father, and that her son should find his brother with him, and then add the property
#Incendies Image
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A quick Friday 🧵on Keyword Harvesting...

We are launching a new item and as I was setting up our PPC campaigns I thought that I would share our general approach to Keyword Harvesting.
Keyword harvesting is the process of constantly identifying and adding the best keywords to your PPC account.

You will most likely start your PPC campaigns with by adding keywords that Amazon recommends or that are top of mind for you.
That's a fine place to start, but if that is where your keyword research ends you won't be able to grow your account.

We start with an Automatic Targeting campaign. Auto campaigns allow Amazon's algorithm to match your ad against any target it deems to be relevant.
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Think of an Amazon listing as a limitless bazaar with merchants all selling the same item. With a few exceptions, anyone can plug into any the listing and sell that item so Amazon developed a tool to decide who gets to fulfill the sale. This tool is called the Buy Box.
The general rule to win the BB is whoever has the best combination of full landed price (price + shipping cost) and who can get the product to the customer fastest wins. Here is an example from Vital Proteins. Image
There are 10 other sellers trying to sell their inventory, but can't because someone else (in this case, Vital Protein themselves) has the buy box. Want a fun fact? You can't advertise in sponsored products unless you have the buy box.
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Wann ist die richtige Zeit für einen #Streik ? Ein Thread ⬇️
"Muskelspiel zur Unzeit"

Westfälische Nachrichten am 22.09.2020 zum #Verdi-#Streik im öffentlichen Dienst
"Für den Konzern kommt die Eskalation zur Unzeit. An diesem Mittwoch wollen Aufsichtsräte der Bahn über Wege aus der aktuellen Krise beraten."

Süddeutsche Zeitung zum #Bahnstreik der #EVG am 9.12.2018
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How not to do in-game product placement 🤢…
#Mirriad "partnership comes at a time when consumers increasingly avoid ads & are becoming incredibly hard to reach & connect with. Brands need to become a deeply engaging part of peoples' experiences in new & radical ways"…
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The Electric Mobility dilemma of Legacy vs New-Age

There is no doubt that Legacy Auto businesses might be able to leverage their scale, capital & experience to roll out EVs faster than EV startups..

But does that make them a better investment?


#Megatrends #investing

Historically, disruptive #innovation has always come from outside the traditional bounds of the industry.

From #Apple's iPhone📱 & #Amazon's AWS☁️ to
#SpaceX's Reusable Rockets🚀, the incumbents have more often than not, failed to innovate and/or spot the disruptors.


In case of Electric Mobility though, there's one critical factor that's keeping incumbents in the race: POLICY📜

Since EVs are now a necessity to reduce global #carbonfootprint & control the #ClimateCrisis, incumbents have no option but to cannibalize their products.

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I am delighted to share that I have passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam.

The exam validates technical expertise in designing and deploying highly available, scalable and resilient infrastructure on @awscloud.
The best way to prepare for the exam is to get hands-on experience on platforms like @acloudguru which offers several training labs and a sandbox environment to practice, or even using an AWS free-tier account while watching a YouTube video from @andrewbrown @freeCodeCamp.
⭐ 𝗘𝘅𝗮𝗺 𝗗𝗲𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘀:
- Passing score: 720 (out of 1000)
- Code: SAA-C02
- Questions: 65
- Time: 130 mins
- Cost: USD 150

#awscloud #certification #achievement #devops #priyankvaghela #cloud #amazon #awscertified #aws
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#Amazon’s investments have fuelled job creation and economic growth in communities across the USA

Amazon invested more than $167 billion in the U.S. on infrastructure and compensation to employees Image
#Amazon has created more than 950,000 full- and part-time jobs in the U.S.

No other company has created more jobs than Amazon in the past decade

Last year Amazon created an average of 1,000 jobs per day in the U.S.
@WiserIn10 Image
Since 2010, #Amazon’s investments have led to the contribution of more than $499 billion to the U.S. GDP Image
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2/ ImageImageImage

I once made Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast / TSR cough up $2,000 because I had sold an article to Dragon magazine 20 years earlier, when I was 13, and they republished it on CD-ROM without my permission.

I have a long memory and am somewhat tenacious.

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- Trains for fully jabbed? Good news, hints Aaditya
- India, China armies complete disengagement at Gogra point
- Schools in state to reopen on August 17, says edu minister

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Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Bronze lost, a billion hearts won over: Indian women's hockey team signs off 4th after narrow loss to Great Britain

#TokyoOlympics2021 #TokyoOlympics #TeamIndia #Tokyo2021 #Olympics #Hockey #HockeyIndiaTeam #IndianHockey #INDvsGBR…
Maharashtra govt will take decision in next two days to allow fully jabbed citizens on Mumbai locals: Minister Aaditya Thackeray
- @SanjayJog7 reports

#COVID19 #COVID19India #Maharashtra #Mumbai @AUThackeray @WesternRly @Central_Railway…
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#Zomato Analysis 3/8/21:
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my notes:

Zomato Shareholding as on July 22nd:
Promoter holding: 0%
Non institutions: 83.67%
(58% holding by foreign companies)

Positives First:
*Almost debt free
2/n #Zomato

*Massive growth potential, Scalable.
*Current Ratio: 9.3 (Excellent)
*Strong Network in place
*Hyperlocal data
*Strong brand image
*B2C Food delivery business
*Hyperpure B2B business
*Paid Zomato Pro Membership
*Cloud Kitchen opportunity scalable
3/n #Zomato

*All in one platform business for food restaurant search, menu, ordering, payments, online track delivery, feedback, customer support.
*35 subsidiaries (including Zomato's abroad businesses)
*Possibility to replicate their food delivery success to new businesses.
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After #Amazon, #Facebook Has Launched an Online Marketplace For #Pakistan: Razak Dawood

Almost a month after announcing that the e-commerce giant Amazon has added Pakistan to its official sellers’ list, Advisor to the PM on Commerce, Abdul Razak Dawood Image
has acknowledged another ground-breaking revelation for the country’s strengthening connection with the global market.

“I am happy to see that, after amazon, Facebook has recently launched a marketplace for Pakistan, it will encourage small entrepreneurs to sell online.
Such opportunities during COVID-19 could be a lifeline for micro-enterprises”, remarked Dawood in a tweet.

He further acknowledged the impact of Facebook integrating its business offering with Pakistan’s emerging traffic and particularly mentioned the significant role
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1/6 Our 🌎 is heating and losing crucial carbon sinks. (Look at the #Amazon!)

🌳Tackling climate change means decarbonizing the economy but also recarbonizing our ecosystems
🦥I'm looking at the role of mammals in this task

But wait, mammals absorb CO2?⬇️
#DICECON21 #ConEffect
2/6 Well no *but* they mediate carbon flux:

Grazing by🦌🦘can stimulate🌿growth (more CO2 absorbed). Too much grazing does the opposite!

🐺🦁 influence plant growth by keeping 🦌 in check.
Meanwhile🐰 can ⬆️ soil carbon by digging. So much going on!

#DICECON21 #ConEffect
3/6 Mammal functions are so complex #climate scientists are ignoring them in #carbonbudget relying on 🛰️ images of 🌍vegetation.

But their role matters: by some estimates 🐺control of 🦌in North America could offset emissions of up to 20mn 🚗/year!

#DICECON21 #ConEffect
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Voyons voir si j'ai bien compris la stratégie d'#Amazon pour faire son beurre sur le dos des petits (et au final tuer les petits). 👇
1) Commander des quantités déraisonnables d'exemplaire d'un livre lors de sa parution sans que l'éditeur puisse intervenir pour minorer sa commande (tout passe par le distributeur, au moment où nous recevons l'info que la commande est passée c'est déjà trop tard).
2) Dans 1% des cas, le livre "marche", Amazon est donc réactif et a du stock pour répondre à la demande, et peut anticiper ses réassorts. Dans 99% des cas le livre ne "marche" pas, Amazon s'est surstocké.
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Are #Startup valuation any way justified?

Closing price of #Zomato on #BSE today was Rs. 132.60 at this price, Market cap of Zomato (Total valuation of Company) is at Rs. 1,04,027 Crores. Which means #Zomato is already in top 50 Companies of India market cap wise (1/n) Source: BSE India
#GodrejConsumer which was listed on 18-06-2001 and having a track record of giving constant profit for atleast 10 years (…) is valued just below #Zomato. despite comparatively much stronger performance and track record of Profit and Dividend (2/n) Source: BSE IndiaSource:
On the other hand #Zomato has accumulated loss of 56,00,30,00,000 INR (Source: Zomato RHP - in INR Million) as on 31/3/21 and still it is valued at such a higher price. Zomato is valued higher than #TataMotors #Britannia #BergerPaints to name few (3/n)… Source: Zomato RHP
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#Apple ve #Amazon gibi şirketlerin #blokzincir ve #kriptopara uzmanı istihdam etmeleri kısa vadede olumlu düşünülebilir fakat bu tür devasa şirketlerin büyüdükçe devlet olmanın şartlarını yerine getiren özerk güçler haline geliyorlar. ++
Aboneleri ya da müşterileri birer vatandaş statüsündeyken, yönetim kurulları bir hükümet, yönetim politikaları bir anayasa olarak değerlendirilebilir. Devletler gibi hazineleri, bakanlıklar gibi farklı birimleri mevcut. ++
Şimdi ise #kriptopara’nın sağlamış olduğu imkanlar ile kendi para birimlerine sahip olurlarsa toprağı olmayan güçlü ülkelere dönüşebilirler. ++
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Karnataka High Court to pronounce judgment in appeal by Amazon and Flipkart against Single Judge order dismissing challenge to CCI probe for alleged Competition Law violations.

@amazonIN @Flipkart #Amazon #KarnatakaHighCourt
By no stretch of imagination can inquiry be quashed at this stage. Appellants should not be afraid of investigation of CCI: Court

#Amazon #KarnatakaHighCourt
In considered opinion of Court, appeals filed by Amazon and Flipkart are devoid of merit and deserved to be dismissed: Court

#Amazon #KarnatakaHighCourt
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