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HAPPENING NOW: #SB233 is on the floor in the Georgia State Senate.
Follow along for updates!
#SB233 would give $6000 in public dollars for any student to attend private or homeschool, purchase curriculum, hire a tutor or pay tuition at a community college, among other "qualified education expenses."
Up to half the money provided for a K-12 education could be rolled over each year and at graduation used to go to a Georgia college or university. K-12 funding should not become anybody's college savings account.
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Who knew REVENUE could be sexy?!
NEW #FundOurFuture messaging guidance from ASO & @WMTFAction shows how we to mobilize and move voters to demand wealthy corporations pay us what they owe in wages and taxes so we can fund what our families need.…
Applying the Race Class Narrative & best practices of persuasion, we can flip the script and up voter engagement for progressive taxation, while inoculating against rightwing dog whistles that undermine faith in and desire for robust, effective government.
A winning message to #FundOurFuture begins by naming a shared – community, safety, prosperity – in a way that lifts up race and class and brings people together.
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Why do we build the wall?
My children, my children
Why do we build the wall?

Why do we build the wall?
We build the wall to keep us free
That's why we build the wall
We build the wall to keep us free

How does the wall keep us free?
My children, my children
How does the wall keep us free?

How does the wall keep us free?
The wall keeps out the enemy
And we build the wall to keep us free
That's why we build the wall
We build the wall to keep us free
Who do we call the enemy
My children, my children?
Who do we call the enemy?

Who do we call the enemy?
The enemy is poverty
And the wall keeps out the enemy
And we build the wall to keep us free
That's why we build the wall
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"The appraisal district estimates that Neuhaus owes $434,773 in 2020 property taxes for the two plats of riverfront property on which he allowed Fisher Sand & Gravel to build the private border wall in January."

A private border wall hatched by grifters…
This is an eye popping increase from the estimated $8,000 in taxes that Neuhaus, a sugar planter, previously paid. Yet, "(t)he assessed amount was based on border wall miles & structure that had been built as of Jan. 1, which was only 38% of the project that was later completed."
That means Neuhaus is looking at next year's tax bill of over $1M. Essentially, his collaboration with Bannon & We Fund the Wall grifters has rendered his land worse than worthless - it's now a $1M liability. Which is what happens when you publicly boast that $42M was spent...
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First they came for my neighbor, the immigrant, & deported him, breaking up his family, but I didn't say anything because he was just a neighbor.
Then they came for the refugees, separated their children and jailed them, but I didn't say anything because they were not my children.
Then they took my friend's land to build an ugly, destructive and useless racist wall, but I didn't say anything because it wasn't my land.
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Trump is confiscating Texas borderlands - parks, orphanage, wildlife refuge, pristine private lands, to build a Racist Memorial Wall desecration our lands. The #Resistance is at war. Help us fight the fascists in our homes.
The #RiverWarriors have mobilized a coalition of landowners, lawyers, and activists construction until after the elections. We will prevail.
"Laredo's best chance is to delay past November, when a Democrat might unseat Trump"…
The power of the #Resistance is strong. We have been in the belly of the fascist beast for almost 4 years. We will not back down. The force is with us.…
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REPORTER: "What about the land confiscations" (for the Trump Wall on the River)?

BIDEN: "Stop. Done. Over. We're not going to do it. Withdraw the lawsuits. We're not going to do it. We're not going to confiscate the land."
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Message to the Regime - the #Resistance is not backing down. We will outlast you. The wave is building.

7/7/20 Laredo Federal Courthouse.
#TearDownTheWall Image
If you'd like to contribute to the #NoBorderWall Coalition fight the Regime:
The regime is offering landowners in Webb and Zapata counties zero $ - zilch - for land they seek to take for its Trump vanity wall. A community of 95% Mexican-Americans.
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Op-eds like this are the natural results of treating students as customers for ~20 years…
Even at elite, wealthy institutions the commodification of education has made IHEs desperate to have their students back on campus, regardless of public health, because students = revenue
Of course we need widespread testing, of course we need contact tracing, of course we need better health infrastructure to treat COVID19 in a timely and compassionate manner, we need that EVERYWHERE
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