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Here are the facts directly from @OIGatHHS – Trump’s #FamilySeparation agenda traumatized children and caused lasting harm to their mental health.

#DontLookAway from what this administration is doing to innocent children.

Read the full report ⬇️…
@OIGatHHS .@HHSgov faced unique challenges in addressing the mental health needs of separated children, who suffered fear, abandonment, post-traumatic stress, & anxiety. Some cried uncontrollably from “acute grief.”

Of course they did – the Trump Admin tore these kids from their parents.
@OIGatHHS @HHSGov Stunningly, this report reveals that ORR staff did not know how to seek approval or consent to treat traumatized children with psychotropic medication. The lack of clarity on this process is unacceptable and disturbing.
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It may be a holiday today but the dreaded #ImmigrationMonday is still upon us and it brings a report by @BorderKindness of another prison immigration camp in the works but this time in Mexicali 🔽🔽🔽

Based on @BorderKindness tweet it appears that this new "fenced/Razor wired" deportation camp is coordinated efforts between CBP/DHS & Mexican authorities, ergo the "planning meeting" and it could very much be a result of the 45-day review of the US-MX june 7 immigration plan. 1/
But after reading and re-reading this tweet, this makes little sense unless there is another piece (meaning immigration initiative, agreement, or policy change) that has been secretly put into effect and we dont kniw about it. Here is why ... 2/
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Deportation from the U.S. is a death sentence for who will ever know how many thousands of people every year.

I thought everyone already knew that. I really thought you knew.

We need to find these stories, and we need to listen to them.

Deportation is a civil penalty, and no court has ever held it to constitute a "punishment." It's just a thing we do to people sometimes.

Justice Brandeis wrote in 1922 that deportation "may result... in loss of both property and life, or of all that makes life worth living."
Unlawful presence is not a crime. Overstaying your visa is not a crime. Violating terms of your lawful status isn't either.

Yet we routinely impose a sanction which can be more painful & dangerous than life in prison for these things.

And we don't even give you a lawyer first
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So what's with the depressing pictures?
Welcome, yeah, it's a thing. I'm painting a new quote from a person detained at the border each day until this nightmare ends. Come join me. What can you do if you agree this sucks? (From easiest to hardest):
1. Follow me and share them. None of this matters if it doesn't help people get informed and stay focused. The more places this shows up on the internet the better. They're counting on us losing focus. Don't lose focus.
2. Call the white house, your reps, write to them, drive them crazy so it's clear that we have not forgotten, and they won't be excused for their inaction. People are literally dying because this administration refuses to accept legal asylum seekers and release them to family
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I wonder if Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain like to talk about their fathers over covfefe brewed with waters drawn from children's tears.
Perhaps - like Maureen Dowd and Nancy Pelosi - they wear heels so as to grind progress into dust and stamp on the errant fingers of refugees clinging to the cliff edges of democracy in hopes of hanging on for a decent life.
☕ It's civet coffee, of course.
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This is Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez.

Just 16 years old when he entered the US alone, on May 13, 2019.

He was a healthy child.

An optimistic child.

He was alone when he died 7 days later in a Border Patrol Station in Texas.

Carlos is the most recent of the #TrumpSeven.
2/ Carlos had 8 younger siblings who called him Goyito.

He loved playing soccer and music, especially piano and bass.

Carlos came to US to help support his brother Edgar who has special needs.

When he arrived in Rio Grande Valley (RGV), he was healthy.

3/ Children like Carlos are supposed to be in Border Patrol custody for 3 days or less.

Carlos spent SIX DAYS in McAllen BPS — without reason — instead of transferring to ORR custody.

Carlos (from Guatemala) was caged with people from Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua…
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@MichaelAvenatti @fams2gether If you don't understand...if you're unfamiliar with the psychological damage separating a young child from their parent or primary caregiver can have, this video will learn you hard.

Please.... #DontLookAway
@MichaelAvenatti @fams2gether There's a "shelter" in Arizona with 12 children under age 5, children from the border. One infant is only 3mos old. None of these children are w/their mothers or fathers. They are all alone, in an institutional setting.

At least 3 were TAKEN from family.…
@MichaelAvenatti @fams2gether There are at least two more shelters in the US also now taking very young children, "tender age" children, in ORR custody. One in Pennsylvania, one in California.

How many children are yet being taken from their parents and other family, a year after the policy was meant to end?
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If you wanted death camps before you’d call them “concentration camps,” you got your wish:

“A veteran forensic pathologist who reviewed autopsies of 4 migrant children who died in custody said she was alarmed at the conditions the children were kept in.”…
“Days after he was supposed to be in a children’s shelter, Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez died of the flu near the toilet in his Border Patrol holding cell.”…
“Hernandez was also never taken to a hospital despite the apparent seriousness of his illness and the fact that the flu has claimed the lives of two other Guatemalan children in Border Patrol custody in the last six months.” #DontLookAway
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Thread. One troubled man, Stephen Miller, is responsible for all things immigration. Let’s review just the past week: CPB holds American kids.… 1/9
A Marine is denied entry into the US. “Roman Sabal served in the United States Marine Corps for six years, and in the US Army Reserves for several more. But on Monday, border officials at San Ysidro denied Sabal entry to the US for a scheduled citizenship interview.” 2/9
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This is about to be a thread to educate a CEO about Border Patrol and why people want to #CloseTheCamps and why workers are saying #WeWontBeComplicit.
I'm GRATEFUL to the @ogilvy employees who, like the #WayfairWalkout, don't want to be part of what's happening at the border. The hashtag #dontlookaway is aimed at all of us. #NoTechForICE could also be #NoPRforTheCamps
After 3 weeks of press coverage detailing how @ogilvy recruits for the border patrol agency running the camps, @jseifert79, the CEO, told workers raising concerns that "I don’t have enough information to indict this [organization]."…
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Wondering how to carry your activism forward in the wake of #Lights4Liberty? Start here.

1. Donate to a local host organization in your area that is doing frontline support work for migrants and those in detention. Make it a monthly donation if you can.
2. Call your US representative and senators daily and demand an end to US concentration camps, accountability for DHS, ICE and CBP, and an end to human detention for all migrants.

(202) 224-3121 is the Congressional switchboard.
3. Volunteer with a local immigration rights advocacy organization. Our host organizations are a good place to start.
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Our 4 year old client was detained by BP on Friday, separated from her aunt, and placed in BP's McAllen Hielera (processing) where she fell sick. Her mother is a refugee living in VT. The child is now in a hospital, but BP won't tell us where. 1/
The child's mother is desperate to be by her side, to participate in her treatment, to be asked for her consent before medicating her child - basic rights afforded to all mothers by law. BP won't even tell the mother why her child is in the hospital. 2/
BP is out of control. Children are dying in their "care". Children are caged in fetid diseased conditions. BP's overriding purpose is to sow terror. This won't stand. We fight back.
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People across the USA (and world!) peacefully championed human rights and kindness on July 12, 2019.

We lit candles, sang, and prayed.

We vowed to #EndUSConcentrationCamps.

Lights For Liberty began with a moment.

Now @Lights4Liberty is a movement… 🗽

(photo @NatDaviswriter)
1/ “We are a justice seeking people, and we are singing for our lives.”

All over the world, people sang for immigrants, for refugees, for children taken from parents, alone and afraid.

We sang for justice.

We sang for our lives.

#LightsForLiberty ✨🗽

2/ @Lights4Liberty advocates gathered in all 50 United States.

Our community quickly became a massive movement, united together against the culture of cruelty.

This was the first of many peaceful events.

#Lights4Liberty ✨🗽

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Lights for Liberty #50States #CloseTheCamps
#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty

THREAD of all 50 States & DC
Find your State's & Retweet it to your Senators (I've tagged) & Rep
All Twitter Handles here:
In the "very red, very small" town of Anniston #Alabama

#LightsforLiberty #Lights4Liberty
#AL @brookecarbo
@SenDougJones @SenShelby
THREAD #50States
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Just got word from a very reliable source that #ICE raids in Harlem rounded up 50 people this morning.

This is fascism and it will not end until we stop it.

Please note that it is apparently only people with final deportation orders who have been raided.
Spanish Harlem 116th Street & Bayside, Brooklyn around 9 am this morning, just confirmed.
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I didn’t get to do my whole speech last night at #LightsforLiberty — just the last few words— because the sun was setting and so many others had so many important things to say.

Some of you have asked for the speech anyway. Here’s the whole thing.

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Well, holla at ya girl in the southern district of NY!

We are here

No hate.


Immigrants are welcome here.
no caption needed
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House report: At least 18 migrant children under the age of 2 were separated from parents for 20 days to 6 months #DontLookAway from immigration policy that is cruel to be cruel.…
There are no metrics to quantify the trauma inflicted on these families of color by a regime blatantly committing crimes against humanity.
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I'm doing another tweet about impeachment bc there is a campaign of disinformation out there. Don't listen to bullsh*t. #FollowTheFacts These ppl are having a go at Democrats on purpose.
Maybe we shouldn't be freaking out about impeachment & let judiciary do their jobs by making sure they have all the evidence. I'm supporting these Dems that are doing working diligently to get him out of office in whatever form that takes. Exactly what does impeachment do?
#FollowTheFacts If the Senate fails to convict, then Trump will have been impeached but not removed. Do we have a two-thirds majority? No, we do not. Yet. He will be acquitted. Trump will be victorious & everything uncovered is gone. I can hear it now. "witch hunt"
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I'll live-tweet some of today's @OversightDems Kids in Cages hearing at 2e.… If you happen to come across this and feel moved to act, you can help free a human being TODAY by helping a bond fund…
@RepRaskin is speaking reality. Objective, verified reality. And it's dramatic that he's stringing these facts together. But it's just striking that this reality, which should be shared by all reasonable observers, will basically dissolve in the next few minutes
Centering this hearing on the voice of a child imprisoned inside a BP facility and stories of children's deaths, followed by "the job they are doing is incredible" spoken from the head of the regime.
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I believe the kids and I am horrified. Stephen Miller must be fired for his immigration abuses. #DontLookAway…
Kids unable to sleep, or lay down because no room, overcrowding. No showers. No toothpaste. Concrete floor with no mats because the kids complained about chlorine-tasting water. A 15 yr young woman old groped by border guard, sexually assaulted in front of others. This MUST STOP.
Just a note of gratitude to @jacobsoboroff and @JuliaEAinsley for their intrepid reporting of infinite horrors committed by our government against refugee KIDS. #DontLookAway #FamiliesBelongTogether #ReuniteTheFamilies
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Please share widely. Our personal reports of what is being done to children by our government on our behalf has been labeled as "fake news" by the president on Twitter. 1/X #lights4liberty #dontlookaway
I directly met with and participated in interviews with approximately 30 children (including infants and sibling groups) at the Clint Border Patrol facility over the course of four days last month. 2/x #lights4liberty #dontlookaway
Our entire team met with a total of approximately 60 children. A related team met with and interviewed dozens of additional children being neglected and abused in the Rio Grande sector the week prior. 3/x #lights4liberty #dontlookaway
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The regime of cruelty- where cruelty is the point. Ineptitude is flagrant. And horror continues. #DontLookAway
“It boggles the mind that at this very moment there are no kids here, when just on the other side of the state they have kids at Border Patrol processing centers sitting there for lengthy period of times without access to any of the things we should be providing them”
Dr. Sara ‘Sally’ Goza, incoming president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, visited a Border Patrol processing center in McAllen, Texas, last week, where she said she saw children draped in Mylar blankets in cells that reeked of feces, urine and sweat.
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If you’re more outraged by Nike canceling a shoe than by your government locking babies, children, and adults up in cages and telling them to drink out of the toilet if they want water, then it’s time to worry less about your soles and more about your soul. #WalkAwayFromNike
These photos are real, no matter how much you try to deny it. These concentration camps are real. The deaths in these dens of hell are real.
As horror stories about our treatment of adults, children, and babies at America’s border concentration camps continue to emerge, I’m reminded of this quote from Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor who spent years in Nazi concentration camps. (1/6)
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