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This is not a tragic ending
#Jesus the Messiah, the #Jews didn’t realize that, came to destroy evil. The jews killed their only savior and the Son of #God Himself.
#Jesus Goes to the Festival of Tabernacles
Jesus went around in #Galilee. He did not want to go about in Judea because the #Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill him.…

#Jewish leaders demand that Bible & Koran Be Censored
Jewish leaders are calling for new editions of the #Bible and #koran to carry warning messages which highlight #antisemitic passages in the holy texts.…
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1/ "Et pourtant elle tourne". Voici la célèbre phrase que #Galilée aurait prononcée après sa condamnation en 1633. Or cette phrase apocryphe et popularisée par Bertolt Brecht, est à l'image d'une affaire qui depuis 2 siècles est instrumentalisée pour dénigrer l'Eglise catholique.
2/ L'idée reçue, et constamment ressassée, surtout en France, d'une Eglise catholique opposée à la science est un mythe ridicule mais qui a hélas la vie dure. Galilée est constamment cité contre l'Eglise, y compris par des personnes n'ayant jamais réellement étudié le sujet.
3/ Dès l'époque médiévale, après la fin de l'Empire romain, les gens de savoir appartiennent à l'Eglise (sens du mot "clergé"). Ce sont notamment les moines chrétiens qui parviennent à conserver le savoir antique en le recopiant avec ardeur dans les monastères.
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Shamash was the Akkadian name for the #Mesopotamian god of the sun, known to the Sumerians as Utu. His main symbol was the solar disc, a circle with four points in each of the cardinal directions and four wavy, diagonal lines emanating from the circle between each point.
According to "Gods, Demons, and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia" by Jeremy Black and Anthony Green, the Akkadian name for this #symbol was shamshatu. It was often represented on a pole as a standard. The symbol is currently a popular icon among people native to #Mesopotamia.
Chaldean Christians posing with their ethnic flag, a colored shamshatu flanked by 2 parallel blue bands. Though #Chaldean Catholics are mostly regarded ethnically and historically as a part of the #Assyrian continuity, some claim a Chaldean ethnic identity as a nation of its own.
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