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Know your grifters. Especially my #Israeli friends. Beware. When a strong ally nicely asks if you or someone reading your tweet, can get SUBTITLES in English on a video you post, esp some1 who has tirelessly posted for you, RTing, tagging u in things so you can post 1/
them and help YOUR ppl out, DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU! Dont be snarky/mean/rude & downright meshugenah! A transcript isnt the same as subtitles. Behaving like you did ME a favor showed what a GRIFTER/OPPORTUNIST they were & their real agenda (take advantage of 2/
this horrible situation for popularity) hoping they can eventually capitalize of their new popularity, not actually help spread news & gain allies to stop fascism and loss of all our freedoms. There are human beings behind these screens. We need every ally. Instead 3/
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-#IndianAirForce & teams developing Tejas Mk2 hv to put in lot of effort to beat #Chinese J-10C
-Thanks to stolen #tech fm #Israeli Lavi program J-10 accelerated much faster with 468 in service
-Homegrown LCA faced severe #technology denials except small help fm Dassaultin in 80s
-#IndianAirForce in Jan ordered 83 Tejas Mk 1A
-1st ac will reach by 2023
-J-10B is thrust vectoring variant
-Tejas with low wing loading hs edge in high altitude, sustained turn rate, climb rate & cruising speed need lesser thrust
-Smaller airframe has smaller radar sign too
-Tejas Mk2 likely to reduce drag by 8% & improve transonic acceleration by 20%
-Likely to have Uttam Mk2 radar,>150km range BVR Astra Mk2 missile
-J-10B already has 300 km range BVR PL-15
-J-10C has dumped #Russian AL-31 engine for indigenous WS-10 Taihang, not proven though
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There are authors who identify themselves as Turkish and who have proclaimed themselves as Turkey experts. In this case, it concerns @UzayBulut who has explicitly indicated that she is of Turkish origin.
If we look closely at the conversation in the photo, we see/1
that Ms. Bulut is a fan of the work of S. Amperidou, an artist who paints in Greek art, mythology and history.

"I'm a fan of your work. It's so heartfelt and exquisite. It takes us to our homeland of thousands of years and reminds us of the beauty of our true ancestors"/2
It should be clear that Amperidou's ancestors are Greek, and that Bulut is a big fan of her work and that it reminds her of her original 'ancestors'.

Why does Bulut lie about her origin? Because she is definitely not Turkish.

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21 Ogos 1969 : Pembakaran Masjidil Aqsa

1/ Setiap tahun pada tarikh ini kita menyambut Hari Al-Quds Sedunia sebagai memperingati peristiwa hitam pembakaran Masjidil Aqsa yang dilakukan seorang pelampau Zionis; Denis Michael Rohan pada 52 tahun yang lepas.

#القدس_لنا #SaveAqsa
2/ Kebakaran ini telah memusnahkan 1/3 kawasan masjid dan memusnahkan juga minbar Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi yang bersejarah.

Apa yang memarakkan kebakaran adalah perbuatan pihak Zionis yang memotong bekalan air dan melambatkan pergerakan bomba. #SavePalestine
3/ Dalam serba kepayahan, penduduk Al-Quds berusaha mengawal kebakaran dariapada terus merebak.

Hari ini setelah 52 tahun walaupun api yang terbakar itu telah terpadam tetapi pada hakikatnya api itu masih lagi menyala marak di hati Umat Islam. #SaveAqsa
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1/10 Peeps using the pic below to proof #Israel's Apartheid should do some proper investigation.

President Carter - used the term "Apartheid" to gain interest...
2/10 Russell Tribunal of Palestine (RToP). This will be lenghty.

Pro-Palestinian only. More precise, the most are anti-#Israel audience all together.

Addameer, CODEPINK, Jewish Voice for Peace to name but a few.…
3/10 RToP

Patrons. Yup. The usual suspects.

Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Ken Loach,
Ilan Pappe, Andreas Van Agt.…
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#Biden blamed the #Afghans for the US not evacuating those Afghans who were in danger - said they caused the delay - but this is a lie, one of many in yesterday's speech: Biden had been told for weeks by the military he needed to act to withdraw safely, and *he* delayed.
Perfect summation: there are thousands of Afghans who have been trying for months to leave, and the Biden people refused to start the process - a decision Biden now blames on the Afghans, as he does the collapse of a military whose demise he engineered
As @mattczeller of @n1leftbehind makes clear in the above clip: the work of finding the names of the Afghans who needed to be gotten out of the country if we were going to abandon it had been done and that information given to Biden, who chose not to act until it was too late.
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#PMImranKhan asks #DonaldTrump to help resolve #Kashmir dispute (22 Nov 2019 Dawn) | 2021 Pakistan Federal Minister for #HumanRights on #Afghan Misery 👇

#Taliban #Afghanistan #TTP #AlQaeda #ETIM #China #CPEC #OBOR Image
Pakistan’s Racist & Sectarian Human Rights Minister Ms Shireen Mazari says

“that #Pashtun Nationalists are with #Taliban & further added that every #Pashtun / #Afghan is a Sunni Extremist”

Ref :

#TTP #China #ETIM #AlQaeda
۱ - عمران خان صاحب نے ۲۰۱۹ میں ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ سے خواہش کا اظہار فرمایا کہ وہ #کشمیر کا مسئلہ حل کردیں (ڈان ۲۲ نومبر ۲۰۱۹)

۲۰۲۱ میں پاکستان کی وزیر برائے انسانی حقوق شیریں مزاری صاحبہ کا پشتونوں کیخلاف نسلی تعصب و مذہبی تنگ نظری ملاحظہ فرمائیں #افغان مسلمانوں کی بے بسی پر 👇 Image
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US Hypocrisy knows no bound (2021) 👉 US in talks with Pakistan over 'terrorist safe havens' along Afghan border: Pentagon (Dawn 10 Aug 2011) In 1980 Zbigniew Brzezinski preached Jihad to #Afghan Terrorists


#SanctionPakistan #BlameGameOnPakistan
How the Americans particularly Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan Destroyed 3 generations of Peaceful & Civilised #Afghanistan & #Pakistan

Ref :

#TTP #China #ETIM #AlQaeda
#CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF #BlameGameOnPakistan #Taliban #SanctionPakistan
Pakistan Human Rights Minister Ms Shireen Mazari lumps Secular #Pashtun Nationalists with #Taliban & falsely declares every #Pashtun a Sunni Extremist

#TTP #China #ETIM #AlQaeda
#CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF #BlameGameOnPakistan #SanctionPakistan
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PM #Modi is hinting at
1️⃣Recent attack on #Israeli ship & Strait of Hormuz
2️⃣SCS & how CHEENI maritime militia aka their Navy carries out drug trafficking and pushes its maritime boundaries in the sea through its men masquerading as fishermen.
3️⃣Gulf of Guinea
Reminds me of👇 Image
The incident in the screenshot had happened just before Israel & H0m0s hd picked swords against each other in May.
As expected, this has irked CHEEN. It wants everyone to stick to the word Asia-pacific and stop using INDIAN ocean. The bully jst met a match in INDIA! 😊
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#BREAKING: The weapon storage sites of #Hezbollah terrorist organization which are targeted by #IsraeliAirForce minutes ago are in #KafrKila or #Kfarkela in South of #Lebanon. Here is an screenshot of the footage showing the storage facility on fire after the airstrike.
#BREAKING: At-least three different #Hezbollah weapon storage facilities including one at Kafr Kila in South #Lebanon are destroyed by #Israel Air Force. #IDF is on high alert & ready to counter possible rocket barrage of #Hezollah terrorist group at #Haifa & #TelAviv.
#Hezbollah is capable of firing over 5,000 rockets at #Israel during any possible war which might last to maximum six weeks starting from tonight. #Israel Air Defense Command is well prepared to counter the threat of rockets & missiles fired by #Hezbollah at #Israel.
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@werdendi Ko. sivu nyt myös arkistossa:
Tartuntatautirekisterin tilastotietokanta
@werdendi #Fimea @THLorg @STM_Uutiset @HUS_fi
Tartuntatautirekisterin tilastotietokanta: Raportointiryhmä 1,
#Covid19 - #koronavirus -infektiot: 2011/07 ja 2019/01.
- Miten ko. merkinnnät ovat syntyneet ja millä perusteella?…
THL CC BY 4.0. 2021, Kuutio 03.08.2021
@werdendi @THLorg @STM_Uutiset @HUS_fi #Taiwan #CDC varoitti #WHO'ta email -kirjeellä:
- 'at least seven atypical #pneumonia, not #SARS' -tapauksista December 31, 2019, mutta THL'ssä rekisteröitiin #Covid19 -tapaus 8v. 5kk. aiemmin, 2011/07.
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Army Chief Censor in Talks to Join Controversial Israeli Cyber Attack Firm NSO Group
Brig. Gen. Ariela Ben-Avraham plans to leave the army for a private sector cyber job amid rising tensions between IDF and cyber attack firms #GreatReset…
FBI vs Israeli firm's spyware
The FBI is trying to learn if any U.S. or allied government officials have been hacked with NSO tools and which nations were behind those attacks, according to a Western official briefed on the investigation.…
Israel using Sexual blackmail on closet gay politicians? Yes
(originally written in Sep 2007 by Ryan Dawson, Updated 2019)
#Blackwater, 911, rape, Neocon, #Epstein, #Mossad, #Bush, etc, etc 🤓…
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Some ppl welcomed @hrw's latest report on #GazaIsrael fighting of May, saying it was appropriately tough on #Israel. I just gave it a close read & I'm not so sure (thread) >…
> One thing that leapt out at me was @hrw's reflexive both-sides-ism, e.g. in 2nd paragraph. Note too that the link they give there goes to a report on website of Israel's foreign ministry! Objective source?? I don't think so... >
> This claim that all rockets, mortars that the Palestinian resistance forces fired twd Israel were sent "toward Israeli population centers" is quite unsubstantiated. It's key 2 remember that all journalists filing from or through #Israel r subject to strict military censorship >
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I see both BoD and Jewish Chronicle are openly calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be evicted from the labour party, a party that he has been ultra-loyal to for over 50 years. starmer's response? He gives an interview in which he (Using modern political double-speak) "
Misquotes" #Corbyn THREE TIMES!. In reality, he #lied like a tory (Yes, yes I know) but it was laying the groundwork for #Corbyn's eviction. It gets even harder to decide whether labour now is entirely run directly from #Israel, or the #Israeli factions in and around the labour
party or directly from #zionist murdoch's office? The ONLY thing that's obvious is #starmer couldn't run a bath, without dozens showing him how.
Can't speak for you, but between ##starmer and johnson,
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1-I was in searching of the truth behind the #Israeli spy #NSO software #Pegasus. I made contact with Ex Israeli Intelligence Service officials to find out the fact.
They informed me the information that really shocked me. The same powers were behind the propaganda news
2- Who were behind the propaganda news of Jamal Khashoggi against the KSA. Qatar & Turkey are behind spreading the fake news about NSO’s security software Pegasus. Indeed, the software exists but it’s a false information that NSO targeted the journalists and government officials.
3- #NSO software #Pegasus never hacked anyone nor they enlisted any target & neither NSO sold the software to any private or security organisation but Governments. It doesn’t work like this. In this case, NSO can’t be blamed but such states who misused the software.
For example:
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#NewsAlert | #Israeli journalist claims alleged list of #Pegasus phone hack targets was never made public by #NSO group. #BJP claims vindication.

Details by Mohit Sharma.
From where has the list of 50,000 people who were allegedly snooped by #Pegaus come? The list is not directly linked to NSO: @Shehzad_Ind, Political Analyst tells TIMES NOW.
Amnesty International pretends to be a protector of human rights. They have an extremely biased agenda that is funded by various intelligence agencies. This is a shoot and scoot affair: @GeneralBakshi, Defence Expert, tells TIMES NOW.
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My tweet frm 12th Dec 2020 when AL-Jeera’s journos wr given a nightmare by #Israeli spy-ware.😃👇Padh ke maza aaya tha! 😇 Bt hey came to knw abt it jst 2 days bck. Interestingly Wire published the article a day b4 its collaborator NEWSCLICK got jacked. 😁
My point being— Wire suspected its on Govt’s radar and it created a hullabaloo over the spyware assuming GoI is using the spyware. 😄 There are 10 other media houses on the radar, and pegasus will be too expensive for us to use. Common sense! Bt yeh darr achha hai! 🤓
Amd of course there wr a few more who added fuel to the above fire. :)
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#Occupy: Thread/Collection on #Warmongering.

Hugh #Escalation after #Biden's #NATO-"#Talks"

Naked Truth:
#Israeli PM Bennett Hints at Possible #Involvement in Recent #Attack on #Iranian Nuclear #Site - Report:… via @SputnikInt
US Threatens Arab States With Sanctions If They Choose to Normalize Ties With Syria - Report:… via @SputnikInt
US Confirms Three Drone Attacks Near Its Consulate in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan - Photos:… via @SputnikInt
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#India: "Delhi reported a surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases on Tuesday"… Image
#Indonesia: '"on the edge of a COVID-19 catastrophe" as the country navigates an uptick in the number of infections'… Image
#Australia: "The Greater Darwin region has confirmed it is dealing with an outbreak of the Delta variant, a strain which experts warn is more infectious but "manageable" with the right restrictions."… Image
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#UnitedNations Supports Who Pays More!!

#Yemen: This is the United Nations, its role appears very clear to be supporting who pays more!! This is what Ban Ki-moon said previously when the Saudi regime was removed from the black list of child killers.
His successor, @antonioguterres , repeated the same scandal, but this time his reason is to be crowned for a second term in the international organization that claims to defend human rights while playing with the blood of the children of #Yemen.
Guterres ignored the thousands of massacres and crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggression in #Yemen against childhood, which became the talk of the whole world, trying to cover the truth to exonerate the executioner, who became an example in committing
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We need to call for Matt #Hancock to remove Nicole #Junkermann from the #Healthtech Advisory Board as of immediate effect, and we should have an inquiry into how #NHS data can be protected from hostile #foreign intelligence agencies.
Junkermann and Epstein – Conclusions
I believe that the future unsealing of previously hidden evidence will confirm that Jeffrey #Epstein had been working for multiple intelligence agencies. But he is most likely to have been recruited by the #Israeli state.
#Junkermann has managed to avoid her connections with #Epstein being out in the open, until now. But she is skilled at controlling her public profile. Nicole Junkermann has become more powerful over the past eight years, and I have seen negative information relating
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@JFedinPhilly, @phillyjcrc and @ADL are deeply disturbed that the #Israeli cuisine food truck Moshava was removed from the A Taste of Home event organized by Eat Up the Borders at Sunflower Philly today.

We have spoken with the event organizers and expressed that we unequivocally disagree with their decision. We do understand that threats to the organizers were made, and we understand the fear and confusion that comes when your community faces that intimidation.

The vile #antisemitic rhetoric and threats of violence lobbied at the organizers was utterly despicable.
This event was planned to celebrate diversity, and to see individuals on social media respond with open prejudice and anti-Jewish hate was shameful and deeply upsetting.

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The #Islamic Resistance Movement (#Hamas) has on Sunday condemned remarks of the United Arab #Emirates’ Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan against Hamas and the Lebanese #Hezbollah Resistance Movement.

Abdullah bin Zayed’s incitement of Western countries
to call the #Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, as terrorist is contrary to Arabism and all nationalist concepts. These statements are in line with the failed #Zionist propaganda and are in opposition to the protectionist approaches of the Arab nations to the
#Palestinian resistance, Hamas Spokesman Hazem Qassem tweeted.

In an interview with the #American Jewish Committee’s website, #UAE’s foreign minister had said, “It is a matter of regret that some countries do not act more clearly in classifying some organizations, such
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Since the Nakba, #Israel has been waging an #Economic war on the Palestinian people; It robs us of our rich natural resources , drowns us in poverty & unemployment, steals our taxes, exploits us as cheap labor & destroys the infrastructures of our local means of production
In response to the #Israeli state violence practiced against the #Palestinian economy, we launched the #PalestineEconomicWeek . The "developed" Israeli economy was built on de-developing our #Economic infrastructure.
In addition to the expulsion of 85% of our Palestinian population, The significance of #Nakba is also represented in the institutionalized confiscation and looting of the vast majority of #Palestinian property.
#support #localbusiness
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