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A new thread focusing on far-right subcultures and their ostentatious imagery among foreign armed actors involved in #Muslim-majority areas. One of the most notable examples is the so-called #Crusader subculture noted among U.S. Marines deployed in #Iraq and #Afghanistan.
A worrisome trend popular among a growing amount of U.S. armed troops is the intentional and ostentatious wear of anti-Muslim iconography and symbols with references to the Crusades and the Knights Templar. This has been noted by Foreign Policy (excerpt below) and others.
The "Pork Eating Crusader" patch mentioned above is one of the more popular patches used, referring to the prohibition of consuming pork in #Islam. The patch features both English as #Arabic, so there will be no confusion among the intended audience.
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I posted this way back on my Instagram account but thought it would be of interest here: an #Arabic #inscription on Sé Velha de Coimbra (Old Cathedral of #Coimbra, #Portugal). (Photo of inscription taken by me). 1/7
It reads كتبت وقد ابقيته لشكايتي ستفنا يدي يوما ويبقا كبر ('I wrote this as a permanent record of my suffering; my hand will perish one day, but greatness will remain'). This inscription and others from Portugal were published by A.R. Nykl (…). 2/7
This poetic lament is common to #scribal traditions in #manuscripts. Typically, the scribe reflects on the fleeting nature of this life and the enduring nature of the written word (cf. Verba volant, scripta manent!). Here are some examples (info in captions): 3/7 Syrian Catholic Archdiocese of Baghdad 57, p. 329 (https://wLeiden, Or. 584, fol. 2b (ī-script ms. from Nigeria (collection & shelfmark un
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Let's explore a bit further East and browse our exquisite #Persian language resources.
@SOASLibrary has 15,000+ published items in/about Persian on its shelves.
@SOAS_SpecColl hold a very fine selection of manuscripts, rare books, periodicals and archives in Persian.
#SOASLangs ImageImageImage
Want to know more about #Persian?
Halt here and get's captivated by the history of that beautiful language recounted by Narguess Farzad for @SOAS Languages for Lockdown series, in 3 episodes:
One of our shining stars of #Persian manuscripts is Ms10102: a sumptuous Mughal Court copy dated 978 AH (1570 CE) of the famous Anvār-i Suhaylī (Lights of the Canopus) by Ḥusayn Vāʻiẓ al-Kāshifī, also known as Fables of Bidpai.
#SOASLangs #Persian #Manuscripts #Mughal ImageImage
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Short? thread on III-y verbs in #Aramaic:

Based on #Hebrew and #Arabic, we reconstruct a slightly irregular paradigm for the prefix conjugation for Pr-Cntrl-#Semitic, where the 3rd radical is lost word-finally:

imperfect *ta-bniy-u 'you build'; but
imperative *bni 'build!' 1/7
In Arabic, the *-iyu of the imperfect contracts to -ī, while the imperative adds i- before the cluster:

imperfect *ta-bniy-u > tabnī
imperative *bni > ibni

Cf. @PhDniX's article on triphthong contraction in Arabic: 2/7…
In Hebrew, *-iyu contracts to -ɛ̄, while the short *-i is lowered to *-e and then lengthened:

imperfect *ta-bniy-u > tiḇnɛ̄
imperative *bni > bnē

Cf. my article on these verbs here: 3/7…
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This #SOASLangs week, we'll delve in our #African languages holdings @SOASLibrary and @SOAS_SpecColl, or rather just brush on their surface: with several 100s of languages and dialects represented, it is our most #multilingual collection!

#AfricanLanguages #Multilingualism ImageImageImage
Let's start with #Swahili also known as #Kiswahili.

This @SOAS "Language for Lockdown" video is a great introduction to the 1,200 years history of Swahili: .

#SOASLangs #SOASfromHome Image
@SOAS @CAS_SOAS @SOAS_SpecColl hold a great collection of Swahili manuscripts, see

Among them figure a few copies of al-Inkishafi "The Soul's Awakening", a 19th cent. poem by Sayyid Abdallah bin Ali bin Nassir.

#Swahili #SOASLangs #SOASfromHome #Inkishafi Image
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1. Next 21 tweets on #Sikh tradition's relationship with different languages & scripts in Indic core & extended MidEast/Mongol/Tibet/E.Asian family.

What were the cultural undercurrents of the first Sikh movement towards Indicization?

What derailed this?

What about the future?
2. #Sikh Guru Angad ji pioneered the re-introduction of Indic script in Punjab. Rolled back imposition of modified-Arabic script.

#Gurmukhi is derived from Sharada script of #Kashmiri Hindus. Related to far flung Tocharian script. Is only surviving member of that script-family.
3. #Sindhis, Hindus from #NWFP & Hinglaaj (present-day #Balochistan), + today's #Kashmiri Hindus' Indic scripts have lost currency. Most now use modified-Arabic script.

These groups should consider adopting #Gurmukhi as script for their languages as they reclaim their identity.
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I am reading Ahmed El Shamsy’s recent book on the impact of #printing on modern discourses on #Islamic scholarship. Like his previous book, it is extremely readable and insightful. I will post some questions and intriguing passages from the chapters that interest me most./1
In the introduction, the author tells us that he will cover the 19th c. which saw the marginalisation of the classical Islamic work, the adoption of printing & rebirth of the classical heritage. Muslim reformers reasserted the classical tradition to undermine the postclassical./2
I think ch. 1 will be the most interesting for me: it names two key factors in the marginalisation of the classical works: "the dramatic decline of traditional libraries and the voracious appetites and deep pockets of European collectors of Arabic books."(p.6)/3
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And people think there was nothing in Indian education before English. Sigh.
Poor students who could not pay for their education could do work - Similar to work-study programs of today! #Nalanda #University
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In the @NYTimes piece against me they claim "that I "frequently appeared on #FoxNews to discuss the dangers of Islamic terrorism & Shariah law." Not accurate. I don't use the term "Islamic terrorism" but "Jihadism." A rebuttal @ #PittsburghPostGazette here…
I don't use the term "#Islamic" but rather the word "#Islamist." I carefully select my words based on academic research. I make sure it represents the meaning in English and #Arabic. The @NYTimes writers put words I haven't used (neither in my books or in the media) in my mouth.
Either because their assigned writers and "investigative journalists" are not trained in comparative politics, which is a problem for the once "prominent" #NYT or because they copy this narrative from the #MuslimBrotherhood and Iran playbooks against me, which by far, is worse.
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#Germany #Arabic #clans #criminality

Due to the corona-related closures, more and more pubs are in need of existence. Arab clans could now take advantage of this in North Rhine-Westphalia, says clan expert Ralf Ghadban.
They bring bars under their control with large sums of black money. The State Criminal Police Office is also alarmed. It always sounds irritating, and yet it is a sad fact: Germany is considered a paradise for organized crime.
The legal and institutional instruments to combat corruption and economic crime in Germany are still far behind other EU nations. In addition, in hardly any other European country it is still possible to handle large amounts of cash so unnoticed.
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I'd now like to highlight some of the fantastic projects under the @newbook_project umbrella! @nelcuw @ds_uw @SvobodaDiaries @ebadiary @SimpsonCenter @UWArtSci #dayofdh2020
The Joseph Mathia #SvobodaDiaries project is the multi-media publication of available diaries remaining from a collection kept by Baghdad resident J. M. Svoboda, from 1862 to 1908. @SvobodaDiaries
#interns have recently redeveloped the project website where you can view and download the diary material @SvobodaDiaries
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#IbnArabi (d. 1240) is famed for his monistic doctrine of #wahdatalwujud although #WilliamChittick… has pointed out he never used the term preferring al-wujud al-Haqq or similar #SufiMetaphysicsContested 1/
In the immediate generation after him the meaning of God as the only existent or rather the ‘absolute being’ (al-wujud al-mutlaq) was debated by his step-son Sadr al-Din Qunawi (d. 1274) with the Avicennian philosopher Nasir al-Din al Tusi (d. 1274)… 2/
Ibn ‘Arabi’s metaphysics were rapidly adopted by Persian poets like Maghribi (d. 1408) and by theologians leading to further contestations between Sa’d al-Din Taftazani (d. 1389) and ‘Ali al-Jurjani (d. 1413) the famous disputants at the court of Timur (d. 1405) 3/
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#Infographic – Il Risultato di 5 Anni Crimini di Arabia Saudita e la sua alleanza in #Yemen
#Infographic - Las Estadísticas de 5 Años - Los Crímenes de Arabia Saudita y su Coalición en #Yemen
Infographic – Statistic of 5 Years – The Saudi Coalition Crimes in #Yemen
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Time for some #Semitic geekery concerning 'hollow verbs'. These are verbs which have a vowel (usually long) where strong verbs have their second radical consonant, like #Arabic qām-a 'he stood up', ya-qūm-u 'he will stand up', #Hebrew qām, yā-qūm (same meanings). 1/9
It's controversial whether these hollow verbs already had this shape in Proto-Semitic. The alternative is that they originally had the consonant *w or *y as their second radical, but that this dropped out in various languages, causing vowel contraction. 2/9
I think the forms like ya-qūm- are Proto-Semitic, where they developed from even earlier forms like ya-qwum-. But because other forms (like Arabic and Hebrew qām-) show irregular correspondences between different languages, Proto-Semitic retained a consonant here IMO. 3/9
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I told an imam today that iqra in the #Quran doesn't mean "read", it means "gather!" according to the ahl al-lughah (Linguistic experts) of 7th century #arabic. He sent me this
I forget sometimes what it's like to be plugged into the copy-pasta tradition of tafsir, so here it goes... al-Isfahani says in the most authoritative work on the expressions in the #Quran "according to the authorities of the language...قرأ = جمع."
And Ibn Manzur corroborates this in the Lisan al-Arab "The meaning of the #Quran is الجمع (gathering)"
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1/ Here’s a unique coin I love to show my students @UniofOxford. A fascinating window into the early history of #Islam in #Iran. Minted in Sistan, ca. 691-2. One side portrays the #Sasanian king of kings; the other has the Islamic profession of faith (the shahada) but in Pahlavi!
2/ Pahlavi (otherwise known as #Zoroastrian Middle #Persian) was the language of the #Sassanian kings and the #Zoroastrian clergy. It remained a prestige language in #Iran even after the Islamic conquest
3/ What makes the coin so unique is that it translates the shahada into an essentially #Zoroastrian idiom: “yazd-ēw bē ōy any yazd nēst mahmat paygāmbar ī yazd” (There is one God, without any other, #Muhammad is the #Prophet of God)
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Happy Born Day #CesáriaÉvora! 1st time I heard her I was inside out miserably married and so lonely. I walked into a bookshop playing Sodade and it was a lifeline. 3yrs later, divorced & with someone I loved I saw her live at the Beacon Theatre in NYC 2004
I don’t speak #Portuguese so I don’t understand but I *feel* Cesária Évora’s singing. And I imagine how those of you who don’t understand #Arabic experience Om Kalthoum.
I don’t talk enough about my disastrous marriage. I was in therapy and #CesáriaÉvora’s voice and music were like a warm embrace from a place of love I had forgotten existed. When someone says “This artist saves my life,” I KNOW! And seeing her in concert was such a gift.
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I met Shereen a few days ago as the #Yazidis mark five years since ISIL’s brutality began on #Sinjar. She tries to forget the pain, but it’s difficult because of her physical and emotional scars. ISIL fighters used her as a sex slave.
She’s among an estimated 7000 #Yezidi women and girls were taken from Sinjar province - many had to endure what Shireen went through.
"I miss my daughters so much, I would give my life if I could see them again" she says holding back tears.
She's found her sons after ISIL lost its last territory in Syria - but her two daughters are still missing.
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<Thread, Part 1> It is widely held that the grave inscription of Rabab-īl son of Hōfīʿamm from #Qaryat_Al_Fāw is the oldest #Arabic inscription in the Arabian Peninsula. I’ve called this classification simplistic. Let’s discuss why.
Qaryat al-Fāw, also known as Qaryāt ḏāt Kahlim ‘the town of Kahl’, was the capital of Kindah, located in SW Saudi Arabia. The oasis was on a major trading route and was multilingual and multiethnic. Sabaic and Minaic inscriptions make up the bulk.
And Hellenistic influences are obvious.
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This is from one of my favourite songs: Siret el-Hob by Om Kalthoum. So many memories. Incandescent. Gorgeous. #Egypt
The only reason I wish I was born earlier than I was, is to have experienced more of Om Kalthoum’s music as an adult who understood its depth, to be transformed like the woman in the audience at the end of this video of her transcendent live performances
I also love Lessa Faker- here are the opening 9mins of this magnificent song that is usually 45mins or so. I say usually, bec the audience often applauds to get Om Kalthoum to repeat a verse
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I have written a rather technical manual on the History of #Arabic that I use in my course each year. In light of the tremendous interest in the subject that I have found on Twitter, I've decided to make the latest version publicly available.…
The goal of this manual is to try to explain the development of the Arabic languages from #ProtoSemitic and their diversification. At the moment it deals primarily with phonology and morphology but future iterations will also treat syntax.
You can join the @academia session to discuss its contents and ask questions. Check back frequently because it is very much a work in progress and I add to it when I have time each year. I intend to keep it an open-access document so it can be used freely.
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Today is the 24th day since Start Proper in Chamonix. Here's an update thread on every participant, this time starting from the head of the pack as leader Raf Van Hulle will reach #Almaty #Kazakhstan.
Raf Van Hulle - Team Hyunday Elevator with Unikuu suffered from strong winds and fatigue in the last days as he couldn't rest so well. He'll be crossing into China within the next 2-3 days. His Instagram:
Stéphane Bertrand with Déclic-Eco % @Photowatt follows roughly 400km behind and had scorching hot temperatures (over 40°C) Which slowed him down to 200km yesterday, breaking his streak of 3 days clocking in at 398km!
FB Page:…
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Many families (mine included) face tough decisions on what #languages to speak at home. There's a lot of #myths about early #bilingualism , like:
-Kids will get confused
-They'll have lang delays
-They won't learn the majority/dominant language

More info:…
In my family, my dad spoke #arabic and my mom spoke #english. My dad was concerned about me learning English so after about 5 y/o, we hardly spoke Arabic. Since I didn't have any Arabic-speaking peers or teachers, my Arabic suffered attrition and now I understand, but not speak
My case isn't uncommon either-many early #bilinguals and #heritagespeakers often don't have the linguistic support systems (at home or in school) to maintain their languages, due to factors such as lang myths, discrimination, lang policy in schools, etc
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كيف تصبح ثريا (دون أن يحالفك الحظ):
translated @naval's original thread to #Arabic
ابحث عن الوفرة، وليس الـمال أو المكانة الاجتماعية. الوفرة هيا أن تكون لديك أصول تكسب لك المال أثناء نومك. المال ترجمة للوقت والوفرة. وضعك الاجتماعي هو مكانك في التسلسل الهرمي الاجتماعي
من الضروري أن تفهم أن تكوين الثروة بشكل أخلاقي ممكن جدا. إذا كنت تحتقر سرا الثراء، فإنه سوف يراوغك
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