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¿Cuántas veces nos pasa q una diferencia insignificante con alguien se termina convirtiendo en la III Guerra Mundial? Más ahora en estos tiempos d #COVID__19
Hablemos d cómo reducir y evitar el #drama
Sigue el #Hilo👇🧵
El #drama es una exageración inútil de un sentimiento negativo, que muchas veces es una reacción a miedos que tenemos reprimidos. En estos tiempos de #PandemicLife este tipo de situaciones dramáticas han aumentado considerablemente...
Conforme pasan + días d #CuarentenaTotal (q ya son+200, o sea,casi 7 meses)las tensiones van a la alza y x lo mismo las fricciones entre seres humanos,sea cual sea la naturaleza d su relación. Muchas veces nos enganchamos en temas o con gente q no vale la pena q te quiten tu paz
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2. and urged the Morrison government to END INDEFINITE DETENTION both offshore & onshore. To immediately close all offshore detention facilities including Christmas Island and to bring ALL detainees from Nauru & PNG to Australia. Quarantine these people for min time needed
3. before releasing them into the care of community organizations. Providing those found to be refugees with permanent protection visas, immediate access to Medicare cards & referrals to specialists for those needing medical care. #EndIndefiniteDetention #BringThemHere #GameOver
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I said this was their plan months ago. It's the only path they have to 270. And it will work, if we're not ready to swarm the state capitals the instant they tip their hand. cc @JoyAnnReid @maddow @MaryLTrump @Lawrence @Alyssa_Milano @morgfair @MoveOn @joncoopertweets
@JoyAnnReid @maddow @MaryLTrump @Lawrence @Alyssa_Milano @morgfair @MoveOn @joncoopertweets The idea is to throw the electors into doubt so Congress decides the next President. And the majority of the state delegations then decide. Republicans have that now. #Gameover.
Remember, just picking up more house seats, doesn't mean we pick up a majority of the delegations. But it is close right now, if things go as polls suggest.
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Aujourd’hui je vous parle de « L’Ecole des Conducteurs de Trains »

Comment on obtient le permis de conduire un train.
Thread ⤵️⤵️⤵️ Image
Disclaimer: je ne vais parler que des écoles de conduites de trains de voyageurs SNCF.
Les compagnies privées de fret possèdent leurs propres écoles dont je ne connais pas le fonctionnement.
Attention important : cette école peut être dans une région différentes des votre future région d’attache.
Cela dépend des places disponibles dans les écoles ou en fonction des mutualisations des formations.
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Went to look at the Canonbury East LTN last night. Very neat camera gates: no problem for emergency services Image
The overall feeling was calm and quiet. I saw one vehicle doing a u-turn having entered without realising. No burning tyres, no pitchforks, no drama.
Islington is full of earlier partial LTNs. I don’t remember anyone protesting outside the town hall when this went in 15 years ago on Willow Bridge Road, for example Image
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#Firavun'un Kan soyundan gelen Seytani Küreselcilerin,
Kiyamet senaryosunun parcalarindan olan,
Donald Trump'i öldürme planlari tutmadi.

Bunun yerine
Trump'in kardesi Robert Trump'i öldürdüler

Seytani Kehanet yarim kaldi

#Rh #Negatif (Rh-)Seytani Image
Cok ugrasmalarina ragmen Trump'i öldüremeyince,
#Robert #Trump'i öldürerek,
Trump'a Bedel ödettiler.

Karsilikli Suikastler devam edecektir.

Kasim Secimlerinin yaklasmasiyla birlikte
Ciddi anlamda bir takim Sabotaj Suikast ve saldirilarin olmasi muhtemeldir.

#Texas ImageImage
Seytani Küreselciler artik ne yaparsa yapsinlar;

Seytanilerin siradaki seytanliklari;
1-Yapay Zeka-Robot Ordular
2-Küresel Capta Elektrik Kesintisi

EMP=Elektro Manyetik Puls=Elektromanyetik Dalga Saldirisi icin hazirliklar tamam.

#Eylül #Ekim arasi Image
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Did you catch the deeper message in Trump's baseBALL post? All those 17's but he's actually wanting us to see the 8's. If you add the relevant jersey numbers & 26 second duration, you'll find EIGHT 8's or FOUR 88's. 88 = TRUMP = CALL THE BALL. Image

CAP letter value Trump's post = 147 = IT IS HAPPENING. The FOUR sets of 88's are TRUMP = 88 = VLADIMIR = EPSTEIN = VISION2020 (Kanye). The pitcher, MARIANO RIVERA = 144 = BIBLICAL JUDGMENT. This is about reckoning for the CHILDREN. Epstein + Maxwell = #GameOver Image

Not only did THE PEOPLE forget how to PLAY, the world forgot. This was purposeful. Why do [they] hate Putin/Russia so much? Putin was the only one who fought [them] before Trump. Patriots WORLDWIDE are now 'playing ball' to help Trump's Plan To Save The World. Image
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I am going to see if I can install #sherloq made available by GuidoBartoli here:…
It is a Forensic Image Analysis tool. Sort of what I do by eye, but then by a computer.
See if I can get it to work.
This tool is available on Github, so while any programmer will swear it it easy to install, the language is written by programmers, so it will probably be very hard for me to install it.
I am using a Mac, so here are the instructions to install it. But it involves the Terrible Terminal, and Installing Something in Python. That usually results in lots of errors that I do not know how to solve.
Hopefully, this will work.
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To QDrop 747 Slave Gardens. Flowers.
“To Be Blunt Game Over O”
2. 😲 Amazing!❤️ ThanQ @mikepompeo 👏🏻
Red stripes over Black & White
Isaiah 53: “...and with his stripes we are HEALED. All we like sheep have gone astray...”
Finito! #GameOver!
Patience. Kindness. We have all been lost & will be found🙏🏻
3. @kikaltz looked at the meatball count & QDrop 3222.
She prompted me to look further so I put possibilities written on the photo.
3222 can represent #Tesla 369. 3 & 6 + = 9.
Or reading it upwards it’s 144 or 441 depending left to right or reversed.
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Part (2) is coming.

It’s almost halftime.


Watch the video again 👇

“The only thing that can stop this Corrupt Machine is YOU.” 🇺🇸

“The only ones BRAVE enough to vote out this Corrupt Establishment is YOU, the American People.”🇺🇸 ImageImageImageImage
Did you unbuckle your seatbelt?


If POTUS wins Nov 3, he has 4 years to prosecute UNIMPEDED, and [they] KNOW IT! Prosecute now, and if he loses, WE LOSE.

#AllForALarp right?

-Oct 1: POTUS twitter removal?
-Oct 2: Election research compromised?
-Oct 3: What are they doing?
-Oct 4: Follow @10MTNDIV @1st_Marine_Div @MCB_Quantico
-Oct 5:…
-Oct 6: @EsperDoD has his orders.

#ClockWork ImageImageImage
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Do the work to connect the dots between how white supremacy expresses itself in Australia. This is racism in Australia at work. Name it as such. Call it out. This #RefugeeWeek connect that #deathsincustody and deaths in detention are two expressions of the same system. Image
“The police are being really heavy handed, throwing and punching people around despite nothing but peaceful protests. There are young girls with black eyes, being punched in the collar bone, it's just disgusting.”
-Msg now from Kangaroo Point Central Hotel blockade #gameover
the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel blockade was set up the last few days to prevent the government/SERCO from smuggling out refugees detained in the hotel to higher security prisons like BITA. #freethemnow #setthemfree #justiceforrefugees #gameover #refugeeweek
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Thread: 1. 20/5/20: Refugees peacefully protested in MITA detention centre, Melbourne.
It's indescribable how the Australian government makes our lives miserable.
Our Australian friends, your solidarity keeps us strong.
Love from MITA people.
#Covid19 #GameOver #MITA #Melbourne
2. 20/5/20 Refugees peacefully protested in Kangaroo Point Central Hotel Apartments Refugee Prison. Brisbane.
Australia violates basic human rights.
'I miss my wife and son. They're in community.'
'Separated from my family 17 months. They're in Brisbane.'
7 Years we want justice.
3. 20/5/20: Refugees peacefully protested in The Mantra Bell City Hotel & Refugee Prison, Preston, Melbourne.
2515 days in detention.
Freedom. Set them free.
#MantraHotels #Preston #Melbourne
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Crowdstrike will testify.
They have direct evidence!

Calculation of transfer-speed regarding transfer of Clinton's(DNC) server shows that WikiLeaks source were transfered by local Backup at the DNC HeadQuarter. AND thus not hacked! It's determined by the DL [terminal 1] speed. —
(2) — Backup was transfered 2WikiLeaks hand-to-hand!

WL publishing resulted in the assassination of Seth Rich.
2 individuals from MS13 was geolocated by the NSA. MS13 killed SR. (MS13 is known to be CIA cleaning aid)
SR Interning for The Democratic National Committee was deadly
(3) Every single witness report whether released or not shows NON_EVIDENCE RUSSIA_POTUS connection.

The Steel dossier is all they got. It's the hole foundation for the Russia Gate, and It was discredited already before it was accepted.—
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If you are awake, you understand this premise:
The liberal left, Democrats, the Old Guard, puppets, #FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople #MSM, all OPPOSE anything and everything that President @realDonaldTrump advocates for.

Now, think about vaccines...💉
Stay with @POTUS Deplorables, you'll love how this movie ends! 🍿…
[They] hate President Trump so much that they will go to great lengths to disprove, catch a mistake, and question everything our President does to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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📌 What is known is that the Messiah was identified as Jared Kushner, his new name being Ben David and his wife will become Queen Esther. The name Ben David was given by Berel Lazar himself who is Putin's Rabbi. He is a Chabad Lubavitcher (continued)
Q is a satanist Zionist orchestrated mouvement and they are prepping the AntiChrist to come in and save the day, pretending to be Jesus. That's exactly what D. Trump announces. When the false prophet arrives, the Messiah, the brainwashed masses shall wear (continued)
the Mark of the Beast upon their foreheads, I know what it is. You all have seen it before. It is a red cap with the word MAGA (of the Church of Satan) and the letters MMXX for 2020. The AntiChrist will be announced later when all is set (Continued)
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📌Il faut encore plus de gens réveillés, il faut aussi apprendre très vite, ne pas subir les faits mais les anticiper et en anticipant, on les domine....

Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial a pris beaucoup de retard, Donald Trump a retiré les fonds alloués (Continued)
à l'OMS (WHO) pour se rabattre sur l'UHG (United Health Group) qui comprend également les services sociaux (Planned Parenthood que William H Gates Sr dirigeait) mais aussi un Centre d'évaluation biologique & de Recherche, comme celui découvert hier appartenant à Soros (suite)
Ce UHG est directement rattaché à la FDA (,donc Big Pharma), Bill Gates a besoin de l'appui cette puissance (derrière, c'est Rockefeller) car il lance le vaccin obligatoire (= l'implant de la puce).

La nouvelle MATRIX 4 est la clef de voûte du Nouvel Ordre Mondial.
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Happy Birthday @DilaraEsengil, you are going to have a great B-Day present l👀k!
Q !!
Apr 13 2020 19:30:44 (EST) NEW
No more waiting.
The hammer is going to be drooped!
Apr 13, 2020
4+4+4 = 12
Time: 19:30:44 PM
1+3+8 = 12
#POTUS tweet: 20:32:59 PM = 2+5+5=12
[1:02]h Delta =12

#QPost 102
Nov 5 2017 19:17:35 (EST) Date=17=Q
14.5995° N, 120.9842° E
#QPost 12
Oct 29 2017 23:26:53 (EST)
Military Intelligence ref above is the absolute biggest inside drop this board will ever receive.
Now think about why Antifa plays right into the plan? Always ahead. Good guys are winning.
#QAnons @realDonaldTrump #GodSpeed @POTUS
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Here is a little lesson on gematria & how it is use to spread messages in the Internet Age & more proof that @AustinSteinbart is the #Qanon When you search these sites it gives you the number value of the worlds & then the last words that were searched that have the same...
number value. So if I want to send a coded message to someone we agree that that is the method we will use I put my message in & then I just pick something else from the list to say in my public message. Got it? I have said before that @AustinSteinbart s videos are Q drops. So...
today he posts a video that seemed odd to me. It was very calm & did not seem to really be that important & he has been pretty quite on twitter as well. So then he said something that seemed out of place to me. He said don't worry I didn't lose my star power. Star Power was...
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📌 I have been told that the micro chips had been found & destroyed ? Of course, it doesn't destroy all the vaccine and poisoned chemicals remain (coming from the "circular economy") like those we had in the polio vaccine....(Continued)
We alos have to be cautious with hydrochloroquine & chlodioxid becaue of the risk of overdose : suspicious deaths in Africa to check then. In the embedded documentation, it is said "they mocked with the "V"....", in fact it is not for Virus but for Victory (Continued)
a double symbol within the NASA logo (tongue of a snake and the V for Victory). Of course, NASA is a den of snakes, the "NASA snakes". They are, and have always been, over confident of success. Their inflated ego, their inflated supremacy makes them believe (Continued)
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World Bank began issuing "Pandemic" bonds June 2017... what happened just a month earlier? Opening of the SA militant-monitoring center and the Sword dance which is said to have set off the war of the Wahhabis?
Check or Checkmate? Pandemic conditions met, bondholders lose.
Corruption charges were leveled against 298 individuals. Their cases will be referred to the special court.…
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🇮🇱🗳️ Les troisièmes élections en #Israël depuis avril 2019 se déroulent demain et le Likoud de @netanyahu est repassé en tête d'un cheveu dans la plupart des sondages - mais aucun ne donne une majorité pour un gouvernement de coalition droite+religieux ou centre+gauche+arabes.
@netanyahu 🇮🇱🗳️ Ce qu'il faudra suivre :

➡️Qui arrive en tête en sièges (symboliquement important pour le choix du parti qui mènera les négociations) ?

➡️Des partis passent-ils sous/sur la barre des 3,25% (peu de suspense, mais si ça arrive, les conséquences seraient majeures) ?

@netanyahu 🇮🇱🗳️
➡️Quelle participation parmi les Arabes israéliens, et en conséquence quel score pour la Liste unie ?

➡️Quel résultat pour l'incontournable #Lieberman (droite radicale laïque), et quelle attitude dans les négociations ?

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This video will get Donald John Trump elected President of the United States of America... AGAIN!!! #Trump2020Landslide 🔗
With that WIN, the BONDS OF SLAVERY WORLDWIDE will be SNAPPED & TYRANNY CRUSHED! #justiceIScoming #TrustThePlan #wwg1wga #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE
Thank Patriots WW, ThankQ, THANK GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH for His Eternal Grace, Everlasting Sovereignty & Omniscient Providence!
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Scotland finance minister Derek Mackay resigns after texts to 'cute' 16-year-old boy reported… via @nypost
@nypost the gay community needs to start calling out its own... nambla has been hitching a ride with the gay rights movement since the beginning, and everyone knows it. #harveymilk
@nypost The Pedophile Elephant in the Gay Activist Closet…
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