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Mise en place du Grand Mensonge 🌐 sur le récit #COVID19
#TwitterFiles (17)
Sur le banc des accusés : gvt 🇺🇸, CDC, université de Stanford, médias sociaux (Twitter, Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Medium, TikTok et Pinterest - "RS" dans le fil)
Accrochez vous ça va 🔥... Image
Le gouvernement 🇺🇸, le milieu universitaire et un oligopole d'entreprises théoriquement concurrentes se sont rapidement organisés derrière un effort secret et unifié pour contrôler les messages politiques et la censure numérique mondiale...
Cette histoire commence le 5 février 2021
Isabella Garcia-Camargo de l'université de Stanford envoie un mail à l'équipe dirigeante de Twitter
Bienvenue dans le "Virality Project" (projet de viralité)
("VP" dans le fil) Image
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The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine
Stanford, the Virality Project, and the Censorship of “True Stories” Image
2.“The release of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Spring 2020 emails… has been used to exacerbate distrust in Dr. Fauci.”
“Increased distrust in Fauci’s expert guidance.” ImageImage
3.“Reports of vaccinated individuals contracting Covid-19 anyway”; “natural immunity”; suggesting Covid-19 “leaked from a lab”; even “worrisome jokes”: ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Son günlerde, bazı siyasi çevrelerin girişimi sonucu Twitter'a yapılan teknik müdahalelerle algı operasyonları yürütüldüğü konuşuluyor.

Bunların mümkün olup olmadığını ve Twitter'ın "size özel" içeriklerine karşı ne tür ayarlar yapabileceğinizi teknik bilgilerle anlatacağım.
2/ Ülkemiz seçimlere giderken, neredeyse çoğu kullanıcı hep aynı şikayeti dile getiriyor;

Takip etmediğim ve ilgi duymadığım halde bazı siyasi hesaplar ve içerikleri neden sayfama düşüyor?

Hatta spor, sanat ve başka alanlardaki hesap ve içerikler de sıkça karşımıza çıkıyor.
3/ Bu bilgiselde size öncelikle Twitter'ın 2023 Ocak ayı itibariyle revize ettiği yeni politikaları ve platformun algoritmalarındaki değişiklikleri kısaca anlatacağım.

Sonra Obama'nın sosyal medya ekibi, teknik müdahaleler, serverlarla operasyon(!) gibi söylemlere değineceğim.
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Just as he tried to project himself as the "free speech" savior in the #TwitterFiles release, Ro is also trying to project himself as the savior of the working class.
In reality, in both cases, he helped his own rich liberal friends. Image
Khanna in #TwitterFiles was probably tipping his friends in the company about a possible “backlash on hill (sic) re (sic) speech” more than his concern for free speech.… ImageImage
At least three of the California governor’s wine companies are held by SVB, and a bank president sits on the board of his wife’s charity.

SVB is Ro’s super rich liberal district. He needs these donors for his prospective senate run.

#svb #sliconvalley #bank Image
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Ein komischer Thread.
Hape #Kerkeling wurde vor vielen Jahren mal böse ausgespielt von „Verstehen Sie Spaß?“ Bei einem Auftritt in einem Theater briefte man das Publikum vorher so, dass es nur begeistert klatschte, wenn ein installiertes Lämpchen leuchtete (das Hape nicht sah)👇🏻
Als er nun seine Witze riss auf der Bühne u die Pointe zum besten gab, blieb es totenstill im Publikum. Keiner lachte. An anderer, sinnloser Stelle brachen die Zuschauer unvermittelt in tosenden Applaus aus u brachten ihn völlig aus dem Konzept. Natürlich wusste er nicht, dass 👇🏻
es ein abgekartetes Spiel war und war völlig am Ende. Man konnte seine Verwirrung und Verunsicherung gefühlsmäßig gut nachvollziehen, weil die vertrauten Reaktionen „seines“ Publikums plötzlich völlig fremd waren, ja völlig absurd. Das Zusammenspiel stimmte nicht mehr und(…)👇🏻
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@dc_draino was banned off Twitter 2 yrs ago for “election misinformation”, but *smoking gun* emails show it was b/c the California gov’t requested it, a major 1st Amdt violation

Here are the details
1/After President Trump won in 2016, the Democrat Party pushed the Russia Collusion narrative to delegitimize his administration

Many federal, state, and NGO entities ramped-up censorship efforts online in the name of stopping “foreign interference”
2/California passed Elections Code §10.5, which created the Office of Elections Cybersecurity in 2018 to “educate voters” w/ “valid information” through empowering election officials (“OEC”)

This mandate quickly and predictably devolved into a political weapon for US censorship……
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Then, Trump happened, I saw his imperfect but nonetheless sound value to American Society, and before long I was engaged to the hilt. Since then; for years. Over all tops, drunken on it all. […]

My base and essential point is: what has all this wanking about done for me?
Fuck All is the answer. Not a damn thing. Utterly squandered thousands of hours over years of needless agitation. I fell for CRISIS!!!…
Not one damn penny and lots and lots of opportunity cost which I already kinda knew, but the last nearly 3 weeks have spanked my ass good and hard.
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#TwitterFiles 17: A chilling cocktail of #censorship and #Hinduphobia.

The latest in my @SundayGuardian column #ChicagoDiary.

A thread. 🧵1/10… Image
When journalist @mtaibbi released the 17th version of the Twitter Files, some 40,000 American Twitter users, including many US citizens, discovered a US government-funded group was tracking them for alleged “disinformation” and “online harassment.”
🧵2/10… Image
Dataset sent to Twitter’s Trust & Safety team by the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab. TheDFRLab alleged that those handles belonged to “Hindu nationalists” and “paid employees or possibly volunteers” of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
🧵3/10… Image
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Our government has been increasingly involved in suppressing lawful speech. Dissent, like COVID mitigation approaches, are legal and protected by the first amendment.

Please listen to @ShellenbergerMD’s excellent opening remarks before the House Subcommittee. #Twitterfiles…
Full video (recommended):

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The boutique left is so pleased w/ the authoritarian bullying of journalists by Dem legislators during the #TwitterFiles hearing meant to put a leash on illegal surveillance, censorship, & PsyOps ran by the feds on the public... the Dem party should be renamed #DemStasi.…
Talk about whether journalists working on the #TwitterFiles have been background checked + feds giving Twitter employees they were dealing w/ security clearances + attempts to establish who "the source" is or isn't = Are they trying to build an espionage case against @elonmusk?
I am pretty good at putting 2+2 together & here's what I see: The feds, in cahoots w/ #DemStasi operatives, are attempting to equate the #TwitterFiles w/ an intelligence leak, & to establish that @elonmusk is the source of that leak & was paid to do it for a foreign government.
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At the House Judicial hearing Matt Taibbi @mtaibbi confirmed exactly what we warned about, back when we were calling out the fake Russian troll/bot narrative, that their censorship efforts were really to silence families speaking out on vaccine injuries.
The Russian bot campaign and narrative continued.
VICE even tried saying all those informed moms and dads winning the vaccine debate on Twitter were really Russian trolls just trying to make people angry.

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Matt Taibbi氏によって新たなTwitterFileが投稿されました。
2. "トランプの個人アカウント/バイデンの個人アカウントから発信されるすべてのツイートを監視する"

昨年、 #TwitterFiles の記者がTwitterの内部文書にアクセスできるようになったとき、私達はまず、時に政府より上位の権力の様に振る舞うTwitter社に焦点を当てました。
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The stories broken by @mtaibbi, @ShellenbergerMD and the other #TwitterFiles journalists were a sweeping indictment of the US Security State, Big Tech, and the collusion between them.

So of course it's all Dems who are furious with them because those entities are who Dems serve.
There's nothing more revealing than the fact that what most enrages Dem politicians, their left-liberal followers, and their corporate media allies are journalists who expose collusion of CIA/FBI/DHS and Big Tech.

They hate #TwitterFIles because it exposed their key allies.
And while I know it's a common practice, having a member of Congress abuse the few petty-tyrant powers they have to berate witnesses and hurl accusations at them and their integrity, then refuse to let them respond, is cowardly and pathetic.

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To Democrats, "journalist" means: one who mindlessly and loyally endorses DNC talking points.

@mtaibbi's response to some random member of Congress who called him a "so-called journalist":

"Oh, so because you spent years as Rolling Stone's star investigative reporter, won the most prestigious journalism awards, and wrote 10 books on politics, now you're a journalist?

Sir, when's the last time you published a CIA or DNC press release?"

Sick and deranged rhetoric from this Dem Congresswoman against 2 journalists who broke major stories on the corruption of her US Security State and Big Tech friends.

20% of this rhetoric coming from GOP against a journalist is declared a national crisis:

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⚠️#BREAKING: Matt Tiabbi and Michael Shellenberger currently testifying to congress on the #TwitterFiles, the biggest release of social media censorship data to the public.

We get a deep look into social media censorship and governmental agency involvement.

(a LIVE thread)

There has been state sponsored censorship of American citizens.

Intelligence agencies work with other agencies to censor the people.

Psychlogical manipulation used on ISIS is now being used on Americans. /1

Relationship between Twitter and government impacted on both the left and right. It’s an issue that affects all.

Government agencies with quasi-entities were involved in censorship. /2
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Rep. @StaceyPlaskett mocks reporting into the @FTC illegally demanding @ElonMusk’s private communications: “On Tuesday, the majority released an 18 page report claiming to show that the FTC is quote ‘harassing’ Twitter. Oh my poor, Twitter.”
@StaceyPlaskett @FTC @elonmusk Journalists @mtaibbi & @ShellenbergerMD laugh when Rep. @StaceyPlaskett refers to them as "so-called journalists"
@StaceyPlaskett @FTC @elonmusk @mtaibbi @ShellenbergerMD Democrat @RepLynch won't allow Taibbi to answer his question: "Reclaiming my time, that's how it works!"
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The #TwitterFiles hearing is dropping. I’ll place additional clips from the hearing today in the thread 🧵 below 👇.
2. #TwitterFiles hearing.
3. #TwitterFiles hearing.
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The system built in secret to impose a rigorous, comprehensive regime of online censorship is vast and disciplined. It includes multiple agencies of the US Security State (DHS/CIA/FBI) and every shady USG-funded group with benign-sounding names claiming to fight "disinformation."
With all the evidence compiled one how this sham "disinformation expertise" was concocted and the groups exploiting it to censor, the only rational view is that anyone calling themselves "a disinformation expert" is a disinformation and censorship agent.

The same is true of reporters claiming to work in "disinformation units" or "the anti-misinformation beat."

They're who sanctify disinformation campaigns: the "lab leak" was debunked, the Biden laptop is "Russian disinformation," Trump has a secret server with Alfa Bank, etc.
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I officially became a Russian Bot because of this ~

good times . . .
Not to be confused by when I became a Saudi Bot . . .
Matt Taibbi & Michael Shellenberger
(@ShellenbergerMD) Testifies on Twitter Censorship who also writes on substack.…
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Statement to Congress

When #TwitterFiles reporters were given access to Twitter internal documents last year, we first focused on the company, which at times acted like a power above government. Image
3. But Twitter was more like a partner to government.

With other tech firms it held a regular “industry meeting” with FBI and DHS, and developed a formal system for receiving thousands of content reports from every corner of government: HHS, Treasury, NSA, even local police: ImageImage
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the Pnictogen Wing has a hypothesis about @elonmusk's decision to ruin the public @Twitter API—it's not a hypothesis we've too much confidence in, but still we offer it: we think ONE of the purposes of doing this was to make Musk's own Twitter activities harder to analyze.

yes, there's lots of other reasons that the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @GOP #Twitter fash gang would have for destroying the ability of outsiders to write Twitter applications. the fash crowd themselves make heavy use of bots, sock-puppet accounts, and other Twitter trickery.

and of course there's also the fact that @elonmusk's been destroying @Twitter's ability to make money, long-term. he's in "vulture capitalist" mode—squeezing as much short-term money as he can from his own cultish #Twitter fandom before he finally auctions off the corpse.

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the greatest lie told during covid

and the one they will undoubtedly try to tell again

el gato malo…
I just posted to locals & telegram this note by me:

This is probably the most important piece you will ever read about medicine and health. Read all about iatrogenic death, understand what it means to you and your loved ones and then share!

— Lori
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#TwitterFiles #Lockdownfiles : la mort de la presse (et l’implosion des Factchecker)

Un mot rapide du traitement médiatique de deux événements majeurs totalement passés sous silence dans les médias traditionnels et chez ses sous-fifres.
Ces deux exemples sont marquants parce que des faits indiscutables viennent appuyer une remise en question du bien fondé des décisions des gouvernements durant la crise du #Covid.

Une mine d’or pour tout journaliste qui se respecte.
Les #TwitterFiles, échanges internes à Twitter, montrent l’emprise tentaculaire de Washington sur la discussion publique. Un pouvoir utilisé sans vergogne pour – entre autre - faire taire toute voix dissonante à la doxa covidiste (sur les vaccins/effets secondaires/confinements)
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CNN's @oliverdarcy, last seen claiming the #TwitterFiles don't show govt trying to suppress the Hunter Biden story: @SpeakerMcCarthy "helped @TuckerCarlson try to rewrite history [of 1/6] by giving this surveillance footage, footage he denied to actual news organizations."
@oliverdarcy @SpeakerMcCarthy @TuckerCarlson Darcy: "Now, Tucker Carlson is back at his usual game of trying to, I, mean not even trying — lying to his audience about the events of that day."
Here's Darcy using CNN to circulate misinformation about the #TwitterFiles in December:
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