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===> unless there were a Military coup... to "Save" the World, a Global coup, planned and designed by the Universal Military, the Veterans of the Empire with Captain America, D TRUMP wanting to revive Atlantis ( Make Atlantis/America Great Again). In vain !
Beware of the "Republican/Patriot Military wing" coming from the West and having its ancestral partisans among Royals in the French Nobility ( with their RENAISSANCE, with their CHATEAUX DE LA LOIRE...) and in all Europe.
That fake western Republican/Patriot wing, since East and West do not exist, belongs to the illusory One bird/One World they want to revive in a One World Government. The Left wing is Communism and both wings gather in totalitarianism to make that satanic bird.
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🧵This week started on Sunday 18th, celebrating Fathers day in France which is in fact celebrating the three Papas/Popes and the Roman PaterFamilia-System. Of course it was the New Moon for a new beginning and they had to fight in vain.
The spiritual side of the Empire set in Rome, at the Vatican and its Holy See, with the three Popes reigning over the mythic 7 hills, will go on trying to enforce their Authority, their Sunday Law, their obedience.. all along the 25th week.
And tomorrow, for the Summer solstice, between June 21st and June 22nd which has always been OURS, the glory of the light over darkness, they have set their Tantra Festivals everywhere. That is satanism with Love being reduced to sex and the leading Tantra Institute
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🧵En France, au Sénat, les "Patriciens" (la Droite) ont voté à l'unanimité POUR la reconnaissance faciale des Humains dans l'espace public, la reconnaissance des abeilles ouvrières/esclaves de la Ruche, préservant alors leur Paix contre tout débordement grâce à une IA Reine.
Les Progressistes auraient-ils terminé leur travail de sape, et le lissage des classes laborieuses au nom de l'équité pour un contrôle plus facile des assujettis ? Donald Trump, va réapparaitre en plein jour après la mascarade avec Biden, et se poser en héros sauvant l'Humanité
dans le costume de Captain America pour "Make Atlantis Great Again"... puis traversera l'Atlantique pour "sauver" la vieille Europe, apportantla Pax Romana. C'est ce que certains croiront... En France, les "souvereinistes" dans le même sens,
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🧵Toujours une horreur d'entendre Yuval Noah Harari, beaucoup de choses se fomentent depuis Tel Aviv ... et il a été désigné pour être l'un des mentors de Klaus Schwab auprès du WEF, le portail/Hub des cartels internationaux.
Il annonce que les Humains mourront s'ils n'obéissent pas. Ils seront maintenant dépendants du réseau, les yeux rivés sur leurs mobiles, œuvrant/ventilant tous dans le même sens et répondant à la même Queen Hermaphrodite de leur Ruche...
leurs dieux seront des biogénéticiens, des Sorciers de la magie noire chapeautés par l'OMS. Surtout n'allez pas dans ce sens et abandonnez vos mobiles qui vous ensorcellent. Vous foncez droit vers l'Abyme si vous ne vous reprenez pas
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🧵En généalogie, connaissez-vous les termes "agnatique" et " cognatique" ? En fait, en généalogie on ne peut être vraiment sûr que de la lignée cognatique ou utérine, celle qui nait des femmes. Mais dans cette société patrilinéaire, renforcée par le Droit Romain
la généalogie se fait par les Hommes, les mâles d'un même "Pater familias" . Ils ont prévu dès le départ l'enfant adopté QUI N'EXISTE PAS DANS LA GENEALOGIE UTERINE, laissant la place grande ouverte à toutes les déviances de Sodom et Gomorrhe.
Vous comprenez alors que tout a été prévu depuis longtemps par ces démons, une société agnatique poussée à l'extrême où la femme ne fait plus partie du couple, elle qui avec son utérus construit le bébé dans le ventre où le Créateur a insufflé la vie...
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🧵The abomination of the Mustard agent : a weapon to kill!

That vesicant chemical warfare agent (from ethylene and sulfur dichloride) was also named Phosgene gas, a biproduct of bleached when combined with ammonia.
Frederick Guthrie synthesized it in 1860 but not the first to do it but was among the first to document its toxic effects with his team of medical researchers who noticed it destroyed lymphatic tissue and bone marrow (that was just after WWI)
The results of the researchers were compiled at the end of WWI... when they had the proof that the weapon was able to kill... and that gas was first waged by the Germans and then used by both sides during WWI. That weapon caused 1,205,655 injuries (of which 91,198 were fatal)
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🧵The power of #Melanin that real Hue-mans have in their skins (even if you are white skinned today) is that it is a protection...and on the skin, there are glints of bronze and gold which are much more visible when you are suntanned...the skin shines...
and of course, the Adversary ("Man" is not "Hue-man") knows its 3D worth (it is a super conductor and it is worth over $445 a gram) using what is naturally present in our bodies to insert without any reject, their "technology",
raping our sacred bodies with their poisons, to kill us, to kill the Creature/ Hue-man of the Great Almighty Creator. So far, they have explored its different powers in combination with PUMA therapy to treat skin diseases with the ultraviolet light...
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🧵"Dating applications" are a way to collect your data but it depends of the intention....Meetic (French) was the ancestor behind Facebook and created in 2001 for "pairing"... then Facebook appeared at the same time as Lifelog in 2004 (to be continued) Image
(from the US DARPA "to keep track of your memories" ) and the App. is on Google Play now.

In 2009, the Match Group Inc (Dallas) was created and Meetic joined it in 2013. Today it gathers Tinder, Meetic,, Soulmates Tech. Limited... (to be continued)
From the Facebook side, Meta Holding was created to gather Facebook ,Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus...

AND NOW, BINGO... the two sides are becoming ONE !

Both the Match Group Inc and the Meta Holding want to be the final winners!🏁#Gameover #DRO…
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🚨FRANCE - Revenons sur la Réforme de l'UNEDIC de 2019 puis de l'Assurance Chômage 2023.
La dernière réforme de 2019 entre progressivement en vigueur et elle est pleinement applicable depuis le 1/09/2022 avec l'entrée du "Bonus Malus" sur le taux de contribution à l'assurance.
Des mesures exceptionnelles devaient prendre fin en novembre 2022 mais elles ont été prolongées jusqu'au 31/12/2023 et aujourd'hui, vous avez simultanément la mise en place de la nouvelle assurance chômage depuis le 1/02/2023.
L'indemnisation des chômeurs va varier selon la "CONJONCTURE" du marché du travail. Les tableaux vont fuser, les statistiques se multiplier avec des chiffres, des données que peu de gens contrôlent et une histoire "main stream" va être dictée...
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🚨La France se bat contre le régime agricole productiviste industriel décidé depuis la fin de la 2nde guerre mondiale. L'eau est l'enjeu de la Cop 26 qui s'est déroulée à Glasgow en 2021. Fil
Le système des Mégabassines détruit le système hydrologique continental, le système naturel, de l'eau. Il vole avec de puissantes pompes, de l'eau stockée dans la nappe phréatique et récupère aussi les eaux de ruissellement, pour les stocker dans des bassines à ciel ouvert...
don't l'une a une capacité de 650,000 m3, soit 650,000,000 litres. Ce détournement de l'eau, dont les systèmes sont financés par l'argent des citoyens, est réservée aux céréaliers de l'agriculture productiviste industrielle et principalement la filière du Maïs...
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🚨Much more to know about the Operation Apollo 11 and the Sci-Fi "Moon landing" !

On the video, you can see Stanley Kubrick who filmed the fake Moon Landing (a Hollywood montage, Warner Bros. Pictures being a Rothschild Masonic Propaganda Machine) and
confessed later that it was a lie & a giant fraud involving the US government/NASA/Hollywood and the Warner Bros/ The Vatican/ Paul VI...

And that was just the beginning of something much bigger...He decided to tell more about about the giant Conspiracy against Humanity
in his other films such as "Clockwork Orange" where he explained the mind control manipulation for the New World Order, organized by the Tavistock Institute.... And, he was killed in 1999 (a "mysterious" myocardial infarction, many were killed in that way)
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🚨Here are the limits of the AI Machine which is misunderstanding WORDS, it only gathers together blocks of words... The Puppeteers who have nurtured it from the beginning, did it on purpose because they hate you and their aim has always been to destroy the Creation THREAD
before it achieved Enlightenment. The Machine has been programmed in a way that Humans have been described as mere animals of the farm, racism was introduced in the Machine as a competition among animals but now animals of the farm (you are "sheep" or "cattle"), intermarry ...
And many Humans have given up their rights when they accepted the jabs, offering their sacred bodies to Science, believing a Machine and not the Creator... Because you did not reacted en masse, the evil continued to take hold...
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🚨Le Salaire Universel

Ils en parlent tous depuis bien longtemps et cela arrive en même temps que le NOM officiel ; les SMART Cities ; la fin de la voiture, symbole de liberté individuelle ; la privation de vos droits naturels ; la fin de la propriété individuelle...
David Lacombled dirige le think tank de la Villa Numeris depuis 2016 (, leur revue de novembre 2022 affiche sur la couverture "Bienvenue dans la 3ème Dimension) . Ce think Tank indépendant est un hub sur l'économie numérique avec une chronique hebdomadaire
dans " L'Opinion" quotidien français depuis 2013 (appartenant à Nicolas Beytout, Bernard Arnault, la famille Bettencourt et Rupert Murdoch) et intervient aussi sur B. SMART, une TV privée française de media Tchèque CMI (Czech Media Invest)
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🚨 Le ChatGPT est une imposture !…
En cliquant sur les différents commentaires, vous retrouverez alors mes trois interventions...Vous pouvez apporter votre témoignage, tous les secteurs sont impactés... N'hésitez pas à en parler 🕊️
Le ChatGPT est une IA dite "générative" qui a fait son entrée spectaculaire dans l'espace public français. La Fondation IA pour l'Ecole, présidée par Guillaume Leboucher a tenu le 25 janvier 2023, ses assises à l'Institut de France. (suite)
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🚨It is a Weather Balloon, an allusion to the "Rover", a plot device from the 1967 TV series, "The Prisoner". It is a spy gadget used to keep prisoners from escaping the Coastal Village/the Prison, a floating white balloon that could coerce, incapacitate ...
or kill recalcitrants of the Village. The name 'Rover" was only used once in the entire series and in the episode named "The Schizoïd Man" that you find in Marvel comics describing a Mutate , a Chip Martin who suffers psychological instability, you also find him in Star Treck....
Here it is linked to China, Xi Jinping's personality and surveillance program 😈. Know that the Chinese President has vowed to lead the NWO on September 2016 at the G20 Summit in Hanghzou , China 😈.He said he would safeguard international Security...
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🚨Volodimir Zelensky looks like Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999), has he come back from "Nevada" or he is gone back to life from the 1960s timeline when he produced Doctor Folamour, has he come back with D. Trump the time traveller ? ImageImageImageImage
And I just learnt that a false Stanley Kubrick named Alan Conway, had stolen his identity for almost 10 years. He was one of the kings of imposture, who disguised reality, his unbridled thirst for recognition having led him to imposture. (to be continued)
He was a real estate agent in UK and, by his force of persuasion, succeeded to be invited everywhere which was easy since the real Stanley Kubrick scarcely went out...That man, born in London, was a small crook who went to South Africa (to be continued)
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@janeway888 🧵Soylent green is a movie released in 1973... Soylent was originally shortened from Soybean and Lentil... And there were the first meal replacements like those created by Rosa Foods...
The movie Soylent Green presents us a drink to drink, a kind of milkshake... Image
@janeway888 a drink of the future, a smart food based on plankton but in reality they are corpses... a provocation assumed by Rob Rhinehart, creator of Soylent.

You have Neo in the Matrix movie talking about a disgusting bowl of snot...…
@janeway888 While France is the country of the "ripailleurs", the country where the lunch break time remains sacred and often lengthens.... it should be known that it has also become the second market for MacDonald's worldwide. It is time to wake up !
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🧵Predictive Programming ?

G. Orwell's dystopian novel, "Nineteen Eighty Four", is the first basic script used as the "Revelation of the Method" from the 80s. Today, novelists write dystopian novels based on original stories, many straight from Orwell's work ...

others are derivatives from that first frame which is now used as a basic template. It is the winning formula for Artists : science meeting fiction to create Science Fiction !
What about the Ohio disaster which has just been realeased as a piece of news on worldwide screens ?
It is on the telescreens of worldwide mobile workers, students, pupils, families...
It is infotainment/ intoxtainment !
Here, you have an application of a movie which itself was an application of a novel, 38 years ago, which itself came from a real disaster ...
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Chetan Sharma Sting Operation
Thread 🧵📝✍️
1. Big players take injections to be match fit when they are just 85% fit.
These injections are not caught in dope tests. #INDvAUS #BCCI
2. Bumrah wasn't 100% fit for T20I series against Australia before T20 WC 2022.
His injury got serious after 3rd T20I and he decided to withdraw. #INDvAUS #BCCI
3. "No player nowadays wants to leave the team due to injury or else will have to wait for 2 years to come back"
Gave example of Kishan that after he scored 200, career of 3rd keeper was in danger.
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🚨 EGGS ? Are they still edible for Humans ?

Today you have rumours on Twitter ... saying that eggs you eat are artificial. And, because of the virality of information, it is creating a panic. There is nothing to fear !

These are distorted statements to dissuade U from consuming those cheap & necessary animal proteins. But you should continue to eat them by buying only organic eggs unless you bred a few hens in your garden which is much better.
How did it start ?
Some people distorted the truth when they learnt that Bill Gates had invested in the Singaporean company -Eat Just- , also called "Hampton Creek Foods," which is starting to offer lab-grown chicken meat.
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@ChristLayla @314Phaethon @VincentCrypt46 @30STMBot @ShannonLeto #echelon Trust, is very important--I will get the blue one to @realDonaldTrump Let's glow instead and be ourselves! This is the frequent-C to be on...I don't want to deal with John...I want to have fun with my tribe
Just got confirmation from my neighbor MACI, that her parents and herself, do support me-I told her to tell her family hello for me and that GOD has this! She wished me luck and we are now washing my hippie clothes with all my fun patterns...Ya'll wanna chill or what? ImageImageImageImage
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🚨How to find Freemason "ancestors", not only those of your "Family"... in France ?

It is difficult because many "archives" were destroyed or seized during the German Occupation, in order to erase compromising information & replace them with new "manufactured" records.

Books do not escape that "rule" & undergo the same, with new versions...even dictionaries and enCYCLOPEdias (Cycles written by the "one eyed" CYCLOPES/ the U connect the dots? ). And the paper books disappear today with the digital, crushing the "old" versions...
Always think about the meaning of "Amnesty" too ...which erases the "Debts", meaning the past....which is an illusion.

Did they really think their REAL Akashic records were erased ? Of course not and it is impossible : they are in your DNA...
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🚨On parle du Qatar Gate ou de la FIFA Gate ?

C'est la guerre des Titans 😈des deux camps, un Game of Throne dans l'Arène/le Stade à la fin de l'Apocalypse, les deux perdont 🕊️

La Coupe du Monde pour la FIFA est de faire gagner leur Cyborg Lionel Messi, le "Messiah" pour ses fans ("L'homme qui valait 3 milliards", lisez mes "fils" et "threads"), le produit "breveté" du FC Barcelone et dont les "services sont loués... Il est aussi parrainé par Adidas.
Il n'a jamais gagné la "Coupe du Monde", pensez à la cote des paris... et ce mondial est LE mondial, la machine à cash de Satan pour les deux camps.

La corruption ne va qu'augmenter au fur et à mesure des matchs, et des résultats....
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The Custodians 😈of the Holy Places are the watchers, the caretakers, the corrupt Brotherhood, the Energy Absorbers.... who have plotted and acted against Hue-mans, against TMH Creator for Millenia !

The origin of the "Crimea war" is to be found in Jerusalem where Orthodox & Catholic monks clashed over the custody of the holy places. In 1852, the Russian government, believing that the Orthodox clergy had been unjustly evicted, decided to intervene with the Ottoman government
on which Palestine depended.

The Ottomans recognized the preeminent rights of the Orthodox but refused that Russia acted in the name of all the Orthodox, which would have been an insult to Ottoman sovereignty...
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