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What happens when inequality meets hate: @Greg_Palast & @Thom_Hartmann discuss the recent spate of mass shootings in America.…
#DaytonOhioShooting #ElPasoShooting #GilroyShooting #RacistInChief #EnoughIsEnough
@Thom_Hartmann I actually did a study of this; I compared gun ownership versus killings, nation by nation, and there was no relationship statistically. But there was a relationship between homicides in a nation and the Gini index — that’s what we measure inequality by.…
@Thom_Hartmann What all these shooters have in common, they're young white males who are losers who have nothing to lose.… #DaytonOhioShooting #ElPasoShooting #GilroyShooting #RacistInChief #EnoughIsEnough
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It should not be legal to buy a weapon of war that can shoot 15 people in under a minute.
It wasn't legal to buy such a weapon in California where the #GilroyShooting took place.
Men under the age of 25 do not have a fully developed prefrontal cortex.
Their judgment and impulse control are severely restricted.
Maybe men under 25 should not be able to buy weapons, since they are half of #massshooters in the U.S.…
A 19 year old like Legan without a fully developed prefrontal cortex should not be able to go to a different state and buy a weapon of war.

Police ID #Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting suspect as #SantinoWilliamLegan…
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I was still an EMT during DC Sniper Shootings. For 23 days in October, we had to have armed police, ATF & FBI agents accompany us on calls.

I responded to Pascale Charveux, dead on scene, head shot.

The snipers killed 13 w/Bushmaster AR-15 & terrorized MD/DC & VA.
#MyGunStory cont'

2) I mean no disrespect to Mr Charveux's family. He was from Haiti. He was working that night, driving a cab. MPD turned us away. Mr Charveux no longer needed our help.

I know he had a family who loved him. A wife. Children. Who never saw him alive again.
#MyGunStory cont'

3) That SAME night, two Sheriff's deputies in another country were shot in the head by a mentally ill man w/a gun. They were serving a warrant. One was a grandfather. Another just back from maternity leave. Her son never really got to know her.
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#gunviolence is an epidemic in the United States.

What caught our attention yesterday: the utterly horrifying #GilroyGarlicFestivalshooting . Details still emerging.

-----But there was more-------
Also this weekend, less heralded: Brooklyn festival shooting, in which at least 11 people were hurt. As many as at Gilroy.…
And a shooting where a music video was being produced in Philly:…
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Gilroy, California, garlic festival shooting: what we know…
What we know so far about the Gilroy shooting:
• 4 people killed, including the shooter
• At least 15 injured
• Search is underway for potential second suspect

What we don’t know:
• The suspect’s identity or motive
• Two of the deceased victims' identities
The #GilroyShooting suspect shot and killed by police has been identified as 19-year-old Santino William Legan. A search is still underway for a potential second suspect.
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Gilroy is south of San Francisco. Mostly a working class area, in the heart of California farm country. Lots of immigrants and families in attendance, no doubt.💔
3 dead. If #GilroyGarlicFestivalShooting turns out to be another Nazi attack, what then? Demagogue POTUS just keeps doing fascist rallies? Continues his racist attacks? Repubs keep denying reality?

Trump’s opened a Pandora’s box of hate. If he was once, he’s no longer legitimate
#GilroyGarlicFestivalShooting UPDATE: 4 Fatalities, including 1 suspect, shot by #Gilroy police. Chief says shooter had a rifle and broke into the festival by cutting thru a fence. Police now following leads about another suspect, whose involvement is still unknown. 15 injured.
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