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"We may need to develop techniques to ensure deep learning models won’t have dangerous goals, before they are powerful enough to be transformative." -- Ajeya Cotra…
What COVID Hospitalization Numbers Are Missing - The Atlantic…
#COVID19, #CaseCount, #HealthcareWorkers, #JobBurnout, #HospitalizationCount
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Time for the keynote presentations - the first speaker is Prof Allen Frances, an internationally-renowned psychiatrist & author of 'Saving Normal' and 'Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyses the Age of Trump' @AllenFrancesMD @DukeU #RANZCP2022
He will provide an address in praise of the #biopsychosocial model, which posits that psychological & social factors such as employment, housing & relationships are as important in understanding a person’s health as biological factors. @AllenFrancesMD @DukeU #RANZCP2022 Image
It doesn't make sense to focus on one aspect of a person in understanding and treating psychiatric disorders- @AllenFrancesMD #RANZCP2022
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As a native Buffalonian who has shopped at Tops more times than I can count: There is truly no place in our country that is safe from extremist hate armed with a gun.

There is also no place in the US that is not touched by firearm injury & death, every single day. #BuffaloStrong
Reminder: firearm injury was the TOP cause of death of US kids in 2020…
Gun deaths are up to their highest level in 20+ years. And they affect all of us. (Those who are low-income or minorities have seen a bigger jump in deaths. But make no mistake, all are at risk.)…
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For #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, my memoir about living with mental illness, FINAL GIRL, is only $1.99!

So please consider getting a copy now for you, your friends, your family, or heck, your enemies. (I don't judge, y'all.) Final Girl book cover on an ereader and a paperback book wit
So, let's talk about FINAL GIRL a little bit.

A heads up: It's a book #MentalIllness, but it is also a book about childhood abuse, trauma & grief.

If any of those are triggers for y'all, this might not be the book for you.
So, FINAL GIRL didn't start out as a book, which is the case for most of my books.

It started out as a few essays that I wrote over a couple of years about my abusive biodad.

Here's the first one I wrote:…
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#NaomiJudd’s death is tragic, but unfortunately suicide isn’t uncommon when someone seeks help for #mentalillness under the western, allopathic model, which uses drugs proven to cause suicidality. I’m six years off drugs & no longer suicidal & was psychotic on them for years.
I’m over seeing people post #SuicideAwareness when our culture’s first line is to prescribe mind altering, toxic drugs to people & and the longer you’re on them, the more your chance for #Alzheimers or dementia increases. Spare me the fake hashtags. Go do some real research.
People are like, “Oh how tragic!” “Oh, she had so much to be happy for!” Naomi & Ashley have been very honest that their family had TRAUMA, and in this messed up medical model the SYMPTOMS of trauma are used to diagnose people as mentally ill. These drugs do NOT help with trauma.
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A landmark identical twin study indicates how a child is raised (e.g. type & amount of food, lack of exercise) influences their rate of aging & how healthy they will be for the rest of their life. How often do we hear, "Oh, they'll grow out of it"?
A child's lifestyle appears to influence a variety of human conditions, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, #cancer & #mentalillness
Non-genetic associations with DNA methylation patterns (epigenetic associations) #aging #Health
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Today, we’re taking a look at the effects of artificial testosterone on the female body. #Testosterone is prescribed to healthy female children at gender clinics across the US. Its side effects include #depression, type 2 diabetes, blood clots, and high cholesterol. (1/8)
A recent scientific study found that artificial testosterone also increases females’ risk of heart attack. Src: #healthcare (2/8)
Artificial testosterone and artificial estrogen both increase the risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS) when used for “#transition.” That means higher risks for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Src: #health (3/8)
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#Narcissism thread 🧵 15 (more) questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether someone is a #narcissist
1. Do they devalue, diminish, demonise or harshly judge you or act as the righteous ‘authority’ figure with you regardless of their age, status or employment? 🚩
Are they #superior? For e.g. A non lawyer preaching to a lawyer about law. 2. Are they #defensive? Do they seem only interested in trying to prove that they are right & you are wrong, in a defensive mode? 🚩They are #competitive not co-operative. Co-operation is a must #healthy
3. Do they demand #attention from you? For e.g., insisting on having the conversation when it’s convenient for them only &/or use emotional #manipulation to ensure conversation happens on ‘their’ terms? They may not answer the question, go off topic, deflect, defensive, accuse 🚩
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When someone mentions “Peer Pressure” we tend to think of being offered drugs or alcohol as a teen.

But that’s a massive oversimplification of the multiple forms of #PeerPressure, direct & indirect, and how it can affect us as adults, specifically with regards to #SubstanceAbuse
Peer Pressure exists our entire lives, and it isn’t as simple as D.A.R.E. makes it seem.

With Substance Abuse Disorder, peer pressure can be the onset, perpetuate use, or cause a relapse. And it’s typically not someone “making” you; we react to social situations subconsciously.
One way in which peer pressure can contribute is via “Modeling Behavior.”

When we feel left out by not doing the same thing as everyone else, we can “feel” the pressure to partake. For example, a recovering alcoholic may feel the need to drink at a happy hour or a party.
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If VLNC helps some people stop smoking, I will be glad to see it. I'm concerned about sending people the wrong message about nicotine. I'm going to park some random thoughts throughout the day in this 🧵, as I work on the @SaferWiki VLN page.…
Some people are concerned when people making the switch from smoking to vaping dual use. What happens if people dual use cigarettes and VLNC? Is smoking less/day a good thing? Is it reducing harm? Some against vaping have said "no". Image
3/🧵… (page 6)
My concern is sending consumers the wrong message about nicotine. It's not the nicotine that causes death and disease. If someone likes smoking and doesn't want to quit they need to understand that VLNC isn't safer, it's less addictive. Image
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Q2 From MJ (@manijadegarcia): It seems uncommon to associate mental health struggles w/ disability. I do see discussions of this during #DEHEM21, which I feel hopeful about.

Academic culture is ULTRA VIOLENT & TOXIC towards people with mental health struggles.


(@manijadegarcia) I am in a #ClinicalPsychology PhD program & have found that clinical psychologists are among the MOST violent & most likely to stigmatize #MentalIllness, mostly due to shame from avoiding confronting their own struggles & training in Western medical models.

(@manijadegarcia) Applicants/trainees in clinical psychology are—as a rule— told NOT to discuss their mental health & are punished for disclosing.

This culture mixes in ugly ways with other core -isms in clinical psychology, like racism.


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For #WorldMentalHealthDay I would like to draw attention to the crisis of incarceration of those with serious mental illnesses. More than 1/4 of men and well over half of women in #prison are diagnosed with some form of mental illness. This represents a huge societal failure. /1
Decades ago, people with #mentalillness whose families couldn't afford adequate treatment were warehoused in institutions in terrible conditions. Litigation forced them to close. They were supposed to be replaced with community based resources so people could get help at home. /2
As is typical in the US, these vital resources never materialized and many thousands of people with serious mental health needs were left with nowhere to turn. Over time, their #mentalillness was criminalized, and prisons became their new warehouses.… /3
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🧵⁦@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ greatly appreciates the recent action taken by ⁦@USDOL⁩ to help protect patients with a #mentalillness.…

#MentalHealth #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthParity Image
2/ “The DOL action fining United Behavioral Healthcare & United Healthcare $13.6 million is indicative of the widespread violations by health insurers of state & federal #mentalhealth & #substanceusedisorder parity laws, including the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act”
3/ @AmerMedicalAssn wrote:

“We urge the @USDOL, as well as the states, to increase efforts to review plans on a regular basis to ensure they are in compliance with MHPAEA and hold them accountable if they are not.”
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So many of my views about drugs, drug use, and drug regulations have changed the past few months. This is what can happen when there's respectful dialog, sharing of ideas, and factual information.
I know several people in recovery. I've seen them struggle. I've seen them have to wait to get into treatment. I've seen them have to go to a short term program instead of a long term one because of finances / insurance approval.
I've watched some relapse, I've known some to die, and I know some who live amazing lives working their recovery programs.

I've seen too many go to jail when they needed to go to treatment....
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Happy Saturday, beloved family! I hope your weekend has been off to an excellent start! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus text for today, comes to us from Romans chapter 8, which focuses on life in the Spirit.

In verse 1, we have THE blessed assurance from God, that there is indeed NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.
To be “in Christ Jesus” means that He dwells within us, & us within Him. We are ONE.
So, by sending His own son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, God made sure that there is NO CONDEMNATION for us.
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Blessed Friyay morning to you all, beloved children of God! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus today will be within 1st John , chapter 3. This chapter deals EXCLUSIVELY with our identities as children of God. We are encouraged to strive to be a people of ethical integrity & to live a life that is reflective of our spiritual identity.
In verse 20, we are reminded of the truth that God is actually GREATER THAN OUR HEART. People of God, this is a quite profound assertion! 🤯🤯🤯
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Most doctors are ignorant of #BigPharma psychiatric drugs. @jordanbpeterson spent his #benzo withdrawal in a medically induced coma & I spent mine in a psych hospital, where my withdrawal symptoms were used to diagnose me as #bipolar & dump me on more psychosis producing drugs.
The large majority of psych drugs are prescribed by general practitioners, who have no clue how dangerous these drugs are & how dangerous it can be to come off of them. They get their education on them from the drug reps coming into their office, pushing them to prescribe them.
When I was walking over to hang myself in the psychiatric hospital I looked into the bathroom & saw my dog wearing a blue bonnet & she was saying something to me. That’s drug induced psychosis, but I was made to feel like I was a piece of crap & selfish for trying to kill myself.
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I SO respect & appreciate @ZJAyres sharing this today. There is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY nothing wrong with taking medication to improve your #mentalhealth . I used to be vehemently opposed to taking psychotropic medication…
because of stigma & my Christian upbringing. NOW, based on my own lived experiences & through seeking out EXTENSIVE knowledge in the #mentalhealth space, I have a VERY different view of #mentalhealth & medications than most followers of Christ do.
Here’s the thing. Often times, people NEED medication to bring back the levels of their brain chemicals to where it needs to be. And that’s totally OK. Everyone’s condition is a little bit different.
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Dear @Subramanian_ma ,
It has come to our notice that @NHM_TN and @chennaicorp have planned a 'drive' tomorrow (29-7-21) in Chennai with 19 buses to 'round up' destitute homeless people with significant mental health problems and bus them for eventual treatment.

This is unlawful
Only @chennaipolice_ is authorised to intervene in this case as per Mental Health Care Act 2017. ONLY when police officer of area jurisdiction has reason to believe of person wandering at large that there is presence of mental illness AND inability to fend for self / poses risk Read section 100 of MHCA here : https://disabilityrightsalli
Even in case of this subset, the police is to inform the person of the grounds for taking into protection. With your 19 buses and target of 400 unsuspecting homeless PLMI, HOW do you propose to do this in one day.

More importantly, WHY would you choose such a dehumanising way?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/21/2021…
Vulnerable nations lead by example on Sustainable Development Goals research…

#SustainableDevelopmentGoals #ResearchPriorities #consequences
How Bell’s Theorem Proved ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ Is Real…

#BellsTheorem #SpookyAction #proof #QuantumMechanics
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I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss the impact of #ExtremeHeat on behavior & #MentalHealth with @kare11 on behalf of @HennepinHC on Friday.

A brief #tweetorial on some other important details that weren’t able to be included in the segment.🧵…
Hotter temperatures are associated with changes in behavior such as increases in violence, aggression, & impulsivity. #ClimateChange is increasing temperatures & it is predicted that we will see more violence & conflict as #HeatWaves increase. 2/9…
Regarding mental health, #HeatWaves are also associated with increased #SuicideRisk & psychiatric hospitalizations. 3/9
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I've been reading "The Center Cannot Hold" lately, and something in the prose reminded me of an incident to which I bore witness in 5th or maybe 6th grade which reminded me of how far we've come understanding mental illness (though we have a long way to go yet) 1/9 #mentalillness
I was attending a school for the gifted, and in those days there were few enough of us that we all got bused to this school once a week with other kids from all around the county. 2/9
After lunch one day, one of my peers who I knew but not well had what could best be described as a psychotic episode. He began laughing to himself and singing, "vomit, vomit like you're sick" repeatedly. Our teacher was, of course, appalled at him and asked him to stop... 3/9
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When it comes to #AntiAsianHate crimes, we need to be able to call it a "hate crime" when the assailant is not black as well.

"Sex addiction" ...but only towards Asian women? That sounds like race-based behavior or racial assumptions.…
Stop, just stop this "but what about black crime" question

or "not to trigger but...." intrusive questions from the melanin & ovary deficient folks seeking to pit minority vs minority

or sudden concern towards #AAPI #aapihate from those who usually talk of "reverse racism"
There is a stiking difference, anecdotally

to when it is quickly identified as a hate crime
versus "but is it really a hate crime?"
that seems to be related to amount of melanin of the attacker…
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