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When it comes to #AntiAsianHate crimes, we need to be able to call it a "hate crime" when the assailant is not black as well.

"Sex addiction" ...but only towards Asian women? That sounds like race-based behavior or racial assumptions.…
Stop, just stop this "but what about black crime" question

or "not to trigger but...." intrusive questions from the melanin & ovary deficient folks seeking to pit minority vs minority

or sudden concern towards #AAPI #aapihate from those who usually talk of "reverse racism"
There is a stiking difference, anecdotally

to when it is quickly identified as a hate crime
versus "but is it really a hate crime?"
that seems to be related to amount of melanin of the attacker…
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Today seems like a good day to remind y'all of my & @drjessigold piece written 2 summers ago. The #atlantaspa shootings are not the fault of #mentalillness. There were clear, identifiable risk factors - most dramatically, hatred & addiction.…
More evidence out this week: it's not that serious mental illness *never* accompanies shootings - but rather, it's less common than substance use, misogyny, and other issues…
In fact, hatred of women & a history of #domesticviolence is the single strongest predictor. (And ps, most mass shootings in the US are related to family violence.)…
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TRYING TO remember what it’s like to wake up on a day when the mayor, council, government and public health officials aren’t conspiring on some new way to take away more of our liberties, freedoms, rights, hopes, opportunities, privileges and joys.

More Tajkistan than Toronto.
#MentalHealth is irrelevant to our political and medical leaders. This means you @JohnTory @epdevilla.

Deaths by suicide or overdose don’t count.

Psychiatric residencies in Canada go unfilled because even MDs feel mental healthcare is not real medicine.
The public rhetoric supporting #mentalhealth every January has been stripped bare by this #pandemic. It’s all bullshit.

Nobody in medicine and nobody in politics gives a flying fuck about #mentalillness. #AllTalkNoWalk
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People should stop treating dependence as a bad thing. Short thread about dependence. #autism #ActuallyAutistic #mentalhealth /1
Autistic people dependent on their adjustments and support isn't a bad thing. Removing their adjustments and support because they're "too dependent" on them would turn that "different not less" #autism quote into "different and less" which is so wrong and unfair. /2
Dependence is a necessity, not a want. #autism #ActuallyAutistic #mentalhealth /3
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The final theme in the Best Practice checklist is Community. There are 3 items in this theme.
Read the full checklist at:… #MentalHealth #MHDSScot Best Practice for Mental Health Data Science. This checklist
Community 1
Today: ensuring that participants have as much control over consent as possible.… Circular symbol with shaking hands in centre, with an umbrel
Community 1
Future: exploring alternative models of consent, which may involve moving away from individualised models of consent… Circular symbol with shaking hands in centre, with an umbrel
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There shouldn't be a fixed limit on the number of counselling/therapy sessions a person who's struggling with #mentalillness gets before getting discharged. /1
You wouldn't discharge a person getting chemotherapy or another form of cancer treatment without them recovering just because they exceeded the limit of sessions they're allowed; in fact, in this scenario, there wouldn't ever be a limit. #mentalhealth /2
Treatment for #mentalillness shouldn't be limited and if a person struggling with mental illness has a good day, their treatment shouldn't be stopped and they shouldn't be discharged just because of that. #mentalhealth /3
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Here is a list of #mentalillness symptoms that are frequently misinterpreted as "bad behaviour" (short thread):
Firstly, not wanting to do things. Frequently misinterpreted as laziness and bad behaviour. People don't understand how exhausting living with mental illness is. /1a
I promise you, people who are struggling with mental illness really don't want to actually be lazy. #mentalhealth #mentalillness/ 1b
Not wanting to talk to other people. Frequently misinterpreted as being rude and bad behaviour. If a person who is struggling with #mentalillness wants to be on their own and doesn't want to talk to others, it isn't bad behaviour. #mentalhealth /2
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One of the most utterly heartbreaking things I had to learn when an illness I had no idea about was destroying my life was “there’s no point going to a #GP without a fucking itemised list of goals. #chronicillness #disabled
You need to give them the service you want them to refer you to, often with an actual consultant’s name and sometimes with their secretary’s email address. And you need to phone back next week to make sure they’ve actually put the referral through. And keep phoning to chase it.
(If you, like me, are #autistic and find phone communication nightmarishly difficult, you need to suck it up because no GP seems remotely willing to communicate with patients by email).
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Excerpt #13 from the live interview with #ShirleySatterfield for #authorlivechatwithfans interview, and we spoke about how #depression affected jobs. Have you faced similar situations?In this series of interview with Shirley,we spoke about various aspects of mental health issues
If you find it useful, save it or send it to those who would benefit from it.

Get the book here…

Watch the full interview on #YouTube at
#domesticviolence #mentalillness #healing #childabuse #memoir #cult #ptsd #author
#sexualharassment #cultmembership #hopelessness.
We believe there’s a story, a purpose and a reason behind why every author chose to write and we aspire to present them to readers, while helping authors brand themselves and find their unique tribe of readers!
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1/ Excerpt #13 from the live interview with #ShirleySatterfield for #authorlivechatwithfans interview, and we spoke about how #depression affected jobs. Have you faced similar situations?
2/ In this series of interview with Shirley, we spoke about various aspects of mental health issues. If you find it useful, save it or send it to those who would benefit from it.

Get the book here…
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L'association des medecins psychiatres de Quebec publishes paper “Access to medical assistance in dying for people with mental disorders”. Complex issue cannot be discussed fully. But timing no coincidence, so let's look at some deeply troubling issues (1)
(2) Authors clearly know they feed into a process of Bill C-7 & endorse inclusion of MH; but Bill’s provisions DO NOT provide a reliable, safe basis for what even they recommend as minimal standards under which MAID for MD could be practiced
(3) 'in their view', as this is presuming that the reports’ recommendations are ethically sound/unproblematic, legally coherent, and evidence-based. Not so, imho. Let’s look at some components.
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1-Latest #COVID19BC Testing graph from @CDCofBC Nov. 20th Surveillance report. It shows how they can continue the fear propaganda to "justify" violating #BChumanrightsCode & #Charterrights through meaningless "orders." #psychologicalwarfare #COVIDpsyop
2-I worked in #childprotection in #BC. A major, valid complaint from "clients" of #MCFD was that the goal posts kept getting changed arbitrarily. I didn't practice like that, but saw it. Its actually a strategy of #psychologicalwarfare #institutionalabuse & #torture. #COVIDpsyop
3-I've been blocked by some of "#COVIDZero" "advocates." This campaign is population-based #psychologicalwarfare bc this is impossible to achieve. #COVID19 is a cold/flu virus that's endemic now. Moving the goal posts sets us all up. They just keep moving them. #torture #MKUltra
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@SimonChapman6criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
@SimonChapman6 criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
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I told Jolie everything. I confided in her with everything.. literally.. and she turns her back on me and throws everything in my face.. she has the nerve to ask:

"Why do you think everyone has given up on you?"

Excuse me?

No need to explain this to someone ..
Who triggers me with the police, abuses me and calls me an ass and a bitch..

Who undermines my abilities..

Who invalidates my every being..
The reason why my #depression is getting worse is because of all this shit I must have to deal with ..for no reason too! Jolie states that I'm playing the victim card. How so!? Someone please explain this irrational logic to me because there's clearly none here..
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WHY @MarkWatts_1 ?

.@wedger_jon @DrSaraPayneMBE WHO HAVE ATTEMPTED TO DISCREDIT US AND OUR #TruthMatters AS WE ARE #TargetedIndividuals THAT THE @InquiryCSA PANEL @ukhomeoffice @Ofstednews @centreWJ @PoliceChiefs SITTING HAVE ACTED AS IF THEY CAN NOT SEE MY 5 YRS AND 8 MTHS OF #MYTRUTHDOC
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Well, ran into a Qanon #savethechildren rally on Hollywood Blvd and Vine (8/22/2020). It was.... something. A thread of the footage:

#qanon #pizzagate #MentalHealth #mentalillness
Qanon Save The Children protest (video 2):

#QAnon #SaveTheChildren
Qanon #saveourchidren protest Hollywood (video 3):

#qanon #SaveTheChildren
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Elements of my management of #bipolardisorder: a thread

1.) Medication. I couldn't work on many of these things until this laid down a foundation.

2.) Sleep. If I don't get enough of this, I will invite mania. But I've noticed something unusual lately...
...I am becoming manic even with enough sleep. I'm not sure of what is happening but it may be resolved with

3.) Stress control. Like everyone else, #QuarantineLife is taking its toll on me. I hardly see my friends except on Zoom. Socializing helps dispel the little blue devils.
4.) Exercise. I could do more of this but the heat wave has limited the hours I can get out.

5.) Diet. High blood sugar can lead me to depression, so watching what I eat is critical.

The next items pertain to habits of mind.
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I must say that the reason why I like cats is that they don't blame every quarrel in our relationship on my #mentalillness or at least I don't spend time worrying that they do. When I deal with people -- especially those who know -- this fear...
...dominates my thoughts. I know many people think I am not very smart. My wife debates the truth of this, but I feel better if I assume that other people are smarter even if the evidence is that they are not. The cats don't care of rather I can't...
...see evidence that they do. People give themselves away all the time. You can see it in subtle twitches of their face. They aren't that good at hiding their feelings. I had to learn to read faces. I had to know how to distinguish the sociopath from the narcissist....
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THE @ChildCare_TO OF @NSPCC WHEN @TheDukeOfYork WAS PATRON WHEN MANY IN OUR @childrensociety IN @GREATBritain @AbusedKids WENT #Missing.

THAT IS LEAVING #PrinceAndrew AND WHEN HE WAS PATRON RIGHT OUT OF THE #IICSA ALTOGETHER WITH @GOVUK @pritipatel @Conservatives @labourpress @BorisJohnson AND THE @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal OUR SO CALLED NEXT #KingandQueen #WilliamandKate WHO HAVE MANY #charities
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World Economic Forum: "Lockdown is the world's biggest #psychological #experiment - & we will pay the price"

Apr 9 2020 "With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of #lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever"

"Unfortunately, we already have a good idea of its results. In late Feb 2020, right before EU countries mandated various forms of lockdowns, The Lancet published a review of 24 studies documenting the #psychological impact of quarantine."

"The findings offer a glimpse of what is brewing in hundreds of millions of households around the world...

people who are #quarantined are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of #psychological #stress and #disorder..."

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I was feeling overwhelmed by all the laypress articles about #moralinjury and #burnout in frontline health care workers during #Covid_19 so I decided to do a deep dive into the literature on the mental health of workers during pandemics.

Here's what I found. #thread

Seriously, so many laypress articles.

What evidence do we have on this, and further, what evidence do we have on strategies that mitigate these mental health issues in health care workers?

I presented these data the @UChicagoMed @UCCancerCenter grand rounds last week.

@UChicagoMed @UCCancerCenter But first, some definitions to set the stage:

Burnout, initially described by Dr. Maslach as the prolonged physical and psychological exhaustion related to a person's work. Not specific to medicine, although the definition has been honed for medicine (see slide). #burnout

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Thread/ #FosterCare #MentalIllness #Homelessness #Opportunity #Jesus I had the chance to meet the sweetest, most polite, grateful young man a few days ago. He was discharging from a psychiatric hospital, was homeless, jobless and without a single healthy person in his whole life
2- he spent his whole childhood in foster care & was then dumped at a homeless shelter when he turned 19. He had nothing. No job, no permanent family, no money. Nothing. Life on the streets brought drugs, crime, sadness, wandering, despair, suicidality.
3- this sweet kid told me he was a believer in Jesus. He had Jesus tattooed on his arm. He’d been sent by foster parents to Salvation Army Summer Church camps. We picked him up at a local shelter, which literally couldn’t be a sadder place; so in need of the light & love of Jesus
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The last #GeneralElection confirmed to me that the majority of people in the U.K

are either brain dead conformists or sociopathic sadists who like to torture vulnerable people.

I despise working class @Conservatives voters.

They are no different to Hitler's enablers.
They fetishise over the bravery of a past generation who fought two World War's trying to destroy the assholes that working class @Conservatives are.

That populism which enables the wealthiest to divide the poor.

To get the poor to kill others based in a flimsy absurd ideology.
I have no respect, no compassion whatsoever for working class @conservatives voters.

My only enjoyment now will be their self destruction under @Conservatives oppression and stealth #austerity.
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