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Hi 👋 Can we talk?

Listen - don't be afraid of what I'm going to say here, okay?

It's going to involve me talking about the end of my life.

I need to say these things, outloud. I need people to know how hard I tried, how hard I fought, how serious I took it all.

My name is Patricia George-Zwicker, I'm 51 yrs old. I'm #ActuallyAutistic, #disabled & have had #mentalillness since I was a kid.

I have #PTSD, #CPTSD, #depression, #anxiety.

Abuse began in my life when I was 5 yrs old. It was daily. It went on for 15 years. Daily. Relentless.
My abuse was extreme.

Are you hearing me?

Exteme. Daily. Relentless.

But I had to hide it all. Hide the abuse and the physical signs. Hide that I wasn't like others kids in truly fundamental ways. I'm Autistic. Dyslexic. Dyspraxic. Disabled.

You know, the freak, the weirdo.
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Thread/ #FosterCare #MentalIllness #Homelessness #Opportunity #Jesus I had the chance to meet the sweetest, most polite, grateful young man a few days ago. He was discharging from a psychiatric hospital, was homeless, jobless and without a single healthy person in his whole life
2- he spent his whole childhood in foster care & was then dumped at a homeless shelter when he turned 19. He had nothing. No job, no permanent family, no money. Nothing. Life on the streets brought drugs, crime, sadness, wandering, despair, suicidality.
3- this sweet kid told me he was a believer in Jesus. He had Jesus tattooed on his arm. He’d been sent by foster parents to Salvation Army Summer Church camps. We picked him up at a local shelter, which literally couldn’t be a sadder place; so in need of the light & love of Jesus
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The last #GeneralElection confirmed to me that the majority of people in the U.K

are either brain dead conformists or sociopathic sadists who like to torture vulnerable people.

I despise working class @Conservatives voters.

They are no different to Hitler's enablers.
They fetishise over the bravery of a past generation who fought two World War's trying to destroy the assholes that working class @Conservatives are.

That populism which enables the wealthiest to divide the poor.

To get the poor to kill others based in a flimsy absurd ideology.
I have no respect, no compassion whatsoever for working class @conservatives voters.

My only enjoyment now will be their self destruction under @Conservatives oppression and stealth #austerity.
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“The jail is the largest mental health institution in any community,” Sheriff Daron Hall said.

The #OpioidCrisis has thrust the most pressing issue facing jails around the country to the forefront: #MentalIllness. (Thread👇)…
On any given day, there are about 750,000 people in jails across America.

Drug addiction and mental health-related issues are often coexisting and it’s difficult to parse out which is driving which.
Hall said the deinstitutionalization of #MentalHealth hospitals that started in the 1960s hasn’t worked and instead has sparked today’s problem.

“The reality is we didn’t really deinstitutionalize it, we just re-institutionalized it into jails and prisons,” he said.
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So I wanted to give a little insight about my mental illness. I mulled it over because I was kind of scared to talk about something I suffer with for fear of lack of understanding. Then last night I watched a documentary that hit something on its head. /1
I was diagnosed with schizophrenia officially in 2003. At the time I was 26 going on 27. But I had shown symptoms earlier than that I choose to ignore until I could not. Yes sadly some of the tropes of schizophrenia happened to me. /2
Including from what I was told but dont really recall an incident of leaving my home with nothing on whatsoever. Something as a rape survivor scared the mess out of me. I was fortunate someone who cared about my well being got me home. /3
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Live tweeting re-watch of #MainPremKiDiwaniHoon henceforth to be referred to as #MPKDH

First 5 minutes, and this college clearly never had a #POSH training because a student has plopped into a professor's lap and the professor is telling the girls they'll clear the exams
And of course the #electricguitar is connected to

When I see a puppy
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Die Tassentheorie, analog zur Löffeltheorie.

CNs für ganzen Thread: #mentalillness, #food (speziell Kaffee und Tee).
#mentalillness #food
Anstatt um einzelne auszugebende Ressourcen geht es hier um den Auslastungszustand kognitiver Ressourcen.
Der Arbeitsspeicher / RAM unserer Gehirne.
#mentalillness #food
Wir stellen uns eine Tasse vor. Mit Kaffee oder Tee.
Morgens wachen gesunde Menschen auf und die Tasse ist leer. Wie ein unausgelasteter, neu gestarteter Rechner.
Dann kommen Gedanken, Erinnerungen, Aufgaben. Einkaufen müssen = ein Schluck Kaffee.
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I wish #antidepressants actually got rid of #depression.

Don't get me wrong, they're very important. Life-saving even. But living with depression, even at a low-level, day after day can be be: So. Damn. Exhausting. 😏

#MentalHealth #Mentalillness
I've been living with mild/moderate #depression for ≈4 years.

For me this is 'remission'. And I'm genuinely grateful it's not worse.

Sometimes it's OK just to survive each day. But it's not OK when that becomes your life. When you feel 'a bit shit' ALL the time.

The elephant in the room, of course, is the environment.

Can I blame my poor #mentalhealth on my behaviours? My drugs? Or the conditions in which I work?

Is it 'natural' for academics to develop #anxiety & #depression given the constant stress & distain?

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I'm deeply honored to share a slice of my story in this powerful new interview with @USATODAY. It's time for the church to walk away from toxic theology around #mentalhealth, and begin to the lead the conversation about #suicideprevention.…
@USATODAY A big thank you to @Lindsay_Schnell for including me in this conversation.
I long for the day when I can talk about my anti-anxiety medication like my dad talks about this cholesterol medication.…
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@Sumukh94 @SinghNavdeep I have not experienced any stigma re: #mentalillness while serving with #SZA (or #SAD) for over thirteen years under such classification. People have been supportive and willing to entrust serious responsibility. Yes, I was willing to be challenged and sought to perform. +
@Sumukh94 @SinghNavdeep And I find the same applied to other Psych LMCs as well. As long as they demoed a willingness to carry themselves, the unit personnel made no distinction. None that is apparent, in any case.

As regards support systems, there is some truth to what the senior officers say ... +
@Sumukh94 @SinghNavdeep And that is largely due to the regimented living/working conditions. Deterioration occurs when there is an opportunity for the #mentalllyill to isolate themselves. Well-managed ests (which is most of them) do not allow this to happen ~ living/sharing and working conditions. +
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Im Ben.

Ive lived with #depression and #anxiety for years. I have become a doctor and psychiatrist. I try to help people. Sometimes I do.

My #mentalillness does not define who I am as a person. Or whether I am worth knowing.


Thanks for all the positive comments. My ginger face be blowing up.
Since you are here, here is some information on depression and anxiety courtesy of the #NHS……

And some great people to follow


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1/ I would like to share my story of my #mentalillness (Bipolar Disorder II) and how I deal with it, to show that mental illness is everywhere, and that someone can have a mental illness and be successful. I hope this story can empower someone and help reduce the stigma.
2/ I am a successful PhD student in Chemistry. I am happy, I have travelled the world, I have lived abroad for a year, I am a varsity Squash athlete, I have a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Chemistry. But my biggest success: doing all this while managing a mental illness.
3/ A few weeks ago, I woke up and it took me over an hour to get out of bed. After a day of achieving little at work, I went straight home. I did not feel like my usual after-work walk, I did not want to play squash, I did not want to read a book. I had no energy.
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1.THREAD: IMP for India's #mentalhealth sector. Info in tweet below ("Due to lack of objective method to establish presence & extent of #mentalillness")raises Q of validity of Indian Psychiatry & Qs for MCI BOG. Also bad in Law. Hope @ProfBhargava will read & initiate action..!
2. Some Background: persons with #mentalillness are entitled to disability quota in medical admissions as per Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act. MCI BOG has now issued a Gazette notification stating that persons with #mentalillness will not be allowed this benefit because..
according to MCI BOG " due to lack of objective method to establish presence & extent of #mentalillness " @drsitu claims this was opinion of AIIMS Delhi psychiatrist who advised the BOG. This raises important Qs
i) For Indian psychiatry: do we accept this assertion?...contd
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Confessions of a bipolar professor (1/5): #hypomania sounds like it is a wonderful thing - increased energy fueling creativity and good times! What's not to like? But for me, I'm in the midst of dysmorphic hypomania. And it just plain sucks.

#bipolar #highered #AcademicTwitter
(2/5) my brain, which has been rigorously trained for decades, suddenly believes that 1 + 1 = blue. I know I am not thinking rationally, but my head is also telling me to do all sorts of crazy things!

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
(3/5) brain: let's destroy relationships! Let's yell at everybody and go down in the flames of angry glory! Let's run away and purchase a house in Spain! Let's be the worst version of ourself!

Rational brain: wait a second....

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
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It's #BellLetsTalk and for so many who struggle with #mentalhealth concerns, this day raises awareness and builds a culture of #compassion. Let's never again hear someone say, “just snap out of it” or “it’s all in your head.” @Bell_LetsTalk
Each of us may have different levels of understanding when it comes to #mentalhealth. Mental health is neutral. It’s not bad or good. It’s not necessarily positive or negative. It just is. #BellLetsTalk
A tooth ache will put you in the dentist’s chair. The flu is a reason to see the doctor. There’s no shame. Seeking help for #mentalhealth support must also be a safe experience. There's simply no other choice when your mental health is cast in shadow. #BellLetsTalk #EndTheStigma
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Some common acronyms you might hear or see during the @DhhsNevada budget hearing at #nvleg
@DhhsNevada Right now we're hearing from @DhhsNevada Director Richard Whitley on the impact of the Government shutdown on SNAP benefits for Nevadans. Proper nutrition is one component to maintaining #mentalhealth
@DhhsNevada Assemblywoman @sandra4nv asks how many Nevadans receive SNAP benefits.
Whitley response: 433,000 Nevadans receive SNAP benefits.
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Depression is more than just feeling down.

It's a lack of motivation, increased negative emotions (anger, anxiety), a lack of concentration and memory, negative thoughts about oneself and the world (hopelessness, worthlessness), social anxiety, feeling trapped, dark imagery.
Fun not-so-fun facts about #depression:

Over 100 mil of us suffer from it.

It's existed as long as there have been human records.

Was first named as a condition 2400 years ago, by Hippocrates (in the West).

Non-human mammals can be depressed.

#mentalhealth #mentalillness
We often think of #depression as sadness, but the "two A's of depression" are very real: anger and #anxiety.

Other negative feelings that can increase are sadness, guilt, shame, envy, and jealousy.

#mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness
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Today, after extensive @NIDAnews research and @samhsagov support por favor funding for programs and research, there is still #Stigma about #addiction. I still hear people affected by SUDs refer to themselves as “addicts” “junkies” “bangers.” I get the culture, but there is more.
This keeps our loved ones and community members who struggle with #addiction locked into an old pattern of #stigma. We are repeating a process that has never worked. This only helps the heart wrenching results stack up as more and more die from this chronic disease.
72,000 mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, sons, brothers and more died last year alone from an overdoson drugs. Many of those deaths were related to opioids, and let’s not forget that alcohol is the cause of so many deaths as well. This world needs to get woke about #addiction
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I signed this petition. I never sign online petitions. But #Afflicted cannot be allowed to stand. via @Change
Documentaries are meant to give a view of a subject or topic on a FACTUAL basis. Their opinion isn't supposed to be centered unless the subject is themselves.
#Afflicted is heavily slanted toward the erroneous assumption that the chronically ill patients are


have psychological illnesses rather than physical diseases,

or somehow in denial.

And I ask you- to what end?
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You didn't know #AnthonyBourdain. You know nothing about his life, torments, demons, nothing. You didn't know #KateSpade either. Watch the torrents of albeit genuine but odd shows of public grief to two complete strangers but nothing for the 20 vets who commit suicide daily.
You want to mourn #suicide? Mourn this. In 2013, the US Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010: roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes. Some suggest that this rate may be undercounting suicides.
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Just bc jails "have larger populations of folks w #mentalillness than psych prisons (AKA "hospitals")" does NOT mean that folks in either receives actual support+love.

Some of you are peddling myths & institutionalization.

Complicate these convos.


Folks w #mentalillness need to be locked away from society in ANY form of prison. Note: folks in psych prisons (aka "hospitals") used to be called prisoners.

Renaming jail "mental health facility" unmakes it a prison.

Jails/institutions don't exacerbate mental illness.
Please gather your ppl if they're out here claiming that jails are "mental health facilities" OR that folks w/ #mentalillness are better off locked away in other forms of prisons.

We're dying out here trying to explain this to yall.

Transinstitutionalization is not the answer.
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Every day next few days I'll share one #depression/#anxiety insight from my own experience. If it helps anyone a wee bit, it'll be worth it.
1. "#Happiness" can scare #anxiety patients. In our heads, things are always going wrong. Fear of a "happy" moment undone is doubly painful.
Sorry, this won't be a daily affair as I had earlier imagined. But here's insight #2 based on my brush with #depression/#anxiety.
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