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As of March, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio had yet to complete production of records subpoenaed last year by the U.S. Department of Justice, @PUCOhio Deputy Legal Director said in a letter re: a related Open Records Law request.
The PUCO received the DOJ subpoenas in April and May of last year, so has had ample time to review the records, and produce them to DOJ and to public records requesters…
PUCO released an initial batch of subpoenaed records in February, which showed former chairman Sam Randazzo, who received a $4.3 million bribe from FirstEnergy, played a role in the commission’s weak initial response to the #HB6 criminal investigation…
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A key takeaway from FERC audit of FirstEnergy: What started off as a "$60 million bribery scandal" is now more like a $133 million scandal. Let's breakdown the money in a thread.
FERC's audit team initially found FirstEnergy improperly included $10.9 million spent on lobbying in accounts reserved for expenses that are "presumptively recoverable" from ratepayers…
Then FirstEnergy, after it signed an agreement with federal prosecutors, revealed additional political payments to FERC's audit team, including $22.8 million paid to two for-profit entities associated with former PUCO chairman Samuel Randazzo…
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A federal court ruling broadened the definition of political spending that must be excluded from utility rates, says @OCC4Consumers, with potentially big implications for PUCO’s investigation into FirstEnergy’s misuse of ratepayer $ to support #HB6…
The court ruling could also raise new questions about $137 million in external affairs costs that FirstEnergy included in “above-the-line” accounts that #FERC reserves for utility operating expenses that are “presumptively recoverable” from ratepayers…
The court ruling affirmed that FERC should have ordered a transmission company jointly owned by AEP and Allegheny Energy (FirstEnergy) should to refund $6 million in ratepayer money that was misused for political spending…
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The TX House is beginning debate over voter suppression bill #SB7 — an attack on the state’s most vulnerable voting communities, and companion to #HB6. Watch live now:…

Need a refresher on #SB7 and #HB6? We got you covered👇
Listening to @jessicafortexas force @BriscoeCain to admit that he simply doesn't believe voters of color, voters with disabilities, and young voters when they say that #SB7 would suppress their votes.

We're experiencing secondhand embarrassment for Rep. Cain as he defends SB7.
Now Chairman Cain is telling @RafaelAnchia that he apparently has no knowledge of the history or details of discrimination against Black Texans by the Texas legislature with regards to voting rights. There's been litigation over this throughout the past decade. #SB7
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Help your fellow Texas voters in 2 minutes and send a message to the #txlege asking they to VOTE NO on Texas #HB6 and #SB7.

These bills negatively affect Texas voters w/ disabilities, and they are being heard THURSDAY, MAY 6.
Wondering what the problems are with #txlege #HB6 #SB7? Well ...

🚨Some voters with disabilities need assistance to cast a ballot, and legislation that asks for assisters to fill out forms (and run the risk doing it wrong and facing legal ramifications) is #VoterSuppression
🚨Poll workers, who may not be familiar with support for Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, may misunderstand cuing, prompting, and other ways people comprehend and remember information as abuse or exploitation of the voter #txlege
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The supporters of #HB6 and #SB7 challenged people to “read the bills and point to voter suppression.”

Today, 63 civil rights orgs have gladly accepted that challenge & are releasing two joint statements outlining some of the sections that would harm voters the most #txlege
We come from all walks of life in Texas: rural & urban, young and elderly, people of color, voters w/ disabilities, working Texans & those experiencing poverty, and people of faith & those who are secular. We stand united against the voter suppression that these bills represent.
Grassroots organizations, businesses, and others are calling #SB7 and #HB6 voter suppression bills because that’s exactly what they are: bills that would make it harder and scarier to vote. #txlege
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This Wednesday we'll be in Austin with a full obstacle course to emulate the needless hurdles Texans are going to face if #HB6 passes 🗣 for more info!
look honey a new voting rights action just dropped 😙
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Okay, both Dade Phelan and Dan Patrick invited us to point to places in #HB6/#SB7 where there is voter suppression.
So here's a thread of me doing that in SB7.
First, the restriction on 24-hour voting: Image
Second, the vote-by-mail gag rule: Image
Third, the free reign of poll watchers: Image
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Today the TX GOP advanced the egregious #HB6 out of committee. It won't just restrict voter access, it will criminalize voting with harsh penalties. Voters and business leaders must speak up while there is time to stop it from becoming law: #txlege (1/4)
Texas is facing a host of dangerous anti-voting bills that undermine democracy and voting access; one goes as far as requiring a voter's thumbprint. (2/4)
#HB6 would criminalize voting, push voting violations to the same sentencing range as murder, weaponize fears of prosecution, ban election officials from proactively sending ballot applications—burdening seniors, rural voters, voters with disabilities—and more. #txlege (3/4)
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Today we’re releasing an alarming video of a GOP “Election Integrity Brigade" virtual launch where they detail plans to build an army of poll watchers who will have the “courage” to go into Black and Brown neighborhoods


#txlege #HB6 #SB7
What we see in this video is a concrete, real-world example of why it is a downright dangerous idea to expand poll watcher powers while removing the ability of election workers to kick a disruptive poll watcher out - which is precisely what #HB6 does

The myth of voter fraud is frequently used to target communities of color to delegitimize their vote and silence the voice of a rising electorate that simply wants to claim their rightful place in our democracy. It has to stop
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Our own @jcslattery is about to testify against the anti-voter #HB6 (after many, many hours)! We'll cover his testimony here, but feel free to watch with us too:…
“Texas in 2020 was the hardest place to vote in the entire country: we have no online voter registration, only a few discrete groups of Texans can vote by mail, and 750 polling places were closed between 2013 and 2019, predominantly in communities of color.” @jcslattery #TXlege
#HB6 would mean that “statements by public officials about the mere existence of vote-by-mail, or explanations about how to apply for and cast a mail ballot, could be interpreted as efforts to encourage (and therefore solicit) people to vote by mail.” @jcslattery #txlege
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BREAKING: Fort Worth-based American Airlines has come out against voting legislation passed by the TX Senate this morning.

"To make American’s stance clear: We are strongly opposed to this bill and others like it." #txlege
Full statement here:
Some Democrats have called for both Fort Worth-based American & Dallas-based Southwest to speak against the legislation similar to what Atlanta-based Delta did with Georgia's legislation.
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Happening now: the House Elections Hearing in which #HB6 has been rescheduled is starting. HB 6 is an omnibus anti-voter bill, like SB 7. Watch with us:… #TXDeservesBetter
Here's what #HB6 does and why we're adamantly against it:
Fact check: The Voting Rights Act specifically protects assistance, because it is used by people with disabilities and those with limited English.
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🚨Happening now: #txlege Senate is debating #SB7, the omnibus anti-voting bill that would make voting much more difficult for millions of Texans. Watch with us:…
Within a minute of speaking--THAT'S FALSE--SB7 does not create a VBM tracker. It requires SOS to develop an online VBM tracker if there is specific appropriation. Otherwise, it's discretionary by the SOS. An effort to say they created a VBM tracker without definitively doing it.
Fact Check: Sen. Hughes saying that people receiving VBM apps from counties automatically would mislead people into thinking they can vote by mail when they can't- but the forms clearly explain who is eligible and that you should only apply to vote by mail if you are eligible.
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🚨🚨Texas corporations have donated more than $1 million to the sponsors of racist voter suppression bills #SB7 and #HB6. Here's a thread on the top donors to the sponsors of these bills and how much they've donated to elect them since 2019 #txlege 1/13
#SB7 & #HB6 harken back to Jim Crow. They will close polling locations in minority neighborhoods, make voting by mail harder, ban drive-thru voting, shorten the hours that polls are open, impose restrictions on people with disabilities AND cost taxpayers $35 million 2/13 #txlege
Since 2019 @ATT has donated $133,250 to elect the sponsors of #SB7 and #HB6. #txlege 3/13
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Curious about #SB7? Check out this thread. #SB7 targets voters w/ disabilities, voters of color & civil servants by enacting discriminatory voting requirements, decreasing the number and hrs of polling locations and intimidating voters with fear of criminal prosecution. (1/6)
#SB7 requires voters with disabilities to “prove” they have a disability w/ medical documentation when they apply to vote by mail. No other vote-by-mail-eligible voters are subject to this requirement. The time & money it takes to obtain documentation is a de facto poll tax (2/6)
#SB7 gives poll watchers new rights to harass and intimidate voters, which will almost certainly be weaponized against voters of color. The bill restricts expanded voting methods, which are also critical for voters of color, working ppl & those with family responsibilities. (3/6)
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Need a breakdown of #HB6? We’ve got you covered. HB 6 attacks the most vulnerable voting communities: the elderly, ppl with disabilities, ppl of color, those with limited English proficiency & those who vote by mail. #TXDeservesBetter #txlege (1/4)
Not only does #HB6 weaponize fear of criminal prosecution, it further complicates confusing rules and laws that voters may find hopelessly impossible to navigate. This undermines the voting rights of our most vulnerable communities. (2/4)
Fact: 72%+ of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s criminal voter prosecutions are against Black and Latinx individuals. #HB6 would give the Attorney General’s Office another avenue to target BIPOC communities trying to vote. #TXDeservesBetter #txlege (3/4)
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