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Jefferson County is the largest county in Kentucky. There is a proposal to go from 200+ polling locations there to just one on election day. But there is bipartisan opposition to this ghastly idea. #VoterSuppression
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ES&S Ballot Marking Devices often malfunction & take voters THREE TIMES as long to use as #HandMarkedPaperBallots & scanners. This is what the Rs at @ShelbyVote chose for Shelby County, which is predominantly African American. #VoterSuppression
2/ The image in post 1 came from here:…
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1/ "Par-scale, like golf and weigh yourself."
2/ Late 2015, Parscale pitches Kushner on Facebook. Kushner hires him. Parscale was never anything more than a hack web designer when he started with Trump.
3/ Parscale says he sold Kushner on the idea of the Trump campaign using Facebook. And then—outta nowhere—Poof! They when the primaries.
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A recurrent M.O. of white male dominance is to pit white women against the interests of women of color. Don’t take the bait. 1/ #Biden
Sexual assault #matters. But, we only have 2 viable choices for president now. It is, as @KirstenPowers says in this helpful column, a #zerosumgame. 2/ #biden
Remember this:
#Immigration is a women’s issue.
#Healthcare is a woman’s issue.
#ClimateChange is a women’s issue.
#Education is a women’s issue.
#Guncontrol is a women’s issue.
#massincarceration is a women’s issue.
#NuclearProliferation is a women’s issue, too.
3/ #Biden
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This is beautiful.

"almost all my friends have Trump Derangement Syndrome.
I pray for them."

ALMOST everybody that I know in real life has cut me off by mere fact that they know I VOTED for Trump.

...Imagine if they knew what I was doing here 🤓


Best friends have cut me off. People I grew up with for 20+ years since a young child.

People I met at college and thought we were "tight".

People I've met in my career that told me they're 'understanding of others', and 'tolerant of differing opinions'.


The Mainstream Media had (a majority of) Americans under a spell of, what we later learned to be, #FakeNews.

Trump was a "prejudice, racist, bigot".

This is called #VoterSuppression.

You couldn't say you wanted to vote for Trump, let alone even discuss his merits.

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I wish there was a way to send moral support to all the people in line in Wisconsin.

Dear Wisconsinites: You are the patriotic soldiers in the fight for democracy. We love you. Stay safe and vote.


#VoterSuppression must stop.
The fate of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is in the hands of voters today.

It's hard to overstate how important today's vote is.

People voting today in Wisconsin deserve whatever medals are given to heroic soldiers who brave death to keep people free.

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“Kentucky lawmakers quietly tightened and approved a new photo identification requirement that would make it harder to vote.”…
“Lawmakers eliminated a “catch-all” provision that allowed voters to give their own reason for being unable to obtain acceptable ID if they signed an affidavit swearing they were unable to obtain acceptable ID.“
“Now voters have to provide one of the specific and approved reasons for lacking ID to vote. The legislators also tweaked the law so that IDs from other states were not acceptable.”
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Election Day so far: 5/8 election staff are elderly, we were provided with no cleaning supplies, we are missing an ENTIRE blue box (meaning anyone who comes to this precinct cannot vote), we are missing 2 election judges & nobody is answering our calls.
Voters now showing up and we have to explain that we don’t have the supplies for them to vote. Still no cleaning supplies. Off to a great start🙃🙃
Turned away about 20 voters so far, many of them aren’t able to come back at another time #ILPrimary #Elections2020 @JBPritzker @AldTomTunney @DNC @chicagosmayor @nbcchicago @ABC7Chicago
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Welcome to AZ, where our PPE (Primary) will have ridiculously low turnout tomorrow because of #coronavirus

People will be afraid of getting sick, & some will be busy because kids are out of school unplanned.


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We should have postponed it, it was common sense. Our director had to use a touchscreen today, & the "emergency" voting location was totally empty.

This needs to change! We need to make voting easier & safer!

Click/Tap to support our movement⬇️
Mail out ballots to registered voters, and set up dropboxes for voting locations. We could have drive up boxes where people drop their ballots in.

Also, make sure people are informed.

Click/Tap to support our movement⬇️
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Ok I need the trusted news sources I lean on to tell me how real this is:
A website that has up-to-date extensive data indicating Dem #electionfraud based on actual vote total differentials to exit polls in almost every state WAY outside accepted range
It indicates the potential for vote flipping, plus is always in Biden’s favor and shows a lower percentage for Bernie - almost across the board. There is no state in which it works in Bernie’s favor (ie Bernie outperformed the exit poll by the acceptable range.
MI - where Biden won, but not by nearly as big a margin. If you believe the Buzzfeed “glitch” was really a glitch.…
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Why am I worried about 2020? I saw what happened in 2018 in Georgia. And the trick that was rolled out in Georgia in 2018 in being rolled out nationwide in about 20 states. #Election2020
We’re talking about the swing states: Ohio, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Arizona — which should be a blue state given its demographics, but not if you keep wiping out young people and voters of color from the rolls.
And they're not just wiping out a few voters, 14 million voters have been wiped off the voter rolls in the last two years!… #VanishingVoters #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #VoterPurge #VotingRights #CivilRights #Election2020 #StopTheSteal
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And so it begins.
Athens-Clarke County vs State Election Board
Bryan Sells addresses the SEB - updates that some polling places can fit the # of voting stations required, some do not.
Offers an alternate - put more stations per voter in some precincts than others.
Ryan Germany represents the SEB, begins by quoting the law requiring uniform voting system.
Says @dominionvoting system is being used in 158 counties.
Guess what - ACC is using the uniform system, following the Cobb pilot protocol, and the SEB's own emergency ballot procedure.
Germany quotes Supreme Court on "impracticable" - says it's mandatory and allows for emergency provisions. Misrepresents the basis for ACCs finding of "impracticable".
Says there is an emergency backup option, but you must try.
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Hundreds of people were line at this LA polling place. A polling place with only 5 machines. Of which only 3 were operable. #SuperTuesday #VoterSuppression
LA County, one of the more blue-collar areas in Los Angeles, coincidentally denied to offer mail-in votes to it's 4 million voters — while all the more affluent areas of Los Angeles obviously did. #SuperTuesday #VoterSupression
Marina Del Rey, Westwood, Hollywood, etc. #SuperTuesday #VoterSuppression
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#BrianKemp bleached the rolls whiter than white, removing over half a million voters from the rolls in #Georgia before the 2018 gubernatorial race against #StaceyAbrams — who was the first African American woman to run for Governor in the U.S.…
But Kemp's racist vote-purging tricks go way beyond Georgia. He worked with #KrisKobach, Trump's Vote-Thief-in-Chief, who used the #InterstateCrosscheck voter purge list generated by Kemp in Georgia to target voters of color in 30 states.…
That's what flipped #Michigan to Trump and helped steal the presidency in 2016. And it'll happen again in 2020, unless we're able to expose and stop the GOP's election-stealing tricks.…
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BREAKING: In an extraordinary move, Judge Eleanor Ross has declared #BrianKemp the loser in a lawsuit brought by our team to compel the State of #Georgia to open up its complete files on the mass purge of over half a million voters from the rolls.…
#BrianKemp and the new Secretary of State of #Georgia want to keep the lid on their methods for removing literally hundreds of thousands of low-income, young and minority voters on the basis of false information. They cannot hide any more.…
This is a huge win and precedent for reporters trying to pry information from the hands of guilty officials.… #BrianKemp #Georgia #VoterPurge #VanishingVoters
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The uniquely terrible leadership of the @DNC allowed @BernieSanders to manipulate the base--women and POC who are those most excluded by the undemocratic caucus process--into keeping caucuses instead of trashing them for the #VoterSuppression they are. This is the result.
END THESE CAUCUSES NOW. Never again allow any candidate to bully the rest of us into submission for personal gain. No true progressive thinks caucuses are fair or reasonable or even makes sense.
Not to attack Iowans personally, but for my ENTIRE VOTING LIFE my choices in the three majority black cities I have lived in have been decided by a state that is 91% white folks who have no sense of what it means to live in a multicultural society. It has to end.
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Trump's going to steal the 2020 election. It doesn't matter how good the Dem's campaign is or how much they spend on ads. Clinton outspent Trump by almost a $1 billion in 2016, but Trump is in the White House because we have an apartheid voting system.…
#Georgia's ground zero for vote theft. You think of it as a Republican state, but it's going to be the first Deep South white minority state. So the Dems can't lose — unless the GOP steals it from them!…
There aren't enough white people to elect Donald Trump in states like Georgia. That's WHY the Republicans have stepped up their vote thieving games, which could absolutely reelect Trump — no matter the will of the people.…
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It can’t be underestimated the extent to which Trump and the gargoyles who do his bidding (and have their own sadistic ambitions) will use the force of the federal government to terrorize communities, at ever greater intensity as the #2020election approaches
Liberals/the left are always taking silly string to a machine gun fight. Conservatives have been openly talking about how they want to move beyond garden variety #votersuppression to more aggressive intimidation of voters
An unhinged and desperate man has control of the most lethal apparatus in the history of civilization, and esp. if it looks like his chips are down in the Fall, there’s no telling what he will tell his law enforcement ghouls and right wing paramilitaries to do
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Great news ➡️ It took us six years of investigating... but, finally, #Kansas, which generates the #Crosscheck scrub lists for other states, has agreed to kill the program. This effectively ends the entire national #VoterPurge operation.… #VanishingVoters
But dangers still lurk:

1. At least a dozen states continue to use the old Crosscheck scrub lists. Astonishingly, this includes #Virginia, which the Democrats just won.… #VanishingVoters
2. The settlement, signed by #KrisKobach’s successor in #Kansas with the @ACLU, only stops #Crosscheck temporarily. The agreement permits it to return if the state installs cyber security protections.… #VanishingVoters
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Maybe there's a billionaire not running for President who could create some ads showing the devastation Trump is causing. Separate ads could feature:
- A farmer bankrupted by #TrumpTariffs
- A family devastated by #StochasticTerrorism
- A child whose family lost #FoodStamps (1/5)
- A senior whose #SocialSecurity disability benefits have been cut
- A #Kentucky coal miner whose mine shut down
- A parent who lost his job after his company used the #GOPTaxScam to buy back stock
- A #MinimumWage worker falling deeper into debt despite working 2-3 jobs (2/5)
- Residents in one of the communities like Key West, FL being devastated by #ClimateChange
- A family hit with a medical emergency who have to resort to #GoFundMe for to pay bills
- A synagogue targeted by the #AntiSemitism Trump has unleashed (3/5)
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🗣Fair Vote for Mississippi!
Hester Jackson-McCray won the #HD40 election. Her Republican opponent Ashley Henley has now asked the GOP-controlled Mississippi House to overturn the election results.…

Thread 1/9
#StandWithHester #DemCastMS
Representative-Elect Jackson-McCray recently responded to Henley's petition:
“I won the election fair and square. The citizens voted, the county certified the election and the Secretary of State accepted it and forwarded it.“

#Mississippi #DemCastMS #DemCast

“I think if people read this notice she’s putting out, it looks like she’s arguing that her own party didn’t manage the election right. The election was run by Republicans. The DeSoto County election commissioners and the SOS are Republicans.”

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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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If you have lived your whole life as a voter in the US thinking we have one person = one vote, like some folks in my mentions, then in your world @HillaryClinton has been POTUS for 3years and this Trumpian hellscape doesn't exist. But in reality there is the #ElectoralCollege.
I posted a response to @ewarren taking on the #ElectoralCollege which has cheated two Democrats of the presidency in my lifetime when they won the popular vote. Throughout the rational world, this was/is viewed as a gobsmackingly bad system--because it is. Some are now upset.
I want the person who won the most votes to be POTUS. Like #WeThePeople intended. The #ElectoralCollege was meant to prop up and protect slaveowners. It should have been abolished with slavery. You should know this. If not, read up.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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