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1/ Another special legislative session begins in Texas today.

Lawmakers will redraw the state’s political maps and consider new laws, including restricting sports participation for transgender students and distributing COVID-19 relief funds. #TXlege
2/ The tools for redistricting, or redrawing the state’s political maps, are in Republicans’ hands.

They will aim to entrench their power for the next decade. Here’s how it will work:
3/ Some of Gov. Greg Abbott’s other priorities:

—Distributing $16 billion in COVID-19 relief
—Restricting transgender students' participation in sports
—Deciding whether state or local governments can mandate COVID-19 vaccines
—Banning tethering dogs outside with heavy chains
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THREAD re: Tx role combatting #NationalBorderCrisis. Summary: Feds refuse to enforce, Tx leadership has fought back (in court & with $/rhetoric/action), Tx still getting crushed & b/c feds abandon Constitution, Tx must consider going farther, extraordinary measures. Read… (1/23)
…Clearly it’s the job of the fed govt to secure the border & the Constitution (Artlce IV, Section 4) guarantees a Republican form of govt & to protect against invasion. Yet, @JoeBiden & Mayorkas are willfully (& impeachably) refusing to faithfully execute the laws - e.g… (2/23)
…they refuse to: enforce MPP (Return to Mx) - now ignoring federal court order to do so, refuse to use full Title 42 (COVID) (reducing its use significantly even BEFORE court ruling, which now refuse to fight), refuse to devote necessary resources to @CBP & @ICEgov… (3/23)
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I don’t know how many times or ways to say it.
This is the argument made by the El Paso murderer. The Christchurch NZ murderer. The Tree of Life murderer.
All warned of “invasion.”
Journalists should cover this w/a straight line to others who have used this rhetoric
At least TX Guv sorta apologized for this kind of language in a mailer that went out the day before the El Paso massacre. He said he talked to EP lawmakers & “emphasized the importance of making sure that rhetoric will not be used in any dangerous way.”
We’re way past that now
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does...does he think it's good optics to include a big scary COVID ball in his image here?
is he saying the Texas AG's office and COVID-19 are...on the same side?
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You want to see what racism looks like and how it shapes public policy?

This a response to a NPR story about Black students being physically injured and hospitalized at many times the rate of White students.

But, also a response common to my Republican colleagues in #txlege.
Look at the broad assumptions and stereotypes that all Black students come from broken families, have no respect, etc.

Then, consider that, this person thinks that a Black child being hospitalized for these things (even if true) is somehow an acceptable consequence.
The gaslighting at the end is superb.

Despite national data that shows that there is a substantial racial disparity in treatment, you're just playing the victim if you talk about it.

Read: "it's all in your head, and it won't stop until you accept it and let it happen."
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1/ Breaking: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed new voting restrictions into law.

The legislation targets local initiatives meant to make it easier to vote, specifically ones that were disproportionately used by voters of color in 2020. #TXlege
2/ The new law restricts hours for early voting, bans drive-thru voting and implements a new ID requirement for voting by mail.

It also allows partisan poll watchers to have “free movement” and creates new requirements for people helping voters who need assistance. What does Texas' new voting law include? A ban on drive-thru
3/ The law also creates a correction process for mail-in voting and establishes monthly voter registry checks.

Read more here on what the law does.
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People have asked how they can support those of us in the abortion health, rights, and justice movement in Texas.

1) Share the website
We’re keeping this up to date w/ information on resources for how to get an abortion & who can help with funding;

3) Donate to and follow @avowtexas
It’s imperative we elect abortion rights advocates and not just any Dem or progressive to the #txlege

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[🧵] I got into politics because I was a child whose single parent home fell through the cracks of the AG’s office.
For most of my life, I’ve been the only political one.
Working class families live to survive so it’s not uncommon for people to never register to vote 1/7
My mom cast her very 1st ballot in 2016 but she started paying closer attention to politics in 2018 when I worked on my first statewide campaigns. Even so, she doesn’t really get what I do for a living or what I do as an activist. 2/7
My mom loves me and is supportive but she (for as much as she tries) doesn’t get it. She and my family don’t understand the political system, internal party politics, or any of the complicated nuances of politics in America. They just see people and the problems we face. 3/7
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I’m angry that people on the ground in Texas have been sounding the alarms not only for the past 8 months regarding #SB8, but for years about how these bills in red states have been chipping away our right to abortion care, but nobody listened.
I’m angry that the majority of Texans and Americans support access to abortion care, but you’d never know it because we never prioritized access for the most marginalized, we accepted the bare minimum, and took the right for granted.
I’m angry that national organizations rarely prioritize those of us doing the work on the ground, in the localities and the states. That they rarely center our voices and often compete with us for resources.
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🧵 Here's your #txlege #SB1 update for September 1, 2021 and how it affects #DisabilityRights.

We're covering the enrolled bill waiting to be signed by Gov. Abbott…
There are still issues w/ the final version, but 1st ...

📣 THANK YOU allies who elevated the concerns of Texas voters w/disabilities @MOVE_texas @naswtx_advocacy @TXCivilRights @TxDisabilities @DisRightsTx + all the individuals who gave testimony
📣 THANK YOU #txlege allies who worked to remove provisions in the legislation that would negatively affect Texans w/disabilities @BucyForTexas @CarolforTexas @JudithZaffirini @DiegoBernalTX @RafaelAnchia @beverlypowelltx @TurnerForTX @RepMaryGonzalez @sarah_eckhardt
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PPTV and repro rights champions are gathering at the South steps of the TX Capitol right now.

There is still time to join and tell lawmakers: Keep your #BansOffOurBodies! Image
Do you hear us, #txlege?
Art. Stories. Collective power. These things are necessary to continue the fight.

This moment is not our movement. We are resilient and will continue to fight. No matter what. #TxLege
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🧵 I’m thinking about a friend today who told me a few months ago that she and her husband were talking about another baby.

But she’d heard about the SB 8, the six week abortion ban, and was frightened.

“What if something goes wrong with my pregnancy?” #SB8 #txlege
Her fear was something would go wrong and she wouldn’t have access to a termination. She has significant pre-existing health issue and strong feelings about not carrying a nonviable pregnancy to term.

I talked her through how SB 8 would impact various scenarios.
I.e. yes termination still available if her life was in danger, yes termination available if cardiac activity from the fetus isn’t detectable, no termination not available if fetus receives “incompatible with life” diagnosis but still has detectable cardiac activity.
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I am so very proud of the hell the #txlege voting rights movement gave the vote suppressors the last 8 months. Despite controlling all levers of govt, it took the suppressors that long to finally pass their bill, and we forced them to make some changes to make it less harmful.
We stopped poll watchers being able to videotape voters; judges being able to easily overturn elections; a ban on Souls to the Polls; poll watchers getting to commit one free election crime; and a racist new formula for distributing polling places.
We helped expose the authoritarian and racist motivations of the bills' supporters, from "purity of the ballot box" being listed as a stated goal in the bill to Paul Bettencourt's anti-Semitic remark about "Zuckerbucks" to Dade Phelan's banning of the word "racist."
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I have to say I love the bell they use in the Texas house #txlege
Texas house approves conference committee report of election bill #SB1 80-41 — heads next to the the state senate #txlege
TX house now discussing HR 123, which would express “the sense of the house” towards the the aim of the Cain amendment or Crystal Mason amendment to #SB1 (which was removed in the conference committee) to prevent people for being prosecuted for unknowingly voting while ineligible
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In today’s episode of “what anti-abortion fuckery is going down at the #txlege?” the House is currently debating #SB4. This bill severely limits access to medication abortion, which is a standard care practice for safely terminating a pregnancy across the country and the world./1
Anti-abortion reps at the #txlege want us to believe that #SB4 is about 'safety' for patients, but we know that they love to lie, and that #SB4 is just another attempt to cruelly push abortion care out of reach for everyone in Texas, including their own constituents. /2
Medication abortion is 99% safe and effective. That’s a higher safety percentage than Tylenol. #SB4 takes away this extremely safe option and forces Texans to wait longer to get an in-clinic procedure. #txlege /3
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LIVE NOW: The Texas Legislature is currently debating SB 4, a bill that would ban medication abortion at 7 weeks.

Watch here…
This bill is Abbot and the #txlege's political response to the Biden Administration's FDA's recent decision to reevaluate the REMS.

Medication Abortion is SAFER THAN TYLENOL.
People should be able to access the type of abortion that they and their doctor choose is best.

The state of Texas should not tell doctors what is the best way to practice medicine. This bill is anti-science and creates a CRIMINAL Penalty for doctors.
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Weird flex. As of Thursday, there were nearly 14,000 Texas patients hospitalized with COVID - just 286 cases shy of the state’s record high on Jan 11. Of the state’s 22 regions, 17 had an increase of patients last week. And the number of available ICU beds has reached a new low.
Oh and Texas childcare facilities are facing a record-high number of COVID cases; more than 300 new COVID cases for both children and employees were self-reported on … Tuesday. 

A real pro-lifepalooza. #txlege…
But wait, there’s more! More Texas students tested positive for COVID *last week* than at any time last school year. There have been 20,256 reported cases among students across the state just since the school year began. #txlege…
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1/n Looking for what to read during your morning coffee?

See this 🧵🔥

#txlege #congress #COVID19 #Coolidge #VMT #energy #welfare #Biden
2/n A SNAP Judgment with Little Thought

An explanation of the costly effects of increased dependence on govt instead of earning independence & depending more on family, friends, and civil society that will give you a hand up rather than a handout.… @TPPF
3/n A “Vehicle Miles Traveled” Tax is a Bad Idea

The new VMT tax is a part of the “infrastructure” bill by #Congress and is just another way to socially engineer people’s behavior while growing the federal govt.

Just say no!… @TPPF
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Tonight #txlege is expected to send an expansive set of voting reforms to @GregAbbott_TX’s desk. #SB1 claims that fraud is undermining public confidence in elections – in reality, #SB1 itself is a threat to the foundation of our democracy.  My thoughts here 👇 (1/9)
#SB1 bans drop boxes & 24-hour, drive-through, and curbside voting – all positive, accessible voting options made available by @HarrisVotes in 2020. Harris County (incl. Houston) has ~2x the Black population as Texas generally. What a crazy coincidence 🙄 (2/9)
This provision does nothing to make voting more secure – there is no evidence to suggest that voter fraud is more likely to occur after 10pm. For jurisdictions with the resources to implement it, 24-hour voting makes the ballot more accessible with little to no downsides. (3/9)
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I'm a little late to reading it, but @murraynewman has a great writeup about the total misrepresentation of felony bail issues in Harris County ……
Local news (mostly TV news) is getting basic facts wrong. The DA's office is blaming judges for not holding people pretrial when the burden is on them to make a motion. But the biggest thing just might be... 2/
... the stories about for-profit bail bondsmen lowering their prices so that defendants can afford higher cash bail. 3/
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The Texas House is set to take up the GOP priority elections bill #SB1 this morning.

Background on the bill:… #txlege
We're skipping the first item on the agenda and heading straight into elections bill >>
State Rep. Andrew Murr, R-Junction, author of the House elections bill, introducing the bill now.

Murr says the bill contains input from House and Senate members, of both parties, as well as the public.
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Greetings from the Texas House where lawmakers will be debating Senate Bill 1, the GOP-backed voting bill.

@DadePhelan tells members the chamber's decorum rules will be strictly enforced. #txlege
SB 1 goes far beyond what the House voted out during the regular legislative session.

We're starting today w/ the same version of the legislation that prompted Democrats' six-week quorum break though author Rep. Andrew Murr will offer an amendment to make some changes. #txlege
One of the biggest changes in that amendment (& something Democrats had been pushing for) is language so poll watchers can be removed from a polling place if they violate the Penal Code.

Bill originally required them to first get a warning & repeat the illegal behavior. #txlege
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Breaking: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans COVID-19 vaccine mandates for governmental entities, regardless of whether the vaccines have full FDA approval
The order comes two days after the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine.

That raised questions about the fate of a previous Abbott order that prohibited vaccine mandates, but only for those under emergency authorization.
Abbott’s latest order says “no governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

It preserves exceptions for places like nursing homes and state-supported living centers.
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NEW: @GovAbbott issues a new executive order outlawing all coronavirus vaccine mandates, including vaccines approved by the FDA. Abbott's previous order only prevented mandates for vaccines administered under an emergency use authorization.… #txlege
More news — Abbott is asking #txlege to pass a law during the ongoing special session that would codify his ban on vaccine mandates:…
Abbott's order: "No governmental entity can compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine."

Also: "No consumer may be denied entry to a facility financed in whole or in part by public funds for failure to provide documentation regarding the consumer's vaccination status"
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