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Shocking no one, the man who opened fire at a Dallas courthouse today had expressed transphobic, racist, bigoted and misogynistic views.

White male supremacists use guns in 70% of domestic terror attacks and own the most deaths by domestic extremists.…
On Saturday, he uploaded a picture of 10 gun magazines. He also posted about loving gun shows, made an ASMR video with an AR-15, and posted about owning incomplete lowers (partially-built guns that can be purchased and assembled in states that prohibit buying the completed guns).
Last July, Texas @GovAbbott backed away from passing the Red Flag Law he’d proposed in the wake of the Santa Fe school mass shooting when gun extremists and Republicans pushed back. #txlege…
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It should be no surprise that, in a #TXlege session where comity was the highest goal, higher spending & promises delivered for the Government Class but disappointment for the taxpayer was the result.
Texas’ legislature meets only for 4 months every two years. With such political compression in a state this large, a legislative session SHOULD be contentious. Great issues are in debate and the stakes are great.
For bad ideas to be defeated, their advocates must be defeated. And for great ideas to prevail, their advocates must not only seek to persuade, but also exercise power when the time comes.
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This is how people in marginalized communities and people of color get killed. Shoot first, ask questions later if you think someone is stealing your stuff.

Shame on every Texas lawmaker who voted for this dangerous, dumb bill. #txlege…
In fact, after Katrina, the @NRA began encouraging gun owners to become armed vigilantes after a disaster, regardless of the risks to citizens and first responders.…
The bill passed, 16-15. @GovAbbott, this bill is dangerous and does not deserve your signature. #txlege
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Good morning from the House County Affairs Committee meeting where officials from the DPS and AG's office will testify on the #SandraBland case following the release of new cellphone video footage. Watch live:… #txlege
.@ronereynolds, who does not sit on the County Affairs committee, thanks Coleman for his "swift action." He says it's incumbent on lawmakers "to find the solutions" so there are no more Sandra Blands across the state.
Phillip Adkins, a DPS attorney says "the video Ms. Bland recorded during the traffic stop … was provided from counsel to Ms. Bland’s family."

@GFColeman is now needling Adkins on whether the family was allowed to keep the video and who else the video was sent to.
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It's estimated that 40% of Texas households own guns - the most per capita. Yet Texas has also had the most mass shootings in the US since 2009. Despite data proving otherwise, Texas lawmakers believe EVEN MORE GUNS is the solution to school gun violence.…
Last month, a police officer at a Mesquite high school unintentionally discharged his gun. In Milwaukee, a student was grazed by a bullet after an employee's gun discharged. In St. Paul, a student found a gun in a bathroom an employee had left unattended.…
Even Texas police oppose guns in schools. The Southlake Police Chief called guns in the hands of teachers a “nightmare situation,” citing the fact that even the best police officers see their accuracy decrease when trying to fight an armed suspect.…
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Breaking: The Texas House has tentatively passed a bill that will ban cities from partnering with abortion providers on any service.

Critics call the bill the biggest threat to Planned Parenthood this year.

Check back later at for more.

#txlege #SB22
The bill means local governments would no longer be able to partner with abortion providers or their affiliates — even for services like sexual health education and pregnancy prevention initiatives. #txlege #SB22
It would also bar a transfer of goods or services and any transactions that offers an abortion provider “something of value derived from state or local tax revenue.” #txlege #SB22
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1/ NEW: Texas used money from the Help America Vote Act to help pay for its botched voter roll review that jeopardized the voting rights of thousands of legitimate voters. #txlege
2/ Background: Texas attempted to implement a voter roll review that swept up thousands of legitimate voters who had recently become naturalized citizens.

Several lawsuits were filed.

The state had to settle. #txlege
3/ More background: The Help America Vote Act was first passed in 2002 to enact sweeping electoral reforms.

Texas was granted $23.3 million as part of Congress’ 2018 reauthorization of the act to help improve and secure elections. #txlege
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THREAD: The #txlege is attempting to ram through one of the worst
voter suppression bills in the country – #SB9.

Let's try and unpack this bill and what's going down.

Senate Bill 9 (or #SB9) is a GOP-backed proposal that makes
several dangerous changes to Texas election law. It is intentionally
confusing, and that is part of the strategy.
But SB9 has a clear goal – to make it more difficult and scary to
register to vote and cast a ballot. It is just another sad chapter in
Texas' long history of trying to make it harder to vote. Here a few
key facts:
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Two years ago, the Legislature and the Governor directed the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force to make recommendations to improve maternal health. #txlege
When the #txlege Task Force concluded its investigation and released its report last year, their first recommendation was: Increase access to health services during the year after pregnancy and throughout the interconception period to improve the health of women, facilitate continuity of care, enable effective care transitions, and promote safe birth spacing....The Task Force recommends extending access to healthcare coverage for 12 months following delivery to ensure that medical and behavioral health conditions can be managed and treat
HB 744 would implement that recommendation. More information can be found here. BUT... #txlege…
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After great explanation of funding changes in bill by @SenLarryTaylor, Senate suspended the rules 24-7 to take up CSHB 3. #txed #txlege
Senate adopted amendments on severability and on SBOE TEKS used in assessments (bill moves assessment rules from SBOE to Commissioner).
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A THREAD: Being a mechanical engineer for 25+ years, I love math! I appreciate the fact I get to use it as the proud Representative for Texas House District 135 in the Texas Legislature. So, let’s do a little math. #DoTheMath #txlege
We’ll be breaking down the real life effect of SB 2 and HJR 3, bills that were “supposed” to positively impact Texans. Spoiler alert: they don’t. #DoTheMath #txlege
Hypothetical: If you were to save $100/yr (averages out to $1.90/wk.), under this property tax “relief” proposal, which you won’t, you couldn’t buy your regular cup of coffee a week. That, my friends, is not working for everyday Texans. #DoTheMath #txlege
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Key elements of the Senate’s current school finance proposal raise significant concerns. Tomorrow (Friday) the Senate will take up the Senate substitute of HB3.

#HB3 #txed #txlege 1/
Under Senate’s HB3, the State of Texas saves money while local districts lose dollars. 2/
Current year values make it virtually impossible to plan prudently; districts will be preparing budgets before the appraisal process is completed. 3/
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1/ In response to school shootings, Texas lawmakers are proposing changing the state’s school marshal program to expand the number of armed teachers.

But some black students and parents fear those efforts. #txed #txlege
2/ The marshal program trains school personnel to act as armed peace officers in the absence of law enforcement.

This #txlege, lawmakers filed a slew of bills to help more teachers carry firearms and not face lawsuits for taking “reasonable action.”
3/ Ahmir Johnson worries it could have unintended consequences for students of color.

“We already get profiled based on the clothes we wear, how we look, our hair, what color our eyes are — and the main thing is the color of our skin."
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.@RepLynnStucky This is why we don’t need unlimited undertrained teachers and school staff carrying guns around children. Vote against SB406 & SB244 if they come up for a vote in the House. Worried about rural schools? Put $$ for SROs whose job is security. #txlege
Need an example closer to home? This JUST HAPPENED in Mesquite ISD with a highly trained LEO. Unlimited #s of teachers who have a fraction of the training should not carry guns around kids. What if he had been in a classroom? Who would the bullet have hit?…
Need another example? I used to teach 1st grade. We sang songs, danced to math facts chants, & got up & down off the floor. I got unexpected hugs from 6yr olds every day. I pulled my chair up next to their tables to help them w/writing.…
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Happening now: CJ Grisham, a Texas gun extremist with a long arrest record, showed up at the statehouse today to testify while openly carrying a loaded handgun. CJ has been very vocal about how he was able to get an out-of-state gun permit in order to carry in Texas. #txlege
This guy is the poster boy for why the @NRA’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity dream is a nightmare for public safety: Texans must have a license to carry that is recognized by the state. This guy doesn't qualify for one in Texas, but he does in states with lower requirements. #txlege
And he didn’t have to go through security to get into the hearing - even though he has an arrest record and was open carrying a loaded handgun. Reminder that women aren’t allowed to bring tampons into the Texas statehouse ... because projectiles. #txlege…
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1/ This is where Skull Creek empties into the Colorado River. The water is black.

Texas is suing the alleged polluter. But local officials say they have been left in the dark about what’s going on. #txlege
2/ Pick up a rock along Skull Creek. It's covered in black residue.

Yellowed fish skeletons line the pebbled banks of the Colorado River tributary.
3/ The water surface is covered in an iridescent sheen.
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1/ Short thread 🎖️

Today, we piggybacked on @thedailytexan story about a #UT student who says he lost his ROTC scholarship due to Trump's ban on #transgender troops.
Since then, we've found out some more details.… #LGBT #LGBTQ #trans
2/ Map Pesqueira, 19, told @thedailytexan he lost a three-year scholarship he'll begin receiving next school year because he has taken steps to medically transition.

We reached out to the DoD for comment.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/ The DoD told us they were not aware of Pesqueira's case.

But a spokesperson told me the new "policy states that anyone enrolled in ROTC for the upcoming academic year falls under the 2016 policy." Seemingly, this means Pesqueira could keep his scholarship.

So what gives?
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Yesterday I wrote exhaustively about HB1035, which has a public hearing on Wednesday. HB3172 is also being heard. The intent of this bill is EXACTLY THE SAME, allowing broad discrimination against the LGBTQ community, just written in a less obvious way.
HB3172, authored by Matt Krause (HD93), is right out of the Project Blitz playbook, most closely holding to the "Marriage Tolerance Act" on page 70 #txlege
Where HB1035 is soooo far out there, maybe too much to get passed, HB3172 may try and step into the gap, running a bit of a misdirection. Let HB1035 take a lot of the flak, and push another bill with the same intent, just softer language.
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HB1035, which has a public hearing in the Texas House on Wednesday is the kitchen sink of discriminatory bills, tossing in a whole lot of hate toward the LGBTQ communities in Texas. #txlege @EqualityTexas @TFN
I've written previously about Project Blitz (you can read my article in the attached link), and HB1035 was a centerpiece in the article. It takes what the playbook calls for and goes nuts.…
Let's remember what Project Blitz is about. It's a 148 page playbook of model legislation and talking points, designed to inject religion into schools and government and allow discrimination against the LGBTQ community.…
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HB 3 is up in the House.
After amendments including ones by Rep. @KingForTexas to clarify there is no voucher in HB 3, and one Rep. Keith Bell, House adopts amendment by Chairman @DanHuberty that conforms the bill to the runs. #txed #txlege
Chairman @DanHuberty pulling floor amendment on M&O compression, because the revenue isn't available at this time. HJR 3 could assist to create the revenue stream for ongoing tax relief. #txlege #txed
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1/ Breaking: The U.S. House's oversight committee is now investigating a Texas voter roll review that flagged thousands of eligible voters. #txlege
2/ In letters sent to top Texas officials on Thursday, @RepCummings and
@jamie_raskin requested documents and communications from the secretary of state and the state’s attorney general related to the review. #txlege
3/ “We are disturbed by reports that your office has taken steps to remove thousands of eligible American voters from the rolls in Texas and that you have referred many of these Americans for possible criminal prosecution for exercising their right to vote.”
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Leticia: @airallianceHOU has their own purple air monitors for #ITCDisaster. @HarvardU also has monitors. #ITCfire is why we cannot afford rollbacks. Study by @EnvironmentTex show companies like ITC don't incur problems from air quality violations. EPA & TCEQ not protecting us
.@HighTechAztec @SierraClub: Experiencing symptoms of exposure and high levels of distress.

I care because I live here, too. My mom lives in Deer Park. Friends who are pregnant & vulnerable. Concerned about cumulative impact. Scares me

#ITCDisasterTownHall #ITCfire #UTCDisaster
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An intoxicated white man who was openly carrying a handgun in Dallas assaulted a Black woman over a parking dispute. Bystanders said they were afraid to intervene as he beat her because he was armed.…
The Dallas man who beat this woman on video while openly carrying a handgun was charged only with three misdemeanors and released on $2,000 bond. #txlege…
The victim’s lawyer issued a statement saying the armed man who beat her should face felony assault and hate-crime charges because he launched into a racist diatribe before the attack. The man told police he was acting in self-defense. #txlege…
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Local control is a tool, not a governing principle. The state legislature is free to use it or discard it situationally, and because it's not a governing principle, that's not a logical inconsistency. (1/4) #txlege
The #txlege has a compelling interest in the economic freedom of its residents who live in cities, and a compelling interest in preventing its cities from self-destructing. As cities tend to do. See Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, etc. (2/4)
Cities are not feudal city-states. The authority and responsibility of the #txlege does not stop at the municipal border. Cities are creations of the state, and not the other way around. (3/4)
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